8 Jun 2012

New 'keeper? Is the man Rodgers has lined up to replace Reina? Let's hope so...

As Brendan Rodgers himself has acknowledged, some Liverpool fans are not happy with the Northern Irishman's appointment. Clearly, that's to be expected as you can't please all the people all of the time, and that apparently includes some of the current Liverpool squad. Yesterday, Pepe Reina (belatedly) offered his public support to the new manager, but the fact remains that on the day Rodgers was appointed, Reina's first reaction was to remind everyone that his preferred choice was Rafa Benitez. Well, according to reports in Holland, Reina's time at Liverpool could be coming to an end.

On the 30 May, Swansea City officially confirmed that Rodgers had been offered the Liverpool job, and that a compensation deal had been agreed. A few hours before that, Pepe Reina - one of Liverpool's most senior players - said this to Radio Marca:

"For many of my colleagues and me, Rafa Benitez would be the ideal candidate. It is true I’m not objective, it is the coach who most shaped me. He is the best".

Reina is entitled to his opinion, but to say something so divisive in public is totally out of order IMO, and just served to undermine the manager. What makes it worse is that Reina stated that 'many' of his 'colleagues' wanted Benitez, which raises the unwelcome spectre of dissatisfaction in the ranks.

It's reasonable to assume that when Reina made his 'Benitez is best' statement, he knew Rodgers was going to be appointed. Indeed, Steven Gerrard stated the following a couple of days after the Rodgers announcement was made:

"I can go on record and guarantee he was first choice. I've been kept in the loop all along by the board and the owners"

If Gerrard knew what was going on, then Reina almost certainly would've known, yet he still decided to make his ill-advised and incredibly undermining Benitez statement.

As regular readers will know, I am not a fan of Reina, or indeed any player who regularly displays their lack of loyalty in public. Yes, he made a statement of support 7 days later (!), but his initial reaction is the one that counts.

I am sure Rodgers has taken note of Reina's position, and it would come as no surprise to me if he signed a new goalkeeper over the summer, and according to Dutch football magazine Voetbal International, Rodgers could be about to make a move for Swansea 'keeper Michel Vorm.

The report in Voetball International states that Vorm is interested in following Rodgers to Liverpool, and I personally would love for such a deal to go through. Vorm is a fantastic goalkeeper with great potential, and he showed his worth for Swansea all last season.

Vorm arrived at Swansea from FC Utrecht, and according to General Manager Wilco van Schaik, Utrecht would receive a cut of any future transfer deal. He said:

"We have agreed to a percentage of sales by Michel [Vorm]; The percentage would be around thirty percent".

According to Swansea Chairman Huw Jenkins, Rodgers is barred from signing any Swans players for the next 12 months, but the fine details of the deal have not been made public. There are always loopholes, and if Vorm was to put in a transfer request, I don't see how Swansea could stop him leaving.

Reina is clearly unhappy with the appointment of Rodgers, so Liverpool should cut their losses, sell him to the highest bidder, and - if possible - replace him with Vorm, or some other promising goalkeeper.

Reina will then be free to sign for Benitez at whatever club he ends up at next.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. pepe was dreadful last season. beaten on his near post countless times. still, he is a very good keeper, who needs to up his game. vorm was exceptional last season, but 2nd season syndrome could play a part. give it half a season.

  2. pepe is a world class keeper. i still feel he is the best in the league, cnt see him being replaced by vorm.

  3. Not going to happen. He's not allowed to take any current Swansea players with him for 12 months. This fact has been widely publicised. sorry.

  4. Again you are off on your timing. I don't know where you've been but your last two articles have been wrong on several points.
    The original quote from Reina was at least a week before BR was appointed...but that wouldn't fit into the meme now would it?

  5. Readbeforeburning12:05 am, June 09, 2012

    sorry man but as a keeper that has saved our bacon so many times and being the leagues best keeper (chelsea defence kept cech in the running in my opinion!) reina has a right to comment on the appointment...time will tell whether rodgers is the right man...and as Im irish btw, i wish rodgers the very best of luck, but I will always have great affection and respect for what rafa did under trying circumstances and also for that team, and way we played in 2008. It will take some amazing work to better it. YNWA

  6. Impressed with the way Vorm played in the few games I have seen him play. Like Reina, he seems very comfortable with the ball on his feet .

  7. Look I think Rodgers was honest when he agreed to not go near Swansea players and it would have to 100% a move organised by Vorm. Would love to see him here, and agree completely on being tired of Reina's comments. But Rodgers also knows that Reina is a very good keeper and his ability to create from the back is a big part of the kind of football we want to play. I don't think you'd throw that away because Reina has made a few ill-timed comments unless you have someone lined up who can be just as good.

  8. I think that is an absolute insult to Reina, he has one bad season and he should be out the door? and yet people like Downing and Henderson apparently deserve a second chance? (i personally believe they actually do) but to say reina should be sold after 1 bad season in which most of the team played pretty crap for large parts is and insult and if there is any truth to it at all i hope he does go because he doesn't deserve that at all after previously being one of the best keepers in the PL consistency.
    And as for what he said? absolute crap, there was no manager, somebody asked him about it and he gave his opinion of who he would like, even if he did know rogers was going to be the manager all he did was say who he liked, he didn't say he was the only man he would want to have the job, you also conveniently cut out the part of the quote where he says he would get behind any manger. i actually believe that rodgers was a good appointment, and rafa was not the way but your bias is really annoying, so are your suggestive comments.

  9. Reina would fit Roger's style of play well, if he stays. I was saying halfway through the season that Reina looked disillusioned at playing in a mid table team in the peak of his career. I wouldn't blame him if he wants to leave as the last few seasons have been pretty poor (to say the least) and the good times look like they won't be back until Pepe's getting towards the twilight of his career.

  10. O yes let's hang a man for expressing a view? You state that Reina knew Rodgers would be appointed Liverpool manager when he stated his preference for Rafa Benitez, how the heck do you you know that? Just because Steven Gerrard made his statement doesn't mean everyone knew. If we go back 8 years, 3 players were kept informed by Parry who the club was after as manager, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen, yet senior players such as Sami Hyypia and Didi Hamann weren't. I have no problems in Reina saying he wanted Benitez, he topped the majority of fans polls after all, he has to now give Brendan Rodgers, as do we all , full support. Furthermore Mr Kanwar if you're going to be thrown out for expressing your support for people I, as many others will I'm sure, will see your support of Hicks & Gillett as far more of a sin. 

  11. Theres no way Pepe should be sold he is quality top 3 gk in league for last 5 years. I am 110% behind Rodgers but when first linked with him or Martinez, it did not excite me! But after seeing Rodgers press conference and researching his journey more, I was sold hook line n sinker and believe we got the right man at the right time!

  12. The problem is Reina is influential in the dressing room, and his diviseness could cause problems, which is the last thing Rodgers needs. There was absolutely no need for him to make that Benitez comment, and what makes ut worse is that he suggests lots of other players agree with him.
    What kind of 'leader' says such things in public?

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  13. Jamie Kanwar - you are a joke. All do do is slag Liverpool off all the time. Get a life.

  14. Wrong again, just like when he said Arsene Wenger came to Arsenal from Nagoya rather than Monaco. This blog is gradually outliving its usefulness

  15. pepe is one of the best keepers the pool have had and you can really talk about lack of loyalty you come on here all the time slagging of the team coaches and staff and when it really mattered you took a two week break so do us a favour and dont talk about loyalty you dont know the meaning of the word

  16. Jesus, do some research instead of just making an unfounded assertion. Reina made his.comment on the 31 May; countkess sources confirm that, including the Liverpool Echo. Or are you suggesting they've all got it wrong too?

  17. Yes it does seem a lot of people that come to this site are unaware of his unwavering support for hicks and gillett only 18 months ago. He was wrong then and is still wrong on everything he writes about LFC. Sensationalises everything and omits certain parts of the full quotes. Tut tut if he had his way we would have been out into administration, funny how he disappeared as soon as the texans were run out of the club and he was proved to be so far off the mark about them..

  18. Them comments were said well before brendan was appointed

  19. do you speak Spanish? are you able to make any concession that what was widely reported could have been a casual comment in Spanish and open to possible to being even slightly mistranslated ?

    And I quote (in English)


    “His team has played well this year with an ethos that I share and Liverpool is also known to play the passing game but it is easier said than done,” Reina reportedly told El Pais.“Rodgers is welcomed and I am at his disposal. We have won a trophy this year but it is clear that in recent seasons we should have done better.”"p.s Vorm is a poor keeper and if you did any research at all, many people mentioned him as the possible weak link in the Swansea team of last season. 

  20. True red u are my hero!! So true..

  21. I can't understand why someone doesn't want the second-best goalkeeper of the world champion to stay at anfield. He has got excellent reflexes and is - although he has a lot of experience - able to play a modern football.
    Saying his opinion about his favourite coach is not a sign of disloyality in my opinion.

  22. I won't mind selling Reina as long as we get good price for him and his replacement is better than him. But their aren't many keepers around who are better than him so it will be a difficult task replacing him, my preferred choice would be Tim Krul.

  23. @davidbrownrigg912:40 am, June 09, 2012

    Stop chatting shit lad your making a show of yourself, reina is one of the best keepers in the world, form is temporary class is permanant swerve the swansea keeper shouts, reina is 10 times the keeper he will ever be

  24. dude those quotes where out a week before the appointment of rodgers.  say what ya want about reina, but those quotes were 100% definatly released a week before, no doubt whatsoever. fact.

