18 Sept 2012

'He's a pompous fool!' - Chairman in scathing attack on 'arrogant' LFC legend...

The simmering resentment David Gold feels towards Liverpool legend Alan Hansen has erupted once again in a scathing, unprovoked attack by the West Ham co-Chairman on the socially repugnant network Twitter.

Responding to a question from one of his followers about Hansen, Gold scathed:

"Alan Hansen is a pompous fool and owes me an apology.

"I think he said [in 2010] that a good chairman doesn’t sign autographs or interact with fans.

"He also implied that a good chairman shouldn’t have a football opinion".

This is not the first time that Gold has attacked Hansen on Twitter. When the former Liverpool captain's BBC salary was revealed earlier this year, he sneered:

"I see one of the worst and most pompous pundits on BBC has taken a big pay cut. I’m stunned he gets paid at all".

In another incident in June this year, Gold described Hansen as 'the worst TV football pundit ever', as well as calling him 'sanctimonious, arrogant, disrespectful and pompous'.

This is a catalogue of breathtakingly unprofessional behaviour from Gold, who - like so many others - seemingly uses Twitter as a way to denigrate and bully people.

Then again, he did a wonderful thing by taking 35m flop Andy Carroll to West Ham, so clearly, he's not all bad.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Be honest, you are only whinging cos you are a Liverpool supporter! If you remained neutral you could argue both sides of the case a bit more seriouosly.

  2. as oppose to Hansens totally professional behaviour towards Gold?
    leave off

  3. the only denigating and bullying was done by Hansen on MOTD
    Gold is right, he deserves an apology

  4. Gold is right to be disappointed and upset by Hansen's behavior. Both men seem to have big egos. Though only Hammers have to put up with Gold mostly, whilst license payers, i.e., the country has to put up with the outdated Hansen nearly every bloody weekend for what seems like an eternity

  5. who cares what gold as 2 say one was a great footballer who earned the right for his opinion the other is david gold and even the hammer fans are not bothered what he has to say some chairmen think the fans give a dam about there opinion and think there popular well the fact is we the fans only care about how they run our club and how much they spend thats why our chairmen is splitting the lfc fans at the moment

  6. Anybody with half a brain knows there are to many people associated with football that are unnaproachable, and think there beyond or above talking to the likes of the average fan. David Gold does this, and he gets an out of date, rubbish pundit like Hanson coming out with this rubbish.Iif he was any good he would of been snapped up ages ago by a proper sports channell at sky .Likewise this report was clearly by a biased reporter from a place few people recognise or rate....bit like the BBC in fact.

  7. I thibk Alan Hansens a brilliant pundit and i dont think he's pompous at all. I see there are a few West Ham fans on here saying the opposite though.

  8. Still can't believe people see Carroll leaving on loan was a good deal.

  9. Not just Hansen but the whole team including production should leave MOTD the show is tired full of unintelliegnt player pundits from the 80's (and Shearer whose brain hasn't operated since the 80's) for gods sake I just wish they would have some people with voices that don't make you fall asleep and with opinions that are more in line with the truth rather than being afraid to offend anyone. They could so with having some normal fans on the show to at least add some humerous banter rather than their cr@ppy dad jokes that would fail to make the shortlist for most christmas crackers


    76 year old smut baron "can't remember exactly" a supposed slight against him.

    Hard to think of anything more irrelevant.

  11. Hanson has only ever taken what he can out of football, mainly high wages for playing and now talking on the BBC. David Gold has only ever put money into football with Birmingham and West Ham. Hanson is just an over paid opinionated idiot.

  12. Football clubs should just ban all of their staff and players from using Twitter, nothing good ever comes from it.