5 Nov 2012

'He should leave' - France star urges LFC midfielder to quit Anfield. Agree...?

After Liverpool's Capital One Cup defeat to Swansea on Wednesday, Reds manager Brendan Rodgers singled out Joe Cole for individual criticism, indirectly suggesting that the midfielder had wasted his opportunity to make an impact for the team. It seems clear that Cole's days at Anfield are numbered, and ahead of Liverpool's crunch game with Newcastle today, Johann Cabaye has offered the 32-year old some pertinent career advice.

In an interview with The Independent over the weekend, Cabaye - who was replace at Lille by Cole last season - urged the Reds outcast to return to Ligue 1. He said:

"It's difficult for him [Cole] at the moment because he's not playing so much. He did well for Lille and maybe it would be a good choice for him to go back there.

"He is not playing a lot with Liverpool, so if he wants more games, he can play more there. They like him at Lille – the club, the manager and the fans".

Cabaye is not the only one urging Cole to leave Liverpool. Speaking to Isvestia.ru last week, Manchester United legend Andrei Kanchelskis argued that the London would be a good fit for Spartak Moscow. He said:

"Cole is the perfect midfielder. He is quick thinking, a real organiser, and he's able to take the initiative and lead the whole team. He would be a useful midfielder for Spartak Moscow"

After the humiliation of being subbed-off at half time in the recent 3-1 Capital One Cup defeat to Swansea, I'm sure Cole is thinking about his future right now, and he must realise that he has no future at Anfield.

At least Rodgers has given him a few chances, but the likelihood is that even if he'd had a stormer against Swansea, it wouldn't have made any difference. Just ask Stewart Downing; the winger scored the winning goal against Anzhi in the Europa League, then found himself dumped on the bench for the next two league games.

Alas, it looks like a move to Spartak may be off the cards. When asked last week about the possibility of signing Cole, the Russian club's owner Leonid Fedun simply said: 'I think not'.

Is there any way back for Cole?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Liverpool are an average to poor side at the moment, and we have been since halfway through the 09/10 season.

    Our home form is absymal, is that 3 wins in the last 15 games at Anfield now, what the hell?! No teams fear coming to Anfield anymore, a few years ago Blackpool came and got a 'famous result' when they did us 2-1, but nowadays Stoke can come to Anfield expecting something from the game and nothing is made of supposed minnows coming and getting a 0-0 or a 1-0 away victory.

    I think it's clear the whole country is waking up to us just being a team that's now only a notch above the relegation battling teams...

  2. Please please please go pay 3/4 of his wages - any takers - I doubt it. One ungreatful guy.

  3. As for Joe Cole, he's cack. Nuff said.

    He's been draining the club's coffers for too long now, and we've got nothing in return to show for it.

  4. Cole is on an astronomical wage which is why he is not at Lille this season as they cannot afford to pay their contribution towards it.
    Cole is becoming the Winston Bogarde of Liverpool.
    It is all well and good picking up these so called 'Bosman' signings but you have to make up the fee you would of paid to their club in wages.
    The sooner football brings in some form of wage cap like they have in American sport the better to stop this from happening.
    However some fool at Liverpool sanctioned Cole's wages, not sure who it was as was a Hodgson signing wasnt it.

  5. If Joe Cole has any sort of pride he should leave LFC for the good of the club and himself !!!!


  7. can someone from lille come and take him please..
    good for him also..he can play games there....

  8. please leave new he would be a diaster

  9. Alonso tweet puts Liverpool on nerve alert? gerrard?

  10. Liverpool's home win percentage over the past five seasons:

    2008/09: 63 per cent

    2009/10: 68 per cent,

    2010/11: 63 per cent,

    2011/12: 32 per cent

    2012/13 (so far): 17 per cent

  11. would you walk out on 120k a week wage when your 16 months into a 4 year contract. No!!!!!
    Who was the mug who decided to pay him that as I would gladly curl up in a sleeping bag on the Liverpool bench for next 32 months and get my 120k a week if I was him.
    You have to hope some other mug takes him for a decent cut on his wage packet.

  12. More importantly, Jaimie Kanwar your headlines are so cheesy honestly! Please just stick straight to the point and sounding like something from the 60's

  13. lol what has that got do with this article

  14. thats if he makes the bench all he has to do is turn up for training

  15. I think that is a bit extreme we maybe poor right now but we just not taking our chances to say where one notch above relegation is in simple terms bullshit

  16. Get him off the bloody wage bill. Utter waste.

  17. your name reley dose apply to you

  18. rodgers also has the worst start of any of the last four managers including hodgeson

  19. He has had some unfortunate injuries, but when he has been fit and included in the team, he has not grasped the opportunity. He is now merely going through the motions, and for that sort of money who can blame him. It must be blatantly obvious to him that he has no future at Anfield. If he has a shred of integrity he should ask for a transfer to anyone prepared to offer him first team football. But then the words integrity, and footballer, just don't go together ! Yet another mercenary.

  20. Toughest fixtures for a season start in years as well. Patience, things will come right.

  21. Correct and right. Why would Cole be in a hurry to leave? He's getting big money doing nothing. It really is down to his own integrity.