  25. This has nothing to do with the article - the statement you've posted is what Reina said 7 DAYS after Rodgers was appointed, and he probably only said it because of his earlier negative comment.

    The issue here is that on the day Rodgers was appointed, Reina said the following:

    "For many of my colleagues and me, Rafa Benitez would be the ideal candidate"

    This is totally out of order, especially since he suggests that lots of other LFC players wanted Benitez too.

    As usual though, fans are so wrapped up in their worship of the individual, they're willing to forgive anything, even if it's one of the club's senior players undermining the new manager.

  26. In a team full of over-priced, over-paid, under-performers, (based on the last season and mostly our newest acquisitions), can we really afford to lose our few world class players.

    Yes, Pepe's expressed his frustration at times and didn't perform at his best last season, but I for one still think he's the best in the premiership and we shouldn't be undermining his position with Liverpool or trying to sow seeds of doubt in Brendan's mind (assuming that his gives any credence to your comments anyway). Let's not forget that Stevie G was on the cusp of joining Chelsea, again no doubt frustrated that the team's performance wasn't matching his personal goals. Thankfully he stayed!

    You've never held back from expressing your disdain for Benitez and obviously are very happy to carry this through to anyone who is in any way positive about him.

    Personally, I wanted FSG to re-appoint Benitez, but I've come around to Brendan Rodgers and so far very impressed with how he's conducted himself.

    Very few of our players did well last year, but strangely enough, many of the better players were Benitez imports, Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Lucas (until he was injured). Two other players who were fairly consistently good were Enrique and Suarez. Gerrard is clearly not back to his best, but still important to us.

    As Brendan tries to bring in his style of play he needs to retain as many players as possible that fit that mould. Very few keepers in the entire game would be an improvement on Reina when it comes to Tika-Taka football. He's an excellent sweeper keeper with superb distribution and good with the ball at his feet.

    My initial reaction was the same as Pepe's, but, like I said before, I've been impressed with Rodgers and I'm now looking forward to seeing what he can do. (Despite still believing that Benitez is easily one of the top ten coaches/managers in the game, even though he's currently not working.)

    Maybe Pepe's feels the same as me and took some time to get used to FSG's decision.

    We can't afford to lose our best players and shouldn't be sowing seeds of doubt about them. For me, we must not allow Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Lucas, Gerrard or Suarez to leave. I would also like to see Cole and Aquilani back in the squad, as they would both suit Rodger's style.

    I realise that you have your way of expressing your feelings for LFC and what it stands for, however, in my opinion you frequently go to far. Getting rid of one of the very best keepers in the game and worse than this, one of the very few that would really qualify as potentially superb in Rodger's system, would be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    You could say the same about Suarez and we all know how you feel about him.

    Let's make sure that we keep our best players and help them realise their potential success with our team and not elsewhere and please stop undermining our future success with your constant negativity.

  27. Im sorry but what makes you think you know him so well, Divisiveness? Influence? and if he suggests that lots of players agree with him its probably because lots of the others do, he was their old manager, and as much as i disagree with his reappointment, he did actually win a lot of them silverware

  28. Stop making stuff up!  Reina's quote was NOT out one week before Rodgers was appointed.  Post a link to the quote if that's the case; don't just say it without evidence.  I have provided a link to a reputable source in the article that proves the quote was made on the 31 May; why don't you do the same.

    I'm waiting.

  29. Great article JK, i suspected some time ago that all was not how it should be within the ranks so to speak and i also suggested Reina was a key player in what i thought was/is a clique at the Club preventing us from moving forward with Benitez being the subject of division via Reina & Co.....

    Funny how things have panned out...Reina has exposed what was my fear last season and IMO he should be unceremoniously booted out and replaced with Vorm, i too would be delighted if Rogers brings the Swnsea keeper here, makes me wonder who else might be wanting out because they couldn't force a way back for their beloved benitez....

    If they are players at the Club who are not happy the fcuk them all off i say, Suarez can do one as well as i think he was deffo part of the Reina clique......DO THEY NOT KNOW THAT NO MAN IS BIGGER THAN LFC...???

    Im actually embarrassed for Reina tbh, he must think we're all as thick as he must be....

  30. I don't need to know him well to interpret his *many* public comments.  I've documented all of Reina's ill-advised comments over the last 5 years, and anyone with any objectivity - which you clearly lack - would see the writing on the wall.

    You just do not get it - you are too biased, so there's no point discussing the issue with you.  The fact that you think it's okay for one of the club's senior players to basically diss the appointment of a new manager says it all.

  31. Bullshit, Vorm is savage

  32. i can confirm adam johnson is now an LFC player

  33. So who else do you think we should get
    rid of?

    Pepe Reina reportedly said " For many of my
    colleagues and me, Rafa Benitez would be the ideal candidate". Note not
    manager but candidate. There are no candidates after
    the appointment is made, so the comment must have been made before
    the event even if it was reported later, but appears to be supported by a number of players.

  34. Totally agree, Mitzsu; and you were clearly right about the Benitez clique at Liverpool.  Reina's comments confirm that, yet despite the fact that what he said is unambiguously clear, fans still persist in defending him, which just shows yet again that some fans don't give a toss what their favourite players do or say as long as they're good footballers.  

    Reina made his comment in PUBLIC for feck's sake; he suggested that 'many' other players also wanted Benitez.  It's an unbelievably divisive act, but fans choose to ignore it.  

    It's pathetic.  I agree with you - Reina needs to go. It's not about his ability; that is not in question.  He is potentially a divisive presence in the dressing room, and that is no good for anyone.

  35. I'm still waiting for the a link that proves Reina made his comment a week before Rodgers' appointment...

  36. I'm still waiting for the a link that proves Reina made his comment a week before Rodgers' appointment...

  37. How has he dissed the appointment of the manager? is he no longer allowed an opinion, you also completely ignore the fact that he says "obviously whoever it is will be welcomed at the club" which also implies that he did not know who the manager was going to be.
    http://www.football365.com/mediawatch/7790224/Mediawatch, yes i do like the guy but i am able to act impartially, if he had made this comment when the manager had been appointed then that would have been unacceptable but he didn't. You are the one who who is clearly holding some type of irrational hatred towards the guy.

  38. Once again, absolute nonsense.  With respect, do you have a mind of your own, or do you just parrot what other people say? Reina's comment was made on the 31 May.  If you disagree, post a link showing it was made 'well before' Rodgers was appointed.

  39. I see that you're not prepared to approve my previous comment. What a surprise!

  40. Do you have any more hairs to split over this issue?  You're seriously going to this pointless level of semanticity to defend Reina?!  Obviously, he means that he wanted Benitez as manager; it's nonsense to suggest otherwise.  

    And what good does it do anyone to publicly state that 'many' other LFC players also wanted Benitez?  How does this show solidarity?

  41. hes been gutless for 2 seasons now. lack of respect for rodgers, even though hes been honest. we get 15 mill plus or he sees out his contract on the bench. another sulky spaniard gone. or he simply bucks his ideas up and knuckles down

  42. True...........the last bit

  43. I don't know if anyone watched skysports news two days ago. They were showing stats of the number of cleansheets made by goalies 11/12. They made a bit of a faux pas because when Vorms' name was up it was showing our badge next to his name - genuine. I love Pepe but methinks the Spanish contingent under Rafa is coming to an end.

  44. You all talk about Reina as if he's been rubbish this season. He's not been at his best, but that's still better than most keepers and I'm sure that he will keep his word about being at Rodger's disposal and will be very enthusiastic about playing to Rodger's style.

  45. Lets hope so

  46. You claimed he made the comments to the Echo. He didn't. He gave that quote, allegedly, to the Mirror and it was published two days before the unveil. He could have said it a week before, there's no way of knowing. But the Echo wasn't who he said it to, nor did they claim he was.

    You'll probably delete this comment, just like you did the last one, because that's what you do.

    Sent any emails about Paul Tomkins lately?

  47. utter rubbish. He's not even being looked at.

  48. monkeysandpirates1:08 am, June 09, 2012

    Jamie, you are too biased so there's no point any of us discussing the issue with you.

  49. Jaimie, why did you circulate that email regarding, among other things, Paul Tomkins??

  50. Richardphillips081:09 am, June 09, 2012

    Whilst I have no doubt last season was Reinas worst season for us you could not sell him on that basis. With regards his comments on him saying he wanted Benitez back, everybody is entitled to an opinion! We don't know the full context of the conversation or what the journalist has missed out.
    As fans we are allowed to question every decision the club or player make without recourse but a player can't say anything without being accused of being disloyal?

    If a better goalkeeper is available we should sell Reina however I don't think cassillas, hart or Nuer are available so I would stick by him

  51. Ah, right. So I take it you are not biased in any way, shape or form, right?  Please, stop being so hypocritical - every football fan is biased, including you, and what's so wrong with that anyway?  Why should I be impartial?  This is not the BBC; it's fan site, and I am a fan with an opinion.  I state my view and discuss/debate it, just like every other fan.

  52. Of course its an 'IMO' when you express an honest opinion but its a public display of disloyalty when a player does it...

    The very thing you accuse Reina of.. your guilty of at least twice a day Jaimie.

    You have your favourite players, managers etc , as we all do, and those you dont care for too much, as we all do..

