15 Dec 2012

£16m striker fail? Oosterveer delivers crushing blow to LFC's transfer hopes...

The Agent of long-time Liverpool target Klass Jan Huntelaar has provided the strongest indication yet that the Dutch goal-machine may reject a move to the Premier League in favour of a return to Serie A.

Speaking to Reporters this week, Arnold Oosterveer - the Dutch striker's agent - appeared to issue a very unsubtle 'come and get me' plea to Inter Milan. He said:

"He [Huntelaar] would not mind playing in Milan again, especially because Inter would give him the chance to show he is a great player".

Huntelaar is reportedly Brendan Rodgers' 'number one transfer target', and in a recent interview with TalkSport, Dutch journalist Marcel van der Kraan claimed that the player is desperate to move to England, which is at odds with Oosterveer's statement above. He said:

"You will definitely see Huntelaar in the Premier League in a year’s time. He’s dying to join the others, and he only wants to be in one place, and that’s England".

The Reds were strongly linked with a loan move for Huntelaar during the short-lived reign of Roy Hodgson, but a deal could not be agreed at the time. Speculation arose again during the summer, but on transfer deadline day, Brendan Rodgers specifically ruled out the possibility of signing the Dutch International.

In an interview with Bild in July, Heldt revealed Huntelaar's buy out clause:

"Huntelaar has a €20m buyout clause in his contract, and rich clubs can afford it"

£16m for a player who grabbed 48 goals and 10 assists last season and has a history of scoring goals wherever he goes? That seems fairly reasonable, but clubs will not pay over the odds if they can get Huntelaar in the summer for free, and if Schalke want a transfer fee, they'll have to sell him in January. Some stats:

* 48 goals and 10 assists last season.
* 194 goals over the last 7 full seasons.
* Averages 28 goals a season.
* Last season: Goal every 96 mins (league)
* Last season: Goal or assist every 76 minutes (league)
* This season: 10 goals/4 assists in 22 games.
* 58% conversion rate.

Arsenal have recently joined the long list of clubs interested in signing Huntelaar, but when asked this week about interest in the player, Schalke General Manager Horst Heldt claimed:

"These stories are nothing more than rumours. As of today, I have not heard anything from any club."

Last month, Huntelaar himself appeared to rule out a January move. He told Sport1:

"I've heard the rumours, but I have had no contact with any other club. plan to stay with Schalke until the end of the season. What happens after that, you never know in football, but if there is interest after that, we will see".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Really admire your ability to be constantly negative... Though he's not coming, so your post may be actually positive- something like double negation...

  2. Rodgers will only be interested in buying forwards who can also operate in a wide position ie ince, walcott, sturridge. He is not interested in spending out in an out and out striker unless it is someone who would be content to be back up for suarez.

  3. Agreed. If we got all three I would be over the moon. The options and back up would be great. I don`t get the hate Sturridge gets, he scores lots of goals when he plays, which is excatly whar we need. When given a run in the team like at Bolton and under AVB he was scoring for fun, from out wide under AVB too. Ince would be great to swap with Sterling, so both stay fresh, and Walcott would be great on the other side. Would give us good options too as Sturridge and Walcott can both play in the center when LS is out. Huntlear would be good, but I can`t see it happening. I also don`t see us getting all three of the above, maybe two though. Borini will also be back soon, and altough he aint done much, hes still another option for us.

  4. J-man if you were forced to pick two from this list, as our signings, which would you go for?


    Personally I would go for Ince and Walcott, could get both for what £14mil tops??? And if ordered in choice it would be Walcott, Ince, Sturridge then Huntlear. I know Huntlear has a great record, but I think its a bigger risk right now, when we need people who will make a impact from day 1. Walcott has a proven record in the EPL for scoring, from out wide too.

  5. Seems like agent is keeping their options open maybe. Remains to be seen what kind of forward Rodgers wants, especially with Suarez being so good in the middle this season.

    Surely Pardew will let us have one of Ba or Cisse, as they are so frustrating playing together in the side (especially with Cisse on the right)! Watching the City game now, just doesn't work those two at the moment, just like against Wigan.

  6. We still need an out and out striker. Suarez wastefulness is hurting us right now. Suarez can be moved to the left or right. He is more of a creator as he has the ability to weave past players. Suarez is not a natural goalscorer.
    Rodgers better Buck up and get his house in order. His interviews are becoming unbearable. I still don't understand the logic of him to give away tactics to the media. Tactics should be classified info.

  7. Negative? I don't rate him highly and I feel we could buy some other quality players instead. Having different opinion is not the same as being negative.