24 Dec 2012

LFC transfer update: BR slams Sturridge 'demand'; denies LFC star deal claims...

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has provided a new transfer update on Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard.

In his pre-Stoke press conference today, Rodgers was asked again about the proposed Daniel Sturridge transfer, and whilst giving nothing concrete away, the Reds boss hinted that there would definitely be transfer action early in January:

"We’re confident we’ll get some business done early.

"Like most clubs, nothing will be completed until we sign a player at the beginning of January. There’s nothing to say right now. We always do business privately".

Sturridge reportedly demanded a clause in his contract stipulating that he would only be played as a centre-forward, but Rodgers emphatically dismissed that possibility:

"No one will come into this club and demand where they play, that’s for sure!"

Rodgers also rubbished reports that club captain Steven Gerrard had been offered a new contract. He noted:

"I’ve read stuff about Gerrard being offered a new contract, but that hasn’t happened. He still has 18 months left on contract, and when that contract is up I’m sure we’ll look to extend it".

Given Gerrard's status at the club, this news may come as a surprise to some fans, but I'm glad he has not been offered a new contract at this stage. I'm sure the Captain will end up extending his contract, and that's great, but he surely has to earn the new deal?

Rewarding him with an extension now - when his form has been patchy all season - would arguably be counter-productive. Where is the subconscious motivation to improve if he's already sealed a new deal?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I think the media has just tried to make things seem juicy. I can`t imagine Sturridge asking that, nor from what I have read has he ever demanded that anywhere else. He did say he hopes he would be able to play as a striker when he was at Chelsea, but that is hardly demanding, more just being honest. Same with this whole he wanted more money to stay at Chelsea stuff, from what I have read so far, he has been offered 60k which is what he is on at Chelsea. That said, I would imagine the 60k wages we are offering is also made up, as I just can`t see how anyone would know at this stage, other than him his agent and Liverpool. Media making Sturridge look bad again, they make you, or they break you

  2. Brendon's silly talk again, what can be served by gining credence to the story even if its true ?.

  3. the media are blood thirsty they will do anything to make a story even if that includes creating a new villain today there are reports that chelsea are giving sturidge 1.5m if he goes to liverpool that complete and utter bullshit

  4. Steven Gerrard is probably the reason why millions of fans still follow Liverpool. The guy is an icon, even my Manure and Chelsit friends admire him.

  5. Steven Gerrard is probably the reason why millions of fans still follow Liverpool. The guy is an icon, even my Manure and Chelsit friends admire him.

  6. It would be ridiculous for Sturridge to ask for that clause in his contract. Just think if he were to ever play in another position purely just to fill in for someone injured or suspended or even just to change shape during the game tactically as he is a quite versatile player, having that clause would basically mean if that were to ever happen the club would be legally breaking it thus potentially making it void. Its ludicrous really. He may have been promised or assured that his role would be as a centre forward but to have it written in a legal binding document just wouldn't happen..

  7. At the end of his current contract SG will be 34. I doubt his next contract will be for the pitch, rather upstairs somewhere.

  8. I take back my earlier post Brendon dide not give credence to it but mr Kanawar chose to make it look that way.

  9. Gerrard has to earn his contract??? He's earned it ever since 1999! Gary Mac played for us when he was 37 and didn't do too poorly. The last thing we should allow to happen is for the living legend that is Steven Gerrard to spend his final footballing days in China, the US or Dubai! Should he play ever week when he's no longer able? No. We should do everything we can though to make sure he ends his career where he should. At his home. With us.

  10. Absolutely. We should manage him carefully, so he can play another 5 or 6- not depending on him but he can be our extra quality when needed.

  11. Gerrard won't play for any other club. He has true loyalty for the club, although very handsomely rewarded.

    His next contract should reflect his increasing age and take a little more advantage of his loyalty and the legacy I'm sure he wants to leave behind.

    Is anyone else on here appalled by some of Downing's comments? He "hasn't tried" until now??? Tosser

    Downing said: "After our conversation I just thought: 'I have to go for it.' I had nothing to lose. It looked as though I would be on my way in January so basically I had to play well to get a new club. It seems to be coming together now and I am pleased. It has been hard work at times but you have got to keep persevering, stay strong, and I got my reward against Fulham.

    "Being told I could go was a kick up the arse. The moment that happens you are playing for a new club and looking for a move, while trying to play well at the same time. It seems to have gone well but I have never wanted to leave Liverpool. But it was out of my hands. The only thing I could do was play well and try and make the manager change his mind."

  12. What about Carragher's contract? ;(

  13. I think we should do something a little different. Sure, play him till he can't play to the level we expect of our players. But dont hold onto him after that because, imo, it diminishes the legend he has made. Remember "god" coming back for his second stint. I remember the days that gave him that nickname but, I know this is borderline sacrilegious, his second stint took away from the legend he was for me. I never saw robbie as ordinary, but when he came back that's what he was (he's still a legend, im just saying it took a little gloss off the memory of him). Let stevie leave for big money elsewhere like hyypia and robbie did. And like them, he should start getting his badges. This is hopeful, but imagine hyypia, stevie, robbie, and cara coming back to the club with their coaching badges to take over the team. I've been thinking about this for a while and honestly can't wait as they are all very smart individuals who love the club. If we can get liverpool competing in the top 4 before this hopeful scenario happens, I can see us getting back to the glory days of old and going on a run of prem league championships. YNWA!!!

  14. as a Finn, i would love nothing more than to see Big Sami as a manager of Liverpool in future. He was a model of a Professional footballer when he played. No class what Rafa did in his farewell game.

    Leverkusen aint doing too bad. Go Sami!


  15. Carra should concentrate on coaching. he has lot to give on that area. not much more to give in field.

  16. first of all whether the general public like it or not or really doesn't matter jaimie as far as I'm concerned you give us a general platform to talk and read; well done and keep it up.
    Wow, kudos to you for putting the effort over Christmas!
    by the way a merry one to you and all your readers whaeter i agree with them or not most seem to want my beloved LFC to do well!
    I just believe Sturridge will be great for us we need hungry young talent; and at £12 mill whether we like him or not as far as strikers are concerned he has great resale value.
    once again Jaimie thanks for the site and having the balls to go for it.

  17. I may be wrong, But I think Gerrard's current contract runs as a player for 18 more mths and then he goes into an ambassadorial role.. Correct me if I am wrong

  18. Hmmm. BR didn't slam Sturridge demand, as the headline says. If anything , he replied to the media reports that Sturridge made those demands. No way could you have it in a contract that you have to play in a certain position, that would mean breach of contract if you said come out wide. No way.

    now people are reacting as if the claims were a fact.