26 Jun 2012

"He will leave" - Guaraldi confirms exit of €20m Uruguay star. Next stop LFC?

The Gaston Ramirez transfer saga continues! In an interview last month, Bologna Sporting Director Roberto Zanzi invited clubs to submit offers for Ramirez, a long-standing Liverpool target, and now, the club's President has suggested that the Serie A club may have to sell the Uruguayan winger for 'economic' reasons.

Three weeks ago, Zanzi told Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino that Bologna were 'negotiating' a potential deal 'with an important foreign club', and speaking to Sky Sport 24 last night, Bologna president Albano Guaraldi said:

"I do not exclude the possibility that he [Ramirez] will stay at Bologna, but he has a great value and the economic future of the club depends on his sale.

"We've had offers from England, but none we consider suitable. Ramirez will leave, but he will leave on our terms"

Ramirez has been heavily linked with a move to Liverpool over the last year, but the sticking point seems to be the transfer fee, with Bologna Vice-President Maurizio Setti holding out for €20m:

"For Ramirez, the negotiations start with at least €20m. The biggest interest has come from the Premier League and the Bundesliga. Ramirez is a player who will make a difference to any team because he is a born champion"

Like Eljero Elia, Matias Suarez, Fabio Borini and Klass Jan Huntelaar, Ramirez is arguably a realistic target for Liverpool, and with any luck, the Reds are the 'important foreign club' in negotiations with Bologna.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. £16 million isn't bad for this quality player and really hope the club attempts to sign him. 

    Hopefully that's the reason why Sigurdsson is suddenly being strongly linked to Spurs.

    + a good Forward and Right Winger would help the team tremendously next season.


  2. I won't hold my breath..... having seemingly lost out on Sigurdsson,  who knows BR well. After 2 loan spells, knows his system well, knows BR wants him and he knows the stature of LFC yet he goes to a managerless club not knowing if the new guy will even fancy him or if he will suit his way of playing! Massive disappointment!!

  3. Sreekanth Rajesh5:20 pm, June 26, 2012

    We clearly look like we're gonna lose Sigurdsson to Tottenham. We were in snapping up the deal as usual :/

    At least, ATLEAST lets sign Gaston Ramirez before someone else gets hold onto him. He was heavily scouted for the last 2 seasons and our scouts have also recommended him to Rodgers. Hope we sign Ramirez. HOPE!

  4. If Downing is 20 mil. than this guy is a bargain you don't get offered often. 

  5. I've got a feeling that Brendan Rodgers is trying to get a major signing this summer, it's been really quiet so far compared to previous transfer windows, I think he's going to surprise us all. However I don't think it will be Gaston Ramirez, I think it's going to be a random name which hasn't been linked with us yet.

  6. Patrick The Red5:34 pm, June 26, 2012

    I'd much rather Ramirez over Sigurdsson. Ramirez has more quality and pace, it would keep Suarez happy too.. Anyone see Suarez in the Messi game? what a player, next season he could be the premier leagues best.

  7. if sigurdsson wants to go to tottenham let him go, need players who realy want to play for the shirt not someone looking for the best deal going, hope we get some quality in, all a bit quiet though

  8. Agree w getting ramirez for two reasons. 1) he is a quality #10 player we have not had at LFC for some time. Can provide pace, wing play, one touch passing(which louie will love), and holds loads of quality skill. Can play as a wide winger, wide foward, or at the CAM spot which makes a very agile asset. 2) it will make our beloved Luis happy that not only do we have faith in him, but his close friends as well. Which will take our team chemistry through the roof. I really hope BR gets this right! #lfcforlifeson

  9. this sounds familiar! lol
    glad you appreciate my thoughts innes

  10. Why don't these hacks just wait till something actually happens instead of making up stories? I have heard and seen reports that Spurs offered anything from £5 to 15 Million yet he has not even spoken to the manager. Why you ask? Because they ain't bleeding got one. This is the same as the rumours that Liverpool where looking at all sorts of nomarks and Rodgers had not even been appointed. It is getting beyond a joke. Please post facts not Mail and Sun fiction.

  11. Calling Ramirez a 10/10 player is surely delusional. Let's not go jumping the gun. If Liverpool don't sign him the fans will call him average. He is a prospect, there is no doubt, but I'd rather see a player who has proven his worth a little more, like Mattias Suarez. 

  12. I'm for striker first and a winger, i'm sure aqua man is coming back, plus cole. so, no need to crowd the midfield unless they get rid of at least two of them.

  13. Steve, your words just summed up what I was
    feeling and not ashamed to admit I nicked em! However
    is he greedy? I just think it's could be a sign of how
    our stock has fallen...the deal should have been done
    2 weeks ago and avoided this!

