17 Sept 2012

94% - How 17-year old Raheem Sterling outplayed Gerrard & Allen...

Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling put in another excellent performance in the Reds' 1-1 draw with Sunderland yesterday, and his game stats show that he's leaving his older, more experienced colleagues in the dust on a number of different performance fronts.

Analysing the Sunderland game for LFC last night, Liverpool legend Ian. St John became the latest ex-player to heap praise on Sterling. He enthused:

"You don't want to build the boy up too much as it would be wrong to do so but when you see him playing the way he did tonight, it's so enjoyable.

"He's got real talent; not only does he do his little tricks and go by people, but he gets stuck in as well. I thought he was terrific".

It's a little concerning that Liverpool's most potent attacking threat is a 17-year old rookie with only three league games to his name, but Sterling is rising to the challenge:

* 94% passing accuracy (PA) against Sunderland, which is even better than pass master Joe Allen (91%), Steven Gerrard (84%), and Jonjo Shelvey (79%)

* Overall this season, Sterling's PA is 88%, compared to 82% for Gerrard, 84% for Shelvey.

* Best crossing accuracy in the whole squad.

* Creates a chance every 38 minutes, third best behind Gerrard (every 32 mins), and Suarez (every 30 mins).

Sterling deserves the praise coming his way but, ultimately, he's going to have to start delivering concrete end product at some stage, and that means league goals or assists.

Hopefully, Oussama Assaidi will come into the team soon to take some of the pressure off the youngster. The Moroccan is a left winger, and I think it would be a good idea to give him some game-time against Young Boys on Thursday, and start him against Man United next Sunday.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He set up the goal yesterday and has put countless chances on a plate which have been missed by team mates. With a bit more luck he would have had a goal against Arsenal and a few more assists against City, Sterling's end product cannot be brought into question!!!

  2. I think the stats for Sterling compared to Gerrard and Allen are a little misleading though, because Allen and Gerrard had so many more touches and passes. But still 94% is great, although I think Sterling sturggled to make an impact in the first half, but he gave Rose the run around in the 2nd.
    I think we deserved more from the game.
    Borini was unlucky not to score, I think his first league goal is coming soon, he is looking brighter.
    There keeper did make a few good saves.
    You can see the new style starting to come in, but it just needs perfecting.

  3. i think he can become one of the greatest lfc legend

  4. rodgers finally put suarez on the wing and borini up in front, what are the chances that he will 'listen' and put gerrard closer to the box, in your opinion? and is assaidi fit, do you have exact information?

  5. Also I dont think its concering that Sterling is the most potent attacking threat, I think its good. Everyone usually looks to Suarez or Gerrard, now maybe we can start to look at others too, hopefully he will inspire others as well. I think Assaidi will play this week.

  6. Let's get Suso and Yesil involved too, If they are good enough they are old enough!!!!!

  7. Oops Brendon nearly loaned Him out, He ket Toni Silva go for free after He had scored two successive wonder goals in His last two games, He also let Eccleston go who is better than Morgan and would score more that Borini - all facts however I wish Brendon all the best and I blame over promoted coaches for these mistakes they let Ince go for nothing and He's touted for £5 million now.

  8. stats are an american thing and prove nothing we bought players last season on stats and they did not do to well.gerrard84% allen 91% yes but how many telling balls allen can have100% but if he creates nothing it means nothing i would like to see him vary his passing more .sterling has been great uptill now but we cannot pin all our hopes on such a young lad we have been doing it for years with gerrard and lately suarez and some fans think its time to get rid of these two the fact is we expect two much and a few games were they are not world beaters its all there fault the squad needs lots more quailty not just 1or2 good players i think we will struggle in our next 2 games with them being so close together and the lack of strenght in depth will come back to haunt us i hope i am wrong but our squad his wafer thin on quality

  9. I agree on Toni SiIva, although I think there may be a high sell on clause involved there.
    Eccleston had his chances and didn't really impress on loan spells in lower divisions and was probably time to go. I don't think he is as good as Morgan and he's a few years older too.
    As for Ince, he was offered a new contract but wanted to leave for 1st team football. Fair choice in his position and he's done exceptionally well with regular football.

  10. Right
    now any player is better than Gerard, quite frankly he needs to be in a
    coaching role not a major player role like Carra. Joe Allen all he knows is
    pass and pass there’s really no intellect to his passing and I always thought
    the purpose to pass the ball was to send it further up the pitch not to your
    side by 5ft only to have it back a second later, where the attacking side havent changed there position making it a pointless pass by making it a great stat.

    Joe Allen needs to send the ball further up the pitch to
    the winger to send it in to the striker.

    When you don’t have a great striking force like Liverpool
    at the moment you have drop the ball back and draw in the attacking side only
    to send the long ball up the pitch making your striker run for the ball and
    beat the centre defence and the goalie. That is the way we need to play because
    come this weekend...... Were going to need it!

    Id be warming up everything we have!!

  11. Certain people don't seem to understand how vital Allen is to what rodgers is trying to do. Allen's job is to keep possession and provide an outlet for the defenders or midfielders if they come under pressure. By doing that, he ensures we keep possession when we might otherwise lose it. Not to mention he's currently being played as a defensive midfielder, which is another reason why he hasn't got forward much in the past couple of games.

    As for Sterling, he's been incredible to watch. I hope he can keep this form and keep growing, because right now he's causing problems each time the ball comes to his feet. Normally young players that are good technically lack the strength and intelligence to succeed at the pace of the EPL, but Sterling shows strength and composure consistently. Looks to be a real talent, lets just hope he keeps it up

  12. so what about lucas when he comes back he imo should take allens role so were does that leave allen cannot see him playing on the wings or taking gerrards place 15 million seems a lot for a bit part player or another for the future

  13. It was a mistake to let Ince go no matter what way you look at it.
    Unless you have better players coming in

  14. Agreed, if his end product assists it can only be an improvement on Downing from last season no assists no goals in the league

  15. Look the kids is 17 years old at some point he has to be rested.
    We'd all hate to see him injured and he's getting kicked about a bit. Did you see that flying tackle that he jumped out of the way of?

    Sorry to be harsh but what worries me is that the opposition start taking lumps out of him.

    I hope he doesn't play this week in the Europa League and is rested as I hope

    For the Euorpa League I'd like to see the following:


    Flanagan Carra Coates Robinson

    Henderson Shahin Downing

    Assaidi Suso Yesil

  16. Am not much of a stats guy. Although it offers some insights, it seldom shows the full picture, Sterling was great irrespective of what stats say. Also, I don't like when Gerrard and Allen are compared statistically/passing accuracy as both are given different role and cannot be compared by stats. Like, if Stevie G plays more attacking football, killer balls, crossing, creates chances, etc - all these inherits an element of risk of misplaced pass. Every creative player must take chances and must not over emphasize on passing accuracy as long as they create enough chances. Sometimes they make mistakes but Defensive players must be up for it. Stats are overrated IMO.

  17. He will play along side him. Just like they lined up in the first game.

  18. Hi, Moran is a finisher Eccleston is a footballing forward / striker who will improve more than Morgan, (I hope I am wrong) what has the present under 18s coach done to deserve the job ?. We had three attacking minded players Sterling Suso Silva who looked most likely to make it, they messed about with Suso (put Him back a season) they gave away Silva (reason must be internal secret) only circumstances brought about Stirling’s chance, He should have been sub in all home games last season. The first team striker situation is totally amature.