18 Oct 2012

"He could leave!" - LFC chase Brendan Rodgers' "favourite" €10m attacker...

Another day, yet another midfielder linked with a move to Anfield, and this time, the player in question is Real Betis playmaker Beñat Extebarria, who could be available in the January transfer window.

In an interview yesterday, Real Betis` majority shareholder, Bosch Valero confirmed that the Spanish star could be on his way out of the club. He said:

“We do not rule out the possibility that Beñat could leave this winter.

"Contract negotiations are ongoing, but there is no progress or agreement from both sides.

"We are aware the Beñat could earn more at another club.

“Wolfsburg offered more than €10 million for him, but we decided that it was not a good time to sell him".

According to a report in Spanish newspaper AS today, Liverpool and Arsenal are interested in signing Benat, who is allegedly one Brendan Rodgers's 'favourite' players.

Benat reportedly has a €20million release clause written into his current contract, but the fact that Valero considered selling the player to Wolfsburg for €10m suggests that he could actually be available for a lot less.

Real Betis’ are currently battling against administration, which could ultimately force the club to cash-in on their prized asset.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. we have so many midfielders, i dont even want to hear about such news, pls lets just get strikers and wingers, maybe another left defender, we dont need anything else !!

  2. this is great lets sign as many midfielders as possible and play the false goalkeeper, false defenders and false strikers similar to the spain style apart from the fact that they only deployed the false striker but we are taking it to the next level thats what rodgers plan must be look at the bigger picture everyone

    warning this post contains large amounts of sarcasm

  3. he would play where sigurdsson was going to play (front of the MF3) or as one of the forwards. sterling and suso cant play every game yet.
    people need to stop this striker envy when its clear that rodgers does not play the 'traditional' way. he wants interchanging , fast, technically proficient players who can all score.
    this guy could be as good as anyone, and if he's buck's favourite player, then he must be good!

  4. We're still short of a really creative passer for the final third. Stevie used to do this for Torres; now his level is dropping who is going to unlock the defences. maybe Sahin,maybe not, but despite our midfield looking crowded, more quality is still needed.

    Not instead of strikers though, and i agree we need another LB

  5. suso all the way

  6. I think only if players leave will players like Benat come in. Here's hoping.

  7. Wow yes Deep lying Playmaker i respect that..

  8. Always seems just to be a rumour mill site here lately jamie!!

  9. That's what I said at first, but this guy looks good! And I don't usualy hop on the bandwagon and I do think we have way too many midfielders.

  10. But... why? Isn't our team saturated with midfielders?

  11. Talented technical midfielders have the potential to be deployed in various positions centrally or even as second striker or on the wing. Without a target man up front, runing to by line and pinging crosses in is somewhat futile, what we need is players with creative awareness, and if everyone chips in with a few goals, the pressure can be taken off the strikers which will only benefit them. Once we have that focal point for our attack we'll be able to see by a supply of technically gifted midfielders is key to holding midfield, creating opportunities, and consolidating the defence.