21 Sept 2012

'Drop the hatred' - Alex Ferguson's letter to Man United fans: Full text...

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has written a letter to Manchester United's travelling fans ahead of his side's crunch game with Liverpool at Anfield this Sunday.

Ferguson insisted earlier in the week that United would support Liverpool 'in every way we can, adding:

"As a club we are totally supportive of Liverpool in the situation they are in.

"We understand what those families must have felt when they got that report".

In a bid to defuse possible tensions on Sunday, Ferguson has called on United's fans to be respectful at the game on Sunday. Here is the fill text of his letter:

"Dear Supporter.

"The great support you gave the team here last season has seen our allocation back up to near-full levels. I want you to continue that progress today. But today is about much more than not blocking gangways. Today is about thinking hard about what makes United the best club in the world.

"Our rivalry with Liverpool is based on a determination to come out on top – a wish to see us crowned the best against a team that held that honour for so long. It cannot and should never be based on personal hatred. Just ten days ago, we heard the terrible, damning truth about the deaths of 96 fans who went to watch their team try and reach the FA Cup final and never came back.

"What happened to them should wake the conscience of everyone connected with the game. Our great club stands with our great neighbours Liverpool today to remember that loss and pay tribute to their campaign for justice. I know I can count on you to stand with us in the best traditions of the best fans in the game.

"Yours sincerely, Sir Alex Ferguson.”

That's a great gesture by Ferguson and Man United, and hopefully it will have the desired effect. Alas, there is always going to be a small minority of unreasonable idiots hell-bent on causing trouble, but hopefully they will be slapped down by other fans on Sunday.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. what about the munich air dissaster.how many anthems we heard from thier supporters.

  2. Result aside, hope everything on Sunday goes well, genuinely do.

  3. Its the reason i no longer go to games. There is a minority who like to ruin for everyone else. Most normal folk are horrified at the chants both sets of fans sing at each other. Aslong as people keep turning a blind eye to behaviour of scum like that it will carry on. Its the same turn a blind eye keep the crims happy dont grass atittude that got two young female pcs killed this week. Lets all hug a hoody.

  4. I have to admitthat this was a class act by Fergie. I wish Brendan Rodgers would come out with something similar.

  5. It won't go away sadly, not on either side or with any other set of fans either, there'll always be that small group of morons who do the chants.

    It'll only stop when all clubs agree to hand out lifetime bans for the idiots who chant about tragedies such as the Munich air disaster and Hillsborough.

  6. I don't actually care if some idiots want to b idiots. There's the whole world with the ones who died and their families. No sympathy needed from the purple nose. 96 YNWA.

  7. 'yesterday we are rivals, tomorrow we maybe enemies but today we come together as the people from the greatest teams that have ever been and we show the world that we can come together and LIVE and be UNITED'.

    that encapulates both teams and sentiments!!

  8. Agree absolutely Chris. Ban anyone caught on CCTV for life. People who sing such chants, both Liverpool and Man U 'fans' are lowlife. they drive decent people away from football and bring the whole game into disrepute. the fact that the clubs have failed to deal with the issue is no credit to either LFC or Man U. I give credit to ferguson.

  9. this is a two way street despite what the media have portrayed. Liverpool fans have been the ones misbehaving in recent years. FA Cup 3rd round, the vandalism and graffiti re: munich. The behaviour during the game Alan Smith broke his leg was amongst the worst in recent years - throwing cups of urine at united fans, attacking the ambulance containing Alan Smith.

    I trust Liverpool fans will behave tomorrow because, tomorrow, despite the idiotic comments by Shankly "Football is bigger than life or death" we come together as one.

    No matter what happens when that little round size 5 ball of leather is kicked or headed, tomorrow will be solely about paying homage to those who perished 23 years ago and having finally sought justice.

    This is for all the friends and family affected by Hillsborough and we all see this as a start to stop the rancid chanting.