17 Jul 2012

West Ham hero insists: £10m 27-goal Reds target is 'perfect' for LFC. Agree?

Speculation persists over a possible Liverpool move to sign Fulham attacking midfielder Clint Dempsey, and according to former Newcastle and West Ham star Shaka Hislop, the American would be an excellent addition to the Liverpool squad.

Discussing the potential Dempsey transfer on ESPN, Hislop - who recently argued that Joe Cole could do a good job for the club next season - said:

"I think Dempsey to Liverpool is a perfect fit. Outside of Steven Gerrard, not of Liverpool's midfielders have the class that Dempsey does.

"It works on so many different levels, and gives Rodgers a couple of seasons to get the likes of Adam out.

"I think the onus right now is getting Liverpool quality back at Anfield".

With 28 goals and 7 assists in all competitions for (for Fulham and the USA), Dempsey's record last season is very impressive, and I think Hislop is right when he argues that none of the club's attacking midfielders have the same quality. After all, Dempsey scored/created more goals last year than Downing, Henderson, Adam, Shelvey, Kuyt, and Maxi combined (!)

Given his experience in the Premier League, I'm sure £10m-rated Dempsey could replicate his creative exploits for Liverpool, but I doubt the Fulham will accept a paltry £5m for him, a dubious figure currently being reported by the press.

Additionally, as an attacking midfielder capable of playing on the right or the left, Dempsey would work well as part of an attacking front three, e.g.

----------------- Borini

Dempsey --------------------- Suarez

(With Dempsey and Suarez alternating)

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. liverpool4life5659:42 pm, July 17, 2012

    Looks like a very good front three but we need to sign another striker maybe miralles for his price would be a good asset for us

  2. Other pl teams tries to sign players like Edison Cavani liverpool want has been players like Dempsey.

    If it is a top spot liverpool want we better start to sign quality players.

  3. liverpool4life5659:48 pm, July 17, 2012

    How can we sign top players wen aint in the championsleague? These players would do for now and to take us back into CL then we will sign top top players

  4. mmmm charlie adams scored 13 goals for blackpool in 46 games and we bought him. That is a ratio of one goal every 3 games,  and by the way this is his career average totaling 65 goals in 257 matches

    Dempsey has career total of 86 goals in 309 matches that works out one in 3. and last  season was the only season he beat that ration.

    My point is adams plays  deeper role comes to liverpool and his ratio went down.was a good 8 mil gamble and I suppose so is dep for 6 mil.

  5. Jamie,
    Please dont embarass me with comparisons of dempsey and gerrard

    Why dont you compare Landon Donovan to Maradona

  6. I think he would add value to the team a consistent team player with good passing ability the type of player we need.

  7. Just short of 30 years old never played for a top side how can he be worth more than £1M? Get real guys, didn't John Henry say nobody over 25? unless on a free.

  8. look guys signing players is one thing but clearing out the crap is a total different challenge,adam downing and cole need to be shifted,they should be nowhere near the team let alone the starting 11.aquilani lucas and joe allen if we can get him in midfield, suarez borini gerrard in attack sounds like a attacking team what do you think

  9. None of that attacking three have pace to burn. The midfield three would possibly be lucas gerrard and one of henderson/downing/adam, so no pace there again. Any one else think rather than dempsey we by someone with real pace in the oppositions half, else we're not going to get behind times, like every year in the last 5-6+

  10. Dempsey scores goals from open play he is a wide forward that guarantees goals as he has poacher instincts good ball control dribbling and positional sense. He is a player. Something we lack so why the fcuk not?! Get him in, with Maxi gone Dempsey is near perfect addition he has agression and experience to really add to the team and set an example to the likes of Sterling.

  11. Get real. Understand where we are right now.

  12. Im gonna stop reading your posts Jamie simply because you are an idiot!

  13. No denying Dempsey is a good player but I just don't think he's a Liverpool player. Playing wide in a front three I want a player with pace and who can beat a man. A Ramirez or an Adam Johnson. I understand these players don't come cheap but these are the players who are going to improve us. When Enrique gives the ball to Dempsey out on the left touchline what is he going to do? He's not gonna beat his full back with a trick or knock it by him and beat him for pace. No he's gonna come inside on his right foot and lay it off to a midfielder, which is fine until a team comes to Anfield and gets every player behind the ball. Then we'll be crying out for width and somebody to beat his man and create something. Suarez hopefully will provide that on one side, but he can't be expected to be the provider in every game. Jaimie points out that he scored a lot of goals last season, but Adam, Downing and Carroll have all proved that scoring goals in a lesser team doesn't mean that they can do it at Liverpool. I'll say again that I think Dempsey is a good player but in the position we are expecting him to play surely we can find someone who's a better fit. Just my opinion but everytime I read a report linking us to Dempsey I get a feeling of dread inside me, strange I know!! It just that I'm desperate for us to improve and I just don't think this guy can do it for us.

