13 Aug 2012

'He is in demand!' - Fazeli responds to LFC interest in €10m La Liga star...

Last week, Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho confirmed that Turkish youngster Nuri Sahin would be allowed to leave the Bernebeau on loan. Sahin has been linked with Liverpool several times over the last couple of weeks, and with Brendan Rodgers on the lookout for 'one or two loan signings' before the start of the season, the 23-year old could be just the type of player to enhance Liverpool's attacking options.

In an interview last night, Reza Fazeli - Sahin's Agent - responded to questions about interest from Liverpool and Arsenal:

"I cannot tell you too much in respect to Sahin's future. Certainly, he is demand, and there are many clubs interested in him, but I have not had any official contact with anyone yet".

No official contact yet, but according to Spanish Newspaper Marca unofficial contact between Liverpool and Real Madrid has taken place:

"Liverpool is the latest club to show interest in Nuri Sahin, and the club is willing to accept Madrid's only condition for Sahin to leave: that if he does so it would be on a loan or a transfer with a reasonable buy-back clause".

Mourinho made it clear a few days ago that Sahin could leave the Bernebeau if wanted:

"He wants to play to be happy and in Real Madrid with Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira, Lassana Diarra, Esteban Granero and Mesut Ozil, the situation is not easy. We are leaving the situation in his hands. If he decides to leave we'll help him leave".

Rodgers worked with Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, and developed a close personal relationship with the Portuguese, which will hopefully give Liverpool an advantage if/when it comes to actually negotiating a deal for the 23-year old Turk.

Sahin - who joined Real for £8m last summer - would be an exciting signing, and after yesterday's victory over Bayer Leverkuse, Rodgers confirmed again that he hoped to bring in some more new faces before the start of the season, so let's hope this particular deal comes to fruition.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. He looks a decent player and i think a Loan would be the best option as well! with hopefully the option to buy at the end of the year? we have seen it so many times before when a player comes from a different league for a big fee and cant adapt to the EPL so this try before you buy idea seems the best option. Truth is though there's that much gossip and rumours flying about its hard to believe any of it? i read before that Lpool have had an 18 million bid accepted for Gaston ramirez? but until its on BBC or Skysports or LFCTV we got to just assume it's paper talk!

  2. I can't see it happening with us just signing Allen last week in the same position. We were already lacking outwide last season and have now lost Bellamy, Maxi & Kuyt as options out there - it's time to bring in some legit starting quality for the final third asap 

  3. none of those are traditionally wide players, bellars adapting the best out of the 3. I'm not sure of this one. We need versatility up front... so perhaps Ramirez? I really like the idea of Dempsey... maybe 2 or 3 seasons on him, hot goal scoring form, just what we need. I also think a backup defensive mid would be great (that kenyan guy from Celtic I think?), as I'd prefer Allen to be the attack launcher...

    Nolito from Benfica looks good... I like the look of a lineup with sterling and walcott as left and right wing strikers... pace can be devastating!
    We can throw out names all day, but we need someone to chip in with goals AND versatility (playable in different attacking positions). based on last season, Dempsey seems the best choice for me - not to mention the owners would love this one.

    American sportsman are like Australians... there's a certain seemingly hereditary BMT or game mentality they have, and Dempsey is like this...

    did I say I like the idea of Dempsey?

  4. read earlier that lfc and arsenal have made bids for tello.
    him and sahin would definitely add strength in depth.

  5. Dempsey is getting on and had only one stand out season getting him defies the youth policy a little i would prefer to leave him.

  6. I hear you... but the best teams have the right mix of experience AND youth. Dempsey has been a consistent performer for Fulham over the years. He also is key in his national performances. He has good game craft... always hated it when he was on the oppositions team sheet!

    He never goes quiet in a game, and he has the ability to turn it in a second... full of energy, he's almost Gerrard-like in this manner!I think he is definitely worth the investment, especially if we offload Adam for him and pay min.Also, he has had a slow progression in his career and has I feel hit a steady peak. It's all about hunger and desire, Clint has that in abundance and Liverpool offer him a unique opportunity in his career that he must either take now or be doomed to mediocrity at a mid table club.I like him as he has the right make up to be a Liverpool player... none of the others mentioned have this, that's where Clint takes it for me, not to mention a superior goal tally...

