14 Aug 2012

'It's not Rodgers' fault!' - LFC star blames FSG for transfer 'decision'...

Speculation regarding Daniel Agger's future has hit overdrive over the last week, with Manchester City reportedly trying their damnedest to persuade the Reds to sell. Agger reiterated yesterday that he would 'prefer to stay' at Anfield, and although Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers recently admitted that every player has their price, it seems clear that he doesn't want to sell Agger. So if Agger wants to stay, and Rodgers doesn't want to sell, who at Liverpool is actually driving the sale?

In an interview earlier today, Agger - who has two years left on his existing contract - confirmed that there is definite interest from Manchester City, and suggested that FSG are behind the idea to discuss the possibility of selling him:

"I have spoken with him [Rodgers]. I don't think he wants me to leave, but he's probably not the one who decides these things. I think it's owners [FSG] who are behind the decision. I have no desire to be at a club where I am unwanted, but I have heard nothing from the club yet".

Agger also revealed that the club has not approached him yet about the possibility of signing a new deal:

"I have not heard anything from Liverpool [about a new contract] so I do not know. I have two years left, so I'm taking it easy. If they come with something, I look at it".

The fact that Liverpool haven't discussed a contract extension with Agger is concerning, and IMO, this speaks volumes about the club's intentions. Luis Suarez signed a new contract recently, and Martin Skrtel is close to signing a new deal, but Agger has been left out in the cold.

Clearly, FSG see the Dane as expendable; a player who can be sold now for a huge profit. As hard as this may be to stomach, there is arguably sound business judgment behind such an approach, as the following figures (which FSG will undoubtedly be aware of) show:

Daniel Agger Injury History at Liverpool FC


* A total of 24 months out injured since arriving.

* This equates to 43% of his time at Liverpool on the sidelines.

* Averages only 26 games per season

* Featured in only 47% of Liverpool's games since 2006.

* Averages 3.6 months of injury time per season

* Missed 53% of Liverpool's games since 2006.

* Played in only 48% of league games since 2006.

Agger is an excellent player, but no matter what way you slice it, he has a terrible injury history, and after missing 43% of Liverpool's games since 2006, he does not represent value for money (in terms of wages paid every year).

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying I agree that Agger should be sold, I'm just illustrating how the cold, calculating business minds at FSG might perceive things.

Unfortunately, when you look at the situation objectively, there's no credible argument in favour of rejecting a 20m+ offer for Agger.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I see Agger staying at Liverpool for sure, as Liverpool will only consider a silly offer. He wants to stay and Skertl is signing a new deal, as will Agger in my opinion. If we get Tello and Sahin then it's happy days!!!

  2. Jaimie , I really find it amazing the LFC are prepared to sell Agger yet they want to offer Skrtel a new contract . they are both the same age but Agger is a much better player . If Rodgers really want's to keep him he should put his foot down . Let's not forget Skrtels comments during the summer regarding wanting to know the which direction the club is heading in

  3. If Agger wants to stay and Rodgers wants him to stay then why is he still being linked with a move away? if he is sold is Rodgers going to be given the money to invest on more players. Personally id sooner Agger stay at Liverpool i know Liverpool stand to make a huge profit on him and he is injury prone but when he's fit he is one of Liverpools main players and in my opinion Liverpools best defender. On top of all that he's Loyal and wants to be there! its all very well letting him leave for stupid money but who do Liverpool bring in then? surely Coates isnt ready for starting 11 and Carra for me just doesnt have it in him anymore to be playing every week. Agger is a top player and worked well with Skytle. I hope he stays! put your foot down Brendan

  4. All are valid points. The only issues are the timing and the buying party. IMO, it just shows the lack of judgement to sell someone at the peak of the career regardless of the injury history to a club that has won the EPL. It shows that the business acumen of the new owners has driven LFC to be a feeder club, that will be profitable yet may not achieve its full potential.

  5. Agree that because of his injuries and the amount of games he has played for us 20+ mill looks like a good offer but we are taking a chance here.  We have hard game at the start of the season and we certanly don't want to be starting the season still looking for a replacement.  Who's to say that Daniel won't go through the season without injury?, we can look at the statistics but that's all they are, anyway looks like he's a gonner.

  6. Interesting statistics there, thanks for putting in the time doing them. Personally I would prefer to keep him, he is just about the most talented all around centre back in the league and as much as he gets injured, equally he could have a good run without injury..

