15 Nov 2012

Luis Suarez to Manchester City? Brendan Rodgers responds to speculation...

Manchester City are reportedly preparing a huge £40m bid for Liverpool star striker Luis Suarez. Given the Uruguayan's superb form this season, it's no surprise that top teams are watching him, but would the club be willing to let Suarez go?

In his pre-Wigan press conference just now, Rodgers was asked about the speculation linking Suarez with a move away from Anfield. He responded:

"You better ask Roberto Mancini!

"If we lost Luis we’d have no strikers. He’s certainly not someone we want to sell or move on.

"We want to add to the squad and not move people on.

"Luis’ has already showed his commitment to the club in the summer bu signing a new deal.

"He’s in a great moment in his footballing life at Liverpool. I’ll just continue to communicate with him. He’s very happy here".

Rodgers was pressed on the issue, and asked what would happen if a bidding war broke out. He interrupted the person asking the question and said:

"There will be no bidding war. He’s staying here".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. That ends the great chance we had of moving the club forward in many terms. Too bad.

  2. At the end off the day the owners have to buy players not sell before buying. Balotelli not happy at city bring him to liverpool upfont with suarez.
    We dont wont Ian ayre doing valuations of players and there worth we are always linked to players in there 30s.
    With our team right now whats our best 11 we dont have one thats a joke.
    Rodgers said we need one two players . we need 6-5 player two goal scores midfielder to repace stevie G and two defenders not english . world class from brazil holland germany spain sweden croatia.

  3. Even if we add say, Huntellar and Adebeyor for c£18m ?

  4. torres,alonso,mascherano,kuyt,sissoko,garcia,etc,ect,players that still had a lot to give to the club been allowed to leave without the funds been put back in to the team when ar we going to really start building and stop breakin the team up we need to keep our best players and itll take a lot of searchin to find another suarez hes world class simple as that build around him if hes sold i wudnt be surprised if the trophy cabnit ends up on ebay next

  5. Looking at the bigger picture as I am sure FSG would, it could be a good move for the club to use the money to beef up the squad and if we are talking £40M here then that would pay for a quarter of the cost of the stadium enlargement!

    How about £20M & Dzecko?

  6. RAFASdaysWEREtheGLORYdays1:04 pm, November 15, 2012

    Wow Wee man city reparing a bid of Andy Carroll proportions for a great guy a great player a payer who you can see will improve the likes of Sterling who idolises Suarez and rigtm so.This guy is the real deal hes got his best year of his life ahead of him,this guy in my opinion should be captain of Liverpool he really is inspirational to everyone around him.Ok Gerrard has been a great player but imo he didnt improve players aroundhim he did it by hiself nd that s no captain in my book.Suarez youngest ever captan at Ajax youngest ever captain of his national side,this a is born to lead.Either assissted or scored in 80% o LFCs goals in the prem.Gerrard and especially greedy stab in the back Carra contributed to LFCs downfall with the ousting of Rafa,its time for big strong changes,starting from now,a new era Dalglish Carra thought they were above everyone at LFC,the king has gone next get rid of Carra instead of singing his praises brendan and show some mettle

  7. great point!!! 40 to 50 mill could go to stadium expansion...thats 1/3or 1/4 of the cost already paid... intriguing. btw why are LFC fans fretting about a striker since suarez is a phenom this season!!@!!!????

  8. Luis Suarez value talent is more than 70milion pound.LFC need to consider if an offer come with 50milion + Sergio Agguero.It is very worth to reject.The better idea is LUIS SUAREZ IS NOT FOR SALE.

  9. I dont think Suarez will be sold in january because:

    1) We are short of strikers and selling our only striker would be the most ridiculous move ever in history since the transfer of Andy Caroll from Newcastle for 35million pounds.
    2) Suarez is by far the best player in our squad and one of the best player in the whole premier league. If we want to progress we cant sell our best players, on the contrary we have to keep adding quality players while at the same time getting rid of the deadwoods.
    3) 40 million is an insult to the guy talent! If Traitorres left for 50 million then surely suarez is worth at least 60million.
    4) Even if we were to obtain a huge sum of money for him, I dont think we would be able to fill the void his departure would create in the team. Ask Kenny Dalglish if he managed to find some star players with the 100million pounds he was given last season!

  10. Yess..indeeed as well as the chance of perhaps securing 4th spot.......NOT!!!

  11. Mancini.....for 40 mil how about we'll give you Carrol,Downing and Henderson!...and Joe Cole if you want...

  12. Why the hell should we even consider selling the best player in the premiership ? We should be building around him not letting him go! Just wait until he picks up another yellow and see how we cope without him when he gets suspended. Nice to see that despite all his on/off field problems, his stock has risen so dramatically.

  13. From the moment FSG has proceeded to the appointment of Brendan Rodgers as LFC’s manager it was more than obvious that FSG does not cut foam for the good provided interest of our beloved club but it is only interested in one thing and one thing only; how to make as much profits as possible against LFC’s overall success! It knew that the appointment of Brendan Rodgers wouldn’t guarantee a top 4 finish and it also knew that if LFC doesn’t reach a top 4 position most of our quality players might decide to leave the team at the end of the season. It is obvious how dangerous FSG is for LFC’s future and the time has come for all pure LFC’s fans in all over the world to protest against it and make the ownership realize that this club doesn’t belong to it but it is belonged to its heavy heritage, reach history, and pure global fans!

  14. Good idea. But that still leaves us with just the one striker. And a target man who won't create half as many chances as Suarez.

    But lots of shiny new seats.
    That nobody will pay to sit in because it would be so fncking BOOOOOOOOOORRING without Suarez.


  15. Selling Saurez would be to committ suicide, single handedly he's keeping LFC afloat. I'm sure we would all agree he is world class! Where else would you get a striker who puts in a shift EVERY GAME. Remember he played in the Copa America then straight into the prem, his fitness levels are amazing! he's not like Kuyt, this guy makes things happen!

    On a side note, I think it was sad that no one joined in the celebration when he scored against Chelski. He turned round & thought where is everybody!?? Things like that make me wonder if there's anything going on behind closed door? I'm speculating here but is what Diouf said about foreign lads vs scouse true? Is Stevie G jealous? After all his level of impact is diminishing by the season, and all of a sudden there's a new Kop darling! This guy for me is top dog & already a LFC ledgend, if he could improve his finishing I believe he could be the best striker to ever wear the LFC shirt, yes better than Rush & all the rest!

  16. I don't know how dire the situation was before the FSG takeover,was there an alternative?

  17. i dont think Gerrard is jealous! He wouldnt have declared suarez as the best forward he gb played with in his career if he felt like that! I think people be trying to read to much into the celebration against Chelsea.

  18. If anyone pays 60 mil pounds for LS, I'll ship him out instantly by DHL. But before that, let's pray for some silly ones to pay 10 mil pounds for SD and JH and I'll gladly do the same too. Next, pray that Newcastle or West Ham pays something in the region of 15 mil pounds for AC. Combined that with the 10 mil pounds, we can have 25 mil pounds and that's enough for a decent front man in January, think so. If we really get 60 mil pounds for LS, the only wish I have is that the money can fund the expansion of the stadium or at least something useful and definitely not a repeat of the profoundly pure stupidity act, performed by KD and DC. Season 2011-12 was enough to set us back at least 5 years, if and only if other teams stop improving, else we will never be able to catch up. With FFP in sight, even a 'Mansour' can't do much for us now. With so many talented youngsters under LFC now, let's hope it's not a sell-to-buy but a sell-and-groom instead.