15 Sept 2012

'He's got no excuse' - Lawro warns goal flop to shape up or ship out...

Fernando Torres has struggled to replicate his Liverpool form at Chelsea, and with only 7 league goals in his first season 18 months at Stamford Bridge, it seemed like his career was in terminal decline. The tide may be turning though, and the Spaniard is looking more and more like his old self these days, but will he maintain his current form for the rest of the season? Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson believes that Torres has used up all the patience available to him, and he's warned that the striker must deliver this season.

Speaking to the BBC yesterday, Lawro argued that Torres was now benefiting from playing in a team that's set up to serve him. He said:

"It's coming slowly for him [Torres]. The team is all set up for him, so he's got no excuse now.

"The players in behind him are all creative and are trying to set him up, and you would have to argue this is the biggest season he has ever had.

"If it doesn't happen for him then, maybe, he is one of those players who were better when they were younger."

Clearly, Liverpool were incredibly fortunate to get Torres at a time in his career when he was just coming into (what appears now to be) his prime.

The clock is definitely ticking for Torres; like Liverpool, Chelsea are light in the striking department, and a striker must surely be on their wish-list for January.

Atletico Madrid's Radamel Falcao has been strongly linked with a move to Stamford Bridge, with reports in South America even claiming that a pre-agreement between Madrid and Chelsea has been struck in a deal expected to be worth at least £48million.

If Falcao arrives at Chelsea, Torres' days are numbered. Even if he scores a shedload of goals between now and January, it's probable that Chelsea will still replace the Spaniard.

If Torres leaves, how about a return to Anfield? Would fans accept him back?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. No. Not worth the wages that he will demand!

  2. So to recap, Liverpool legend Lawro thinks that Torrres is past his best and that Chelsea will get rid. He asks should Liverpool buy him back....and you'd want an expensive , past it striker why?? Oh I see to compete with Stoke and Villa rather than the top 4....ha ha scousers, so funny

  3. when torres first came to liverpool he took a wage cut from 60K a week to about 45K a week then he had a contract extension to 80k-85k a week and at chelsea he is earning 185k a week so torres needs to take a big wage ti come to liverpool

  4. Ridiculous and typically ignorant piece by Lawro. He's been writing and saying crap on MotD for years now and I can't see why people still take any notice of him. He's as lazy a judge of the game as I've ever know as simply awful as a live commentator. Can't understand why he hasn't been 'found out' yet. Torres is finally finding the back of the net & showing some of his previous form to which Lawro's contribution is to ratchet up the pressure further on a former Kop hero. Liverpool chose to sell Torres attack the board not the player.

    The main reason for Torres' bad form at Chelsea was down to the club being built around the very different player in Drogba. This didn't suit Nando so he suffered. Now the team has changed with Drogba gone and player's like Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Moses & Marin brought in to deliver the type of pass Torres thrives on. Watch Torres become this Golden Boot winner Lawro, and eat your words

  5. I would love to see Nando back, he is getting back to his best (remember, he was fairly good - a good top half of the table striker - for the last part of last season).
    He has found his feet and is now playing with players who complement his game. Just watch this magician go this season - I predict 10 goals before Christmas and another 10 after it.

  6. strikers who left and later returned never really made a mark wearing the Red of Liverpool again.

  7. Lawrenson! He should stick to what he nows best, FA. and trying to big-up his slowly diminishing team, he comes over so bitter and twisted. He should stay at home with his black and white recordings of the glory years and his full subscription to The History Channel.

  8. no thanks. he ruined himself by basically saying 'stuff liverpool, i want to play in the world cup so i will return whilst not fully fit, just to show i am ok to go' (ok, he may not have said it using those exact words and it maybe had a spanish lilt to it!) he was injured and was not ready to return and i also think he had made his mind up that he wanted out. he will score a few goals but generally, i think we have seen the best of him.

  9. is this site just becoming a bitter mouth piece for ex liverpool players desperate to be heard saying anything! has steve nicol moaned about anything today? no... give him time!

  10. Too late. Gerrard will gradually be getting less playing time and will eventually be phased out. Torres was signed as the perfect complement to a team built around Steven Gerrard, and that was why he did so well under Rafa. Torres was perfect in terms of attributes to crown an attack centred on Gerrard's style of play. Under Rafa, the general idea was to press the other team and hog the ball, somewhat like what BR wants, and then get the ball to Gerrard. When that happened, we would usually see a heavy through ball or Gerrard bursting forward, meaning we needed a striker with a great turn of speed, which was what Torres was.

    Under Kenny, we were desperate for a poacher with good positional sense and timing. Unfortunately RvP was an Arsenal player. Currently, I am thinking we should never have let go of Carroll. From our games so far, we seem to be lacking a big man to bully the ball into the net. We've got the creative players and creative passing. We just need someone to make himself big and thump the ball in. Failing which, our trequartista needs to be really sharp with his passes. Alternatively, a David Villa type would do just as well.

  11. who cares..hes a chelsea player what is the point of the thread ...

  12. Torres needs to start scoring asap, so that Sturridge stays on the bench and Chelsea make the foolish decision to allow him to leave in January (although most likely we'd be too foolish to step in still and pick him up...)