25 Oct 2012

'Get a grip!' - Angry LFC hero slams fan 'negativity' and KD's transfer mistakes...

In the wake of Liverpool's recent 1-0 home win over Reading, Liverpool legend Dietmar Hamann has criticised pessimistic fans for continuing to be negative about the club's progress under Brendan Rodgers.

Liverpool's problems in front of goal were obvious once again at Anfield last Saturday, and the overall performance wasn't the greatest, but the team won, and kept a second successive clean sheet, which is a good foundation upon which to build.

Hamann - who recently slammed Arsenal's Laurent Koscielny for publicly branding Luis Suarez a cheat - rounded on negative fans for being overly critical of the team, and fired a broadside at Kenny Dalglish's wastefulness in the transfer market. He barked:

"I can't understand the negativity.

"£100m was wasted in last year's transfer window, and Brendan Rodgers is picking up the pieces and giving kids a chance.

"Great result for LFC, and another clean sheet. The table is looking better now. Get a grip!"

I totally agree with Didi here; Progress is definitely being made on the field, and despite the stuttering start to the league season, Liverpool are only 6 points off 4th place right now.

Additionally, the season is only a little over two months old, and three weeks has already been lost to international breaks. In reality, Rodgers has only worked with the players in a competitive environment for 7 weeks (!) In that time, we've seen giant strides forward on the pitch:

* Massively improved - and more attractive - style of football.
* Impressive performances against the so-called best teams in the league.
* Exciting emergence of young players like Suso, Sterling and Wisdom.
* Midfielders now scoring goals (Gerrard/Shelvey/Sahin/Sterling = 10 goals)

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Liverpool legend John Aldridge conceded that the Reading performance was 'poor', but joined Hamann in calling for fans to look at the positives:

"Strangely, it was probably as bad as I’ve seen us play all season yet we still got the win – that much-needed first win at Anfield in the Premier League as well.

"It is a win, a clean sheet and there are positives we must build on, and at the moment it is all about winning games".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The best teams win whilst they play badly. Not saying we are the best, but its important to get the results, which is what we did.

    There are lots of things to be positive about so far I think, and with a little bit more luck in a couple of games, or a bit better finishing, we would be neaer the top.

    4th isnt out of the question, but 5th or 6th would be really good.

  2. quite neutral here...will judge after January.

  3. totally agree with both. before the season started{before he was named our coach} i read many times the phrase "new dawn" from players and fans hoping for improvement. and guess what, it has finally arrived! wont be long before we are in the top of english and european football again.

  4. For the record I'm completely behind Rodger's, and love what he's doing in terms of bringing the youngsters through but think it's a bit harsh to suggest that the style of football is massively improved on last season and that our performances are better against the so called better teams, after all we beat the Chavs twice last year in the league, beat Arsenal once, beat the Mancs and Citeh in cups as well as two draws in the league ... A better record than we have thus far. In my humble opinion we are in exactly the same position as we were last year in that we don't have a reliable goal scorer..... Thus endeth my two penneth

  5. I haven't really seen much evidence of the negativity mentioned tbh.

    Of course there's a bunch of fans that will flip-flop on a weekly basis depending on whether we win or lose/draw, and others that will never be happy until Benitez is returned regardless, but overall I see our fanbase as being (cautiously) optimistic and patient in accepting the approach that the club is taking at present.

    Complaining about an imbecilic minority is pointless, as they'll ALWAYS be popping up to have a moan about something or another - even Man U has its own set ffs!

  6. As much as I love Kenny for all he's done for our beloved club, when you look at the signings he made and how much he spent on them I've got to agree that 100 million was wasted. Only Suarez is a fixture in the team. Downing who cost the same as what Chelsea paid for Mata is so poor now that he can't even make the squad. Adam gone, Bellamy gone, Carroll on loan, Henderson permanently sub and Enrique out of form. There's no wonder Kenny and Comoli was sacked. We have to give Rodgers a bit of time to sort this out otherwise we'll be right back to square one. The signs are there, we are doing alright. The young lads have come in and are doing the job and we have a few more who could come in and proof there worth. January will be massive for us, if we can sign a striker who can hit the ground running we can turn the games we are dominating into wins and climb that league. Look at the impact Cisse had on Newcastle or Jelavic at Everton. I really do think that's all we are lacking because we create so much. The question is, will FSG stump up the money or insist on us recalling Carroll??

  7. People are too quick to believe all the tabloid reports. Did you even watch how Liverpool play last season? To say they didn't play attacking, good football is outrageous, all that was missing best part of the time was the finish at the end. Plus I still do not believe it was totally down to Dalglish on transfer buys, they had Comolli's fingerprints all over them, biggest evidence of this is Carroll being bought whilst Dalglish was the caretaker manager.

    Having said all that I do believe in Rodgers and I expect us to be a force in a year or so.

  8. Well said Dietmar ! I can not believe that at this stage of the session so-called fans are writing off our chances. As Jaimie has stated, we are 6 points off 4th place, (and 3 of them we'll get back this weekend !). We have operated with only one real striker, we have turned in some exciting and entertaining football, we have had some problems with injuries but we have turned the corner. Sadly we still have a minority who, after just a few weeks, are hounding Brendan Rogers and would replace him with Dalglish or Benitez. Now that is real negativity !

  9. lets be a little realistic, yes we are 6 points off 4th, great. now let me say another, we are 5 point behind west ham and west brom, 6 points behind everton and 13 points off a title challenge after only 8 games in. Yes we have been playing great passing football but if the football is so wonderfull why are we langushing?? We are doing exactly what we done last year, not getting the results. what people forget is all the top teams that beat us, we where at home, and maybe will end up in a worse position when we go to visit them. As i stated at the start of the season, if BR does not do better than dalglish, he has failed, i dont care what anyone says, di matteo has been in the chelsea job less than a year and he is on course to do the treble withn his first year at chelsea. Now I am not asking for a title challenge only for BR to do better than the manager he took over from.
    Its exactly the same situation as you find relegationbattling teams, they change their manager for a reason, to do better than the previous one. if he doesnt, he gets the chop. people may say give him time, but no, sorry, the managers that go on and on about time is an excuse in the hope that they can fire the team up the table. He will have a year to do better in my opinion, if he doesnt, why keep him??

  10. What negativity is he talking about?

    Haven't met another fan who doubts BR, our future looks really good now. We have needed a season like this for 2 decades, where we can actually take stock of where we are and blood youngsters.

    Thanks Rafa for putting former Barca staff in place and for recruiting current batch if academy graduates!

  11. Im right behind Rodgers but to suggest giant strides forward have been made is ridiculous! Our position at this stage last season was much better. Its obviously easy for some to believe the hype about the philosophy then assume the football is much better! In addition to this dont forget we were rarely able to play Gerrard during the first half of last

  12. Agreed. Imagine how dire how our situation could be without good youngsters ready to take the step up.