    Breaking a rib on a goal saving effort last season against Spurs I cant really blame him for.

  7. Did you see those stats mate? 

    I'm not sure they want to offer a 27yr old who isn't guaranteed to play over half of season an improved contract.......

  8. i hope agger gets the new contract from liverpool

  9. I know Dagger as his injury problems, but I just carn`t see why we would want to break up, the best centreback partnership in the premeier league? And the money if LFC sell him, just won`t bring another player as loyal and determined too succeed as our Daniel. I would oppose the decision, too sell Agger if i was Brenden Rodgers, Unless he could get Hummells in before we sell, and £22m plus Adam Johnson included within the deal? then and only then would I, if I was BR be happy with the decision. But I hope Daniel gets offerd a new 4year contract? he deserves it in my opinion. RedMan4Life. 

  10. Are we a selling club now? Tell shitty to eff off, why make the opposition stronger?  Agger's class and the fans love him, o.k. he's had injuries, with a bit of luck, they're behind him now. Only sell abroard, it's bad enough seeing Torres in blue! 

  11. jaimie last week you posted rodgers did not have to sell players but i asked if he had to sell to buy fsg are not here to spend there money or the clubs but to earn profits for them selves when i say the clubs i mean tv rights sponsership ect the 2 players we have signed are for the same money wolves want for fletcher so fsg want to compete finacially with sunderland god help us ??how many center backs are we going to sign better than agger he his at 27 also becoming one of the older statesmen of the club and a good role model for the younger players

  12. I agree with this that if we get a stupid offer like 25 million plus a player then we should consider the offer. However stats like this can be confusing because i am pretty sure than someone like Gerrard has roughly the same injury record as Agger. Even the likes of Van persie, but when they are in the team they are worldclass players. Its a tough decision.  

  13. If FSG, who I have a lot of respect for, are trying to move on Agger for a large sum then they must be aware of the consequences of a deal not taking place.

    If City do not make an acceptable offer have we then left ourselves with one of our best players alienated and likely to move on next summer for a much smaller fee? 

    Personally I would be very aggrieved to see Agger leave. He is a top player and loyalty is a rarity in today's game. Yes he has a poor record with injuries, but I am averse to selling players who want to play for the Liverpool shirt and have such talent. 

  14. Nice statistics. I would keep Agger but if you receive 27 million then that is good business for someone who has been on the sidelines for 43%.

    IF you go by his past injury record, how many more games will he miss in the future especially as he is getting older.

    The problem is he is the centre half who can bring out the ball from defence, where Carragher and Skrtel don't look accomplished enough.

  15. The question is would lfc better with or without Agger. Unless the club buy a top notch replacement then it would be a unnecessary gamble to sell him. The board made bold decision to sack Kenny so the pressure is already on Rogers to make a good start to his appointment. For them to go over his head and sell Agger would not be a good sign to put out to the public. The main reason why Hogdson failed was because he was seen as a yes man or even a puppet during the Hicks and Gillette debacle. Liverpools spine of the team is Reina, Agger, Lucas and Suarez.
    If they want to challenge for the top 4 this season these players have got to be at the club.

  16. So basically these days when a footballer signs a 5 year contract, it technically means a 3 year contract. The final couple of years are gone poof!!

  17. keep agger and sell all the player who are not good enuff e.g henderson,downing,adams and spearing. if its true about sahin and tello we don't need these average players, promote suso and sterling to the bench

  18. Injury proned... sure

    Buut... this guy is passionate! definately one of the best CB's in the world! Pool have adequate backup, but lets hope for a strong injury free season for the Dagger!


  19. Really? In the past 6 years when a player has played 46% of the matches, you really want a business minded person to increase his salary? While the other option is to sell him at a high price now, and invest it in the squad! Later anyways we will get peanuts for him! Don't get me wrong, I really like Agger and would love to see him play a lot of matches for Liverpool this season, but don't blame the owners for a lack of Business Acumen!

  20. neiljamiesonhall6:27 pm, August 14, 2012

    So Jamie are you now saying Rodger's may be forced to sell? This after posting an article last week saying he had "debunked that myth".

  21. neiljamiesonhall6:30 pm, August 14, 2012

    So Jamie are you now saying Rodger's may be forced to sell? This after you posted an article last week saying he had "debunked that myth".


