30 Sept 2012

VIDEO: LFC's Jerome Sinclair - The superb goals that impressed Rodgers...

At sixteen years old and six days, Jerome Sinclair recently became the youngest footballer ever to play for Liverpool, but what prompted Reds manager Brendan Rodgers to give the youngster his debut at such a young age?

There are plenty of Liverpool youth players who could've taken Sinclair's place on the bench against West Brom; the likes of Adam Morgan and Michael Ngoo immediately spring to mind, both of whom are comparatively more experienced that Sinclair.

Rodgers, however, chose Sinclair, a player he referred to as 'Jermaine' in his post West Brom press conference, which suggests he doesn't know the player all that well (!)

Here is a compilation of Sinclair's goal for the Liverpool youth team. He does't appear to have great pace, but he's definitely a top finisher:

After the West Brom victory, Reds veteran Jamie Carragher was pleased with Sinclair's achievement, but sounded a note of caution:

"He’s only come up to us a couple of times to be honest, he’s usually based more at the Academy. But it’s fantastic for him. It’s a great achievement for the lad. It’s something he’ll always remember.

"But the manager’s told him he’s only half done, he has to go on. He doesn’t want to just be remembered for that. He wants to be remembered for being a very good Liverpool player and getting goals as a striker".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He doesn't lack a finish does he?, yet another off the production line that is Kirkby and all down to Rafa Benitez!!!!

  2. We hear Luis Suarez can't score goals????, 60 games played and 27 goals scored suggests otherwise!!!!

  3. yep, a record befitting of a striker that is labelled by some as 'world class'.....on second thoughts, it isn't that good for a striker of such a reputation, to date. More like a decent record, nothing to write home about.

  4. Thanks Jamie, amazing finisher must say..!!

  5. Some credit to Borrell, Segura, McParland, Whitbread & co, even if Rafa brought them in.

  6. You speak the truth, agree totally!!!

  7. He'll get more, with Suso & Sterling feeding him chances or pulling defenders out of position, I'm sure of that. I also think that for him to be awarded a penalty, a defender is going to have to shoot him!

  8. go the f***ing reds.

  9. LOL I've never seen so many positive Fans and it makes me laugh.
    I'm really happy at the style and the fact that Brendan's message is getting through to the players and the fans.

    Looking forward to January how many of you want Carroll back ?
    NOT ME.

    Brendan was right to move Carroll on as his just couldn't play in this style.
    Why have we not seen Morgan or Ngoo?

    I know I'm being a bit greedy now pillaging the Academy.