  14. I think it may be a blessing in disguise for Liverpool losing out on Siggurdson. Why some people say he knew BR well and knew his system well this breakdown in negotiations might now allow our new manager to open up his eyes to the world of cheap quality talent out there. 

    I would personally take Gaston Ramirez over Siggurdson. I have seen clips on both these players and i think that Ramirez has better ball handling skills and is the better technically gifted of the two.

    I don't even know if BR knows that Ramirez is available and i don't know if would even consider signing him. According to Jaime Roberto Zanzi sporting director of Bologna  came out and said that an "important foreign big club" has made an inquire about Ramirez. Ofcourse I like many Liverpool fans would like us to be the team that  Mr Zanzi was talking about.  The unfortunate reality at this point it could be any large foreign club with over 20million to spend on Ramirez. Anyone from Gallatasary, of Turkey, to Ajax's of Amsterdam. The article did not specify what league the player would like to join , and  in no way shape or form has Liverpool or the premiere league mentioned. 

    This article is nothing but more than mere speculation. I guess there is really no action on the transfer front for Liverpool since BR's first target according to reports may not be available and his second transfer target might have chosen Roma over Liverpool (again a very strongly rumor floating around). 

    Gaston Ramirez is indeed the kind of player we need more of. We do not have many play makers on the squad. No David Silva's or Juan Mata's or Marko Marin's . Our squad is really not technically gifted. Not something you find a lot in a squad of British players. Yeah take that anyhow you like.

  15. Talksport report the exact opposite of the quote here


    Speaking to Sky Sport 24, Guaraldi said: "There is no intention to sell Ramirez for a bid lower than his value, which we estimate at around £16m.
    "But the economic fate of Bologna next season does not depend on the sale of Ramirez."

    The quote is irrelevant in all likelihood anyway. Most teams in Europe would jump at such a potential profit.

  16. well for the reasons we both stated, i really feel it simply MUST be for the money! to add to the uncertainty, spurs may not be able to hold on to their top men this window after harry's sacking so perhaps their stock will fall also! i personally don't see them as a top four side next season and the fact that every neutral will admit, remains that Lfc is a bigger club with global renown despite our recent history!
    reports are now emerging that talks between Lfc and sigurdsson broke down because of the player's wage demands opening the door for spurs! for me, he hasn't been established long enough in the EPL to be pricing himself out of a move to a huge club like ours!
    oh how times have changed!

  17. he might have better ball handling skills but unfortunately the rules state that you aint allowed to handle the ball! lol
    and i certainly wouldn't consider the reported £20m cheap quality talent!
    i would also hazard a guess that if chib akobundu knows ramirez is available, then brendan rodgers probably does too! personally, i would prefer the icelander as he excelled during his short spell in the PL, playing the way BR wanted.

  18. word is we've offered sigurdsson a similar deal to meireles,30grand a week and a payrise next season.that's the stumbling block.

  19. Sounds like a mercenary, no?

    I've only seen the guy play for Uruguay a couple of times and I wasn't particularly impressed - he's not even a proper wide-man from what I've seen! It's only a small sample to compare against, and I know everybody hates English players now, but I'd much rather have Daniel Sturridge or Adam Johnson tbh

  20. Blech. I want him and Elija but it doesn't look likely to happen

  21. ...I swear we're headed the way of Aston Villa. I know it's pathetic but I'm genuinely depressed about the club at the moment. We have one season to give Suarez a reson to stay. In all probability we're going to lose either Skrtel or Agger, maybe both. Our two best players last season. Gerrard has one or two seasons of quality left before he becomes another bench warmer. We'll be left with the Spearings and Downings and Carrolls...Average players at best. Liverpool FC is dying and it breaks my heart, man. We just can't compete anymore. When I read Sigurdsson was going to my stomach lurched. All the reasons he had to come to Liverpool and he chose Spurs. That just says it all. Would it have happened three or four seasons ago? Xabi Alonso...It all goes back to forcing him out. That was the start of the s*** storm.

  22. Bobby, I agree to a certain extent, but I ultimately he was going to swansea and now all of a sudden he's good enough for a top 4 side. Just hope it was BR decision that he wasnt worth the apparently extra wages. If it was the owners then your right, were in serious s***.

  23. I don't no what to say all I can say is buy him mr gaston ramierz cos his a top player better then Sigurdsson or any1 else we are linked with so MR BR buy him now or we will be losers..YNWA RAZ2FAST

  24. I think he meant number 10, as in a type of player, hence the hashtag

  25. Talksport got that quote from Tribal Football. Go to their site and see it verbatim:


    I saw Guaraldi's interview on TV, and I then got one of my Italian friends to translate. The quote I have is also confirmed here:


    As you'll see, there's no mention of a transfer fee in Guaraldi's statement. It's all in the translation.