    It's clear that for you Reina fits into the latter, so as with all of these guys you set an agenda to blow up any perceived short comings or indiscretions on their behalf.

    As a guy that set up a LFC website that posts to thousands of readers
    every day are you not as guilty of(so called) public displays of disloyalty as
    Reina ??

    Personally I was interested to get an insight into some of the players views of who our next manager should be.. and he has since pledged his support for Rodgers(mindful of the fact we're in the middle of euro 2012 so theres an understandable delay in club talk).. so whats the big deal ??

    Also it's nonsensical to suggest that somebodys inital statement on anything is the one that counts .. and they should be judged solely on that.. without course to revise. Your simply dismissing Reinas support for Rodgers and your ever increasing polarization of certain Liverpool players is plainly evident.

  53. Don't need to split hairs, Reina's comments (made in Spanish in an interview on La Marca radio) were reported in the Chester Chronicle on 31st May, Brendan Rodgers was confirmed as LFC manager on 1st June.

  54. Reina's interview was not to the Liverpool Echo. It was to Radio Marca in Spain, as he was away with the Spanish team in preparation for the Euros.
    Reina's statement is on Marca's site, timed at 3.20 pm on 30th May (http://www.marca.com/2012/05/30/futbol/futbol_internacional/espanoles_mundo/1338384037.html?a=PR34e4b9fcd2d72c7aa3ff2d69c3f146a66&t=1339200806)

    The Swansea statement regarding Rodgers was (according to the Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-fc/liverpool-fc-news/2012/05/30/brendan-rodgers-leaves-swansea-post-liverpool-fc-manager-deal-imminent-100252-31080513/) made at 7.50 pm the same day.

    So Reina's statement was made before any official or unofficial announcement from Swansea (or Liverpool) about the manager's position.

  55. So what if he said he wanted Benitez. It doesn't mean he's gonna try get rid of Rodgers.
    I think your trying to make something out of almost nothing. I'll admit its not a nothing quote but almost nothing.
    Why don't you right about Pachecos tweet or something

  56. http://www.anfieldroad.com/news/lfc/2012-05-30/5957/pepe-reina-rafa-benitez-is-the-coach-who-made-me.html/

  57. monkeysandpirates1:26 am, June 09, 2012

    *If* Reina made the statement on the day you say he did (and so far Jamie I'm still waiting for you to post a link proving it wasn't made a week earlier), then yes, Swansea might have told the press that BR had been offered the job. But a few days earlier Wigan were telling the press that Martinez had been offered the job. And a dozen other managers had been strongly linked to us by the press. There was likely no reason to think the BR press story was any more truthful than the others.

    There's no particular reason to assume Reina knew that the BR press rumour was any more realistic than the others. Especially as, if anyone in the team was likely to know more about what was going on, it'd be Stevie G - and *he* was making statements welcoming Martinez to the club.

    According to the press Pepe said he'd prefer Rafa. According to the press now he welcomes BR. If you put your trust in newspaper quotes then trust the good as well as the bad. Not just the ones that support your latest anti-Reina/Suarez/Rafa/Daglish/Downing/Johnson/Adam/Henderson/Carroll line of blogs.

  58. Jamie.. When I first heard about the comments from Reina, I would have expected it to be from an interview recorded a few days prior to quotes appearing in the press.. I have a link from 'Anfield Road' dated May 30th:
    Now this disproves your statements.. So an apology needed I think..!

  59. Making a comparison between what I write and what LFC players say in public is incredibly tenuous, and I think you know that.

    I don't work for LFC; I am not paid tens of thousands of pounds a week for my loyalty to the club; I do not represent the club in public; I do not have a duty to present a unified front to the outside world.  

    The theme tune of most managers - especially LFC managers - is unity and solidarity (nary a Dalglish press conference passed last season without the word 'togetherness' being used).  In what universe is does Reina's comment about Benitez promote solidarity?

    Reina is entitled to his opinion like everyone else, but he has a duty to moderate what he says in public, and suggesting that 'many' LFC players wanted Benitez back is clearly out of order, especially given the timing.

    It's inconceivable that Reina did not know that Rodgers was going to become the new manager.  Players are always told of a new appointment before the press; that is a fact, yet I'm sure there will be people who argue the opposite. 

    Swansea announced on the 30th May (Thursday) that a compensation deal had been reached with LFC over Rodgers. 


    This is one full day before Reina's statement.  Are we to believe that Reina did not know that Rodgers would be the manager at this point?!  Seriously, anyone who believes that needs to wake up.  He knew, yet ONE DAY LATER, he made his comment about Benitez.

    Looking at the situation objectively and without bias, that is deliberately undermining behaviour.

  60. Mythical_Kraken1:29 am, June 09, 2012

    Jaimie, you have to dates / times wrong.

    Reina gave his interview to Radio Marca during preparation for the Euros (not to the Liverpool Echo). The transcript of the interview was published on their website at 3.20pm on 30th May (http://www.marca.com/2012/05/30/futbol/futbol_internacional/espanoles_mundo/1338384037.html?a=PR34e4b9fcd2d72c7aa3ff2d69c3f146a66&t=1339200806). You'd accept, I'm sure, that the interview therefore took place before then.

    Swansea's statement on Rodgers was released (according to the Echo), at 7.50pm the same day (http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-fc/liverpool-fc-news/2012/05/30/brendan-rodgers-leaves-swansea-post-liverpool-fc-manager-deal-imminent-100252-31080513/), so at least 4 hours after Reina had given his interview to Marca.

  61. The quote came from The Mirror. Reputable? obviously open to debate. Considering the echo is effectively owned by the Mirror, its always likely they are gonna report things from there almost by rote.

    Would love to know where (and when) Reina is alledged to have made those comments as beleiving what the mirror report , particularly around the days of rodgers appointment, is foolhardy and naive at best.

  62. I love how it's fine for you to say someone is too biased but if someone calls you bias they are hypocrites. But in the end that's the beauty of being a football fan, everyone has a bias Opinion

  63. First, they are not 'newspaper quotes' - they are quotes from Reina that happen to be reported in a newspaper.  There is a difference. You make it sound like the quotes are inherently unreliable, which is not the case.

    Secondly, there is a link in the article to a reputable source showing that the quote was made on the 31st.  A simple google search will also bring up about 20 other sources that confirm the date.

    Thirdly, on the 30 May - one day before Reina's statement - Swansea officially announced that they'd reached an agreement with LFC over compensation for Rodgers.  Even if Reina wasn't informed internally of what was going on (extremely doubtful), then the compensation deal is a cast iron guarantee that Rodgers would be getting the job.

    Despite that, 24 hours AFTER the Swansea announcement, Reina made his comments about Benitez.  Why?! Why would someone do that?  It's just blatantly undermining behaviour, pure and simple.

  64. Falling_star19941:34 am, June 09, 2012

    I agree that maybe what he said may have been a bit rash, but to say it is disloyal to the club is a bit far if he had openly rubbished the appointment of Rodgers then I would say yes, but the fact of the matter is for any of the Liverpool team to express who they wanted to be manager is up to them. If every time a player made a comment that could be construed or deemed as inappropriate was kicked out of a club. No one would have any players left. I think he has had better seasons at Liverpool but then you could say that about most of the players at the club who have been there longer than a year. Steven Gerrard didn't play at his best last season will they sell him. Of course not. Stupid article there is as much credibility to this as Angela Merkel's economic policies.

  65. how long before JK turns on Brendan rodgers?... i give it til november, all this guy ever does is turn on LFC... you MUST be a man u fan!...you spend too much time writing about my club, go write about SAF or something... just tell us how great he is!...

  66. Nice twisting of my words there.  Bravo!

    I called monkeysandpirates 'hypocritical' because he was calling me biased when he is also biased.

    I did not call him a hypocrite purely for being biased.  There is a major difference.

  67. Lol, so much denial....

    Im not being funny but it does make me laugh how we EXPECT such high levels of players etc YET most of the damage to our Club over the last 2 seasons has been largely self inflicted.....

    Thankfully benitez is not coming back and Rogers im sure is fully aware of the resistance he will encounter from certain players at the Club like Reina and certain fan's of which he as spoken about already....

    Fact is we have to move on, Reina should be off loaded because for the last 2 seasons (ever since rafa left...) he has been totally inconsistent as have certain other players....which have resulted in us losing our standing in the prem and losing 2 managers who granted may not have been world class but still....enough is enough is it not???

    Or do we want to continue in this vein until FSG are forced to sell the Club...because certain players (who are paid millions each season...) are not happy that the manager they want isn't coming back...so they don't perform to the level that they can....

    IMO Reina should be sold and replaced we simply cannot afford to "hope" he will tow the line under Rogers, his statement is divisive and he probably wants to leave anyway.....IF HE WAS HONES ABOUT IT.....

    Happy to see the back of him if he goes, for sure.

  68. Hi Matt,
    Jamie won't talk about the Pacheco tweet because Pacheco's explanation of his tweet gives support to the idea that the FA's reaction to Suarez's comments to Evra was way over the top......Oh, and let's remember that Pacheco is a native Spanish speaker, but probably with a better grasp of our culture as he's spent more time here than Suarez, and yet he openly admits to calling Johnson "Negrito" and clearly Johnson is not in any way offended.

