29 Sept 2012

Ander Herrera or Joe Allen? Liverpool fans give their resounding verdict...

A recent report in Spain claimed that Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur both made early-window bids for Athletic Bilbao midfielder Ander Herrera, who plays a similar role to Joe Allen. If the Herrera deal had gone through, it seems unlikely that the Reds would've pursued Allen, which would've been a big miss IMO. Given the choice, which of the two players would fans choose?

According to a recent report in respected Spanish newspaper AS:

"Liverpool and Tottenham approached Herrera at the end of last season and made offers between €15 and €20 million.

"Herrera did not want to transfer so the interest ended. Although both clubs knew about his physical problems, they were still willing to invest a large sum in his signing".

I conducted a survey on the site last week asking to find out which of the two players fans would've preferred, given the choice:

* 6300 people (approx) participated.
* A whopping 83% of participants voted for Joe Allen

That's a resounding vote of confidence for the Welsh international, and it's clearly well deserved. Allen has been outstanding since he arrived at Anfield, and once the team gets to grips with Brendan Rodgers' approach - which Allen is helping to implement - things will just get better for the club.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I see our squad looking stronger the more the kids play, Downing, Enrique and Hendo can't get a game. I think the kids have been sensational thus far, we knew we had good youth talent but this is ridiculous. BR must be delighted to see them come in and make an impact, It really is incredible. Sahin, Assaidi, Robinson, Wisdom, Suso and Yesil will make us much much stronger on the bench at the very least.
    We are playing very well indeed but need a touch of luck, as well as honest ref's in charge. We could be much higher in the table easily but that will come, keep the faith in a superb young manager...............Joe Allen is class!!!

  2. Allen is playing very well, he's very good on the ball and wins his fair share of tackles. Ive been very impressed by him.

  3. Why not chasing Yann M'villa(Rennes) or Moussa Sissokho(Tolouse)??? Allen,Sahin,Shelvey,Sterling and Assaidi are perform very well.Top priority is 1 or 2 strikers we needed.1 defensive midfielder because Lucas Leiva have small size fizical and sometimes struggle to make tackling.Downing,Henderson and Joe Cole very dissapointed and always get low score rate performance. No benefit to keep this 3 players next season.Importatant is now try to involve many young talent as you can before new signing are coming.The want to look Yesil,Assaidi,Suso,Sterling,Morgan,Shelvey,Coates,Wisdom,Pacheco and others will be succes with senior team LFC.That great news we wants.

  4. Great on the ball, hard as nails! Joe Allen by a mile

  5. Our kids are going to save FSG a fortune, Kirkby is churning out quality players now!!!

  6. Allen seems to have fitted into place very comfortably. With Sahin improving every game and Shelvey and Lucas to come back, we're looking great in the centre of midfield. Lets hope they all stay fit and away from Halsey!

  7. Two somewhat different players that I would love to see play in the same team. Herrera has more of a cutting edge to his game, but of course, one would expect that as he plays further forward than the deep lying Allen. Allen-Lucas and Herrera in front of them. Herrera, of course, plays for Bilbao who play in fashion that Rodgers would like I think, so no surprise that Herrera interests/ed Rodgers. Been a assured start to Allen's Liverpool career that is for sure. With the rise of Suso & co as well as price, doubt we'll see Herrera come here.

  8. Good to see Kirkby getting a shout out.