17 Oct 2012

'He is spectacular' - Sahin hails 31-goal starlet. Solution to LFC's striker 'crisis'?

With Fabio Borini injured, and Luis Suarez currently Liverpool's only first team striker, the stage is set for Samed Yesil to make his mark at Anfield. I'm sure most fans hope that Brendan Rodgers gives Yesil some game time over the next few weeks, and if he does, Reds midfielder Nuri Sahin is confident that the youngster will not let the club down.

Yesil has scored 3 goals for Germany over the international break, and he amassed a formidable record for Bayer Leverkusen's U19 team:

* Last season: 19 goals and 5 assists in 23 apps (2 hat-tricks)

* 2010-11: 22 goals in 14 games.

* To date: 31 goals in 29 games for Germany's youth teams.

Yesil's teammate Sahin has grabbed three goals since arriving at Anfield, and in an interview with the official LFC site, the midfielder praised his fellow countryman's ability. He enthused:

"Samed knows where the goal is.

"He can smell the goal and that is a quality you cannot teach.

"His record is spectacular and if he continues to listen, he'll be a good player for Liverpool."

Yesil, of Turkish descent, came to prominence in last year's Euro Under-17 Championship, where he scored six goals in eight qualification matches and three in final stages, and went on to win the tournament’s Golden Boot award.

The press continue to push the 'Liverpool in crisis!' angle re the club's lack of strikers, but I have to admit, it doesn't worry me in the slightest. Luis Suarez is in the goalscoring groove right now; Sahin, Gerrard and Shelvey are scoring goals, and if Yesil is given the chance, I'm sure he will score goals too.

Play him, Brendan!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. His record to date speaks for itself, I for one would be happy to see him get "A Run" of games.

  2. Samed Yesil will be good replacement during F.Borini injured.This season the fans like to see young talent growing up with good planning.

  3. Brendan has been very successful with blooding young players and I'm quite sure that he will give the lad a chance very soon. At lot will depend on how many of our 1st team squad come back from the internationals with injuries. He might have to play him sooner than he expected too. Damned internationals !!

  4. start him for sure on saturday but through the middle. if not him adam morgan. these kids know where the goal is. sticking them out wide is a waste of time...

  5. Watched him at westbrom in the cup, always looking for an opportunity, this kid has a great future.

  6. We ough to play either Yesil or Morgan through the middle and have Suarez and Sterling on the wing, or either one of them in partnership with Suarez through the middle with Gerrard and Sahin supported by Allen, controlling the midfield.

  7. Great young players, great future for LFC.

  8. BR has to give Yesil a chance v Reading as thro the middle
    striker , with Suarez & Sterling either side , also a good
    playmaker in behind them 3 , then Hendo & Allen behind
    him . Back 4 picks itself if all fit ie , Wisdom , Skrtel , Agger .
    & Johnno . G/K now a major problem .

  9. Perhaps by the end of the season, we'll have 5 first team rotation players that have been brought through the ranks. thats a huge saving.

    Yesil will no doubt get his chance, but probably as back up to luis, sterling and suso(but still ahead of downing). not sure he'll break through this season completely, but it wont be long. he is that direct runner type a la nando. he could be a top class player. thanks sami.

  10. Yesil seems to be a great talent with a big future ahead of him, but to me he doesn't seem to be ready for constant first team action yet. Same goes for Adam Morgan. Despite that Brendan might be forced to use either, or both.

  11. I'd rather c him play than any money on player like Sturridge. Not even a pound when u have a player who scores goals for Germany.

  12. The future LFC team:
    We also have Seyi Ojo, Baio, Petersen, Pelosi. Our academy is the finest and if you don't believe so check out the leader board of the reserves league.

  13. I dont understand our supposed interest in Sturridge. He is not a proven goal scorer, which is why he is not in Chelsea's team. He has an attitude problem. Why are Morgan and Yesil being overlooked

  14. totally agree. check out match tomorrow night against Man City on LFCTV

  15. The opportunity is now for Yesil, seen him a few times and looks hungry. We need some1 who knows where the goal is, Luis & Raheem have the ability to unlock defences & Yesil can put them away. BR really needs this kid in the starting 11 along with Sterling, suso etc!

  16. You should warn us about the horrible music.