16 Oct 2012

Rip-off alert: Club want £20m for LFC striker target with 12% strike rate. Deluded?

In what has to be the funniest transfer news of the year, Chelsea have reportedly slapped a 20m transfer fee on striker Daniel Sturridge, a player Liverpool were linked with during the summer transfer window.

Brendan Rodgers failed with a deadline-day loan bid in August because the player wanted a permanent move, and according to a report today, Chelsea are willing to sell the player in January:

"Chelsea are ready to sell England striker Daniel Sturridge in January if a club are willing to meet their £20million price-tag.

"Liverpool are desperate to bring in reinforcements for a threadbare forward line and will make another move in January".

Liverpool may need attacking reinforcements but there is no way that the club will may £20m for Sturridge (!) If Kenny Dalglish and Damien Comolli were still in charge then I could see the club getting ripped off on overrated British 'talent', but not with Rodgers.

Indeed, after wasting tens of millions on substandard dross under Dalglish, FSG have clearly learned their lesson, and it's highly doubtful that they would sanction even£10m for a potential Sturridge bid.

In July, a Chelsea source confirmed Liverpool's interest in in the 22-year old striker, who has two years left on his current contract:

"There are a few clubs interested but Liverpool are ready to make a big move. It would be a real statement for them and they could offer the player what he wants - in terms of money and playing time."

Here are Sturridge's stats for last season:

* 13 goals/5 assists in 43 appearances
* League only: 11 goals/3 assists (1 goal every 206 mins/1 every 2.2 games)
* 12% conversion rate.
* 35% shooting accuracy.
* Averaged 3 shots on goal per game

Is this worth £20m?! There are plenty of other better and more prolific strikers out there who would cost a lot less, and score more.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Hey I am a Chelsea season ticket holder and if we cout get £3 for him it would be a good deal. Sturridge is quite simply a terrible selfish player

  2. llorente is our best option, and i can see us spending more than 25, and he is worth it. all the other attackers we could buy(those who would come) are not worth more than 12. this one- 7. max.

  3. I would never in million years pay 20 mill for another massively overrated British crap player. I agree with u JK if KD was in charge he would have paid that kind of money and he would have been LFC player already. I don't want him at LFC at all. Is better to bring another young kid thru and get him ready for next year as not much is expected from this one. So BR, Please do not buy him.

  4. Sturridge is a good player, can have a bad attitude at times and probably thinks he is better than he actually is.

    That said...he's yours for £20m ono...I'm sure you'd never get ripped off buying a player eh!!

  5. i prefer that yesil and sinclair/morgan got chances than paying over the odds for sturridge. hes decent but not prolific and he is very greedy. we need a poacher and for me yesil is perfect. why cant a star be made young? weve seen arsenal do it many times. of course we do still need another striker but it has to be someone who only wants to score, not to show off. in all honesty i dont know that there are that many out there in our reach. for me huntelaar is the best of his kind out there but maybe a little too old for lfc?, and llorente wouldnt fit our system i dont think. damiao would be the best if we had the cash.

  6. I would take any of Sturridge, Huntelaar, Walcott or Ba. But he's not worth even close to £20 Million under normal circumstances never mind with only 6 months of his contract left!

  7. 20m...LOL. dream on. if anyone pays that for him they are off their rockers.
    maybe AVB would take him for half that, and we'd certainly take him on loan, but what exactly is he? he's not a prolific goal scorer thats for sure.

    Llorente is Juve bound, why would he come to us? were far more likely to get theo and someone else out of the blue for the forward positions.

  8. He will end up at Villa/Spurs (but Levy will haggle the price down lol) or Sunderland.

    for 20m there are better strikers available like Huntelaar, Llorente, Pato or Ba.

    But can't see Chavski getting 20m for him either

  9. Chelsea started this paying well over the odds for players, and well over the odds in salary, hope they get stuck with these overrated overpaid players.
    I imagine BR has a shortlist of maybe 3 players, to fit into his way of playing, hopefully Jovetic, Alexis Sanchez, and either of Huntelaar/Llorente, I would settle for any of them, with Jovetic my personal choice, though Moneychester City seem to be interested also.
    Yesil banged in another 2 for Germany the weekend, has to be something there also.

  10. jovetic is amazing player, with an great attitude,
    and can still improve, but with our number of midfielders, and br playing 4-3-3, i dont see it happening...

  11. Chelsea will want to get as much money off Liverpool as they can after paying way over the odds for Torres

  12. Agree, I don't see him as a wide player either as he is too narrow-minded with his usual cut in and shoot routine but as a central striker, I think he could do the business. But it seems Suarez is the long term central striker in a formation that only has room for one. If he wants a regular shot at a central striker role, I don't see it happening here.

  13. Sturridge is overrated and over priced. Leave well alone.

  14. Look at Sturridge's stats playing upfront for Bolton Wanderers(!!) if you want to analyse his performances as a striker.

    He always played out wide for Chelsea, and should have any analysis stated accordingly.

  15. I'd take him. I saw him a lot last year being played out of position, which is possibly why he got greedy and tried shooting from tighter angles. He is a centre forward, not a winger! I think if could get 20+ playing in a central position where he is consistantly picked

  16. please tell me why llorente wouldnt fit in/