14 Nov 2012

'It was my decision!' - Ex-LFC attacker reveals reason he left Anfield. Loss...?

Swedish winger Alexander Kačaniklić spent three years at Liverpool from 2007-2010, but, unsurprisingly, he failed to make a single first team appearance under Rafa Benitez or Roy Hodgson. Rather ironically, the 21-year old moved to Hodgson's old club, Fulham, and although it could be seen as a step down, the youngster has no regrets about leaving Anfield.

Speaking to reporters ahead of England's friendly with Sweden on Wednesday night, Kačaniklić revealed it was his decision alone to leave Liverpool, and had nothing but good things to say about Hodgson. He noted:

"It was my decision to leave and go to Fulham and he [Hodgson] let me go. It was up to me if I wanted to go.

"I had to leave to develop my career. I made the right choice and it was a good decision.

"I am not out for revenge. Like I said, it was my decision and Roy is a good coach. He's done a lot of good things in football and is well respected throughout the game.

Kačaniklić also revealed how Reds captain Steven Gerrard helped him develop:

"When I was young I trained with the first-team squad at Liverpool, with people like Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard.

"Steven was a great help, passing on good advice about things like passing. He is one of the players I look up to"

Usually, when young players leave Liverpool they usually disappear into obscurity, but that seems to be changing these days.

Like Blackpool's Tom Ince - another youngster who recently argued that leaving Anfield was a good idea - Kačaniklić is making his mark at a different club, and I'm sure Reds fans wish him all the best.

To be honest, both Ince and Kačaniklić would probably be getting games for Liverpool right now if they'd stayed, and I have no doubt that both players would do a good job for the club.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You found all the letters for his las name, wow...

  2. When Roy let him and Dalle Valle go in exchange for Paul konchesky, that was the point where I lost faith in him. If I remember correctly Lauri Dalle Valle was one of the hottest prospects in the youth ranks.

  3. Jamie has a swedish keyboard ;)

  4. This kid makes the downing purchase even more painful to sleep on. And to think we swapped him for paul konchescy! We are currently paying for this grave mistakes!

  5. It is Serbian, not Swedish...

  6. And where the fcuk is that...

  7. He's playing for crewe at the minute, so not really setting world football alight

  8. Players who leave liverpool usually end up
    in obscurity , spot on Tommy Ince only one
    success , Adam , Spearing , Torres are not
    shining , but neither are the ones who replaced

  9. You forget John Welsh. Pure class.