  14. look pal pace can only get you so far the main ingredient is brains and technique which all the 3 mentioned have,as to the midfield 3 lucas can destroy just about anyone just ask yaya toure aquilani has passing ability and flair and joe allen would give you great mobility and ball posession.Dempsey would be a good additition but who are yo gonna drop suarez gerrard borini ?

  15. Know doubt we need brain and technique, but if we're playing like swansea/barca whatever team you want to say is closest to BR style look at the players...Scott Sinclair & Nathan Dyer Villa & Messi (know there world beaters, but so's all barca's team) all 4 of those players are far faster than our quickest, we have no pace what so ever and Rodgers like to have pace, it creates the passing angles he wants quicker

  16. I don't mind Liverpool is not signing a "star" in this transfer period, but I want them to sign younger players.

    I would want Rodgers to do with Liverpool like Wenger with Arsenal with the difference of keeping the players when they reach carrier peak .

  17. £5 million at most

    He will grind Fulham down, I've heard rumours from a credible source that the deal is done, Liverpool to announce when on tour in US to boost profile.

    I agree with line up mooted above, but he could play with Gerrard in the middle also, if we signed the Belgian lad....

    Then we have Suso, Pacecho, Sterling, Morgan etc who BR will play if they impress. Age and physical stature won't stand in the way.

    Pre season excitement building again........

  18. You will be missed.....

  19. liverpool4life56511:58 pm, July 17, 2012

    Yeh that's what I want... Borini is a young player. Sign ramirez and mirales.. And their saying we have a 10 mil bid accepted for dempsey? Which is too much to be honest... But signing dempsey and the warrior deal will get us more fans in america...

  20. It's all very well signing the likes of Dempsey but we need quality players whom can give us an extra dimension in our play.
    I think African players such as Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse both quality players.
    Now there are also players such Doumbia whom would be a good addition.
    Now these are suggestions there are others how much did Demba Ba cost Newcastle or Cisse?
    This season is crucial because FSG need to deliver on their vision for LFC there plans for increasing capacity.
    The funding they give their manager is crucial in this endeavour.
    If they fail to balance expectation with outcome then they risk LFC's falling further behind.
    The PL is no longer the big four it is now about seven or eight teams.
    I think if FSG cannot outline their vision then there days maybe numbered.

  21. In my opinion if we sign Dempsey I see him playing in the attacking midfield role in front of Gerrard and Lucas. He'd provide height, strength, aggression and good link up play thru the middle. We need more pace up front and I really think the Walcott signing would be great. A rotating  front three of Suarez, Borini and walcott would be awesome.

    I'm going to the game on saturday vs TFC and I'm really looking forward to seeing first hand our youth.

  22. Well considering Dempsey scored 23goals in all competitions, for  Fulham with thier pacey forwards, wow how did he manage that then? he knows were the net is thats better than we had last season, and he done it in the prem so thats another box to tick, so its looking like a good decision to get him at his best, its a means to an end. 17Goals last season for Lfc could have been the difference between being 8th or maybe even 3rd or 4th think about it? Anyway im all for Dempsey coming, he may only have 1 or 2 good seasons left in him, but that will be a huge leap forward from last season. I rest my case. RedMan4Life.

  23. Think Dempsey would be a good signing for us at this point in time,strong,dependable and know's where the net is and if we get 2-3 season's out of him not a bad deal.We are not going to be signing 30+mil player's anytime soon,that's even if we could convince them to sign for us!

  24. The signing of Dempsey does not excite me. I think it is just PR stunt to raise the fan base over here in the States. I think 10mil could be spent elsewhere. I dont see why we don't do a AC for Ba+cash. I just feel there are better options out there to be had. Also doesn't that go against the new policy of not buying players over the age of 27. BTW can't wait to see Liverpool V Tottenham next week in B'more.

