16 Nov 2012

'We'll look at offers!' - Boss confirms LFC scouts 'watching' £4m attacker. Bid?

Derby manager Nigel Clough has responded to speculation linking £4m-rated attacking midfielder Will Hughes with a January move to Liverpool.

Despite ongoing cost-cutting measures at Pride Park, Derby boss Nigel Clough has reportedly being told that he must raise £1.8million for the club when the January transfer window opens, and in an interview with the BBC earlier today, Clough was asked to comment on Liverpool's interest in 17-year old Hughes. He said:

"[LFC] Scouts come to watch him but we haven’t had any firm bids.

"If an offer comes in we’ll look at it and see if it’s in the best interests of the club.

"It's inevitable that he'll attract attention. It’s good for us because it means we’re doing well if Premier League clubs are looking at him.

"We'll try and hang onto him, and I hope we can ward off the attention"

£4m-rated Hughes made his debut for England U21 team on Tuesday. He came on as as a 65th-minute substitute for Josh McEachran, becoming the second youngest player to get capped for the U21s.

Derby youth academy director Darren Wassall praised Hughes after his call-up to the England U21 side. He enthused:

"It's a great achievement to get in at 17 and we are all delighted for him. To make that rise into the Under-21s so soon is fantastic for him and everyone at the club.

"For a 17-year-old to be playing in the first team of a Championship side is very unusual. I bet there are not many 17-year-olds playing at the level Will is week in, week out."

Hughes' current contract expires in 2015.

And who can forget Clough's finest hour in a Liverpool shirt? The Reds were 3-0 down at home to Manchester United, and Clough grabbed two great goals to drag the club back into the game (which ultimately ended 3-3):

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. bloody hell what happened to removing the dead wood instead we are removing dead wood only for it to be replaced by more dead wood

  2. Do we need another inexperienced youngster?. Another bench warmer for two to three years until he matures. We are regularly told that we have a paper thin squad, but these players appear surplus; Joe Cole, Danny Wilson, Downing, Spearing, Carroll, Pacheco (?). Who's going to buy them ?. This lad would be another player to sit and learn for three years. We need experienced premiership players, who are strong and dynamic that can effect and change games now!. We have great youngsters in abundance already, Sama, Coady, Morgan, Stirling, Henderson, Coates, Suso, Allen, Wisdom, Flano, Robinson and Kelly.

  3. Not needed, will be a bench warmer. Now that Lucas will be back in first team after couple of weeks, I see Joe Allen warming the bench too. Hope we sell Hendo, Downing, Joe Cole to finance world class striker.

  4. Wrong Allen is more like attacking midfield so his place won't not be taken. Sahin will be bench warmer.

  5. Ok, as far as I have seen until now Allen has hardly shown any attacking trait. Maybe BR can try (he will anyway, pet) as Sahin and Shelvey ain't that great anyway.

  6. Sahin is a great player. He hasn't got up to speed yet but always does a job when he plays. Shelvey is the future. Allen has been playing a defensive role hence why you ain't really seen him attack. When Lucas is back then he will take Allen's place and Allen will move up the field. There is lots of comp for 2 midfield spots....Gerrard, Allen, Shelvey, Sahin, Henderson, Suso ( who clearly plays better when playig the centre). What is our best midfield...I don't know. Lucas is the main starter once he gets back to form which hopefully won't take to long. I personally don't think Gerrard should automatically start every game, but Rodgers obviously thinks he should. Lucas, Allen and Gerrard will most likely be our starting prem team. Once Gerrard is pushed forward we should see the best of him.

  7. I think that fsg and br will surprise us all and buy at least 2 top players alongside with couple of those for future. They know they fcuked up in the summer, and that if they do it again it will take even more money next summer to iron those mistakes.

  8. Sahin, always? We were 10 against 11 while he was on the pitch Sunday... Great player he was, but still didn't show that here, and it it's about time he did...

  9. Allen can't pass forward and even my old granny can pass backwards, also think he needs to get in the gym as he doesn't seem to have any natural strength and been dissatisfied with the £15m we spent and also don't like the look of the injured Borini. I do think Rodgers will get things right although he has his work cutout. Hendo, Downing, cole all need to go they bring nothing to the team. Shelvey looks like he's gonna be a class player and will be once he learns to shoot.

  10. I don't reckon we'll be in for him, should have different priorities...I hope anyway.

    Off the topic but no surprise that Jen Chang has left, after the Jenkins farce