  7. Clint Dempsey must be our next signing, the man is a born fighter. He would love Liverpool and scores goals too, he plays two roles as we all know.........................BR go and get him!!!

  8. Im with you 100%, the guy is quality!!!

  9. I'm all for Liverpool signing Dempsey providing they dont pay silly money for him! 10 million tops. He is a good player and he works hard as well. Could he cut it at Liverpool though? no offence to Fulham but its a big step up as is Allen from Swansea. Look at Charlie Adam for example he was outstanding at Blackpool but he's struggled at Liverpool. hope all the signings work out. Still like the idea of Ramirez he looks a top young player and im yet to see a lazy Urguayan player they all seem to work there socks off

  10. I say this with all respect to KD, because I believe in the signings he made. But Adam is just a talent-less twat with no BMT! he is like Roy Hodgson... he just can't cut it at a big club. He needs the rough and tumble of the championship, I mean just look at those tackles of his!

    Dempsey and Allen are clearly class players, what Adam did in a few spectacular games for a relegated Blackpool, Dempsey did across a whole season. NEITHER SWNSEA NOR FULHAM were anywhere near relegation, largely due to these players... I'd put big money on them performing at Liverpool 

  11. Sorry fellas way better options out there who are younger smarter and more creative.

  12. can get one of those too... but Dempsey is a must buy at a fraction of the cost!

  13. He is NOT "a fraction of the cost" by any stretch of the imagination.

  14. Send Adam the other way... even Spearing on Loan!

    Ideal... shovel out the S%#! and bring in the quality!

  15. yeah Royce heard it all before . He is getting on , Dempsey is an old man. An old man that outscored a lot of really young men last season. Nobody ever complains about Bellamy's age of 33years old. Now that Bellamy is off to Cardiff they are disappointed that he is gone. Dempsey is 29 years old and has proven he still has a lot of goals left in him and all i keep hearing is the fact that he is getting old and has one more season left in him. I can't stand the fact that Dempsey doesn't get more respect because he is an American from a land far far away which foot-ball is not a traditional sport. 

    If Brendan Rodgers signs Dempsey and he is more likely to do so simply because he is much cheaper than Ramirez ( who is a great player by the way) Liverpool will have a player who is full of great confidence, someone who welcomes the spot light and can elevate the play of all those around him.  I believe a Liverpool team with Dempsey and even Ramirez in it will blow the competition out of the fucking water next season.

     "Don't tread on Dempsey" judge him solely on his foot-ball abilities and not his age. 

  16. dempsey maybe going to liverpool and not sure who's next. ramirez pls

  17. Dempsey...Dempsey...Dempsey!!!!!  There's a reason Sahin hasn't broken through at Madrid.  Is Liverpool only as good as Madrid's second or third team?  I don't think so, not this year, they are ready to make a run.  Dempsey provides exactly what Sahin is lacking and Liverpool thrive on: Tireless, relentless, hard work ethic.....This is crystal clear....forget the ages and the talking points, go straight for the proven braveheart, who will step it up a gear given a new challenge for the final stage of his career....PLEASE LFC....DEMPSEY!!!!

  18. It is a huge step up from Fulham to a big club Bellamy had been at Liverpool before he knew what to expect.
    Stop for a minute and think pal before u motor the mouth if he fails and that is quite probable then we have someone nobody wants.
    The team is rebuilding allow the youth to come through it defeats the purpose to rebuild with 29 year olds think about it.

  19. U  believe in KDs signings even they one has no talent at all makes no sense.
    In all fairness to Adam he does have some abilities but his weaknesses are stand out way too much.

  20. Yes...

    Suarez   = Amazing
    Carol    - had some great times at Newcastle, he will regain that form, I'm confident
    Downing   - Great stats before Liverpool and some stand out stats last season
    Henderson   - Young player still learning his craft, works hard and was Sunderland's best player
    Enrique   - class act, a couple of weaknesses but not far off the likes of Ashley Cole
    Shelvey    - Heaps of potential, amazing talent
    Coates   - physical, strong spectacular and young... did awesomely with Uruguay in the COPA

    Bad signings: Adam (out of depth, no style, gives away free kicks, can't score a penalty... HASN'T SCORED A FREE KICK!!!)

    any counter argument you can bring I'd be interested in