1 Oct 2012

'He is the best!' - LFC's Suso reveals his four favourite players...

Liverpool starlet Suso made his full Premier League debut against Norwich last Saturday, and the youngster repaid Brendan Rodgers' faith with a mature, assured performance full of quality and promise for the future. Being a Spaniard, the 18-year old seems to possess the same comfort on the ball the defines so many of his more illustrious countrymen, several of whom are definitely role models for the young midfielder.

In an interview with Marca last week, Suso - who admitted that he is a Real Madrid fan - was asked about his football idols. He responded:

"I don't have idols, but there are many players that I admire, such as Messi and Cristiano [Ronaldo], Xabi Alonso, and Iniesta"

Four amazing players to be sure, but where does Suso stand on the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate? He explained:

"I'd think Messi is the best because is more decisive, and it will be long time before we see another player like him. However, I have to say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player that is also at a high level"

Suso also revealed in his interview that he's close to Jose Enrique, who he sees as a 'teacher' at Liverpool, and the left back believes Suso has all the attributes to make it to the very top. He told the official LFC site:

"I know Suso well because we speak Spanish together and I think he is a top player already. He can be a really top player for Liverpool and for any team in the world. I tell him he has to work very hard in the Premier League and work back like all the other players. That is very important, but I tell him if he works hard he has all the qualities. I think he is ready now, and we saw that against Manchester United"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We need to tie these youngsters down to long contracts, let them mature in the first team.

  2. Another_statistic8:52 pm, October 01, 2012

    I'm with u. This could be the start of a fantastic (long-term!) Journey that sees us return to the power were meant 2 b, but only if we develop and keep these kids for the future!

  3. These young guns make us proud. I hope they perform consistently against big teams as well. Nice work by academy - McParland, Borrell, et al. Hope you guys keep on working and keep them coming in...Nice to see LFC finally producing players. I hope that doesn't make our transfers ambitions weak, we still need few strikers and wingers. Common LFC>....!!

  4. suso is a player of his own class and styles, he's very composed, has the pace and i mean he is a bully to the defenders come hold the ball he is dangerous and in the youngs we wont walk alone only that they need be given more play time

  5. Suso is going to be an awesome player. I think if we do not keep Sahin the likes of Suso and Pacheco can fill that void.

  6. JK, Why didn't you include what Suso said about Suarez? I read the interview in the original Spanish on Marca...

    Same as your earlier headline regarding Rodgers' comments on Suso after the Norwich game. Rodgers was drooling over Suarez's performance but you chose to highlight a passing comment on Suso. One would think that Suarez did not play against Norwich based on your articles.

    You may not like the man for whatever reasons, and reasonable people can disagree over that. But to manipulate information to leave out the good and to highlight the bad (generally subjective or through a selective use of statistics) is intellectually dishonest.

  7. Soon his favourite players will be Suarez , Sahin , Allen , and Sterling . You beauty.

  8. the lack of purchases on the last day of TDD seem wise now.

  9. Suso regards Jose Enrique as his "teacher"?........

    Let's hope they don't abscond to France together, eh?

  10. Could anyone imagine fans being so optimistic when we are 14th...? It is a testament to the unbelievable potential we have in the youth now, and I feel there are plenty more. Sinclair's potential is just immense. Let's make the best we can of this season, of course going for fourth if we can, but then next year, once the Boss has had 12 months, I think we will really be ready to kick on...

  11. If Iniesta had more goals to his game, he would be the complete attacking midfielder for me. He still isn't bad though ;)

    Anyhoo, definitely liking the look of Suso. Got a bit of Iniesta's dynamic about his game. Doubt he'll be as good as him but definitely can be a really good player in the long term. The team's playing style will give him a good chance of achieving that, as it suits him.

  12. bloody hell....

  13. He does get a fair amount of goals, just hard to get in on the action when your stiker notches 70+ goals a season!!

    Suso can definately get to his level, i doubt iniesta was as good as him at the same age. Bit ox Xabi, Silva and Iniesta in his game!

  14. Yep, he gets a fair amount and is probably the best attacking midfielder around but to take him to a even higher recognition in relation to all-time, more goals and.....not play in the same team as the freak that is Messi ;)

    To be fair, Iniesta had the likes of Ronaldinho ahead of him at a younger age, instead of say Downing, so Iniesta's first team exposure was understandably limited at a earlier age. Its no disrespect to Suso as to that I don't think he will reach the standards of Iniesta because Iniesta's standards is something truly special that most players will never reach, even though some of those players are bloody good anyway such as Silva and Cesc (these two are the level that I think Suso can reach).