29 Oct 2012

'He continues to amaze!' - LFC scouts 'monitoring' €1m Serie A starlet...

Liverpool seem to have rectified the defensive mistakes that led to the club shipping goals in the early part of the season, but the club is still looking for new defenders, and the latest player linked with the Reds is Genoa defender Mario Sampirisi.

According to Italian journalist Gianluca DiMarzio, who works for Sky Sports News:

"Mario Sampirisi continues to amaze and attract the attention of the big European clubs.

"The 19 year-old full-back is monitored by Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, whose scouts have been to watch the player recently"

Subsequent reports also confirm that Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool all had scouts watching Sampirisi against AC Milan on Saturday.

* Sampirisi joined Genoa from AC Milan in the summer of 2011 for €1m.

* He is a central defender, but can also play at right back.

* He's made only 10 appearances for Genoa so far.

* He's featured for Italy at U19 and U20 levels and started six of Genoa's seven league games this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We definitely need defensive cover as I am sure Agger will get injured again.

  2. I would rather they continue with the development of Wisdom, Coates, and Kelly when he is back.
    Wisdom is a unit!

  3. Wisdom's inexperience was exposed in the derby.

  4. I agree to an extent, but it wasnt helped by the fact that Suso, didnt really help out much defensively, and I think that is why he was replaced at half time.

  5. I think all Serie A players are 50% as good as they are being hyped. After watching few recent matches, my opinion of Serie A has completely changed. And Jaimie, both the goals yesterday were due to Defensive errors...first Brad Jones (he should have punched hard and cleared the ball) and second Jose Enrique not marking Naismith...So, even though our defense looks more solid now...defenders still do mistakes every now and then which unfortunately ALWAYS cost us goals.....

  6. Occasion took over Wisdom who is normally quite cool and calm. I said few days back that Wisdom is flawless...and he did not agree with me on that. :(

    Maybe he is that kind of player who are consistently good week in week out but they switch off during big matches...nervous.

  7. referees costing us. when will this end

  8. Maybe he's NINETEEN. Give him a break. He''ll have many more of those before he reaches his peak.

  9. Ditto.

    Laughable to label almost any player as 'flawless', let alone a nineteen yr old player. Stupid hype like that does him no favours. Feel like some people have gotten a little carried away with the hype on Suso, Wisdom, etc, when they haven't even completed a season yet.

    Young players will suffer from off-games, mistakes and inconsistency. If you are going to play young players in the XI, you are going to have to put up with the inevitable mistakes in the short term and hope (as there is no guarantee) they will be good enough in the long term. It happens. The kid has talent, time will tell whether he is good enough in the long run.

  10. how have referees cost us in relation to Sampirisi?

  11. We have lot's on our plate in regard to young guns,we need a seasoned howitzer, soon....