31 Jul 2012

Ex-Red insists: 'Strong + aggressive' LFC star should leave ASAP. Sell?

Liverpool have reportedly accepted West Ham's 2m loan offer for beleaguered striker Andy Carroll, and according to former Liverpool and Hammers player Julian Dicks, now is the right time for the £35m striker to move on.

The deal on the table is allegedly a £2m season-long loan agreement leading to permanent £17m loan deal at the end of the year, which would see Liverpool make a 50% loss overall.

In an interview with TalkSport earlier today, Dicks - who was the last Liverpool player to score in front of the standing Spion Kop in a 1–0 win against Ipswich Town in 1994 season - claimed that Carroll would be a 'good asset' for West Ham, adding:

"Andy Carroll’s a good player. He’s perfectly made for West Ham. He’s a big lad, he holds the ball up well and he’s strong and aggressive. He did really well at Newcastle and he’d do well at West Ham. The fans would love him at Upton Park.

"He might not have had the best time at Liverpool but he did very well with Newcastle. He reminds me a bit of Duncan Ferguson, and in the games I watched him play for Liverpool he did well. He wasn’t a prolific goalscorer but he added another dimension to the team.

"If he goes there and scores 30 goals, it will be money well spent"

Dicks must clearly be under the influence of some kind of hallucinogenic as there is no way Carroll will score 30 goals for West Ham (!)

Dicks did get one thing spot on though: the Duncan Ferguson comparison. The Scottish international found his level at Everton, and although West Ham are a newly promoted team, I would argue that the same will apply if/when Carroll joins the Hammers.

Whether Carroll wants to accept it or not, he is an anachronism in the modern game: an old-fashioned English centre-forward, bereft of technique and natural flair, and only useful in an old-fashioned English long-ball team.

Like West Ham.

Jaimie Kanwar


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