    Of course, anything positive about Suarez is not welcome from Jamie, who is happy to lose our world class players on the basis of misguided principle.

    also, for the poster who earlier expressed happiness at the thought of losing the rest of our Spanish contingent, let's remember who the reigning European and World champions are. What does he want to see? losing our best Spanish players and what, get some more British talent like Downing, Adam, Carroll etc. Now, I sincerely hope that these players up their game this coming season, but let's treasure our talented Spanish players (or those that we still have) and stop all this jingoistic, xenophobic rubbish.

    We should aim to retain and obtain the best players to suit our style of play, wherever they come from and allow them the time to adapt to our culture and not jump on them if they make the odd PR faux pas.

  69. Ah, so now the source is inaccurate? What about the 20+ other sources (including the Liverpool Echo, ESPN, Metro, Goal, Sky Sports etc) - are they all bad sources too?

  70. Swansea City announced that Rodgers had been offered the job on the 30 May, and also stated that a compensation deal had been reached:


    Reina spoke to Radio Marca on the same day the above was announced. f you want to persist in thinking that Reina had no clue that Rodgers was being appointed, then that's down to you.

  71. What does Pacheco's tweet have to do with anything?  If that interests you then go and read about it somewhere else.

  72. Its amazing the amount of times you claim to be looking at situations objectively and without bias..

    Yet in response to a post on this thread(monkiesandpirates) you say 'every football fan is biased' and 'whats wrong with that?' .. indeed.. but you also call said poster a 'hypocrite'

    So what does that make you Jaimie ??

    I think thats what they call shooting oneself in ones foot !!

    You constantly claim during any debate that your looking at things objectively and without bias when clearly your not.. so stop claiming to be !!

    As I ve already stated your continued polarization of certain Liverpool players is evident for all to see.

  73. To Jamie K, did you not see the brendann rodgers article where he said himself that reina was top quality and the foundations were there starting with reina because he grew up with the mentality of pass and move with barca. (although i do agree a good back up keeper should certainly push reina back to his best)

  74. 30th May 2012
    Speaking to Radio Marca, Reina said:“The truth is that they have sounded out a lot of coaches [for Liverpool FC].“Obviously whoever it is will be welcomed at the club but Rafa Benitez, for me, is the coach who made me and I cannot be objective about him because, for me and, I believe, for a lot of my team mates, he is the best and in my opinion would be the ideal candidate.”

  75. monkeysandpirates1:59 am, June 09, 2012

    But, both in the original article, and again in this comment you say that Reina made his sttement BEFORE Swansea officially announced anything about job offers or compensation. So at the time it was still just rumours.

    Are you also planning a line of anti-Stevie G blogs for getting quoted saying what a great manager Martinez would be for Liverpool?

    Is that disloyalty that should see him sold? Of course it's not. Liverpool didnt have a manager, players gave honest quotes. Now Liverpool do have a manager, players are behind him.

    And as for all your anti-Reina stuff, he's had one bad season. Alonso had one bad season, Rafa looked at replacing him, and you Jamie K have never stopped slamming Rafa for that mistake.

  76. I don't claim to look at all situations objectively and without bias; I look at some situations (and elements of situations) objectively.  For example: Reina's comment - I remove all pro-LFC bias from the equation and look at his comment in isolation, and given the timings etc, the only objective conclusion is that Reina knew that Rodgers was being appointed yet still expressed his public preference for Benitez. 

    Every football fan is biased, including me, but that does not preclude the possibility of looking at certain things objectively.

    I called that poster hypocritical because he criticised me for being biased (!), yet he - as a football fan - is also biased.

    Re my polarization of certain LFC players - you're right, and I do not try and hide it. It's nothing personal - I just feel the following players are not good for the club:

    * Reina - consistently makes disloyal public statements, and has done for the last 3-4 years. Divisive and a negative influence on the dressing room (IMO - based on his conduct over the last 5 years)

    * Suarez - Gifted but trouble, and has caused Liverpool more problems and embarrassment than any other player in the club's history. Plus, he is a self-confessed cheat, and he's admitted that he will handle the ball again if it gives LFC an advantage.

    * Carroll and Downing - Not good enough and never will be. A total waste of money, and not the type of players to build a technically proficient team around.

    * Johnson - A defensive liability, and that was proven again last season when his many mistakes led to opposition goals.

    I do not hide the fact that I would like to see these players sold, but in that regard, I am no different to anyone else - most fans have a list of players they would like to see replaced.

  77. Fact!!?? That's complete crap and you know it. You don't and have never been involved in elite level football so I say you cut the BS because you know nothing. Pathetic

  78. The interview was on the 29th on radio marca. So it wasn't a week but it was certainly before he knew BR would later be appointed. I know you're always looking for something to slate LFC with but your wrong here mate-give it up.

  79. Right, so first you say Reina made his comments a week before Rodgers was appointed, and now you say it was the 29th? Once again, that's not correct. Here is the transcript of the Radio interview from the 30 May, from Marca's website.


    The interview took place on the 30th, not the 29th. Swansea announced the compensation deal with LFC, and the job offer, on the 30th.

  80. Please stick to not insulting fans

  81. Oh come on, you can't be so naive to think that the newspapers put down quotes word for word, and just because the "quote" was published on the day, doesn't mean the quote happened on the same day, in fact, that is logistically impossible

  82. 2 points:
    1. It is not obvious from his statement that Reina knew Rodgers would be appointed. From Gerard's statement, we might presume he knew Rodgers was the first choice.

    2. Reina did state on the 30th he would welcome whoever was appointed.

  83. Speaking on Banoog's behalf if I may, surely the points are 1. Reina says that whoever comes in will be welcomed, which he has supported by his subsequent comments in the press.
    And 2. Reina himself admits that it's hard for him to see past Benitez as he feels that Rafa has helped him to be the player that he is and that some of his team-mates feel the same. This doesn't translate into divisive, or that they'll work together to get Rodgers out. There's nothing wrong with his comment and frankly the timing is irrelevant. The key thing is that he has since offered his full support to Rodgers and in my opinion is most likely genuinely looking forward to playing for him.

  84. Reina: "Benítez es el entrenador ideal para el Liverpool"
    "Bien es cierto que no soy objetivo, es el entrenador que más me ha marcado... el mejor"
    Gregorio García. Madrid30/05/12 - 15:20.imprimeenvíaCerrarEnvía esta noticia por correo electrónico a:Email de tu amigoTu nombreTu emailComentarioEnvíalo a varias personas separando los correos con comas 20


    El vestuario del Liverpool sigue sin 'inquilino' para la próxima temporada y su portero titular, el español Pepe Reina, tiene muy claro quién sería el entrenador ideal para el conjunto de Anfield Road. Y éste no es otro que Rafa Benítez, que ya dirigió a los 'Reds' entre 2004 y 2010 y con los que consiguió, entre otros, el título de la Champions League un año después de llegar al club inglés.El portero, que actualmente está concentrado con la selección española preparando la Eurocopa, aseguró que "están sonando muchos nombres y el que venga será bien recibido. Pero para muchos de mis compañeros y para mí, Rafa Benítez sería el candidato ideal. Bien es cierto que yo no soy objetivo, pues es el entrenador que más me ha marcado... es el mejor". -Puedes escuchar el 'audio' de Radio Marca aquí a la derecha-.

    This was reported the day before. 30/12
    The original is also there if you google it. If it was reported mid afternoon the day before, when was it actually said?


  85. Jesus Christ, its a blatant/deliberate attempt at undermining the new manager, no matter how you try to spin it....

    Its the same old crew who defend Suarez and all his sins who are now rallying around Reina and trying to defend him....

    Is it too much for us to try and recognize that we do have issue's that need addressing re some of our players...? Afterall it is they IMO who are responsible largely for our fall from grace.....like Reina wasn't letting them in for fun last season ffs...???

  86. How can you claim to have removed all bias when addressing Reinas comments when you freely admit that you are indeed biased towards the player not being at the club ???? 

    It's contradictory and hypocritical.. and not possible.

    You certainly wouldn't be selected for a jury on that basis.

    On countless occassions you roll out your 'objective and unbiased' line.. as if your the only one capable of doing so and the conclusion you reach therefore has to be the right one... QED

    We all have opinions .. and I certainly try to look at things as objectively as is possible for any supporter but just because I come to a different opinion to yours doesn't make me ignorant of the facts or wrong.

    I just wish you'd stop undermining people who have come to a different opinion to yours on a subject with the same old rethoric of 'objectvieity and unbiasedness' you claim to exercise.

  87. Absolutely Pigman. Furthermore, I would add that stating the full quote does alter the context of Reina's statement.

    Lastly, in response to other comments on this site, I am not averse to Reina being moved on, as long as he is replaced by someone of equivalent or better quality. If that is possible, then there would be no argument from me.

  88. Jamie ,hes paying homage to his mentor, his coach, who guided him and has been a father figure. Its a beautiful emotion: gratitude, for someone who has been influential to your career. This is true for any profession. "benitez is the coach who made me." "for me and a lot of my teammates hes the perfect coach." just because some tabloid spices it up with some out of context remarks,you dont need to buy it. And for the record,if you to talk about love and loyalty to the club, i genuinely feel he loves lpool as much as any of us.given us his best years,you should see him at interviews,even at spanish events,his eyes light up while talking bout lpool.
    He is influential because he has earned the freindship n trust of his teammates not because he is cunning and divisive.he is an extremely likable person,check out spains victpry celebration.
    So he doesnt have a course in public communications,youre going to crucify him?
    He is not just a name on a team sheet.

