1 Jul 2012

€8.5 star to Anfield? OL President responds to LFC transfer speculation...

According to recent press reports, Liverpool are interested in signing Lyon goalkeeper Hugo Lloris as a potential replacement for Pepe Reina, who is allegedly wanted by Inter Milan. As regular readers will know, I've argued many times that Reina should be replaced, and given his lukewarm reception to new manager Brendan Rodgers, it wouldn't surprise me if the Spaniard was planning his exit strategy. Alas, according to Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas, there doesn't appear to be any truth to the Lloris rumour.

Speaking to L'Equipe last night, Aulas lambasted the Press for 'distorting' Lyon's financial position, and empahtically addressed speculation linking Lloris with a move to Liverpool. He said:

"We have had no contact [from Liverpool], and I can confirm, there will be no transfer for Lloris".

Lloris - who cost Lyon €8.5 - is not the first keeper to be linked with Liverpool over the last month. Dutch football magazine Voetbal International, reported a few weeks ago that Rodgers was interested in a move for Swansea 'keeper Michel Vorm.

Rodgers is apparently barred from signing any Swans players for the next 12 months, but the fine details of the deal have not been made public. There are always loopholes, and if Vorm was to put in a transfer request, I don't see how Swansea could stop him leaving.

Reina has repeatedly expressed veiled dissatisfaction at Liverpool's progress over the last three years, and if a chance arises for him to move to a team in the Champions League, I think he'll take it.

Should Reina decide to jump ship - and it's only a matter of time before that happens IMO - Both Vorm and Lloris are top notch replacements.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. agree with you there jk, reinas heart has not been in it for at least a couple of seasons now, as good as he is on his day, we need to lose the negativity from any player wearing the shirt.
    and if inter are interested, its better he goes there rather tahn arsenal, chelsea etc.
    we need hungry players, like reina once was. unless he bucks up and comes out with his desire to stay at the club and try put things right, or its thanks very much reina, but goodbye and goodluck.

  2. I think he has shown on the pitch that his desire is no longer there. 

  3. Lloris would be a top class replacement, Vorm would not.

    Reina's welcome to Rodgers wasn't lukewarm, you have no idea how Reina reacted, all you have are the quotes from the Mirror that were reproduced in the Echo that you tried to use to claim Reina should be sold.

  4. Who can blame Reina for wanting to leave.. we are a clusterf%^K right now. We have a small time manager and very little quality surrounding him. FSG continue to screw things up and we continue to spiral downwards... Reina wants to win titles and knows he will never win one staying with us... we are gonna be lucky to finish in the top 10 given the crap that is currently on the sqaud along with the garbage that is Rodgers is rumored to going after.. Davies, Allen, Johnson... more brit crap to take us lower in the table...

  5. Perhaps you should get your facts right before talking nonsense. The quotes to which you refer came from an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca, not the Mirror/Echo, and Reina confirmed the interview on his own personal twitter feed.

  6. I don't think Reina has shown a lot of desire the last couple of season's, has let in some poor goal's,from what his previous standard's were,I like Vorm think he would be a good addition if we could get him!

  7. The irony is that you'd rather take Torres back.

    So.. What is loyalty then?

  8. If pepe leaves i would love to see Akinfeev as an replacement, he is a superb GK.....YNWA

  9. Well, with this new über-pragmatism approach being adopted at our beloved club, seems like its right up your street Jaimie; tell em how it is and how you see it!

    Anyhow, just one salient point.
    I remember from my RE lessons at school that some guy from one of the testaments or maybe it was another religion, I'm not sure, either way, basically he was to 'chop his little son up' on some kind of slab!
    I remember thinking then the same as I thought of it a moment ago; that there is gonna require some serious faith that is, ok, god is great and all that and apparently god kind of gave his son back, yippee!
    The point is I am going through a slight faith-crisis, not that I wasn't excited by Rodgers appointment, I was, extremely so. No, its just that after the apparent road crash that was the siggurdsson saga we are now linked with some 24 yr old geezer from Bolton!!! Weren't they relegated?
    I'm being tested, I can feel it, I've been on serious rollercoasters before and I've had to be in the vicinity of smelly cadavers and 'a right bunch load' of patients, some of whom had never heard of hygiene; I even thought of puking once!
    On top of that I've had to endure military style milling for a martial arts grade, through all this I never had that feeling I'm getting now; a cold sweat and nausea.
    I think I'm letting too many websites get to me but if it is reality that no one wants to come to us and we have seriously become Aston villa with a bit of polish then that right there is a scary thought.
    Anyway, here's to religion, it's teaching me to calm the f*** down and have faith, wait rather than assume.
    And perhaps take a leaf out of Jaimies book and just see things as they unfold as they are rather than add 2 and 2 and making 759.

