13 Oct 2012

'He hasn't got it' - Is Ian Wright correct about LFC's Luis Suarez...?

One of the most common criticisms levelled at Luis Suarez is that he doesn't score enough goals, a problem that is exacerbated by his consistently poor finishing. There is plenty of statistical evidence to back up that assertion, but with 7 goals in 7 games so far this season, Suarez seems to be back on the goal trail. Despite this, Arsenal legend Ian Wright is not convinced that the Uruguayan is a natural goalscorer, and he's urged Liverpool to sign another striker as soon as possible.

In an interview with LFC TV, Wright - who scored 20+ goals a season for 6 years running at Arsenal - admitted that Suarez is 'a more technical player' than he was, but argued that the Liverpool striker lacks the selfishness required to be an 'out and out goalscorer. He observed:

"With me it was relentless; I just wanted to score.

"I wasn't fussed about the buildup play, I just wanted to be in the box and score with least amount of chances as I could.

Suarez can do things outside the box, and he can create things for other people, but he's hasn't got it in him to be a selfish, out-and-out goalscorer in the Robbie Fowler mode.

"Liverpool need to get a Fowler/Owen type player to play alongside him".

Wright is obviously correct here; Suarez is not a goalhanger or a 'fox in the box' - he likes to be involved in the team's attacking build-up, and having spent his formative years played on the right of a front three at Ajax, it's easy to understand why he's developed that preference.

Liverpool are trying to turn him into a central striker, and whilst that may work for a while, it goes against Suarez's natural instincts, which is why the club needs - as Wright suggests - a Fowler/Owen type player help him out.

At Ajax, Suarez formed a magnificent striker partnership with Klass Jan Huntelaar, the archetypal modern goal-hanger, and together, they grabbed over 125 goals and assists in two seasons.

Huntelaar brought out the best in Suarez, and hopefully, the same will happen again if/when Liverpool sign another striker.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. So true! But maybe we have someone in the youth to pair with as I mentioned on one of the previous comments?

  2. True. Suarez moves wide or in midfield far too much. Most of the times he creates his won chances....IMO he is under too much pressure. He needs a good service and I feel youngsters might just give him what he wants. LFC is lucky to have a player of Suarez quality. World Class.

  3. Suarez is not a target man by any stretch and most attacking football relies on a target man, that much is true. Then again, there are systems that don't necessarily need one and Rodgers is playing the team in such style. For that to work we need more threatening men out wide, so that players can smoothly swap with Suarez while maintaining a threat in the box. So no matter how we proceed from here, we end up needing a reliable scorer, be it a midfielder or a striker. I prefer the latter, but I'd be open to both.

  4. Ian Wright - great goalscorer, idiotic pundit. There's no place for a one-dimensional poacher in top-level football any more, if there ever was - it's not like Wrighty ever had any experience of modern PL football. Suarez's problem is that he's a cock-end, not any lack of ability. The poor finishing is mainly down to getting no support from his team-mates and so having to snatch at any half-chance he gets - and notably it hasn't been as much of an issue this season now he actually has some support.

  5. total crap. were relying on him to much thats the problem, its 1 against 4 all the time. yes hes wasted chances but thats just temperary.
    what about his international record ??
    on that note what about ian wrights international record......................say no more.
    we get another striker as good as suarez he will reap goals, like forlan etc

  6. im sure samed yesil can step up already, at least until january. his goalscoring record is exceptional with germany youth teams and leverkusen youth team and he should be flanked by sterling and suarez. suso has to play for me but he is best behind the striker, and that quartet would be very fresh and exciting. the only problem is that it would be difficult to choose a sitting 2 out of sahin, allen and gerrard. obviously on current form gerrard would be left out but that wont happen so my best lineup probably wont happen.

  7. I agree totally with s.r.k.d24, give the young German a chance, its not as if we are going to be challenging for the tittle, so i think we can afford to experiment a little this season. I also think Gerrard should be dropped, on form Shina or Johnjo sud get the nod. One more player i would like to see on the pitch more is young Robinson, looks a solid player and with a few more games under his belt will only get better.

  8. There are so many instances in the game where Suarez is needed in the buildup. The penetration that he offers is great. It is why I say this whenever I watch the Liverpool have possession, pass the ball to Suarez!! If it was up to me I would have Suarez drop into a CAM position, and have a hungry striker upfront. Suarez IMO will still be able to carve out opportunities because he is so hard to mark.

  9. He's right we need someone like Huntelaar to take the pressure of Suarez then we will see Suarez score more and assist more.

    In the meantime we need to get more bodies in the box, been saying this for the past 2 seasons everytimes there is a cross in the box we have like 1 player there or none, we have a lot of them crosses across which go across the box which no one is ever gambling on to make that run in every game.

  10. Shina????????? do you mean Sahin lol

  11. I'm a bit confused here. Wrighty is saying that Luis hasn't got it as a striker not long after SAF said that he should not be allowed to play for "this great club" again. Surely if Ian Wright is correct, SAF should be begging Brendan Rodgers to keep him for his entire career and praying that he remain's LFC's only senior striker for a long long time, and gets a start every week. Maybe one of them is wrong? Or maybe both? Or is it all a load of bulls**t?

  12. this is why i don't get shipping out Carroll. He is a target man and likes to be in the box. he isn't the finished article but at his age, i saw potential. this season would have see them gel.....i had high hopes!

  13. The system doesn't fit Carroll we don't play many long balls, saying that Carroll would have been a good plan B and id rather we had him in the squad then let him go to West Ham now Borrini is injured we are relying on youth and asking too much from them which isn't fair on them. I don't blame Brendan one bit had he known we wouldn't bring anyone in he would have kept him it was FSG and Ian Ayre's fault giving false promises.