  25. too much? you're a joke

  26. you're stupid

  27. hahahahaha. so he's never played for a top side yet over the last 2 years out played every single player to put on a liverpool shirt(who is apparently now a top side after finishing even on points with fulham and losing both matches to them this year, both in which dempsey completely owned the midfield) this is nonsense

  28. comparing stats when charlie was in the championship and the scottish first division and time when dempsey wasn't even in the first team at fulham in so illogical. dempsey has had more than 1 successful season at the top level in england and they're not remotely the same type of player, nor would they be asked to fill the same role at pool

  29. good idea, spend money on another striker who has only had one impressive season at the top level and was still outdone by dempsey from MIDFIELD. just a pr stunt huh? has nothing to do with the fact that dempsey has out performed every player liverpool has fielder in the last 2 years. considering that liverpool are lacking goals from midfield and that's specifically what he's providing i think he's a perfect match

  30. considering most matches for fulham this season he's started wide on the left and managed 23 goals and 6 assists(far and away a better return than any liverpool player) i'm not sure where you base your logic. his job will be what its always been. more of the roaming variety and although listed as a wide player, his entire career he's done that. also, if bad form or injury happens upon any striker, dempsey scores in virtually every match he's asked to do so. his form continued through the summer scoring in both wc qualifiers he played in. he'll be a wonderful addition and provide a much needed goal threat from a deeper position

  31. People are creating a lot of poor, illogical reasons not to have Dempsey in the team. Fact is, he's proven himself and right now there isn't a player in a reds shirt who's enjoying the game like he is. 23 goals and 6 assists is incredible for a midfielder on a side like Fulham. Only RVP scored or assisted a higher percentage of his teams goals this season. The simple fact that he set up the same amount of goals as liverpool's top assist man is incredible considering who he was playing with. I watched many a chance that he created squandered by his teammates at Fulham this year. Surround him with the likes of suarez, borini, gerrard, aquaman and its only goin to come easier for him. The fact that he can fill in wonderfully as the main striker is huge as well if something happens to suarez or borini. He filled in for a couple games near the end of this season and managed 3 goals and then continued his form as a striker this summer scoring in both wc qualifiers he played it. He's tough, he's got the right attitude, great technical ability, wonderful in the air, has had to fight for a position each year under a new manager until this season and always proven himself. he also scores clutch goals and is always at his best when the bright lights are on. i'd say 15-20 goals from a deep lying goal scorer is just was the doc ordered for liverpool. add that to gerrard returning to form and health, suarez having that arduous season behind him, borini, and an already impressive back line and i think liverpool are in good shape. it seems like its gonna happen so i'd embrace it and be thankful that your getting a midfielder who who will cost 25-30 mil less than AC who scored as many goals in january than AC has done his whole time at anfield. 

  32. Mr Point of View9:24 am, July 18, 2012

    if deal is true y we waiting so long time to be done??? is he still bring lot dilemma to us??? i would say yes to CD he can cover lot front n create but we do had JC n AQ doing so...i think deal will wait until jan to make sure how both i mention progress if BR wan them stay

  33. I also like Dempsey he is a good footballer, but i would like to see us get Merallas from Olympiakos in Greece, hey has got great footwork, very skilfull and quick. Either way i would be happy if he does come i just hope he can do it all over again, cause if he can not than i hope the owners don't blame BR because i think they are behind this one.

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  35. liverpool4life56510:41 am, July 18, 2012

    10 million for a 29 yearold with 1 year left on his contract? You would pay 10 million? You must have something wrong with you aha. Your a joke tbh...

  36. He's scoring goals in a lesser team, just like Adam, Carroll and Downing did. If last season has proved anything it's that just because you can score in the division with one team doesn't mean you can do it with another, especially one with higher expectations. Is it too much to ask for a player playing on the left of a front three to have a bit of pace and a bit of ability, like Man U have with Young/Nani, Spurs have with Bale, Chelsea will have with Hazard or even Swansea have with Sinclair. Liverpool lack creativity, when Suarez is having a bad game we struggle. The opposition know that if they shut him down Liverpool will not look as dangerous. I just think by putting Dempsey in there we are buying yet another limited player.

  37. mmm lets see logically who is stupid and compare facts.

    Firstly we are buying these players becos we are not scoring enough goals. Secondary if you were smart enough to read my post I stated how many goals adams scored for blackpool in PL before he came to liverpool and how many Clint scored at fulham. Yes they play different  roles and you would think or expect Dempsey to score alot more than Adams considering he plays a more advance  role.

    Bottom line their overall career ratio is the same. Hence Like I say again it does not garantee success at Liverpool.

    A more intelligent person would work that out.

    It is a bit strange that we have bought many other players who have been one season or two season wonders and have not delivered at Liverpool. Then after we all start moaning and slatting them. 
    So if a midfielder did  not fullfil his potential you are saying a striker will?

    Now who is being silly? or stupid.....

    My point as I repeat is it is still a 10 mil gamble. 3 mil more than my evaluation.