  22. It is imperative for FSG, Ian Ayre, and Brendan Rodgers to understand
    that when you are trying to build long-term in any kind of business then you do
    not offload your most valuable assets! 
    As FSG and Ian Ayre wish to balance the books then they should offload
    flop players with high wages as Joe Cole and Andy Carroll.  As you can develop a title contender team you
    need to recruit/keep your world class players – Pepe Reina, Martin Skrtel,
    Daniel Agger, Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez – and add a few new talented ones
    that have the potentials to become in the near future world class players.  Additionally, it will be an unforgivable
    mistake by them to weaken LFC and strength one of our main rivals as they also
    did by selling Fernando Torres to Chelsea. 
    I hope they get the message!  

  23. If Agger goes this will be our 'XABI MOMENT' II.
    We NEVER recovered from the moment Alonso went and this will be the same if Agger goes.
    What followed the last time round was Torres,Mascherano,Arbeloa, all went and we are still suffering for that.
    IF Agger is sold against the wishes of the Manager, Player and most importantly the FANS.
    FSG will have started down a path they cannot come back from.
    We as fans SAW what HICKS & GILLETT did to our club and are already very sensitive to anything remotely looking like that.

    FSG IF they do this are playing a very dangerous game indeed.

  24. well said sir !

  25. The signs are there. Why wasn't Dagger given an extension and an improved contract? Unlike suarez and Skrtl. 
    FSG are keeping their options open to see if Mancy will up the offer.
    FSG beware the wrath of the LFC fans if Dagger is sold.

  26. as FLASH points out, 1 of the injuries was a broken rib whilst stopping a sure goal.  we cannot afford to lose that sort of commitment. plus we will never challenge if clubs above keep taking our best players.  we need to stand strong on this!

  27. Nice article but I am concerned with one line where I believe you paint your opinion as FSG's. Quote: 'Clearly, FSG see the Dane as expendable; a player who can be sold now for a huge profit'. My issue is simply that you tie two statements together here as if they mean something similar when they don't.

    The way I see it, every player must be judged in a similar way. Each player is there to increase your chances of winning games. If the player retains such value that a better player can be bought then they will ALWAYS be sold or the club owners are failing their club.

    As a fan I would love Agger to stay as his skill is clear and he seems a very likeable chap but if Man City were to offer stupid money I personally will not be raging at the owners. . . just hoping they invest wisely.

  28. If economics didn't factor in then your statement is an obvious no brainer - keep agger, sell hendo, downing, adam, spearing; problem is those 4 players would only sell for 15M combined, so they are not the topic of conversation for that reason. 

    As much as it hurts to say it, if an offer comes in from City for that kind of money, then we would really have to consider it.  For one, I don't think he would significantly improve the City back line that they already have (Kompany - Lescott partnership is really solid, Kolo Toure is a solid back up); if it were a team like Arsenal who was bidding, I would be more hesitant because someone like Agger could significantly improve a backline for that team that we will be directly competing with for a Champions League spot.

    If we do sell though, we need to do it quick with time left in the transfer window (unlike the Torres and Alonso transfers which happened late in the window), so we have time to line up a replacement; I like Shawcross personally, and could probably get him for under 15M.

  29. One of the best comments I have read regarding this ridiculous situation. How have the owners allowed this talk regarding one of our main players and a fan's favourite to be still going on. This from a team with ambitions to challenge at the top. Have we become a feeder club to the "big boys?". A statement needs to be released immediately telling City to look elsewhere and a new contract offered to one of our most loyal players. Who on earth would we replace him with and how many years before the "new man" played comfortably with Martin. This is a proverbial banana skin waiting to happen if the worse case scenario actually happens. It would definitely make me look at the club differently, who up to this point I have been very impressed with.

  30. I agree that FSG need to align their actions with that of the manager and the team, but I think there is more to the story than just the mere speculation that the owners are pushing Agger out the exit door.  Agger is creating the speculation himself - his quotes are "I THINK it's owners who are behind the decsions", "I THINK he wants me to stay".  BR will never tell his top defender that he is for sale unless a serious offer has come in (which it hasn't yet).  I believe that FSG have placed full faith in BR - I don't think FSG knows enough about football to navigate the transfer market, understand what players are worth, etc. and I think they realize this and put this task to those running the club (unfortunately, DC let them down in recent years). 

