12 Dec 2012

LFC injury update: Excited Reds star provides new progress report...

Liverpool striker Fabio Borini has given the strongest indication yet that he will be back playing for the Reds sooner rather than later.

Last weekend, Borini said that he feels 'strong' and he's 'working a lot on other muscles', adding:

"The foot is very good and on Monday I see the surgeon to sort out the screws and see if they are taken out or not. On 26 December, I'll be back in Liverpool"

Posting on his Facebook page today, Borini excitedly declared:

"Last visit went ok!! I start intense workouts tomorrow"

The Italian's visit to the surgeon must have gone well, and if he's moving on to intense fitness workouts, it must mean the screws have come out of his foot.

Whilst it's good news that Borini will soon return to bolster the squad, Reds legend John Aldridge is not convinced that he's he's a solution to the club's goalscoring issues. He told Liverpool Echo:

"We’ve got Fabio Borini to come back from injury but I don’t think we can rely on him for goals in the second half of the season. I hope Borini proves me wrong but it looks like he will need a year or two to settle in. We need at least two players who can come in and make an instant impact and January is absolutely crucial for us".

Borini doesn't appear to be very popular amongst ex-Reds. Mark Lawrenson is not a fan of the Italian either, as he revealed in his Mirror column recently:

"[Borini] looks like he just hasn't got it at all. He might look the part if they persevere with him as a central striker, but at the moment it doesn't look like he is up to it. You have to ask why didn't Roma buy him where he was on loan?"

Ian St. John also believes the 23-year old is not doing enough to justify his place in the team. Prior to Borini's injury, he told LFC TV:

"Borini's got to do more; I haven't seen much of him at all. He should be backing up Suarez and getting into the box. He's not imposing on games, and we need to see more of him".

You never know though; Borini may come back and start banging in the goals. Let's hope so, or Rodgers will have to answer to FSG for wasting £11m.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. good, we need numbers to give competition... regardless of how he may have played up until his injury.

  2. Borini hasn't done much since joining. Back up striker is where I see him fitting in. We will need a proven finisher, perhaps he can become one, but we need one NOW

  3. I watched Borini at Swansea for a couple of months at home matches; he made the difference in the season they got promoted. He was a lone central striker before going to Italy. I think he will come good, given time.

  4. Borini doesn't have an eye for a goal, but he can develop in the future as nr 10 if he gets playing time. Hope Lfc sign a goalscoorer in January and use Sahin in place of Allen who looks tired and is losing the ball more often.

  5. He is 21 for crying out loud, same as Henderson who is now playing well. Have we forgot how much stick Lucas got?, not anymore. Borini has done well everywhere and he will at Liverpool, no doubt about it!!!

  6. Agreed he will score goals.

  7. a young kuyt like squad player at best. limited but with potential.

  8. We real need a good striker who can take away all those chances we get every game. But in FSG eyes they always see a different scenario. I am still wondering what surprise is in store for us this time! hope is a good one!

  9. Just afraid he'll come back, score 2 in three matches, get praise from BR, and fsg decides we do not need more strikers...
    He might become good, but we need someone who is good already...

  10. Lets not forget he was playing in a new team with a new boss, playing in a strange position for him. Now we are playing well and everyone has settled in, apart from Borini, It will come.

  11. Borini to me is not the kind of stirker we need at Liverpool. The Italian is diminutive in size and there is nothing wrong with that as Leo Messi himself is small in size as well, but Borini doesn't possess any pace at all and because of that I see him as a total waste of money.

  12. I am having flash backs of Andy Carroll and the excuses made for him last season. I wonder why.

    Is it possible for all that is holy to for once sign a recognized striker who comes to Liverpool with his shooting boots on? We had Kenny's 50 million pound flop and now we have Rodger's flop. Yeah Borini to me is a flop. He has failed to find that form that endeared Rodgers to him at Chelsea and Swansea.

    We should be dealing with top drawer quality with the likes of Llorente or Hunterlaar but we are digging at the bottom of the barrel with the likes of Borini and possibly Sturridge.

  13. The thing is,when he was in the team we didn't make the chances he craves.... E,g(sterling shot against west ham which went wide johnsons runs passes it right) if that was borini he would of put it back of the net. He will come good. I'm sure of that.

  14. Can everyone just give Borini a breather. He has only played 333 EPL minutes this season. 333 EPL minutes EQUALS 3.7 matches...