  38. Dempsey goals over seasons

    2006-2007   1 goal in 12 games2007-2008   6 goals in 40 games
    2008-2009    8 goals in 41 games
    2009-2010   9 goals in 44 games
    2010-2011    13 goals in 42 games
    2011-2012     23 goals in 46 games

    Like I said hes had one very good season throughout his career and  was good the season before.

    and his goal ratio stands at one goal in 3 games.

  39. Theycallmemrburt12:15 pm, July 18, 2012

    Luis, Luis, Luis will you ever learn.  This bloke is a complete and utter disgrace. 

    And the bids start at £40m....any takers?....

  40. Theycallmemrburt12:23 pm, July 18, 2012

    Dempsey only started bagging the goals once Jol introduced a more expansive game.  UP until last season I believe his highest tally for any season was 13. 

    I am not a big fan of Dempsey but he could do well in a Rodgers team. I do feel however he would have flopped in a Rafa or Kenny team due to the rigid tactics.

  41. Herb Brathwaite1:14 pm, July 18, 2012


    Wake up! The best international players don't want to come to a club that finished 8th after spending £100 million. Wake up!

  42. Eh burt why not comment on the article. How about 40p and you leave?

  43.  if a has been is scoring 17 premiere league goals then he is good enough to play for Liverpool . That is the way i see it, also the way the owners and Brendan Rodgers see it. Foot-ball alphadec is all about results , results, results, not age. Like the lines from a famous jazz number from the 50's goes. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!" Dempsey's got that swing that's for sure.

  44. Dempseys commercial value in the US will pay for his and Borini's fee's

  45. Bill looks like you have a problem with Dempsey and that's okay. Not 25 but scored a lot more goals than many 25 year olds did last season. He will continue to do his talking on the pitch. This has been as a lot of people are calling him outscored the whole Liverpool team last season, also scored the goal that beat England when the US played them in South Africa in 2010, had also forced Fulham to build a team around him in recent seasons. He was the heart and soul of the Fulham attack. He may not have played on a top team but scoring 17 premiere league goals (only beat by Van Persie, and Rooney) on a team like Fulham is an incredible feat. Makes you wonder how many more he will score if he played for a richer team and had more talented team mates. 

    Bill don't worry even a scrooge like yourself will succumb to Clintmania and will be his biggest advocate in the not too distant future. He is not the messiah and not a long term solution but he will come with goals at 29 and that my friend is what the younger stars at Anfield have a had a problem delivering. 

  46. What is the use of having pace if you have no talent. Bellamy has paced but failed to put his stamp on the game last season. Downing has pace and not much else. Overall talent is a more welcome commodity than  pace alone for Brendan Rodgers.

  47. Zulu you are still obviously in shock that Carroll is leaving but let it go man. Things will be okay as soon  as the flood gates are open and goals rushing in en mass to Anfield. Close your eyes for just one minute and stand perfectly still . Feel that ? that feeling you feel is hope. That is what Dempsey and all the new signings will bring to the club next season. Dempsey is no Messi and I will never say he is. From your post below this one you state that you want us to sign a player to take over the classic playmaking responsibilities. Someone who can  always beat his man as he drives deep into the heart of defenses thus creating  space for his teammates before laying off a killer pass. I think that the direction Brendon Rodgers wants to go the ball will do all the work. It will be a case of making multiple short passes up and down the field and stretching the opposition while running into the open spaces that has been vacated by the enemy as they chase the ball around the field. When he needs to take on players one on one Dempsey has done alright for himself. He is a well rounded player with great upper body strength who is capable of holding up the ball when playing up top by himself. Hey man he scored 17 goals in the league and 23 in all competitions he knows his business.

    Zulu your favorite team is changing into something foreign to you and to many fans and it is scary thing obviously but you shouldn't worry i know you will feel better when we have a free flowing style of play with a lot of easy scoring to boot.

     Player's believed to be comfortable in this new style of play are actively being pursued and Dempsey love him or hate him is considered by many as someone who will fit the system. In a bid to save money we are going after a 29 year old ( a  much player much younger at his skill level would demand more money).

  48. Nice to see my lucky number being bandied about; 27....gotta luv it.

    Anyhow, seriously are you going to fall for the beleaguered 'stats' argument?

    If we all remember Henderson had some of THE best stats before coming to us and I'm sure the same goes for many players who have joined other 'great' clubs; how about veron, berbatov etc for man u or Reyes, et al for gunners....we could go on.

