18 Jun 2012

'I can 100% confirm...' - Rafa Benitez's Agent responds to Sampdoria rumours...

It is now 18 months since Rafa Benitez parted ways with Inter Milan, and, the former Liverpool manager continues to be linked with every top level management job that becomes available. Newly-promoted Serie A side Sampdoria are the latest club to try and entice Benitez back into the fray, but according to the Spaniard's agent, there's no chance of any deal happening.

In an interview with tuttomercatoweb a couple of hours ago, Manuel García Quilón - Benitez's Agent - emphatically dismissed the possibility of Rafa moving to the Stadio Luigi Ferraris. He said:

"There is nothing with Sampdoria, and I can 100 per cent confirm that there is no chance if him going there. He is in England and it is his intention to stay there and coach in the Premier League".

Harry Redknapp's recent departure from Spurs means there's a very enticing vacancy in the Premier League right now, and when asked about the possibility of Benitez moving to White Hart Lane, Quilón gave an ambiguous answer:

"Tottenham? I repeat, he wants to remain in England."

Benitez has stated many times that he will only take a new job with a 'a top club that can fight for titles and challenge'. Spurs fit the bill, and I'm sure Benitez would jump at the chance to take over.

It would be great to see him managing again, especially in England. I'm not the greatest fan of Benitez's management style, but he's undoubtedly a top class manager, and the Premier League would be enhanced by his presence.

Unfortunately, current odds do not favour Benitez taking over at Spurs; he's currently 9th favourite for the job at 33-1.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. next thing we'll hear is that it's always been a dream to manage spurs!
    beggars & choosers comes to mind!

  2. I think the media did too big a job on Rafa for him to get the level of job he deserves in England. It is a good job we got Rodgers since I bet he would be high up on their wishlist. I hope Moyes goes- he'd be a terrible fit.

  3. Don't look back...9:23 pm, June 18, 2012

    I think Rafa needs to move on with the idea of getting a job in England again. The Spurs job is an option but just cannot see it happening.

    He has been sticking around for the Anfield job for far too long now too, he will never have the opportunity at LFC again and that is a fact.

    Best for him to go back to Spain. I am sure one of the La Liga clubs will take him should something become available but then again he has been without a job for almost two years now and still he has not landed anything. Does anyone actually want him? His biggest downfall has been his reputation with owners of clubs he has been with. At Valencia, LFC and Inter saw Rafa having boardroom battles and has harmed his reputation big time.

  4. I have to agree. He fights for the benefit of the club, sometimes against the owners and this reputation is now a liability for him.

    FSG would never appoint Benitez and they're here for the long haul, so the LFC job will never come back to him, sadly.

    Whatever he does, I wish him well and hope he gets a job that suits his talent.

    Spurs would do really well to get him.

  5. Don't look back...10:32 pm, June 18, 2012

    Although I am not a Rafa fan like others, I hope he does eventually find something.

    What is going to be important for Rafa when he eventually does find another job is to concentrate on his position as manager/coach instead of trying to run the club or telling owners how their club should be run but Rafa is Rafa and doubt he will change his ways for anyone and the footballing world knows this which is why he probably has been without a job for this long and will continue to struggle finding a big club which is what he is after.

  6. This guy and his protege Dirk Kuyt works exactly the same way. Works for Kuyt as he can still play for a UCL playing Team tho in Turkey, but for Benitez, his time is really up. Figure out the rest.

  7. No, Steve, we won't.  I think it's very clear to everyone - not just Liverpool supporters - that Liverpool is his club, and the job he'd love more than any other.  To say that he'd be happy to take the Tottenham job is another thing, and why wouldn't he?  It's a good club, with a good team, and - to my eternal regret, and everlasting bafflement - he was overlooked for the Liverpool job (criminally), so he has to look somewhere else, at least for now.

  8. YOu could be right about is boardroom battles and the issues owners may have with him.  That, of course, certainly does not mean he was wrong.  Crucially, it should not  detract from his brilliance as a manager, the trophies he can win.  Difficult to work with,he may be, but you'd have to be a fool to  disregard him.

  9. Ah, good ol rafa....but tbh i couldn't give a flying **** what job rafa takes or not...

    The guy sreiously needs to get a grip on reality and move on, im sorry to have to say this but he really is just like a bad reminder of everything tinged with darkness at the club, hiding behind players trying to get them to fight his battles.....its time for mr benitez to make his move and get on with his life...bored of even talking about the guy, hanger on has been un til he grows a pair and gets on with managing a club and doing his job....

    What i admire about Roy Hodgson is his determination to keep moving on...unlike mr bebintez who persists on sitting on the sidelines flirting with  the idea of working again...

    Do me a favour pleaSE rafa, just take a job and move the fcuk on....whether its tottenham or whoever just move on...

    WE DON'T NEED YOU.....

  10. I hope Moyes goes on to helm Spurs to mid-table stability as it is really getting badly congested where top 5 or 6 are now...

  11. Mr. Point Of View9:31 am, June 19, 2012

    Rafa is a good mgr but his faith n luck was terrible due to previous owner....when u had nth to spend or "sell b4 u buy" was given...i can said no any team can challenge anything cup/trophy....all mgr will had his own flop...even Jose M or AlexFergie...i can said 50% scout team/medical team had to blame oso...

    MY POV : 
    - rafa biggest mistake is selling Xabi, Riise, ...
    - when he lift UCL 2005 95% is gerrard houllier men...GH foundation...
    - d revolution goods is signing torres reina ....
    - when rafa in charge team discipline/mentality is good
    least for fans we still believe we r contender we still can raise our voice to MU fans.... ( btw KD only knew talk good n boot lick)

  12. What are you - a Toffee or a Manc. Whatever you are, I would wager that you are an attention seeking kn0b who enjoys making outlandish statements to provoke a reaction. Well you got my attention but only so I can look down on you and your type for 30 seconds