  10. Reina has been disgruntled since Rafa's departure. He has been constantly negative which could have been detrimental to the whole team last season. I say get rid of him. Let's move on. There are some great GK's around. Rodgers should be able to identify a good replacement. 

  11. It's more of a 2-way thing. If we can get some relatively good signings and positive results on the pitch next season, perhaps Reina can be inspired to perform better. Regardless of what he thinks, He is still one of the top-notch keeper in EPL. Therefore we should place more emphasis on other positions, particularly wide man, striker and attacking midfielder.

    But, if Inter comes in with a silly offer that is sillier to reject, then why not? After all, we need money, lots of them in fact. Our ex-manager, KD, wasted tons of money and so, we landed ourselves in where we are right now, a 6-10th placed team in the EPL with limited transfer budget. So for the next few seasons, we need to buy low-sell high. In case our new manager, BR, does not know a trick or two, he must go consult the grand master in the art, Arsene Wenger or at least observe how Arsenal is being run by AW since he took over as manager.

  12. There is no loyalty pal. Footballers are mercenaries and we are pawns in the equation. 
    It is all about the money. 

  13. I can't blame reina for leaving to be honest. I wouldn't be happy if I was him seeing how the team has got worse and worse every season. No mascherano. No alonso. No torres. Stuck with average players like Adam, spearing, downing. He's been quality and is still quality. Football is a confidence sport and to be quite frank I'm not confident in our midfield especially- so yes his performances are prob an indirect reflection on his motivation or confidence in the team.

  14. If Reina was not rubbish last season, then Liverpool would have atleast competed for top 4 last season, he cost so many points last season. If he wants to leave Liverpool should sell him asap.

  15. good for you, jamie - more negative crap - nothing new there then - do you like anybody?

  16. Mr. Point Of View8:26 am, July 01, 2012

    cost for liv lost so many point is the team not reina alone...even world top class gk stand in with a rubbish tactic danglish played result would b d same....

  17. You have no proof when that interview took place only when it was published. When you have pleased copy the link otherwise give all the spite and negativity and try writing articles that support the club and staff instead of constantly knocking them.

  18. Reina made lot of mistakes last season and when goalkeepers makes mistakes then it costs team points. What can Dalglish do when goalkeeper is getting beaten at his near post again and again, i am not blaming Reina completely but from a player of his quality you don't expect so many shocking performances. Last season he was easily among top of worst performers list.

  19. I agree that Reina should be sold for £20m defo, he has been poor for 2 seasons now. He never seems to make a difference anymore in big games, he seems to lack concentration. Doni is a good keeper so i would take the money and run!!!

  20. You say your not blaming Reina completely well "if Reina was not rubbish last season then we would have competed for the top 4"
    YOU ARE A JOKE, if KK and his English band of girls blouses actually knew how to play football anywhere near the likes of Reina then my friend we would have been in the top 4. All you clowns that think that Reina is over it, you are right, so would i be, you are all dreamers if you think that Rodgers is going to save us from mid-table. He has been targeting average shit Gilfy (spelling) and he will only get crap because lets face the owners will not spend any decent amount of money again. I really hope you read some of this KK thanks for nothing, i for one put LFC above even you and you had to go for British crap footballers, you want to know why England can't win a major cup, because they are rubbish, f$%k even Greece won the European cup how embarrassing. Oh sorry yeah England won a world cup like 100 years ago. The only reason the EPL is what it is, is because of the foreign talent that plays in it.

  21. Lloris is a great shot stopper, but uncomfortable with crosses

    Voorm would be a better fit, although are we allowed sign him? Might have to tap him up.

    Reina has been excellent for us, maybe it is time for him to move on though

    No one knows what our transfer budget is, and we should give BR time. We might need 6 months + for players to adapt, unless he can sign a couple who know his methods. This is why Sigurdsson is so important. It will be a bit of a blow if he chooses Spurs. That's undeniable

  22. If Gylfi goes to Spurs with no manager and no trophies for ages, that is a blow for Liverpool. What does that say to other players with better CV's than Gylfi?, not a good sign!!................Rodgers will do a cracking job im sure but it will take time!!