    I get your point I really do but, suffice to say, they really are different players with a completely different energy, Dempsey so mobile, there is just a feeling that he would open up space, draw the opposition or be unpredictable in a way that I can only wish Adam to be.

    Sometimes, as well as stats, it's the whole package, energy, confidence, comfort on the ball, intelligence, movement, awareness, also the confidence you give the other players as they decide who to pass the ball to and where to place it, so you don't end up making THEM look bad for misplacing a pass and ruining their 'stats'; I think BR will bring this confidence back with LFC players first and foremost, Dempsey fits because I think he evokes that in his team mates.

    My two pennies!

  49. No chib your wrong about this, I grew up watching the great Liverpool teams who always kept the ball. Rodgers is only trying to take Liverpool back to how we used to play, what I grew up watching. He wants to play a 433 system, we played a variant of that in 88, maybe the best Liverpool team I've ever seen. In that team we had a certain John Barnes playing left side, he was quick, could beat his man and scored goals. That's the sort of player I would like to play that role for us now. Dempsey is not that player. Maybe Rodgers wants us to mimic the Barcelona style, that's fine, great, I would love that. But what sort of players do Barca play in that role? small, pacy players who can beat their full back. Pedro or Sanchez play there. Barcelona are the blueprint for us to copy and we should do our best to reach that level and I know the type of players I'm talking about cost money but these players are out there and available. I'll say yet again that I think Dempsey is a good player and if we play him in the centre in front of Gerrard and Lucas I'll be fine with that but, I would rather play Sterling on the left. As for Carroll, I only mentioned him once and that was to use him as an example as to players scoring for a lesser team and not being able to do it for us.

  50. am i the only person that can see that we lack WINGERS. all i ever see with Liverpool is us being linked with central midfielders and strikers. We have been screaming out for wingers since John Barnes left. 

  51. _
    Dempsey is average at best.

    Keep signing average players and LFC will be competing with Wigan and Stoke, No disrespect to those teams!

    If LFC want to compete with the elite of Europe, we need to rid our team of the mediocre; Adam, Downing, Spearing and more of the rot of seasons gone by...

  52. I grew up watching the great teams of the 80s, the 88 team being the finest Liverpool team I can remember. Where we always kept the ball, we rarely finished a game without dominating possession. Even into the 90s when Roy Evans was in charge we was always the best footballing team. All Rodgers is trying to do is take us back to how we used to play, so none of this is foreign to me. The 88 team played a variant of 433 with a certain John Barnes playing wide left. He was quick, could beat his man and score goals, pretty much the sort of player i'm asking for us to play in that role now. I know these players are rare but their are a few out there.
    You mentioned something above about me wanting to sign a "classic playmaker" for that position, I've read my previous post back a couple of times and I can find no mention of that. My understanding of a playmaker is someone like Alonso, Pirlo or Xavi. All of which play in central midfield, not out on the left of a front three.
    Finally, the only time I mention Carroll is as an example of a player who scored goals in a lesser team whilst not being able to do it for us which is not exactly me singing his praises. That feeling inside me, is dread. Liverpool wasting more money.

  53. I have watched Dempsey at Fulham quite a few times, though never with the thought of us actually having him here....or wanting him here..

    A bit of a mixed bag of a player IMO, cool and clinical finisher on the one hand with a good reading of the game, but looks at times completely and utterly clueless at others....

    Now, i don't mean to rain on anybodys parade here BUT trying to compare other players stats with ours over the last 2 seasons is naive and wrong simply because we have players at our club who have underperformed ON PURPOSE....affecting other players in the team...and generally making us  look a lot worse than we actually were...

    This is my concern about Rodgers also....when we played Swansea we LET THEM BOSS THE GAME.....thus making Swansea look a lot better than they were ditto Rodgers...and we were'nt the only so called big club  with player issues either....Chelsea under AVB...Arsenal....ALL looked like they simply didn't want to be in the top 4 even until the second half of the season...

    Back to Dempsey though, can't help wondering if our owners are pulling some strings for this one to happen, wouldn't surprise me tbh, the marketing factor in the US etc, it could work out but ONLY if we start the season with the squad all pulling in the RIGHT direction, if that doesn't happen then MR Dempseys form and stats will be heading for the bin along with Adams and Carrolls etc etc etc....

    Not exactly an exciting signing and all those saying we can't attract better players to the Club are talking BS, FSG need to put their hands in pockets and show some intent in this transfer window to boost the QUALITY in the squad, otherwise we will slip even further down the table.....

    The jury is definitely out on this one..

  54. i think liverpool should raid the teams that drop out of the champions league thats how we got suarez