18 May 2012

Staying or going? Disappointed LFC starlet reveals info on his future...

Liverpool loanee Dani Pacheco is currently plying his trade in Spain with Rayo Vallecano, but his loan spell ends in the summer, and the promising attacking midfielder has revealed that he expects to return to Anfield.

Liverpool sent Pacheco on loan to Atletico Madrid in August 2011, and the La Liga giants then loaned the Spanish youngster out to Vallecano.

Things haven't really worked out for Pacheco at the Campo de fĂștbol de Vallecas though:

* Only one start in 9 months.
* Unused substituted 13 times.
* 11 substitute appearances.
* 288 minutes of football in 9 months.
* Average of 26 mins of pitch time per appearance.
* No goals or assists.

Atletico Madrid have an option to buy Pacheco at the end of the season, but the youngster is clearly disappointed at his lack of playing times, and doesn't believe the option will be taken up. He tweeted:

"I'll be back at LFC for preseason. I haven't played as much as I expected [at Vallecano] so I will see what happens. Uf Atletico dont...buy me, my contract is till 2014 [with Liverpool]"

Pacheco also revealed his sadness over the departure of club legend Kenny Dalglish:

"Surprised about Kenny news. Can't say much. Best of luck to the king. Thanks for all your time. Pleasure to be Coached by him".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Yes, i bet he was very sad about Kenny getting sacked...

  2. Stephen_oflynn6:54 pm, May 18, 2012

    Dani is magic.. He was injured for most of the season with Rayo.. Can't see Athletico buying him at all. Like he says, he has a contract till 2014. If Rafa comes back Dani will be back and don't be surprised to see him in the first team after that. Once he gets his fitness and bonds again with the team maybe it will be his time. Other players this season have shown they don't have the quality like Dani. We all no what he can do after seeing him in the reserves. Most fans would still rate him highly. Personally I'd love to see him come back in contention in pre season. It would be like having a new signing without having to spend...!!!! YNWA..!!!

  3. Richardjocallaghan7:07 pm, May 18, 2012

    Stephen_oflynn is full of crap

  4. I think he's missed his opportunity. Possibly through no fault of his own. He needed games when he was 19 to really develop but I think he will return to Spain or end up in another country.

  5. Thekingliveson7:13 pm, May 18, 2012

    He's one of those who contributed in kd getting the sack..you can tell players like him Carroll Downing and Reina conspired because once kd was about to be sacked they all started to play how they should.

    look at Carroll in the last two games and Henderson aswell . why not before

    hope they are proud of what they've done

  6. how can he be magic with last seasons credentials

  7. how did pacheco contribute to the sacking of dalglish? Are you for real? He never played a single minute under Dalglish you imbecile. He was sent out at the beginning of the season to Athletico.

    And all these conspiricy theories. Has nothing to do with the fact that KD bought 110m worth of garbage.
    I Love KD. He was my hero as a child. But some of our fans are deluded. Kenny brought this upon himself buy starting CHAD every goddamn week, regardless of how bad they were playing.

    Wake up to yourselves, if that were any other manager, and spent as much as he did on the crap he brought in, we would have called for his head before christmas.
    He had to go. Unfortunately FSG are a bunch of clueless morons who hadn't lined up a world class manager before taking drastic measures and firing everyone. Now we they have dug the deepest hole, as it looks like our club is falling apart at the seams.

    Who in their right minds, with just an ounce if intelligence, would join liverpool now? We Will end with a nobody like Martinez who will not attract world class players, and we will be 5 - 10 years behind the top six because our owners are incompetent fools.

    We have been royally screwed by the americans once again? Wheres this stadium they have been waxing lyrical about for the past 18 months. Yeah right. They are just as Bad as our last halfwit american owners. We should learnt from our mistake the first time round.
    Regardless, i am still a lIverpool supporter. Always have been. Always will be.