  89. Jamie Kanwar you have no idea what your talking about, Rodgers can't sign any players from his old club for 12 months, that was part of the comp deal with the swans. Do some proper research before writing dribble!!!!!!!!!

  90. His point is that you (AGAIN) took someones quote out of context !!

    The full quote is far from the treasonous act you've claimed he's guilty of !!

    In fact it kind of blows your whole Pepe rant out of the water..

  91. It's perfectly possible to look at a quote in isolation in an objective manner, even if you're biased against the person making the commenr. Using your jury analogy - jurors are human beings, and they have to do what I just described all the time. Example: x is accused of murder. The jurors are show horiffic pics of the murder, and the prosecution paints a compelling case. At this stage, jurors will inevitably form an opinion of the accused; it's ju human nature. Then, during the ensuing defence, they have to put aside bias against the.. individual and consider his statements on merit.

    Re football, I'll give you an example: I want LFC to sell Suarez, but during the Evra situation, i defended him in more detail and at greater length than any other site/news provider. That is a prime example of looking at certain things objectively despite personal bias.

  92. Only 2 teams conceded less goals in the premiership last season Man U and ManC, so I hardly think he was letting them in for fun!  Also we won one cup and got to the final in the other, which means that for most of our cup games we conceded less goals than our opposition.

    About Suarez, he was our leading scorer and our best creative player, so Reina and Suarez are not the players to blame for our fall from grace!!

    Both of these players have made positive comments about Rodgers and or his style and both will fit into his style of play better that any of our other players.

  93. Keep telling yourself that. The full quote changes nothing - Reina still said that he and 'many' other LFC players wanted Benitez. What came before or after is irrelevant - he shouldn't have said, especially given the timing.

    People will convince themselves of anything to defend their precious idols. The idea that Reina did not know that Rodgers would be the new LFC manager is just ridiculous. The players would've been told way before any announcement from Swansea or LFC on the matter. The radio interview and the Swansea announcement about compensation/Rodgers being offered the job took place on the same day, and we're expected to believe that one of LFC's most senior players knew nothing about it?!

  94. Perhaps you should learn to read. I directly reference the 12 month deal in the article.

  95. Precious idols ?? No need to be so facetious..

    As if you've never had any idols ..

    I'm sure I could make up a dossier on Fowler (a real idol of mine also) to sully his name too if I so chose to.. Nearly everybody can be painted in a bad light if we shine it in the right (or wrong areas)

    Pardon me for choosing to defend someone who I believe has served Liverpool with excellece and distinction over the past 6 years..

    Of course it all goes back to your utter contempt for Rafa.. Had those comments been made in similar fashion about say KD I'm sure they 'd have been let slide..

    Look jaimie you obviously have it in for Reina so anything further you say on the matter is to be taken with a shovle of salt

  96. davewestausregularguest3:42 am, June 09, 2012

    LET'S HOPE NOT !!!  he runs sround like a headless chook when he gets the ball !  He's another Diouf !

  97. What do any of us really 'know'? It seems a case of he said this...blah blah blah.... How about we let Mr. Rodgers sort out the team, after all he IS the manager, if he feels he can't work with Reina, I'm sure he'll do something about it

  98. Jamie, are you so determined that LFC shouldn't have such players as Reina, Suarez and Johnson within the team (three players that IMO are essential to Rodger's style and our future success) that you intend to continue to undermine these players and campaign for their removal, even to the detrement of the team.

    If Rodger's decides also, that they are in the centre of his plans will you let it go and get behind the whole team, including these players.  People make mistakes or even just errors of judgment, we all do, but does that mean that these players are forever doomed in your book, never to receive your support again.

    All three players that I have just mentioned are very talented and are worthy to wear the shirt.  Please give it a rest and get behind your team and by team I mean the whole team.  If Rodgers moves any of these players on, then by all means say whatever you want, but for now support them, please!

  99. One of the few times I completely agree with you, JK.

    Reinas attitude has not been the best past couple of months..

  100. Very unfortunate and somehow low quality post Jamie. I'm a little surprised. To me no reason to assume reina knew of BR signing when he expressed this opinion. Your assumption is not consistent with what LFC supporters know and appreciate about reina, namely that he is a consummate professional and loyal servant to the club and every manager he's worked with. Therefore an unjustified assumption whether he made the comment a week before or the day of. In any case, I do believe reina needs competition and Vorm is a good potential. However, I think you're off again in suggesting reina should go, a poor last season notwithstanding. I'm hard pressed to think of a better keeper in any league with ball at feet and that's going to be a critical repertoire for the style BR wants to impose... BrooklynRed

  101. Actually, I had spent almost 2/3 hrs everyday in "Newsnow Liverpool", in those "manager less days" & read the comments by Pepe just after appointment of BR.  I also thought, it was very unprofessional & sort of disrespectful for a senior member to say something at the point of appointing the new manager.  BR was never my first choice (7th after AVB, Klopp, Rafa, Deschamps, Guardiola & Van Gull, realistic 2nd after AVB) but after appointment, he is our gaffer & that's the final word.

    I also think, Pep should leave now.  For last 3 years, every time twice he is stressing the team & management on exit talks.  He is one of the better keepers in EPL (but not the best - Chelsea, MCity & NCastle keepers are better)but not every transfer window you should hear exit threats from your senior pro.  Moreover, he played trick by saying "many of".  I think, we should look beyond Pepe. 

    Having said that, I don't want Vrom & Doni as well.  "Home grown" quota is going to hurt us badly as I don't see Downing & Carroll surviving in BR team much longer, Bellami & Carra is in their last few months & Johnson might leave for Real.  We can't keep 2 "non Home Grown" keeper in the squad.  Among the very few positions, that I think England's domestic talent is sufficient is at Goal Post (other is probably CB).  I would suggest to get rid of both Pepe & Doni, & acquire Robinson or Green as first keeper & Pickford as the understudy.

    Either way don't want to see Pepe staying & Vorm replacing him.        

  102. First off you picked up on the jury analogy and went off the point completely..

    I said you wouldn't be 'selected' on the basis that your biased against the person..

    And indeed you wouldn't.. If you were called to sit on a Jury on any case and professed to being biased (good or bad) against either party you would be dismissed on the basis that you could not be impartial.(although I'm sure you'd argue otherwise with the crown prosecution !)

    As for your defence of Suarez.. Jumping on the 'suarez is a racist bandwagon' wasn't an option because he wasn't found guilty of being a racist

    You claim you don't let personal bias get in the way of looking at issues objectively but I and many others would claim otherwise.. as this article clearly demonstrates.

    But of course we're all wrong and the infallible JK is as ever right .. ('not' joke applicable here)

  103. Jamie, I feel it's YOU who is divisive and undermining Liverpool. The interview was PUBLISHED on 30th May, same day as the announcement of BR as manager. There is a chance that the interview took place a day earlier, or even if it's on the same day, the official announcement by Swansea/Liverpool was made after the interview (albeit all on the same day). I've read the transcript of the interview, nothing was mentioned by the journalist that BR has just been appointed the NEW Liverpool manager (it was such HOT news for the day that surely the journalist would have mentioned the new appointment to Reina if the journalist knew about it). But NO, the journalist DID NOT bring up the appointment of BR when he interview Reina. I wouldn't think Reina, even if he likes Rafa, has such low intelligence to make such a comment so soon after BR's appointment! Reina has subsequently made a public statement of support for BR (better late than never, & still better than no comments from other players). I'd just stay at that. You're a self-confessed anti-Reina fan, & creating a mayhem when there is/was never a case.

  104. Jamie, did you also took into account that on 29th/30th May (whatever) Reina was busy preparing for Euro2012? It's perfectly valid and possible that he doesn't know what's going on. I doubt Stevie G while also busy training in the midst of Euro2012 would be so free to engage in "gossip" and updating every colleagues about the impending appointment of BR.

  105. Excellent point.. If Gerrard, as he claims, was always in the know about Rodgers being the No.1 choice, what the hell was he rabbiting on about Martinez for ???

    Is that not considered to be undermining the new manager.. ??

    Oh no of cousre not..He's not on Jaimies misfits list ..

  106. I'm still sure that Pepe can get back to top form if we give him proper coaching. We haven't had a settled GK coach since Xavi Valero left. Apparently this was one of the things that Kenny planned to address, hopefully Rodgers realises this is important.

  107. Interview was 'published' not 'done' on 300512, everyone [including Reina] was still speculating to put it lightly Jamie.  Lets not presume things based on the media and to put a stop to it BR will not be able to sign any Swansea player for a set and agreed period.

  108. Jamie you are an absolute joke you and Rodgers Reina has given more to our club than you and Rodgers and all of the people on here so if he is not happy with Rodgers being the manager than so be it, he wasn't the only player that wanted Rafa, so he siad it publicly who cares, get over it, when are you going to relize that this is the modern day game, players will say what they feel.
    As for Rodgers, well here is another Swansea player on his list, do you and all the clowns that back him think that creating a team like Swansea is going to get us back to the top, well what a load of bullshit, yes they did well, but as for playing the Barca style what utter crap.
    Rodgers is being a sook because Reina never wanted him, so what a few players don't want him,even a manager needs to prove himself and if some people are not happy tough titties.
    As for him saying it public who cares thats his choice he has done a fantastic job in the past and he has earn't that right.

