19 Nov 2012

'LFC are in contact' - Liverpool 'ready to sign' €12m ex-Barca star. Good enough?

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers confirmed again over the weekend that he plans to bring in 'one or two' new players during the January transfer window, and the latest player to be linked with the club is Sporting Lisbon winger Jeffrén Suarez, a player the Reds tried to sign in 2011.

A report today in Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record states:

"Jeffrén has aroused the interest one of the giants of European football.

"Liverpool are ready to sign the player, and the club have made contact with made Sporting officials over the possibility of a transfer during the January transfer window"

Liverpool tried to sign Jeffrén in 2011, and the 24-year old confirmed the club's interest in an interview with radio station Cadena Ser. He said:

"It makes me proud that teams like Liverpool are interested in me. We’ll see what happens."

Jeffren ended up signing a 5-year deal with Sporting Lisbon, and his contract contains a €30 million buy-out clause, as well as a €12m buy-back clause for Barcelona.

Given Luis Suarez's superb form up front, it's possible that Rodgers may look to sign goalscoring wide-players rather than out-and-out strikers, but it would (IMO) be a mistake to go down that route.

Suarez may be banging them in right now, but what if he gets injured? Liverpool desperately need another striker or two, and hopefully that will be the club's priority in January. As for Jeffrén - his creative stats are clearly not good enough:

* 1 goal/no assists in 8 appearances this season.
* 5 goals/1 assist in 28 appearances overall for Lisbon.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. theo and an out and out striker would be good. sterling and luis are nailed on starters now, so in reality, back up for luis plus a first teamer would be a minimum requirement.
    i cant see sahin staying as things are going, but suso should nail down the furthest forward mf position, but again, he'll need to rotate with someone(holtby?).

  2. Jeffren's natural position is out wide, however, it is not unknown for him to be played centrally. I personally think that he would be a great buy.

    Although, I am still clinging onto rumours that LFC are in talks to sign either Huntelaar or Cavani. With one of them in top form, next to Suarez and Sterling, I think that Carragher may well be right that 4th spot it still up there for the taking.

  3. Jeffren is average player in average league. I am really amazed how Liverpool are linked with number of players each day. Some of those transfer news are utter rubbish.

    I hope we buy Walcott and Huntelaar. If we do so, we might be fighting for 4th spot.

  4. Don't think he'd be good enough. He got a few games at Barce but never looked much and they sold him on. Think he's no better than Assaidi.

  5. Not an out and out striker which we need badly. 1 goal in 8 appearances? Hardly prolific and the cost??? A non-starter.

  6. Don't think he would be worth it, and I agree we need an out and out striker. Suarez can operate effectively from the wide areas, so another striker is what we need.

  7. More rubbish from Jk all for his ABBs

  8. just another desperate rumour to add to the other ones since the summer slack transfer activity. walcot would be the man to get if possible. we have the mighty borini back at some point, oh and 35 million pound striker wasting down in London, so why buy 2 average players at best for the money we have to spend

  9. Theo Walcott and either Huntelaar/ Torres (back on Loan).

    Also we need a new LB - Ansaldi from ruban kasan looks good.

  10. promising words from tom werner!!
    walcot and sturidge ???

  11. Sturridge seems a more likely option. No reason to really doubt Liverpool have been in touch with Sporting to make inquiries but it doesn't mean they're going to sign the player, they're just asking the right questions. The effort made to get Sturridge on loan in August says to me that the only real obstacle to him becoming a Liverpool player is the price. Rodgers obviously fancies him and it's just a question of how much we're willing to pay. Chelsea seem happy to let him go. I think it's almost a done deal.


  13. no to Jeffren and no Sturridge. so far i cant remember which one of BR signings have been a success? allen has been caught in possession far to often. Borini not great what we have seen of him. It seems like rafa legacy is what's carrying this team and of course Suarez!!

  14. I thought that reports linking us to Jeffren were bad...now I see we are being linked to Sturridge....hell I hope neither of these reports are correct , if we want to challenge for 10th spot then by all means sign them, I will just have to go back into therapy....after the crap signings of Benitez (in his last season with us) Hodgson and above all Dalglish I can't take any more crazy signings.....BR please take note!!!!

  15. Cavanni or Huntelaar best options to reach fourth place. Or one of them plus Torres will also get us fourth place. If we go on a win run we can easily reach fourth and take it from there.

  16. Good enough???
    This is 2012, not 1983!
    Most of the players Houllier and Benitez signed would easily be good enough to get in this squad.
    This squad of players is nowhere near as good as what Benitez took over in 2004.
    Lucas and Skrtl haven't improved that much since they were signed -the players around them have gotten so bad that they are now the 'stars' of the show.
    People say Walcott isn't good enough!?!?! Well, he's netted as many as Suarez this season from less starts and most of the time, from playing out wide.

    WAKE UP!!!

  17. Whats wrong with you?, Lucas have grown to be the best defensive midfielder before his injury (the statistics speak for itself, look it up), and as for Skritel, yes he can be eratic sometime with his tackles but still does a good job defensifely. Watch out, once BR get the combonation and right partner to assist Suarez, then well talk again.

  18. Please No! Not Jeffren.

    He is struggling the Liga Sagres as it is and his return is not great.

  19. Really? Are u 4getting how bad Lucas was? Ok he hasn't improved much over the last 2 seasons but to be fair he has hardly touched a ball

  20. Looks like another Giovanni Dos Santos to me..