3 Aug 2012

'He was brilliant!' - LFC legend hails 'special' Reds youngster. Is he ready...?

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler recently heaped praise 18-year old striker Adam Morgan, calling him one of the best finishers he's seen for a 'long long time'. Clearly, Fowler is impressed with the the club's young players, and he's also reserved special praise for fan favourite Raheem Sterling.

In an interview yesterday with the official Liverpool FC website, Fowler expressed his excitement about Sterling's performances on the recent US tour:

"Raheem Sterling is very, very quick and is a handful. It was brilliant. He's a young lad who will learn and be a better player for getting those minutes in the Premier League last season. With the pace he's got he's always going to cause problems and he's certainly a good player".

The praise for Sterling has been steadily building over the last few months. Ian Rush recently compared the youngster to a 'young Michael Owen', and last week, Joe Cole told The Telegraph:

"Raheem’s going to be a big player for Liverpool. He has got that mentality. He's competitive and he's a strong boy, and I don't think anything will faze him. He has definitely got goals in him.

"I know the fans saw him for a few games towards the end of last season and he could really make an impression this season. He can be a special player".

Brendan Rodgers believes that Sterling is 'not ready' for the first team yet, but from what I've seen so far, Sterling looks more than ready, and despite his age, he is arguably a better option back-up option than Stewart Downing.

Liverpool legend Didi Hamann certainly disagrees with Rodgers, and after Sterling's league debut against Wigan last season, he made it clear that he believes the youngster IS ready for first team action:

"In sixteen minutes, he [Sterling] showed more than some players did in the ninety minutes. He had a big impact when he came on, and he certainly deserves another chance, and hopefully we'll see more of him in the future".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. if incompetence is the sign of being ready then yes..he isnt ready yet..downing,adam and spearing are ready and raring to go..!

  2. Really Chris, what games have you been watching, Spearing is useless he almost cost is the game the other day, I though he was playing for the other side. as for Adam, well no comment, I really cannot find any words to express what I feel about him and Downing not one assist or goal last season in the PL sums up how good he is

  3. Got to agree with Dan Spearing is just not good enough for the PL He could probably hack it at Blackpool along with Adam and Downing.  my heart was in my mouth every time spearing got near the ball, He cost us the FA Cup.

  4. Downing had 1 bad season, season in and out he has caused problems for lots of teams and just the season prior to joining LFC he had the highest cross rate and was usually quite high on the assist list as well, please can we all get out of this one bad season and a player is crap rubbish he's already doing better under BR.

    KK clearly managed all of the new players wrong you cant buy that many players and have them all be flops. Henderson looked much better at half fitness last match than he did the entire of last season. Kenny brought some alright players and good prospects but put a lot of pressure on them with the prices and then basically just said right lads go out there and win for Liverpool with minimal training on the ball (players have criticise in so many words KK's training regime, young players have even commented BR speaking to them as a positive ie Kenny didn't)!  Players may have reacted to that 20 years ago but since then new generations have come through that have been used to a much more technical and advanced game where literately EVERYTHING is explained to them about every aspect of the other team (I'm sure they did this 20 years ago but no one can argue its got much more in depth)

    I'm willing to bet Downing Henderson and Carroll (if he stays) improve vastly, I will however agree Adam is constantly looking to be playing pretty much his A game, just in a bigger pond it's showing to be inadequate.

  5. Guys, I think Crisis was agreeing with you... Incompetence is not really a virtue...

  6. thats funny....well done ivardj!!

  7. If LFC has already put in a bid for G Ramirez than it is good news. Fcuk ups like downing and hendo will need to up their game or just warm the bench. These highly paid. spoilt brats need a kick up their arsses. They seem to forget they play for LFC.

  8. If liverpool are gonna move forward this season I can't see it being certainly with Adam and spearing and maybe downing too (think he should be given a little more time) I'd love someone like spearing to make it just because of his attitude and passion for the club but saw a lot of him in Boston, he and Adam just stand out from the group as not being good enough.. Both dwell on the ball to long and just don't have intelligence to play the tiki-taka style..

  9. no new team has been exeptional in there first season trying to gell together. Look at citys first season after big spending. IMO all the players are good enough if they played in there right roles.I think Downing is good enough because you cant have an assist if the goal scorers dont score. wished someone did stats on opertunities created that wasnt scored and then Downings stats would look a whole lot better

  10. Downing crossed,dribbled,got past players,shot and tackled as much as he did in Aston Villa the season before.the stats are there,just look for it.he didnt get any assists last season because the chances he created just were not finished.and the poor bastard hit the pole 10 times.maybe he doesnt fit under BR's system of wingers cutting in,but Downing is still a decent player.