20 Jun 2012

"Talk to us" - Zanzi invites offers for €20m Uruguayan LFC target. Bid?

In an interview with Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino last week, Bologna Sporting Director Roberto Zanzi revealed that Bologna were 'negotiating' a potential deal 'with an important foreign club' for the sale of Uruguayan star Gaston Ramirez. Things seem to be moving slowly, but Zanzi made it clear yesterday that the Italian club is still open to offers.

In an interview with tuttomercatoweb, Zanzi provided an update on Ramirez's transfer situation:

"For the time being there is nothing new. We cannot forget that the player has a contract with us and we have a lot of faith in him, but whoever wants him, will have to talk to us first."

Ramirez has been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool over the last year, but the sticking point seems to be the transfer fee, with Bologna Vice-President Maurizio Setti holding out for €20m:

"For Ramirez, the negotiations start with at least €20m. The biggest interest has come from the Premier League and the Bundesliga. Ramirez is a player who will make a difference to any team because he is a born champion"

Let's hope Liverpool is the 'important foreign club' negotiating with Ramirez.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. How do you know he's a "target" for LFC? I've noticed a lot of your article headlines mention "LFC target". I'm intrigued as to how to how you know this.


  3. I hope to god we are... really want him at liverpool

  4. i think that this is a pipe dream you are selling us . I also believe that you have truly run out of anything truly news worthy to report. Ramirez is a great player but i don't think Brendon Rodgers will fight for him like he is fighting for Siggurdson. I believe that Gaston Ramirez is a much better player in every quantifiable measure known to man. He is pure class and therefore demands a more robust transfer fee. Purely a case of getting what you pay for. He is a hot ticket who is in demand by multiple clubs. We are heavily pursuing a player who's club really wants to dump him. Hoffenheim loaned him Siggurdson with the intention of selling him to Swansea. 

    I only contrast these two players to show you the difference between the target we should be pursing and the target we are actually pursuing. There is a gap in class here.

     Come on BR let's get Ramirez you know he will fit the "tiki - taka pass and move foot-ball" that you want to bring to Anfield

  5. BR is taking his time working out who are our best options,not sure
    Siggurdson is a done deal,he may have been ok for Swans.but for
    our big club not sure.Its all well & good to get rid of Adam, Spearing,
    Maxi, etc.but we must replace them with quality.

  6. Quality comes with a price. Champions league football!!

  7. Unbelievable! Why didn't you allow my comment? I'll ask again - you say he's a target. How do you know this?

  8. If we really are going to be playing this much-vaunted 'tiki-taka' style, then I'm surprised that we have not yet been linked with John McCririck.

  9. whether he comes or not we will still challenge for top four if Aquaman stays

  10. JK,
    Any left backs that we have been linked with? I am very surprised that we are being linked with a lot of Midfielders, but not a single left back. If Enrique gets injured for the season, who do we have as cover? We either play Johnson or Agger out of position or give a young Robinson a chance and hope for the best! We shoudl really be going in for a cover for LB before we go in for the attacking players!

  11. agree or player that rodgers managed already  no world class and no money hes been put in to buy on cheap no diffrent then rafa. hate to agree spearing and cole

  12. Simple - He's overpriced! We have more important things to occupy us with than spending weeks and weeks haggling over an inflated price ! I expect all of that to be behind us. The time is better used getting the actual team playing and practicing this "new" style and not wasting time on someone that we haven't been linked to genuinely!

  13. I admit to not having seen much of the guy as yet, but what I have seen of him he looks to be a player that likes to drift through the middle (rather than stretching the play out wide) and just doesn't appear to be as effective as Adam Johnson. So Johnson would definitely be first choice for me given the prices being rumoured...

  14. ive not seen him, but i saw 20m so i say no as we done the same thing last yr, hendo and downing its makes no sense at all, unless he turns out to be a cr7. No no no and no. plus why waste ur kitty on 1 plyr when we need several. but i havent seen him yet so its not a footballing know. Jamie if u could compare him to another plyr in the prem who would it be?

  15. There's nothing wrong with Maxi he plays well when he gets the chance, I never understood why KK never played him.

  16. How the hell do you all know that ''we do not have that sort of cash to spend'' :/ have liverpool fc told yous that we have no money to spend, or are yous just getting your info from ''speculative'' media sources??? yous make it out that 10m is a HUGE sum of money to us :/ why is this?

    if yous ever took the time to listen to, or read, interviews with Tom Werner for example, he has stated many of times that we have cash at our disposal, and that we will ''continue to spend until we have a squad capable of challenging at the top''..... If we wanted ramirez, I cant see why we wouldn't be able to buy him.... Some of you seem to make it out that we are poor with very little money to spend, and that is farrrr from the truth, if we want reasonably priced players, in the 15-20m bracket, we could easily afford them...... 

    BR knows we cannot win, or challenge for, the leage with a midfield consisting of spearing, adam and joe cole.... He needs to strengthen, and when he sees other teams strengthening (chelsea - eden hazard, marko marin / man utd - shinji kagawa / arsenal - olivier giroud, lucas podolski) he will know that we need to strengthen and the owners will also know this... success comes at a price nowadays, and if we want to win, we have to spend, otherwise we will be stuck with the same squad challenging for absolutely nothing. 

    Improvements needed, I know it, you all know it, Rodgers knows it, the players know it, and the heirarchy know it. I just hope the right players are bought in the transfer window!!!!  

  17. Red

    It's that time of the year again and agents will link their players with any number of teams with a view to drive up their value.
    These parasites look at one reason to do this in order that they can get a fat Commisson upon the sale of a player.
    It's the nature of business.
    As for BR he has not confirmed whom he is signing or not!
    I am concerned about what intentions FSG have to develop Anfield to accommodate more fans.
    Whilst Mr Ayre has been bellowing and churning out the company spiel the fans do not have a clue as to how LfC will compete for trophies going forward.
    How do they intend to finance the redevelopment of Anfield/ or move to new ground.
    What expectations do LfC have in the PL we are miles behind Man C and buying crap to compete isn't going to cut it.
    We also have to look at the fact that we are no longer the force we once were.
    I have never thought that these morons have a clue as to how the PL franchise works and I hope I am proved wrong but so far it isn't looking good.
    I will revisit this concern at the end of the coming season which might placate some concerns but I won't hold my breath.