  109. " lack of loyalty " the words arse kettle teapot calling black , come to mind

  110. talk like this doesn't help, players are asked one question which is then turned into another question bringing an answer that the player did not state. lets see what transpires with the pre season then judge . by the way jamie who do you like at our club?

  111. This article has no legs at all @Oliverdaly29.  Reina remains probably the best keeper in the epl and the world, mistakes were made, why then was the goalkeeping coach fired?  Players have a right to express their opinion like Jamie, Lucas had at least 2 bad seasons, do we sell him now?  It is common sense to note that No Swansea player will move to us in the foreseeable future, the problem is the negativity in this article, and the assumption of deep knowledge [I doubt that Reina is divisive as JK has never been in the change-room] This is one player that continues to serve us well, should be permanent deputy captain [remember Spain after winning the world cup? The chap is a natural influential person, but does not say much to the press like Carra, Hendo and now Downing and so deserves the respect of all supporters, we will not search for something that does not exist. YNWA

  112. A one season wonder?  Please remember most pple posting here have a wealth of footabll knowledge, thats why you are not the LFC manager.

  113. If you had not noticed JK, all these sources always use different headlines for the same article, check out the Diame article published a day or two ago to prove my FACT.

  114. Reina is a good goalie and has served LFC well. But if he is unhappy and wants to leave ? he should go. His mistakes cost us valuable points last season. I said mistakes because no footballer goes into any game halfheartedly wanting  to lose a game. Unless he is on the take , which is not the case here. 

    I think BR should bring in a top GK to put the pressure on Reina. He has been far too comfortable in his position, that he has become complacent 
    and reckless at times. When Reina sees his position is in threat he will either want to leave or up his game. That is his choice.

    The PL is not short of some fantastic, top goalies. Just look at the first half of last season. Some of these GK's came to Anfield and showed us their superb skills which eventually made a big difference on the outcome of games and points earned. A GK's performance is crucial and margin of error should be zero. Reina made many glaring mistakes last season which cost us. 

  115. Kyriakidou Catherine7:21 am, June 09, 2012


  116. Valero is back this season and I think that will be a huge factor in Pepe getting back to his best.

    Initially I felt it wouldn't be a disaster if we lost him....but the more I think about it, the more I think we need to keep hold of him and get him back to his best, when he is undoubtedly one of the best in the league. He has earns the right to be forgiven one bad season.

    Also, he is clearly a big personality and respected figure in the dressing room. If he leaves, I think plenty of our other top players will follow.

  117. this is the 'correct' take on the interview showing the full context not the selectively edited one used in this article by JK, where is the disloyalty, divisiveness claimed by JK

  118. No doubt he is one of the best. But if you do not live up to that standard week in week out you have to go. Nobody can be top forever. GK's are humans. We age, As you age your conditioning training regime has to change. You can't be doing the same training when you were 20 at 30? If you sit on your laurels you will eventually fall. And we do not want that at LFC.

  119. And who are these so called "TOP" players? 

  120. I have the same question Jamie? Is there any player you actually like at our club? Also it would be good if you actually had some positive news on this site about LFC. You always seem to look for a negative spin to everything.

  121. How can you be honest when you failed to check the full text of the interview? in your opinion/honest opinion? We are not mugs, every player/support has every right to do the same.
    Stop bringing irrelevant rants about players that give a hundred percent to the club becoz they had a blip, @Pigman,  @Oliverdaly29 Banoog have clearly put the simply question of how the article can represent the truth.1-date of the interview and publishing are different
    2-Reina clearly does not know who the next manager is
    3-He is ready to work with the new manager
    4-He clearly conceded less goals with bar the Manchs side [you seem to have a soft side for]
    4-He has a right to express an opinion like everyone else
    How many players have made comments on which manager they would like to work with?? Lots especially with Morinhou, Purple Nose, Wenger, that will be wrong when there is a sitting manager.
    I doubt that you are an LFC supporter or are you trying to bolster your influence with JK, what a shame.  Players that should be moved are there for everyone to see, Hendo, Downing, Adam, why not comment on the obvious.

  122. JK I would love to read your revised take on the 'full text' of Reina's interview not part of it, as you have made serious comments about his commitment[he is 100% on], divisive [no way, been in dressing room lately?], influential [he is the d-captain], flop [conceded less bar both Manchs only].  You may remember the poll article where I pointed out that the question asked, text quoted is meant to drive or shape people's opinion for or against someone, something, had you used the full context we would have taken it more analytically. I await Sir.

  123. Jaimie K get a f@#king life!!

  124. If any of this is true or becomes true. Liverpool will just be a medeorca team with no potential or competitiveness for the league or Europe

  125. I can't believe I've just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading such nonsense. Jamie, I'm not sure what your agenda is, but it seems clear to me that your goal is to undermine Liverpool FC at every opportunity.

    Gentlemen (and ladies, of course) reading this "blog" - I urge you to treat it with the contempt it deserves and not give the author the oxygen he craves by taking his "bait" and responding to him. If you don't respond, he'll just have to move on and try to create some other unnecessary mischief...

  126. It's funny how when Torres left he was hated by many after saying that he wanted more and he wanted to win Trophies, what do some of you people think these players are, they want to win and if they think their club is not heading in the same direction as them, then they have every right to voice their opinion, we crucified Torres when he wanted out because he wasn't happy and now heres Reina voicing his concerns and his preference and here you all go again, sell him, kick him out, he has been rubbish for two seasons what a joke.
    I have some news for you people the team has been shit for two seasons, Pepe has paid us back and has given us some great moments and this is how we treat him, until you people walk in the shoes of these great footballers, you should not judge, maybe he loves the club and is just not happy with the appointment maybe he is like a lot of our fans and thinks that we had some really good times under Rafa and with the right owners now that maybe Rafa would take us all the way. Now we have some bloke who inherited a Swansea team which were starting to gel with each other, before he came along and is taking maybe too much credit for what they have achieved and he is not happy.
    So before you all pass judgement (you know who you are ) on Pepe think about this, he wanted a manger with a proven record at winning trophies and we get some new guy who really for me is not that great and over rated just like some of the crap we signed last season, but he is not allowed to have his say, shit all you people get to have your say and you guys do nothing.
    But you guys might all be happy when LFC becomes the new Swansea, how many is that now Gilfi, Allen, Vorm and there was one more sorry cannot think of his name, think defender, 4 shit at least you will be able to inherit a few Swansea supporters.
    Id say Rodgers has a contract with Swansea alright and thats to see how much money he can get them from transfers, because there is always a way to get around them isn't that right Jamie, you said above earlier.        

  127.  The recurring point here is that you don't know for SURE one way or the other. You are speculating on incomplete information.

    1) Did Reina make the statement after he knew about BR or before?

     - You don't know for sure. Saying its "inconceivable" does not make it so. You just don't know for sure when he said it to the interviewer or how long it took to be published or even when exactly he was told BR was hired.

    2) Was he being divisive or is it true that he and others at the club preferred Rafa to come back?

     - You don't know either way without speaking to other players.

    3) Is BR really planning to bring in Vorm to replace Reina as a result of those comments?

     - You don't know and there is nothing but the most circumstantial and tenuous reporting to suggest he is.

    4) Is BR even able to buy Vorm according to the compensation agreement between LFC and Swansea?

     - You have nothing but speculation to suggest he could.

    Until you have something substantial to back up these 4 points then I
    can't back you up in your assertions and I think you will not get much
    support for your views until you do.

  128. So we sell everyone that does not perform week in week out shit there goes the whole team.

  129. Couldn't have said it any better!

  130. I totaly agree... Reina has been so
    Loyal to this club and had chances to leave when people would actually understand it and accept it, as The Reds were on a way down with no light at the end of tunnel to see. I know at one point he turned his head when The Gooners came calling but if he really wanted it he could've forced a move - but the fact is that he didn't! Then after one bad season(in which he definitely wasn't alone about) jamie k wants him out for a "promising keeper" vorm... At the age of 28, promising, are maybe the wrong word to use! especially when he's up against a world class keeper in Pepe, 29...
    By the way, I read the article when
    Pepe said what he did about rafa a day before Rodgers was appointed. Then at the day of the appointment, a lot of websites posted the same article (I guess it would make a better story if Rodgers were already at the post)
    And no, I won't waste my time on finding it to confirm it, and I don't care if people believe me.
    And yes Stevie G knew about Rodgers beeing the main man for the post before the appointment... Of course he did - he's the captain...
    Jamie K, I won't waste a minute more of life by reading your ridiculous posts anymore - find something else to do and please support another team, "fans" like you embarrass me...

    Niklas Nikke...

  131. shayan_lfcforever9:13 am, June 09, 2012

    how sure r u..and cn u name the source??

  132. All I know is that the tag after Kanwar's name is proof positive that he is a pretentious tool.

    Poor article. Lazy regurgitation of lazy journalism.

    I've said before, the contact use of the words "SLAMS" and "BLASTS" show this blog for what it is... A half arsed, ill informed effort at tabloid journalism.

  133. Who's convincing who? Selectively quoting Reina makes me suspect your credibility, but your failure to acknowledge the implications of your error taints your credibility even further. What exactly was the question that Reina was asked? What would you have liked him to say?
    If we take your assumptions and presumptions as fact and truth, Reina was actually pretending not to know about Rodger's appointment. Is this what you would have us believe, Mr Kanwar?

