19 Sept 2012

"He's a massive talent!" - Man United legend hails 'impressive' LFC star...

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has heaped praise upon Reds winger Raheem Sterling, and believes that the youngster is proving himself to be Liverpool's best player this season.

Analysing Sterling's performance on Sky Sports, Neville hailed the youngster's ability to keep calm under pressure and regularly make the right decisions in possession. He also added:

"He [Sterling] is a massive talent. When Rodgers first brought him in I wondered if if was just a decision to get the fans onside, but he's showed he belongs.

"He shows a level of maturity that belies his age. I don't often see 17-year olds come onto the wing and make the right decision, and play the ball at the right time. There are very few talents like that.

"Against Sunderland, he gave Rose, the Sunderland right back, an absolute nightmare. For me, he's been Liverpool's best player".

Sterling recently received his first call up to the senior England national team, and Neville - one of Roy Hodgson's coaches - hinted that Sterling's rapid rise could continue:

"You talk about why he's been brought into the [England] squad. Obviously, there are experienced players, but we want to see that there's a future for young English players and get them through the system as quickly as possible".

The Sterling hype machine is in danger of spiralling out of control at the moment (!), but he's in good hands at Anfield, and as we saw in the 'Being Liverpool' documentary, Rodgers is not afraid to slap Sterling down if he gets too big for his boots.

Hype notwithstanding, it's great to finally have another exciting young player genuinely breaking through at Anfield. Let's hope the likes of Suso, Teixeira, Morgan, Yesil et al follow suit.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If what i have read is true. Yesil will be fast tracked into the first team for tomorrows game. Seeing as the squads pretty thin anyway. Theres not many players in the way of the reserves/ youth players. If any positives can taken from the debacles of recent weeks. It will show if they can handle the presure of playing for the first team.

  2. It is clear that he was drafted into the Senior England squad when there was talk of him opting to play for Jamaica at his mothers wishes. He still can as he is only 17. He is still a few years off before actually making an actual debut.

  3. Fingers Crossed.

  4. I dont know how he is a few years off making a full debut for the England team as someone else has commented, if he keeps playing a he did against Rose then regardless of ANYONES age, how can you keep them out? Oxlade isn't far off the starting 11 and i think that means Sterling isn't. The big thing is consistency, if Sterling can be consistent then he's in, because who else who plays on the wings for England is consistent??? Not one player.

  5. would rather england left him alone at the minute. hope sahin, yesil and assadi do well thursday things may not be as bad as the experts would have you believe. a few youngters can really make a good case for themselves between now and january. hopefully llorente is signed in january but most of all we need a win on sunday and suarez needs to do some damage. alot of wounds could be healed with a big win i really hope its the start of something.

  6. Im looking forward to tomorrows game! Hopefully a few youngsters will feature.
    Kelly Carra Coates Enrique
    Shelvey Sahin
    Yesil Borini Assaidi
    Could be good team!
    Probably wont be that though.

  7. he is good in the sack too, his 23 yo girlfriend and his 2 month old kid were featured in todays Echo,

  8. not only yesil...pacheco,suso,wisdom are also in squad for tommorow's game...

  9. Haha I hear he has 2 kids with 2 different birds

  10. ADAM MORGAN is bang average so people should stop going on about him like he's the next FOWLER.He can score goals and works hard but his all round game isn't LFC standard.It seems like in recent years you only have to be local and work hard to get in the LIVERPOOL squad. SPEARING,FLANNO,MORGAN,COADY and ROBINSON are they really good enough?
    I think we should have some sort of quality control and push talented youth through like BRENDAN RODGERS has done with STERLING (hopefully SUSO will be next) opposed to local CHAMPIONSHIP standard players!

  11. he obviously moves well off the pitch too, he now needs a couple of goals to match his score between the sheets

  12. I personally would like to see Michael Ngoo get a chance for Liverpool, hes big, powerful and can holdup the ball well(albeit against lesser opposition) which is something most of our players cannot. Whenever one of our players gets a chance in the box its usually a first time shot. I believe that could be why we are failing to find the net.

  13. The noise surrounding Morgan will probably die down pretty fast, as soon as Yesil gets a little more spotlight. He's actually got talent and with our current striker situation his time will come sooner rather than later. Also, I think it's actually been pretty hard to get into the squad. Before Dalglish there was very little movement between the academy and the first team.

    (Btw on this new comment system. Is this still sorted by time? I'm pretty sure I've seen some mixed orders as in 3h ago, 20 min ago, 2 h ago right next to each other)

  14. We are looking to Morgan,Suso,Yesil,Pacheco and Assaidi will be flourish with LFC team.If they can fit with senior team,LFC will not going too busy to fishing many players to sign in.Only can invest for high quality players and save the budget wisely.Downing and Henderson is going to be be rusty players.Don't using both this players....waste times.They comes to enjoy or honeymoon at LFC but not workhard playing football.Now is good times to given chance to young talent for shining and step up into senior team.Arsenal very brave to used young talent but why LFC not going to follow like that?

  15. Re comments, your mixed orders are probably when posters reply to a post from a few hours ago, EG: this reply I just posted here.

  16. Thanks, but I wasn't talking about replies but rather posts on the base thread. Since I can't seem to find the posts I'm on about anymore, I'll write it off as a glitch