23 Jun 2012

"Make us an offer" - Lyon invite bids for £9m LFC target. Replace Enrique...?

Lyon star Aly Cissokho was once again linked with Liverpool at the end of May, and with the summer transfer window opening very soon, the player's Agent has confirmed that the coveted left-back is being watched by several Premier League clubs.

Speaking to Sportitalia, the defender's agent, Fabrizio Ferrari, said:

"English clubs have been observing the player and I don't rule out that he can arrive in the Premier League, but, for the moment, Lyon have received no offers."

Aware of the growing interest in Cissokho, Lyon released a tetchy statement last week making it clear that the player would not be allowed to leave on the cheap. It read:

"Contrary to what has been written in French and Italian media in the last days, negotiations with clubs will not begin for less than €11m [£9m]. Lyon would like to remind clubs that Aly Cissokho has played 91 Ligue 1 and 29 Champions League matches at the club and became an international for France after joining from Porto in July 2009"

Jose Enrique is Liverpool's only senior left-back right now, and he basically has no one challenging him for a first team spot. Additionally, the Spaniard's form tailed-off dramatically in the second half of last season, so it would be good for him to have some real competition next season.

Granted, left-back cover is not the highest transfer priority this summer, but it should not be ignored, and from a squad-building point of view, Cissokho for £9m would appear to be good business.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. why would you headline the article replace enrique then in the actual article say provide backup and competition

  2. Could be a good signing but that will eat into our transfer budget substantially and there are bigger priorities as you suggested Jamie. It would also hold Jack Robinson back i think, which may be detrimental in the longer term.

    I can't see it happening to be honest but never say never...

  3. Agreed - especially if we're trying to promote players from our youth set up

  4. The agents love this site anything they want said is printed here.

  5. Kanwar, Kanwar whaddya know,
    Now we're in for cissokho,
    Evidence? There's lots to show,
    It must be true, his agent said so...

    Clap, clap, clapclapclap, clapclapclapclap, BS!

  6. According to freaking AGENTS......Liverpool have showed interest in 10000 players, bid for 5000 and will at least buy 1000 players.

  7. That video certainly did him no favours.no better than Enrique.

  8. Jaimie man if you dont have an inspiration,dont post such trash:) Why that word -replace- and than in topic you write that we need Ally as cover... Hose is very good Lb and we have players such as Dani and Jonno both availible there. Also Robinson is coming. So please find your inspiration again even if it will be bad for most of readers:) You do not have some great knowlege but in some way I respect your analitic work. cheers

  9. i rather liverpool use enrique if his performance drops we either
    -replace enrique with agger and put coates in central defence
    -replace enrique with johnson and put kelly right back
    -replace enrique with robinson and put him left back

  10. not impressed with the video, rather spend money for a quality forward and promote Jack Robinson.

  11. Mr. Point Of View10:51 am, June 24, 2012

    How possible that BR is ready to offload Sktel (20m) to boost transfer fund???

    I hope is 0% possible....he is 1 of the man of all season....and reliable in my POV...

  12. enrique was fab first half of season ,never lost a tackle,he just tailed off 2nd half of season but you don't no what goes on behind closed doors.he will come good this season wait and see.

  13. Septimus_severus12:02 pm, June 24, 2012

    Hi Jaimie,

    Been some time since I posted  good to see your still keeping up the good articles etc.
    Rogers appointment is a good one IF you base it on the ability to do well with a small budget and your name is not Rafa (can I use the R word in here now ?)
    FSG have quietly without comment dropped the Director of Football.

    The problems with the team remain the same as they did under Roy and Dalglish.
    No right wide or left attacking players of sufficient standard.

    In my view Enrique should not be 1st choice left back and we should look to add better quality there.
    Now I know many of you don't like Glen Johnson but I do and can see why he's there, as well as his OPTA stats clearly make him better than Kelly (go look for yourself).

    Next we have the major problem of the midfield, no way should Spearing be anywhere near the 1st team he simply is not good enough.
    His effort is admirable but when Lucas comes back I'd like to see him with Gerrard in the midfield, with Shelvey as the backup and a long shot would be Aquilani IF he stays.

    The Right wing and Left wing need major recruitments and potentially another striker.

    I'd love to see Sterling & Coady TRULY brought into the 1st team as well.

  14. Coady would be a fantastic cover for Lucas, especially since he's both a midfielder and centreback. Given Rodgers' favoured style of play, Coady could easily drop in to become our 3rd centreback when they split while our wingbacks bomb forward to provide width.

  15. Replace Enrique? No. Rotate with Enrique? Yes. Aurelio is gone and we've got no dedicated backup to Enrique besides Robbo. Using Agger, Wilson or Johnson as alternatives aren't the solution.

  16. I'd wanted Cissokho last year, but was pleasantly surprised to find that Enrique was better than I'd expected. There's no point in spending big on competition for a place like LB. 

    Tbh, somebody like Insua or Aurelio would be perfect backup to Enrique (if the manager was actually prepared to use them when the first choice's performances began to drop)