17 Nov 2012

'I don't like it!' - Hamann slams 'hype' over 'unplayable' £15m LFC target...

Earlier this week, Crystal Palace starlet Wilfred Zaha suggested that that only two players in the world better than him are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Such comments have contributed to the hype that is currently spiralling out of control, and it's only set to continue after Zaha made his debut for England last night. The 20-year old has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last few months, but Anfield legend Dietmar Hamann is irritated by the constant hype over the youngster.

Prior to England's 4-2 defeat by Sweden last night, Hamann seemed to suggest that Zaha night be a little overrated. He explained:

"I don't like all the hype that's already circling round the kid Zaha.

"Yes he is exceptionally talented but that's all it is so far.

"Lessons seem not to have been learnt from Walcott a few years ago. The kids need protecting not hyping up.

Hamann is clearly right. Zaha is totally untested at the highest level, yet people are hyping him up as if he's achieved something majorly significant in the game.

£15m-rated Zaha himself seems to believe his own hype too. In an interview with The Guardian this week, he said:

"I want to come up against defenders who will properly test me. I'd never look at someone and think he's better than me, unless it's Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. When I get on the pitch it's my time".

After Peterborough's defeat to Crystal Palace last weekend, Posh boss Darren Ferguson added to the Zaha hype with this glowing eulogy:

"He [Zaha] is the best player in this league and will go to the top. He was unplayable at times"

In an interview with Weekend Sports Breakfast, Crystal Palace Co-Chairman Steve Parish insisted that Zaha is 'happy' at Crystal Palace, and admitted that the club is 'anxious to hold onto him'. He added:

“We’ve had a couple of opportunistic bids, but none that you would really take seriously.

"We’ll be sitting down with Wilf’s representatives. We’ll make sure he stays in January and we’ll have another look at it in the summer.

“He’s on a five-year deal. We need to keep him happy. I completely understand that. Hopefully, if we’re in the Premier League, we can be the next stage of his development".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Overrated,Sterling is technically better

  2. Sounds like another Mario in the making... Huge ego.... Really selfish to think of his own and not the team. Think he will soon join the club Mario's in...

  3. Ralf. You have obviously not seen Zaha close up if you think Sterling is technically better.Sterling is like Lenon or Walcot. A fast winger nothing more.

  4. You obviously have not seen Sterling close up...

  5. I'm impressed Hamman has been to enough Palace matches to pass comment on Zaha...

  6. Sterling is 3 yers younger and already a better player

  7. Why would he have to go to Palace games? I live in Australia and I've never been to a Liverpool game, but I see ever game on TV. Your comment is nonsense.

  8. Same here. And I also have the same thought to his comment.

  9. If you actually listened to what Zaha actually said, and what he said afterward you would realise this is a none issue.

    Zaha appeared to agree after taking to Twitter himself to try and play down accusations of arrogance.

    "My words were absolutely twisted and taken the wrong way in my last interview," he said. "Thanks for all the supportive messages and those who understood my interview wasn't me trying to be arrogant." ·

    Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/football/50063/zaha-denies-arrogant-tag-after-messi-and-ronaldo-comment#ixzz2CWlB1zPR

  10. The youtube doesn't look very impressive. Compare that of Suarez and you'd see the difference. The price tag of 15 - 20 is certainly over prized. I think with this type of price tag, Europe can offer better talent and promise.

  11. Dont over rate yourself Zaha, you are only a greenhorn and you are nothing compare to those greats in the football world!

  12. no more overpriced british players please. unless homegrown.

  13. I prefers stering and susu, we can buy tom ince. Do we really need zaha? Only a team of 11 players make a player looks wonderful.not as arrogance as zaha

  14. like someone has already said above zaha himself has come out on twitter stating that the press twisted his words completeley which they tend to do a lot lay off the guy a bit

  15. And this is true for the majority of English players.