  134. Please jamie k piss off mate, I'm fed up reading your shit childish posts.

  135. Jamie k......bell end in chief of the anti Liverpool itk's

  136. I agree with George andfield all the way down to question.

  137. I reckon Rodgers will be keen to work with Reina, if he believes he can get him back to somewhere near his peak powers. Reina is one of the best keepers with the ball at his feet, something which is vital for Rodgers me thinks if he wants to use the same system he used as Swansea.

  138. Crawl back under your rock stirring piece of shyte. You cannot possibly be a Liverpool fan. As always you're story is incorrect defamatory conjecture based on absurd assumptions. I hope Reina sues you or forces you off line. 

  139. I had the same initial reaction on the day this 'story' hit the net. However, when you read the full quote, it isn't so bad. The timing of the article was after the Swansea statement, but it's certain that the interview was done before Reina knew who the new manager would be - I don't buy that Gerrard was "kept in the loop" at all, I think he overestimates his own importance in the grand scheme of things, especially since he was quoted as backing Martinez only days earlier.
    I think THAT "kept in the loop" comment is as (potentially) divisive as any I've read/heard, when a simple 'I'm looking forward to working with him' would have sufficed. Don't be surprised if the team performance takes a massive nose dive if BR does something to piss Gerrard/Carragher off this season, to the point where he gets the elbow - a la Chelsea/Terry/Lampard.

  140. all a bit handbags at dawn, personally i would like to see a lot more united front between fans, would like to see what brendon does before i start pointing out negatives and positives. actually excited for next season.

  141. I see that there are some people who want to bring a divide on the LFC. It is not a secret that some players and most fans would have welcomed Benitez back at LFC. Reina just was honest about that. I am wondering what type of players BR would bring at LFC. KD bought british average for superstars. BR will be judged by his singnings on the new season. As for the new keaper, yes lfc need another number two to challenge Reina next season as I don't think anyone can replace Reina for next few years.

  142. Jamie these players want Rafa back because lets face it he is not English and he will attract the right players not to mention he with the new owners would win the tittle, he is the only one in 20 odd years to come that close to winning the tittle for us and that is with all the shit Hicks and Gillette put the club through.
    Not to mention he has earned a lot more F#$%^&g respect than what you and your clown friend Mitzu are showing him what he has done for the Academy, one of the biggest supporters of the Hillsbrough tragedy and not to mention the cups he has given us. SHAME ON YOU TWO.

  143. Skysports report clearly states "he is quoted by the Daily Mirror."
    It was from a week or so before and then sat on by the british press so they could use it to undermine the new manager. He was asked who he wants to be new manager - i.e. before they appointed one

  144. haha his point is that he proved you and this entire article wrong...once again!!

  145. Can't afford to hope,well ain't that funny because that mate is exactly what we are doing with Rodgers, Reina has proved to us what sort of a keeper he is, has Rodgers proved anything yet and let me tell you the bigger risk is Rodgers by far when you put into context of what damage he could cause with his signings and financially, so choose your words carefully.

  146. you're an awful moaner jamie. pepe gave his opinion, the way you like to give yours, he made them statements before BR got the job, so he isn't undermining anybody! your taking out of context what he said.

  147. Bloody well said DanieRed couldn't agree more, your a champion mate.

  148. Reina said Rafa would be "ideal candidate" after I'm sure he was asked the question. Why wouldnt he speak well of Rafa? This is all ridiculous really. Reina had poor season yes but has been brilliant for Pool for 6 seasons. You seem do rate Vorm so highly but I doubt you have seen him play much and seem to rate him higher. Yes am sure Reina has been turned over the years as Pool have been so poor for years but so was players like Xabi, Torres, Masch and even Gerrard. How I wish those first players weren't cleared out like u want all the time....clear out Suarez too I guess

  149. Typical JK the king of half truths and misinformation, so what if he says he would have liked Benitez. Benitez was a mentor in his early career.
    He was asked a Q and answered it.
    JK likes to put these non stories out there. Total none story
    Shame on you.

  150. You are such a shit stirrer Jamie, because Reina said he'd rather have Benitez at the club he should go? Players are allowed to have an opinion, I would rather have Benitez, he's a proven winner, Rodgers is a manager who could turn out well. Am I disloyal, no, am i backing Rodgers, yes! Voicing your opinion isn't a problem, if he outwardly criticised Rodgers it would be a different situation. He made comments about his preferred manager, like most fans did, and honestly, from what I've read, Benitez seemed to be everyone's first choice. It doesn't mean we are going to try and force Rodgers out!

    You are a fucking disgrace to suggest that one of Liverpool's longest serving and best player should be kicked out for having an opinion. If thats how we all thought, you'd be kicked out of Liverpool fans, because you criticized a player!

    As for Vorm, he's had an OK season, not a Reina replacement by any stretch of my imagination. Give him a few years being coached by Reina, maybe he'll come good.

  151. Maybe, he was misquoted, after all on another thread on here, it says Martinez has been offered the LFC job "Official"
    Maybe that was a misquote by Whelan, which this site reported as "Official."

  152. It is not from a week before! That point has been debunked by irrefutable evidence. If the interview was given to Marca on the 30 May (Confirmed), how could the quote be made a week before? Plus, The Mirror article was posted on the 31 May:


    Continue sticking your head in the sand though if you must.

  153. Jaimie you are a fcuking retard.. I hate reading your articles so just fcuk off will you? You are an indian? You must stinks like shit.. I'm a Liverpudlian, and I hate your articles using LK Liverpool Kop name, writing about something that I think provoked bad things towards Liverpool..Liverpool doesn't need piece of shit like you..you can delete my comment all you want, but remember my writing..stop wasting your fciuking time by blogging shits.. Fcuk off will you?

  154. jamie k is not a liverpool fan!!! that's a fact!!!! he's just a shit stirer working hard to devise lfc fans!!!!

  155. This is a very poor and muck stiring article - not necessary. Are you sure your LFC?

  156. My thoughts EXACTLY I am sick of Reina shooting his mouth off after each and every season! Is this a ploy for teams to come and get him, or is he just making out he is not happy so they offer him a better salary?
    He has shown nothing the last couple years and probably would suit both parties to see the back of him! If we can get 20m+ I would sell immediately! All he is good fro at the moment is flapping his gloves around once the ball is already in the net!
    He has cost us so many points over the two years... with a new appointment, I say SELL, SELL, SELL!

  157. how Fast you all forget how he saved us hundreds of time that great save from man united and chelsea come on stevie gerrard didnt have great year as well but he also saved us heaps . what a bit of bullshit as well . 75% of us wanted Rafa  and whats the point

  158. EXCLUSIVE: LFC fan website associates with The S*n ahead of Hillsborough anniversary
    14042012Just 24 hours before the emotional service at Anfield to commemorate and pay respect to the 96 Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough in 1989, Liverpool website owner Jaimie Kanwar has been liaising with The S*n.In case anybody needs reminding, that newspaper printed vile stories in the wake of the tragedy falsely accusing LFC supporters of horrendous acts. The articles were pure fiction and The S*n has been boycotted ever since by all right-minded Liverpool fans.However, on the weekend of the 23rd anniversary of the disaster, Kanwar contacted The S*n’s sports editor in order to obtain a story to publish on his Liverpool Kop website!!

  159. So Liverpool have an agreement with Swansea not to poach players for 12 months. 
    But you believe there could/could not be a loop hole, or as you put it if Vorm could put in a transfer request and there would be little Swansea could do.
    That would suggest you condone Liverpool tapping up Vorm, as the only way he would put in a transfer request, is if he knew someone was in for him i.e Liverpool, for him to know that, he must have been tapped up.

     Shame you condone such actions, i thought you had morals.

  160. I find this article very worrying. I've always felt that your Rafa neurosis was in the most part a way to get site clicks, but I understood that you might just not have liked nor respected the way the bloke was running the club, and that's fair enough obviously.

    As you seem to constantly reiterate on your blog, everyone's entitled to an opinion. Some opinions though need to be addressed before they become dangerous. 

    This article is a reaction to 1 poor season by Pepe Reina, and an unfair criticism of an opinion he gave to a Spanish newspaper BEFORE a new manager had been appointed. And again, surprise surprise, it ties in with your neurotic 'hatred' (for mild want of a better word) of Rafa Benitez. 

    If you were so willing to give Roy Hodgson more time in spite of his obvious deficiencies, then I find it seriously disrespectful, and again worrying, that you'd be willing to stab Pepe Reina in the back so callously for such insecure and knee-jerk reasons. 

    Surely you see that you're just being a hypocrite now. It's a genuine shame that you've become this way. The comments that people have made on some of your arguably more 'sensationalist' articles have evidently affected you and you seem to be genuinely unable to even attempt objectivity anymore. 

    The Rafa bashing was amusing at best but at least it wasn't proposing the notion of shunning a current squad member who, as history shows, remained loyal to the club throughout a very dark period and who has been arguably our most consistent performer of the last 5 years. 

    Please don't treat Pepe Reina as you've treated Suarez and Benitez. As admirable as it is to long for the 'utopian gentleman sport' free from cheating and newspaper opinion that you are aiming at, it's unrealistic at the moment and the more myopic and knee-jerk of your opinions will do more harm than good. 

    I say all this from a good place Jaimie - this isn't a personal attack. It's just a word of caution. 

