22 Jun 2012

'It's annoying' - LFC Hero blasts 'disrespectful' Europa League attitude...

Liverpool's new season kicks off on the 2nd August with the first of two Europa league qualification games, and prospective opponents include the likes of Dundee United, Rosenborg, and Lech Poznan. Hardly a scintillating prospect, but Liverpool striker David Johnson has dismissed suggestions that the Europa League is an 'inferior' competition, and he's called on LFC fans to take the competition seriously.

Speaking to the official Liverpool FC website, Johnson - who won 5 league titles and 3 European Cups during his time at Anfield - admitted that it irritates him when the Europa League is 'devalued':

"When people start disrespecting tournaments, I get annoyed.

"The Europa League is the equivalent of the UEFA Cup. So because we've won the UEFA Cup in the past, does that mean it's an inferior cup?

"It wasn't when we won it. I get a bit upset when people start devaluing competitions, and if we can win the Europa League this season, I'm sure everybody will be happy."

Liverpool have three UEFA Cups in the trophy cabinet, and the club will have the chance to win it again (in its current form) next season.

Unlike the totally pointless Carling Cup - which has now been renamed the 'Capital One Cup' (!) - the Europa League is definitely worth winning, and it provides players with much-needed European experience.

I'd be happy to see Brendan Rodgers field reserve/youth teams in the Capital One Cup this season; it would give young players much needed experience, and after the Euros, such a policy would provide senior players with extra rest time during the season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Guys if we win the carling cup, europa league and FA cup wont the total revenue be higher than CL qualification.

    Anyway, what is the revenue for winning the Europa League.

  2. Couldn't agree more except the fact that even Capital One Cup is important. Respect every game/competition/opponent to be a true champion. 

  3. I want to ask:

    will winning the europa league , fa cup and carling cup give LFC a higher revenue than winning nothing and qualifying for CL.

  4. When you're in the Champions League year after year and fall into the Europa League just once, then it is understandable that the competition is just treated as a distraction in the way of bigger and better things. We haven't been in the Champions League for several years now though, and don't expect to be back in there again next season, so I'd hope that we take a Europa League challenge seriously this year.

    People tend to forget that we now have a team with many players that have little to no European experience, and gaining this now would stand them in good stead to ensure we give a good account of ourselves when we return to the Champions League. As opposed to clubs like Man City & Spurs who disrespected the Europa League and found themselves being shocked when asked to make the step up to the Champions League.

  5. maybe they should have left it as the uefa cup rather than the europa league i think it sounds better as it was

  6. Jaimie, 

    You need to take Johnson's advice first. You are yourself a culprit of disrespecting "Carling Cup" last season. And still at it.

  7. Though it would be great to win Europa League but it can affect the league form which i don't think Liverpool can afford any longer, as now so many teams have already overtaken Liverpool in the league. Liverpool's  chances of finishing in top 4 are very slim because Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City would definitely be up there and we would have to compete with the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle for the fourth spot and right now all these teams have more squad quality, so if we take eyes off the league then same mistakes of last season will be repeated. 
    IMO Europa League should only be used to develop upcoming youngsters from the academy and to give playtime to squad players.

  8. Yes, and I will continue to disrespect the Carling Cup because it is a totally pointless waste of time and energy.

  9. Didn't we only get into the Europa League through the Carling cup?  Not that pointless.

  10. The Europa League is what it is - an inferior competition to the CL. Pure and simple.

    It's like a beauty show for average looking birds - you still would but you know there's better around.

  11. Yeah, exactly.  Qualify for the "important" Europa League through the "pointless waste of time and energy" Carling Cup.

  12. Padraig O'Connor3:33 pm, June 22, 2012

    The thing is you´re doing the exact same thing devaluing the Carling Cup. This is exactly the type of thing he was on about. The Liverpool squad of the 80´s were very proud to win the League Cup year after year. Who did we beat on the way to the final last year? Did they just lay down and let us win. No. The League Cup isn´t easy to win, and it´s more silverware. You really get a bee in your bonnet sometimes Jaimie.

  13. Padraig O'Connor3:34 pm, June 22, 2012

    That´s called irony or something right? :) Well put.

  14. Kanwar, it was because we won the carling we're in the europe league!
    Still think it's worthless?

  15. These early competitive games are exactly what are needed.

    We will be undergoing a massive change in playing philosophy from whenever all the players get back.

    What better way to exercise new methods before the Premier League kicks off.

    Might interfere with tours etc I guess

  16. Generally, I genuinely would like to see English clubs respect it like the Spanish and the Germans do, even if the financial reward isn't anywhere near as great as CL. But I do think the likes of Houghton and Johnson are doing the usual pro-KK stance on what happened last season and making out EL qualification is a success, bla bla bla.

  17. According to a Guardian article in April, about a fifth of what a CL winner would get.

    The gap between EL revenue and CL revenue is huge.
    Search for 'swiss ramble champions league revenue' on google

    He is a good read, in relation to football finances
    Sorry but you can forget thinking that League cup, FA Cup + Europa League would be more than CL, in terms of money.

  18. Doesn't answer your question properly but I'll say this, (quoting from the Swiss Ramble link I gave you in previous reply) ' 
    The winning club could therefore receive a maximum of €6.4 million  ' for Europa League. Each team gets over £7m for just qualifying for the group stage of CL.