  26. e il futuro economico del club non dipende dalla sua cessione > And the economic future of the club does not depend on its sale.

    Anyway, regardless of what was said, there could be a typo in Italian version also, if your friend translated live version fair enough.

    I think we all know Bologna, like most clubs, do depend on unearthing gems to sell on, so whether he admits it or not, the economic future DOES depend on such transactions

  27. I'd be depressed too if I believed everything I read in the papers. If you hang your hopes on tabloid speculation then you're going to be on a constant roller coaster of guessing and often false information. Rodgers said very specifically that he would play his cards close to his chest and lets be clear: the transfer window doesn't officially open until the 1st of July. Why are we already convinced that the club is in the toilet when the only information we've got is speculative media nonsense?

    People say we've only got a 30 million pound budget, but why would you believe that either? Sounds like more guesswork to me. Everyone thinks Rodgers will look to get players on the cheap but that doesn't add up. Why would the owners splash out big for Kenny then get a new manager only to say he can't spend even a small portion of the same amount? They know what it takes to make a winning team, why suddenly get cheap? Werner has specifically said that we'll still compete with the biggest clubs in terms of spending power so why would that change?FSG didn't buy this club to make us also-rans, they bought us to be competitive at all levels. It's not a money-making exercise because everyone knows that sporting teams don't make money. Rodgers isn't some second-choice geezer who's just going to patch up a team with 5 million pound players and hope it's good enough. Just as well as you know what it takes to challenge for the title, so does he, so what reason is there to really think he's not aiming to buy the best players we can possibly get?I just don't understand the doom and gloom. There is no logic behind thinking we're sinking, not least of all because we just sacked a manager for not improving our league position. If we didn't want to get better, wouldn't we have just kept Kenny and not bothered to change?

  28. Two targets so far, Borini and Sigurdsson, and it looks like we've fecked both of them up.

    Roll on numero tres!

  29. I get what you're saying Adam, I do, but in reality FSG only spent £30 million of their own money last summer, the rest was from the transfers of Torres etc. If we don't reach the CL this season there's going to be an exodus at LFC. If Agger and Skrtel haven't pissed off already by then, they will go. As will Suarez. Maybe even Lucas. I really believe this season will define the club's immediate future. We were shocking in the league last season. It was embarrassing. There is no way we're going to be successful if we're having to rely on Carroll to score. I'd get rid ASAP. Our back four are brilliant, probably one of the best in the world. Lucas and Gerrard are fantastic, as is Suarez. We need two or three more attacking players of their quality and we'll be OK I think. Downing, Adam, Spearing, Shelvey, Carroll...Would any of them make the starting eleven at United, or Spurs, or Chelsea!? No way in hell. So why are we mugging ourselves by playing them? I can't keep going to Anfield again and again this season and watch us barely scratch out results (obviously I'd go no matter what). Ramirez, Tello, Sturidge. There. I know I'm not "in the business" but surely these players are better than what we have now and they're all achievable targets. GO AND GET THEM.


    Johnson. Agger. Skrtel. Enrique.

    Gerrard. Lucas.

    Sturridge. Ramirez. Tello.



  30. The reason all's quiet with Sigurdsson is BR has someone else already in place. He could surprise us all. 6+mill seems like a logical evaluation. But for 10mil he would have said I can get a better player. So let's wait it out and see.

  31. I have the same thought about the Sig to Spuds issue [which apparently is about wage demands], there is a chance we may bring in someone or rely on one of the loan-players returning to LFC. No doubt Suarez may explain to Ramirez to the perils of joining City, with amount of talent they have as first and squad players, thus giving us a chance.  De jong, Randon, Martinez are still a possibility as Newcastle are seemingly chasing Toivonen, Traore etc.  There was indeed a show of talent at the Euros, there will be interest in signing one or two from there.

  32. Glad to see that someone understands that FSG spent only about £30M of their OWN money for transfers last season in keeping with their promise of NOT spending big! They are in this to make a profit and not to make us CL champions. Buy small sell big is what they believe in America.

  33.  With FSG and BR our Liverpool will no hope

  34. Tello, imo, is just another beneficiary of the great Barcelona system rather than being a great player himself. I honestly think that he would be a flop elsewhere. Pedro on the other hand, looks a legit player that could flourish in most systems.

    Until the signings are made, I'll continue to argue that Adam Johnson is at least as good as, if not better, than such suggested targets as Tello, Vargas or Ramirez. Regardless of the passport.

  35. I haven't seen any confirmation from Rodgers, or LFC, that there  was any attempt to sign Borini...