    To compare FSG to Hicks and Gillett at this point is an unfair comparison, because up to this point FSG have put a lot of money into this club with 0 debt, and all for the good of the club - Gillett and Hicks squeezed their pennies so tight it forced Rafa into the 'Sell to buy' routine.  The only similarity I see is that FSG are American owners, which in England already comes with a negative connotation but I believe FSG are acting in the best interest of the club.  Also, on a recent survey on this site I believe that 48% of fans (if I'm not misquoted) said they would sell Agger to City if the price was right - not quite a majority, but that's still a lot of fan support for that sale.  Slightly different than the Xabi, Torres, and Mascherano situations, where I'm sure that the fan support for selling those players was much lower, but those players WANTED to leave, the club didn't want to sell them. 

    Agger - as good as a player as he is - does not have the same status as Xabi did.  Xabi played most of the games (he wasn't nearly as injury prone), and he dictated the game for LFC, something that a center back has limited opportunity to do.  So if LFC can line up a good replacement (which we did not do when we lost Xabi), then we would be ok.

  31. The owners just like our previous owners and the glazers at United are just business orientated and do not see things in the perspective of us fans. The reason our club has gone backwards in the last four years is because of the abizmal decision to sell club to the Americans instead of the Sheikhs who wanted to buy our club before they brought Man City instead. And we have always sold our best players on and never replaced the quality that was sold for example: Only now our back 4 is on par with the solid: Finnan, Carragher, Hypia and Riise. so our defence of Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enrique is as good as our best defence of old.

    Agger is the best ball playing centre back in the world, if he was not injury prone he would have been best defender in premeirship year in year out simple. He is the best defender at club and apart from V Kompany, G Cahill, N Vidic and A Vermalen Of Arsenal, No one comes close to Agger.

    Those 5 are the best defenders in the premiership on their day and me like most liverpool fans do not want to be losing our best defender.

    Our centre midfield used to dominate/control games for fun with class,quality players : Hamman, Sissoko, Alonso and Gerrard, then there was Alonso, Gerrard, Mascherano, Sissoko and Lucas.

    And with Alonso and Sissoko we bossed midfield and with Alonso and Mascherano we dominated games also, now we have C Adams, J Spearing, J Shelvey, S Gerrard, J Henderson and Lucas.

    Spearing and C Adams are simply not good enough to be at our club and should be sold or shipped out as soon as possible, J Shelvey is great player with alo of potential and in next two years he will shine for club. J Henderson has alot of qualities to make him a star player but until he starts playing freely and expressing himself and playing more like shelvey with no fear, he will keep being just a good player who keps it simple.

    Now J Allen has been brought to club, i see Lucas and J Allen as a key pair in heart of centre midfield for club for many years and i hope B Rodgers brings in M Fernandez Of Besiktas and Nuri Sahin On Loan from Real Madrid, Then those 4 players can interchange amongst one another. And be the future dominanting forces in centre of park with Shelvey and Henderson due to come good in next two years, our centre midfield would become awesome/immense again.

    But our huge problem that club hasn't sorted out since the Mcmanaman and Mcateer Era, is club have lacked pace, speed, width, class, creativity,consistency and competition for places out on either wing.

    And i am hoping B Rodgers brings in T Walcott Of Arsenal for £12-£16M, Tello From Barcelona for £4-£6m RW and S Sinclair Of Swansea for £5-£7M, Then our club would have four recognised pacey quick wingers at club competing for a place in staring line up week in week out.  Walcott and Tello competing for RW/RWF Position and S Sinclair and Downing competing for LW/LWF Position.

    And lastly C Dempsey should be brought in too score some goals and to help Borini,Carroll and Suarez find the net a bit more this season. C Dempsey should be brought to club in swap deal with C Adams going other way with £2M.

  32. I agree that Agger is the better player of the two but Skrtel very rarely misses games and maybe FSG are looking for value for money. Don't get me wrong, I'd be gutted if we sell Agger but maybe after seeing the stats we wouldn't miss him that much. It is slightly worrying that the owners overrule the manager even though they admit to know very little about football.

  33. Mind made up, keep Agger at all costs, end of. 
    Reading the stats above, final verdict yet to be delivered.
    Also to consider, do the Medical team know something we dont.?

  34. No, Jason, I posted an article arguing that Rodgers was not being forced to sell to buy. This is not a sell to buy situation; this is simply managing the club's assets in a prudent manner. Agger is injury prone; it's that simple. He's missed 191 LFC games through injury. Why should the club continue paying him big bucks when his fitness is so unreliable? It's a reasonable question to ask, and has nothing to do with Rodgers being forced to sell to buy (a notion the man himself has already publicly refuted).