  23. Its not going to happen Jamie. We have a top golie on Reina and he is not leaving despite your ill reports.

  24. The exact quote from L'Equipe says " "we have had no contact. I can confirm, there will be no transfer before midnight tonight, outside the formalization of the agreement with Parma for Belfodil. Moreover, the information on our financial position are distorted: June 30, OL has a net cash position, no debt, and a net worth of over one hundred million euros, the highest cumulative net position of all French clubs. ".

    I fail to see the connection with Liverpool?

  25. Reina will miss most of the pre season as I am sure he will get a 3 week break now from warming the Spanish bench in the Euro's. Good time to look at the options available as Doni and Jones are not options in the long term. How about this Frenchman and Jack Butland being brought in as Butland must be talented to be in the England squad having not even played a match in the Championship never mind the EPL.
    I do not think you can legally bar Rodgers from signing a Swansea player, he is linked with Scott Sinclair in a tabloid today, it is more a Gentleman's agreement probably. 

  26. I don't blame Reina for leaving. The expressed aim of building a team over 5 years basically says to players like Reina, Agger, Skrtel, if you want to win things you need to leave Liverpool.
    I wouldn't be too bothered about Reina going I think he is vastly overrated and if we can get good money for him we should take it. If Agger and Skrtel decide to leave then I will be depressed.
    It doesn't surprise me that we are getting rejected by out targets like Gylfi either, because what ambitious player wants to come to a mid table club with a 5 year plan and an inexperienced manager.
    Very very worrying times at the Pool.

  27. Why are we looking at Keepers, this is a joke, Reina is a great keeper. this is what happened with Torres, he saw no improvement and a club that was bringing very average players in, so he decided to leave.
    If the club concentrated on the real problem areas and got rid of a few players, then spent money on some quality wingers and a quality midfielder with one more striker who can gel with Suarez then we will see real improvement. Don't worry about Carroll if you have two quality strikers they will also be able to play with a tall forward, imo Carroll will be a threat next season, we need to loan out Hendo sell Adam, Downing Aquaman, Cole and Spearing, then slowly bleed in some younger boys and use Coates, Doni more often give them ago.
    Pople say that we need to be patient, thats fine but we are in a position where if we do not get the right players this time round, then we will be in the biggest mess of all time, so patients is not an option, if we have to pay a bit more for real quality then so be it, we are Liverpool, some people say that doesn't mean shit anymore, well i believe it means everything it is time the owners really understood that.
    I agree that Reina has not been at his best, but really who has? and yes if the team as a whole is not performing, than that has an effect throughout.
    I believe that the likes of Carroll, Hendo, Adam, Downing and KK are to blame but i also think that, i and the rest of us really need to move on from that. Rodgers has a very difficult job ahead of him and this is why i would have wanted LVG before him, LVG would have attracted top quality players, Swansea played a good season last year but really are we Swansea?
    I hope that Rodgers does a fantastic job next season i really do but he must really look for quality players, i never agreed with Gilfi, i actually liked Allen he looked very quick and clever, Tello would be nice Affeleay (spelling) is another for the wings, anyway good luck to Rodgers we all what you to succeed and thats the truth.

  28. Mr. Point Of View12:39 pm, July 01, 2012

    Really cant agree with most of fans blame reina this reina tat....i browse lot of liverpool fans site and this is the only site i figure out the fans here are really UNREASONABLE (some of those critics fans)...be reasonable to think why reina lost his best at last season...

    MY POV:

    our def must take some blame....
    previous mgr tactic make reina lot dummy in defending corner...ariel marking....tat why our opponent had lot of point blank chances...
    our midfield dun cover/close down well oso give opponent lot chances for long range shooting...and our fwd is too lazy come down defending....with all sort of this then im asking is who FAULT??? i think is tactical and team mentality.....

    If reina wan leaving us pls go ahead...im sure we cant blame on him coz every player IS ONLY THINKING $$$$ bigger than loyalty since he not born in liverpool....n think twice his age is near to peak to challenge IKER for spain no1....with our current squad may not fulfill his desire....

    But be a fans pls pls pls be reasonable to critics your own player...i believe your tiny comment may lead huge disaster on player morale...