    What exactly was expected from Borini in 3.7 EPL matches?

  15. 50mil pounds? Carroll actually cost 35mil. Borini has hardly kicked a ball so for you to already call him a flop is utter nonsense. Do you remember Lucas? Only the minority gave the young man a chance and now he has proven the majority wrong. They have all eaten humble pie.

    Borini is only 21, if anything you should grow a pair and give the boy a chance to prove himself.

  16. Jury is out on Henderson. Because he scores one goal does not mean he is playing well. A player really playing well of late is Joe Cole.
    It is okay to demand more from the team when they seem to have lost their way. Being 21 is no excuse. 21 year olds in other leagues like Christain Tello could run rings round him. Henderson lacks consistency until i see that I won't call him a good player.

  17. Borini is a pure striker, the kind to run the defence and play inside box. play him anywhere exept central striking role and he will struggle. Been said that Star/good players can play in multiple positions, not sure if that applies to good strikers. A good striker IMO doesnt have to be part of build up play IF HE PUTS THE BALL IN THE GOAL. I for one think he doesnt deserve the stick he is getting. we need to deploy him in right position to reap the benefits. i thought he was a terriffic signing when he arrived, and i still think that when he comes 100% and is given a change in the middle he will score goals.

    Sterling Suarez

    i think that looks like a scoring, attacking, lineup. or maybe it looks good just because there is downing nowhere in it....

  18. Tello is playing in a well oiled team called Barcelona. Will Tello walk into the Liverpool team and break records straight away? I guess your answer will be yes? Clearly you do not have a clue.

    Sahin is a very good player too, comes from Real Madrid and had a great season in Germany 2010/2011 but has not set the world alight at LFC as yet and has not been much better than Henderson either.

    What makes you think Tello will be a instant hit should he ever join LFC?

  19. hope this does not affect us getting another good striker in jan. borini has been pants since he arrived, and it never warranted shifting carroll on.

  20. Wow! Ignorance should be a criminal offence. It is because Tello is playing in a well oiled team called Barcelona is the reason Rodgers even made inquiries about him in the summer time last year. If you want a challenge google the info it's online. Liverpool wanted Tello but we got turned down. The youngster then signed his first professional contract with the Catalan club. His footballing education came from the same academy that provided Cesc Fabregas, Lionel Messi, Iniesta. I don't know if you are even aware of the fact that Brendan Rodgers has based his strategy on that of Barcalonas. You have heard the term "tiki taka " football more than a couple of times since Rodgers took over at Liverpool. Guess where that came from? We even play the same formation as Barca. So ofcourse Tello would be a success at Liverpool. The likes of Henderson are trying to perfect what Tello has been doing as a youngster at the academy level. Tello is not Pele let's get that straight but he is a lot better than many of our youngsters and that is fact.

    My comment mostly relates to Henderson, Sahin was a good player in the Bundesliga and was nothing more than a bench warmer for Madrid. Mourinho was open to the idea of selling him if Arsenal had met Madrid's valuation of him. He came to Liverpool simply because we are paying his wages while he is on loan with us. He is a good player but like many of the Liverpool players has been inconsistent for long periods of time.

  21. Ok mate, you are a 21yr old "Tello" playing in a team with Messi, Iniesta, Xavi etc etc i.e Barcelona. Barcelona is winning trophies left right and center.

    Then you Tello joins Liverpool, a team in decline since Rafa's last season. At the age of 21 joining LFC who have one of the youngest teams in the EPL is not going to guarentee instant success as a player no matter how good you are.

    What's more is, we are trying to play the Barcelona way but we are not there yet.

    My question was not whether Tello would be a success at LFC. Go read again.

    My question was...

    Would Tello be a INSTANT SUCCESS at LFC in a very young squad, a squad learning the Barca way of playing and a team that has been in decline for ages?

    Now try answering that question again.

  22. Instead stevie shelvey and im fine with that

  23. I'll have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised when we signed him. He is a big talent who I had watched for some time before his move to LFC. He has done well over his career and has abvious potential that I've been waiting for him to unleash. He is sort of a mercenary having changed clubs 3 times in 4 years or something like that. But I still have faith in the lad because I was one of the few who was excited for the signing let alone knew who he was! Let's hope he comes back stronger, taps into that potential I believe he has, and proves the critics wrong

  24. It's funny, Borini hasn't scored yet and everyone is on his back. Yesil, only two years younger, did nothing in the matches he played yet everyone keeps saying he deserves a chance. Borini may or may not come good. IMO, he's as big a gamble as Sturridge.