  35. Except that Rodgers has 100% control of transfer at the club and is "not being forced to sell anyone". It's got nothing to do with FSG so any talk about the owners and their policy is quite irrelevant. I think they do nothing more than say a simple "yes" or "no" when it comes to asking for a sum of money. If Rodgers thinks selling Aquilani for 5 million pounds is good business then FSG agree. If Rodgers thinks selling Agger for 20 million OR rejecting such an offer is good business then FSG agree. 

  36. seeing as you love your Facts and Figures regarding Danny go and work out the win % for both of those periods with and without Danny and then try to make a case for it making sense to get rid When i think of you two things come to mind 1 Lies Dam Lies and Satistics
    2 Bullshit Baffles Brains

  37. Your remark that "Agger is the best ball-playing centre back in the world" is highly contentious. What is factual though, is that Liverpool have in Jamie Hoofer Carragher the world's best hoofer of the ball. With Jamie in the team, who needs midfielders.

  38. Agger has a history of being class but injured a lot, Skrtel has a history of being fit but pretty rubbish (or just heavily prone to mistakes) a lot.

    I know which one I'd be more keen to tie down to a new contract. 
    And it wouldn't be the sheep in wolf's clothing.

  39. Guys forget the injuries. RVP had injuries and Arsenal stuck by him and he gave them his best ever season last year and got them in the Champions League. Agger can do the same this year and help us get back where we belong...playing champions league football. If we sell him FSG will pocket the money and we will buy a cheap alternative. Personally I don't want to wait years to see champ league football at Anfield. Loyalty is so under rated. Agger loves LFC and he has the option to go and win the league next year but he'd rather stay and fight to help the team he loves. That is true class from the man and very rare. D Agger our future captain.

  40. Ive made this statement before, we have Coates & Kelly in the wings, and the only way were going to find out if there good enough is by playing them. What message are the young players getting when they see us linked with the number of players we as fans are seeing on a daily basis. Should Morgan be given his chance this season, should Sterling be given his chance this season, should Suso, Wilson, Coady, Eccleston, Flanagan, Wisdom, Robinson, Pacheco, etc etc be given there chances this season, or do we keep spending money and watch these young very talented players leaving because they are being lead to believe that they have no future at this club. I for one do not want to see this happening and if we look at the squad we have of both young and older players we have a good mix in there already, I dont think were far away from a top 4 finish.

  41. Name me a better football playing centre back who can bring ball out of defence? The only ones about now are Rio Ferdinand, Pique and Vermalen? But None of them have more control over ball more than Agger or as technically gifted even Pique who is now the best centre back spain have does not control or have more composure on ball than Agger.

    And i know carragher hoofs ball but he has been great amazing loyal class servant to club, its just he is three years past his best now and a liability to side whenever he is in team , its best he hangs up his boots and joins the coaching side within club. But this debate is about Agger not Carragher.

    And if Agger was not the best playing centre back in world, why would Manchester City Or Barcelona be interested? Barcelona have pique, Both defenders are great but both good technically gifted tough in tackle and hard defenders but good on ball.

    In our day and age, the best partnerships are those which complement one another: So in centre back partnership: You have the mean hard tough no holds barred goes through walls defender, then theres the tough, solid, good tackling, good football brain, football playing centre back who is composed and great on ball.

    Why do you think three years ago, Rio Ferdinand and N Vidic were easily the best defensive partnership in the world.  Rio was still at his peak them years and Vidic is a beast, so they complemented one another amazingly.

    Same with Skrtel and Agger now, Skrtel is the defender who takes no prisoners and goes through anything in his way and agger is tough hard mean tackling dfender with great football brain and visoin, touch and can bring ball out from back.

    Man City have the best defender in League at moment and he has been for last two years V Kompany, the defender who is robust and takes no prisoners, Agger besides Kompany would be a nightmare for any striker or strikers.

    But i am hoping the owners do not try and force the sale of our best defender as he is loyal, dedicated , vital part of side and he is liverpool through and through now.

    B Rodgers wants to keep him, Agger wants to stay. Its only the owners who do not have a scooby doo about football and the passion us fans have, they just think of club as business. Their passion is baseball , not football.  But if they sell Agger, there will be uproar. 

    As the 10 players who club need to keep by all means iover next few years at club, if we are ever to get back to competing likes of two Manchester clubs for title are: P Reina, D Agger, M Skrtel, G Johnson, J Enrique, Allen, Gerrard, Shelvey,L Suarez and Carroll.