  161. to be fair to Gerrard, when told by reporters that Martinez had apparently been offered the job he said while been a little bemuzed that it was news to him, but he would have his full support if that was the case. To me Gerrard looked very surprised at hearing that Martinez was offered the job and with this Vorm link, maybe it will be the kick up the backside that Reina needs to get back to his ala Alonso after Rafa wanted to sell him first time around! Reina back to his best or Vorm, either way the club wins i think.

  162. People get things wrong, remember it was official that Martinez had been offered the Liverpool job :)


  164. go away kanwar ya annoying twat

  165. well said :) its a dictatorship

  166. forget what? if you can read (????) then you will see that i made a plausible observation, as your beloved rafa may say, FACT!!! if you watched our games last season, you would have seen his errors, as pointed out. you seem to have glossed over the area where i said he was still a very good keeper. (see above), i would imagine that is why. i stand by my opinion that he needs to up his game. as for wanting rafa back? get a life! you are only as good as your last season..........and in his.......where did we finish???????? fu*king wonderful, eh!?!?!?

  167. I urged the club not to buy Suarez, are you on the board lol.

    I know i urge them to buy Messi, no oh ok then


  168. Article based on assumptions :/

  169. They were also taken out of context, it was before Brendan Rodgers was appointed and Pepe went on to say he'd back any manager coming into the club.  It's a bit misleading to leave that part out

  170. EDIT:  
    The interview was conducted on the 28th and broadcast on the 30th.  Read the subscript on the link above

  171. Reina is entitled to his opinion and Rodgers still doesn't have the authority to replace one of the key figures for Liverpool in recent times.

    He stated his respect for Benitez and Rafa did great tings for Liverpool, there was 2 CL finals resulting in one CL title, most serious PL title push we have seen Liverpool make and if instead of signing Babel and Bennayoun Liverpool bought Silva who was available for less than their combined fee I think Liverpool would have won it.
    After that I believe we could have had winning team that could have coped better with dark times from the end of H&G.

  172. i think that Pepe is really not all that happy at Liverpool anyway. He threatened to leave during the whole Hicks/ Gillette Royal Bank of Scotland debacle. He is believed to have actually put in a transfer request during that period. So I believe signs of his unloyalty started a long time ago. I understand his frustrations , many players left for the same reasons. 

    I feel that Daglish did him serious harm by playing him as much as he did last season. He was played during some cup competitions and matches in which all the other senior team members where rested. He made more appearances than most other players in the squad. By doing this he was not given enough competition in goal and his form has dipped as a consequence. When you believe that know one will ever take your place you are not motivated to up your game. Pepe knows that the spot is his no matter how he plays so many of us see him beaten at his near post a lot and we see him not come out enough for crosses. We only saw one of the other two back up keepers Doni, and Jones get games after Pepe had  received a three match ban. Heading into the FA cup finals Reina was finally rested before that competition. 

    I think that this once great keeper has lost his edge and it is time for us to start grooming a long term replacement for him. He doesn't dive all that anymore IMO. We need a young hungry goal keeper in his mid 20's. Someone who will be there for you for a long time to come. Some one like Joe Hart.

  173. Idiot talk about what people think what other people think is not helpful!

  174. Jamie Wankwar strikes again wha a cunt that man really is

  175. 75% ?!?!?!?

    75% of who ?

    The manager who sold Alonso ?

    The manager who sold Finnan, Warnock, Murphy, Risse all of whom could have done their part in seasons where we underperformed ?

    The manager who sold Arbeloa; A FIRST TEAM REAL MADRID defender ?

    and of course bought, Voronin, Jovanovic, Antonio Nunez, Mauricio Pelligrino, Jan Kromcamp....

    The list is too long and embarrassing to labour on with!

  176. _Reina dived over the ball to let Arsenal win in the 2nd game of the season. This was what was to be the norm for Reina for the rest of the season.

    Lets face facts; Reina has cost the team at least a few places in the PL table

    If his form continues, he should be sacked like every other top flight team would do

    The Blind Faith in LFC with the common 'Give them Time' joke is just laughable

    Keep this up & 10th place finishes will be the best LFC can hope for_

  177. when has reina ever said that he does ot like th appointmen of brenden rogers When !!! You say he i clarley unappy bt or me its media bull**** like that, that really makes trouble for players

  178. Dived over the ball! Ridiculous, just like all of the other anti-Reina comments here. Overall, Reina has probably been our best player over the last 5 years or so and to make such a heinous accusation is disgusting.

    Pepe is an honourable and professional man, who happens to have opinions and he would never let in a goal on purpose.

    Brendon Rodgers said there are three times of fans. To paraphrase, there are fans who will follow your team whatever happens and we have plenty of those and fair play to you.

    There are fans who need to be convinced and measure you on results, and I consider myself in this group.

    Finally there are fans who, whatever you do will always be against you. This last group he doesn't worry about because you can do nothing to change their opinion.

    Fortunately, those of you against Reina are a small, but stubborn and unyielding minority, who forget the number of times that Reina has won the premiership's Golden Gloves or come very close.

    Even in this so called bad season of his we still had only 2 teams concede less goals in the prem and go to the final of both competitions that we entered, winning one of them.

    Pepe, if you are reading this, please appreciate that most fans will fall into the first 2 categories that Brendon described and that those in the second category are already well and truly convinced that you are a truly great Liverpool player, deserving of our respect.

    Please ignore the other group who will never be convinced, just as Brendon does.

  179. Please note the comment at the bottom "(Edited by a moderator)"

    Part quotes taking overall comments out of context is a popular theme on this site, which is run by the group that Rodgers says you can't change anyway, so you have to ignore them.

  180. I'll rephrase my reply.

    Please note above comment "(Edited by a moderator)"

    Just like Reina's interview!!

  181. give reina a break...its difficult to answer a question like the one he was asked on the spot...we need to get behind the team

  182. Right now I am adamant you are a manc in disguise.. Not seen a positive comment about our club on this forum for as long a I can remember.. Why you united supporters feel it neccassery to do this I don't know but it works in terms of putting negative vibes accross our club. This is the last time I read one of your comments.. Jaimie if you do support liverpool football club as you say I think you seriously need to change your ways, you have so many enemies now it's unreal.. I think you're a penis to be honest.. :(

  183. Jaimie you mission to drive away all of the foreign players at the club (especially if Bought by Raffa) never stops. It's looking more and more like your an agent for mank propaganda. Do you believe anyone beside Spearring Carra Gerard Kelly and Flannagan should even be at the club?

  184. Jamie, I'm very disappointed.

    You express your "opinions" for all to see on the world wide web, but whenever anybody disagrees with you it would seem that their comments are immediately deleted. Just as you did with my earlier comment.

    I didn't use any foul/abusive language, and I didn't make any personal attacks. But I obviously said something that embarrassed you enough to make you remove my whole post.

    This stifling of public opinions amounts to nothing less than press censorship, and I challenge you to stand up and explain WHY you felt the need to delete my earlier post.

    No doubt this post will disappear too.

    This is not the work of a "moderator" - this sort of rough house censorship is generally seen in extreme eastern bloc countries and those under the rule of Islamic extremists.

    We're talking about FOOTBALL for goodness sake???

  185. williams.june714:34 pm, June 09, 2012

    Pepe has definitely let is standards slip for a long time now. He needs pressure. I personally would not mind if a big offer came in for him.

  186. u nw want liverpool to buy the whole of swansea and expect to win anything next season.reina is ryt rafa was the best we could have hired but alas we take a coach whose gud at small clubs jus like we did with hudgson.i would ratha hv kenny kept his job than rodgers.dnt blame pepe for a bad season cuz who hd a gud season amongst our players

  187. we already knew you were not a fan of reina - or anyone else for that matter - except yourself, of course

  188. Jaimie, this whole article was a waste of time! Not once has reina said he didn't want Rodgers and not once did he say rafa should be the manager! He said, and I quote "rafa would be the ideal candidate" and wether it was said a week, two days or on the same day for him he would be an ideal candidate a he said he helped him get where he his today! The fact he has now also come out in support for our new manager shows the man he is! He isn't a spoilt beat that will sulk because he hasn't got his own way! I think the only problem he's had is he hasn't had any real competition for his place, wether it be in the carling cup or fa cup he has still played all the games, he needs a real reserve keeper to push him

  189. Oh Jamie what do you really know other than to put your opinionated sorry views on the net. You epitomize divisive so I guess you have some expertise on that front. But as you see from many counter arguments to your views divisiveness can stir those with passion to action. Football is a business and they are professionals anything you see is temporary and results based. anyone can have any opinion as long as we win that is all that counts.  Reina had a bad year last does not mean he will do as badly this year. Time to judge is when the season has begun assess performances and make an opinion about the cause of the losses I very much doubt you will find Pepe at the centre of what makes liverpool poor.  He may have one or two bad games but being at the heart of problems unlikely. Our problems will manifest much further up the pitch in midfield or up front. So with that get back to criticizing caroll or hendo your on safer ground there. Wrong but safer go Jaime

  190. I like Brendan and hope he is a success, but I'm slightly concerned with the tunnel-vision he is showing with regards to transfers. His obsession with raiding his former club suggests he doesn't have great knowledge of the worldwide transfer market. That's worrying, since Liverpool has the worst scouts of any top club in the world.

  191. the conclusion is : Jaimie K is a rubbish writer. Don't ever read his article after this.