  29. Gylfi will only choose Spurs because they are willing to offer silly wages for a player who has had one good PL season. Liverpool need to return to being a properly run club, that means having young hungry players who see it as an honour to play for such a great club on sensible wages - players will then be rewarded with bigger contracts on the basis of success achieved - remember those days? When players were motivated by achievemnent? I would love all our players to stay but those who are not committed should be sold ASAP. Liverpool are a huge club but we now have to accept that unlike in the 80's and 90's, we are no longer the biggest attraction for players and now face real competition, however there are many good players out there, so wih good scouting and a manager with a clear and defined system of play we should be ok. YNWA

  30. If assumption is the 'Mother of all F#ck up's' then speculation must be his twisted little half breed brother who just so happens to have found a loaded gun on the floor!
    So to my little half breed brothers  out there "Put the f#cken gun back on the floor and show some restraint and don't listen to bullshit!

  31. during the euros reina came out and said he would like to play as a sweeper keeper and thats something br like to use and this may motivate to perform better because not 1 game last season and could say reina has kept us in the game however i can say that doni did keep us in the game against fulham at home when we lost 1-0 and he made plethora of saves so if reina goes i would like to see doni as an ex brazil international play

  32. never rated reina to small . been bangin this drum for a long time sell him asap. but who will buy him .no big clubs will sign him and hes more 5 million than 20 million most overated keeper in the prem .barca would not have sold him if he was any good

  33. Don't rate Lloris at all. Really bad in the air, in relation to coming out for crosses. Just not dominant enough.

  34. doni man of the match both games he played .why not give him a run . hes 31 good age for a keeper .6 ft 4in agood size for a keeper around 15 caps for brazil  why not. hes not cost us any poke .and see what we can get 4 pepe no saves

  35. It's AC Milan that wan't Pepe not Inter mate, Inter has a good keeper in Julio Cesar

  36. PL Golden Gloves

    SeasonPlayerClubClean Sheets2004–05[2]Petr ČechChelsea212005–06[3]Pepe ReinaLiverpool202006–07[3]Pepe Reina (2)Liverpool192007–08[3]Pepe Reina (3)Liverpool182008–09[4]Edwin van der SarManchester United212009–10[5]Petr Čech (2)Chelsea17*2010–11[6]Joe HartManchester City182011–12Joe Hart (2)Manchester City17

  37. Appologies for above post,
    PL Golden Gloves
    04/05 Petr Cech
    05/06 Pepe Reina
    06/07 Pepe Reina
    07/08 Pepe Reina
    08/09 Edwin Van Der Sar
    09/10 Petr Cech
    10/11 Joe Hart
    11/12 Joe Hart

    Arsenal offered 20 mill for Pepe over a year ago and yet he decided to stay, other clubs have shown there interest, he's been wanting to play in the CL since we got ko from it. It's fair to say his past 2 seasons aint been to his usual standards but he's still a brilliant keeper. Show some faith in him as he has to us, he could so easily have left when we lost Rafa, Alonso, Torres, Mascherano.

    Billy the Cat - Shay Given is a class keeper he's small 1" shorter then Pepe, Joe Hart is 3" taller then Pepe. Julio Cesar is 1" shorter then Pepe, Iker Cassilias is 2 " shorter then Pepe, so what's small got to do with it? He's 6ft2 i know id love to be that tall

  38. all you mention apart from sg command their area. reina is crap when free kicks or corners come into the box .and gettin beat at the near post all the time well thats another story . sell sell sell

  39. i wouldn't waste my time following this story since the "The Professor" Mr Wenger wants him. He has an eye for French talent since Arsenal is basically a French team. Rodgers and Liverpool won't be able to lure Lloris to Anfield. We are paying the  price for a couple of season of mediocre foot-ball and the curse of no champions league will hamper our ability to sign a player like this. I don't know why we waste our time looking at big name marquee signings whom are wanted by other big name clubs like Arsenal. We must like disappointment because that is what we are going to get in the pursuit of Lloris. Sorry if i am too positive here I will tone it down next time

  40. cheikhabdou gaye1:35 pm, July 02, 2012


  41. Besides BR likes keepers who are comfortable on the ball and can set up attacks from the back like Vorm at Swansea. Pepe loves the ball at his feet, he can provide this theres no on better then Pepe at this you see many keepers copy him now and alot of players are told by they're managers to stand in front of Pepe in his way to stop qquick counter attacks.

    Hugo Lloris is more of an old fashioned keeper, don't get me wrong hes decent but he isn't comfortable on the ball. Besides like someone above said Arsenal, Spurs, PSG or AC Milan are his most likely destination.

  42. Mr. Point Of View9:24 am, July 03, 2012

    is useless to explain for those BLINDED LFC fans (minority)..in my previous comment edi mentioned seem most BLINDED fans choose not agree the fact than simply live on his critics....

    Shame on those LFC fans (minority)