  25. yes he would be a success an instant success at Liverpool just like Suarez was an instant success from the day he kicked the ball for the first time under Kenny. What you need to understand is that Christian Tello like Suare would have come in the door with some basic skill sets that is lacking among other members of our team. These skill sets where indoctrinated into their training from the first day they learned to kick a ball. Players from certain parts of the world posses technical skills missing in most British talent. This may anger some people but it is the truth.

    Just like Suarez's talents alone did not prevent Liverpool from finishing in 8th place last season neither would Christain Tello's presence prevent Liverpool from a mid table finish unless the rest of his teammates take more responsibility. Players with these level of advanced football schooling are usually hot property who don't go for very cheap in the market place. It was a fluke that we paid what we paid for Henderson , Downing and Carroll. We won't be getting anything near that figure in today's market if we tried to sell them.

    Yes Christain Tello would be an instant success because his skills his talent level would be easily apparent for all fans to see. Some of his teammates might continue to suck though nothing he can do about that till they decide to pick up their level of play.

    Yeah we have a young team and we as fans are being held hostage by that fact. Our squad is full of mostly amatuers at best who are still learning there craft. Our team lacks a good mixture of experienced players with Gerrard, Carra, Cole, easily the most experienced players on the squad. I am tired of our signing young prospects who might "quote on quote" one day become good. I can't count how many times i heard that about Carroll. Tello is the real deal. He is a young player who is already good so there is no mystery there.

  26. See. I am struggling to understand your logic to be honest.

    Tello is plaiying in a team who have mastered the game of tiki taka, false 9's and passing the ball into the back of the opponents net.

    If Tello had to join LFC he would be in a squad which have only recently started to play the Barca way.

    That means Tello would have the skills but he will be in a team still learning those skills i.e. LFC.

    What's more is, Tello is at the tender age of 21. He is playing for BARCELONA with a squad loaded with talent from back to front who have had tiki taka drilled into their heads for a very long time. Tello is far from the finished article as well but he has Messi, Iniesta, Xavi etc to help him even further.

    You are missing the point completley. Now lets get to LFC...

    Tello with the knowledge of tiki taka will be joining a squad LFC who have only this season started the learning process of tiki taka. The likes of Gerrard has not even quite come to grips with this new system so what effect will that have on Tello?

    Bring Messi, Iniesta and Xavi to Liverpool and yes then Tello will be an instant success but bring Tello to LFC right now as it stands on this day of the 13th of December 2012 and he will have to go through the learning process with the whole LFC squad on how Rodgers wants the tiki taka sytem to work with our current squad.

    There is no way you can say Tello will guarantee instant success at the age of 21 in a squad which is only learning now what he already knows at Barca. Add to that moving to the United Kingdom which brings totally different living conditions to that of Spain. Add to that enormous pressure of instant success from impatient fans at LFC i.e. what Lucas went through.

    Suarez is a very rare breed and can fit into any team or any style of play so using him as an example is pointless.

  27. Sorry i took so long in responding. I think that we have a little intercommunication here. Ofcourse Tello has had an advantage over the rest of the Liverpool team who only know one way of playing. Our guys have played just like every other English team out there in the past. Tello's exposure to pass and move one touch football as such a tender age makes him a stand out player indeed if he were to

    I think the problem you have with my comment is that i can call a player a success while the rest of the team is not. For me a player is a success if he can create chances for the rest of the team. A player who's play lift the rest of the team. A player who has the ability to turn a game on it's head when his team is behind is a success. I think Tello would be this kind of player.

    By this very definition there are only a couple of names on the Anfield roster that this applies to. This definition has can be applied to the Gerrard of the past, Suarez, Sterling and Sosu (to some extent). Liverpool is lacking offensive tools that can help us dominate teams we used to beat regularly. I don't have to tell you that we possess a thin squad. Just look at our bench at any game and tell me how many people can come in and change games. We have no real talent on the bench. We are a team of average players. Barca on the other hand has multiple weapons with which to kill teams. Christain Tello and others like him would be a great player to help us dominate in the league once again.

  28. I got a pair just ask your wife she has seen them up close. I guess what you are saying is that we are a team of amateurs and we should wait till all the starlets all come to maturity before we can expect to contest for major honors. Let's be real with out more experience on the team it will be another season of a mid-table finish and no champions league.