14 Oct 2012

Redknapp raves: 'Sensational' star is one England's 'best ever' defenders. Exaggeration?

Ashley Cole has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, and earlier this week, Liverpool legend Alan Hansen branded the Chelsea star a 'disgrace' for his recent twitter attack on the FA. Former Reds midfielder Jamie Redknapp believes that the incident will ultimately 'affect Cole's legacy', but when it comes to the left-back's football ability, Redknapp believes Cole has no equal.

In his column for Sky Sports yesterday, Redknapp - who made 308 appearances in 12 years at Liverpool - argued that Cole's various off-field indiscretions will follow him around after he retires, but conceded that his ability is second to none. He said:

"He [Cole] is the best left back we've ever produced in England, without a doubt.

"He's all-action, he makes goals, he's a great defender and there's no weakness to his game; as a player he's sensational.

"Unfortunately, that's not all people will remember him for when he retires".

There are 'no weaknesses' to Cole's game? With respect, that's nonsense. That would mean Cole is completely impervious to any kind of error, and that just isn't true.

Redknapp is not the only Red who rates Cole. In an recent interview with the official Liverpool FC site, Pepe Reina was asked to name the best left back he's ever seen, and he responded:

"There are a lot of good left-backs now, but for me, Ashley Cole is the best left-back in England.

"I like him a lot. I also like Marcelo at Real Madrid and Adriano from Barcelona".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Humans make errors and Cole is a human. Why bash every player? He is the best left back in England and I think everyone will agree on that.

  2. The only left back I am concerned about is at LFC. We don't dont have one.

  3. During the semi final against Barca when Chelsea were falling apart it seemed like Cole was the only player on the field who wanted to win he was making some brilliant tackles and that seemed to give the players belief that they could win

  4. Its true. How many other English internationals have produced consistently as him. Reluctant as i am to admit it. Been our best left back for aslong as i can remember.

  5. great left wing back who has it all, him and stuart pearce would be my two best in my life time.
    both almost as good as traore !! lol

  6. Probably been the best left back in football for the last decade. Only England player that has been good enough at international level. In terms of GENERAL weaknesses, he hasn't got any . The odd error here and there does not necessarily prove he has a weakness, all it proves is that he is human. Fantastic player.

  7. Brendon - take note - you have a temporary centre forward in your squad - what does Wisdom lack to play there ? perhaps we are lacking Wisdom in our team selections.