  8. Thekingliveson7:45 pm, May 18, 2012

    Rafa has pulled the wool over your eyes too. they have all been doing rafas dirty work for him so that kd gets sacked and Rafa comes back. even downing and Carroll can you believe it. expected it from Reina but not these

  9. Are you serious?? Why can you not accept kennys failings as a manager

  10. What has this got to do with Rafa. I am not, nor never was a huge fan of Rafa. This has nothing to do with rafa. Your argument was that Pacheco contributed to Kenny's sacking. How could he have when he never played under Kenny.
    And what has Hendo, Carroll got to do with Rafa. They aren't Rafas signings, they were Kenny's.

    Seriously, you should just stop trying to think, cuz you might do yourself permanent damage.

  11. Thekingliveson8:25 pm, May 18, 2012

    You just don't like king kenny

    After all he sacrificed for us. shame on you. calling your self a lfc fan

  12. No use talking to you. I have the utmost respect for kenny. As i stated earlier, he was my childhood hero.

    Your argument is so weak it isnt even funny. I am a rational person, and if it were up to me i would have given him another year, but at the same time, everything he has done in the last 12 months has set us back 5 years. Im sorry but Carroll, Adam and Downing, 60m worth of investment in those 3 alone, and what we will get back for them? nothing.

    I have loved this club for close to 40 years my friend, so you can take the greatest leap off the tallest building you can find. YOu write without any thought about what you are writing about, and then have the audacity to question my loyalty to the club i have loved my whole life.

    YOur arguments are hollow, and you cant even back yourself up. Im still waiting for you to reply on how Pacheco has anything to do with Kenny's sacking. Which is the argument u opened with.

    But you can't, cuz u really have no clue as to what you on about. 

  13. wow what are you on

  14. Your stuck in the 80's! Lowest points and goals scored tally in over 50 years after over £100mil being spent speaks for itself if it were any other manager we would have been hounding them out. And dont mention the word luck it has nothing to do with luck when we have the worst conversion rate in the league and what makes that fact worse is they created the 2nd highest amount of chances in the league. Yes we won the carling cup but only just against an average championship team. I love dalglish he will always be a legend but the fact remains fsg invested heavily in the squad and wanted champs league but that was sacrificed for a carling cup win and fa cup runners up

  15. Adam n Downing is not worth a penny...but how can u say Carroll isnt? He worth the buy but of cause not for 35million ...but 20million worth at least.. why ? young... potential...you might question is he really potential? yeap. King Kenny played pass n move approach last season...seems like carroll couldn't get the tactics..when they change game with crosses from flanks and using his aerial ability to move the forward and it work. You saw what happen to everton....When Carroll was replaced in the last 20 minutes, the match had a pace. they were unified. Downing cross sucked!its fugly....

    by the way ...Pachecho has nothing do with KD's sacking..

  16. the 20 min...was on Fa Cup final...sorry..typo

  17. wtf are you on about.

  18.  Seriously, Carroll is not worth 20m. Sorry he is not worth 10m. He may grow into a better player, and hopefully he does, but right now, if we were to sell him, do you think any team would spare 20m for Caroll.. The answer is no
    He lacks skill, pace,  and for all his strides forward over the last couple of weeks, he still is not a 20m forward. But like i said, i hope keeps improving, and finds his game. I hope he does become a 35m striker. But the reality is he is way off from being right at this moment in time.

  19. Why jamie have you not mentioned kenny refused severance pay told  them to spend it on players


  21. David Okorodudu10:32 pm, May 18, 2012

    Is that true Adrian?Then it should be noised abroad.

  22. Got anything to back that up or are you just a halfwit with no grasp of reality...

    I have nothing but admiration for Kenny, but truth is, he is not above reproach. He tried, he failed. No we must move on. 110m on what can only be described as garbage, his desire to bring back the 80's failed, his idea didnt work. Adam, Downing, Carroll. Sorry, but i love the club more than i love any individual in it.

    Kenny was my hero as a kid, and that will always stay true. Mistakes can be made by the best of us, and Kenny made a massive blunder in the transfer market. Unfortunately our board made the mistake of selling the club to another bunch of yanks who have no understanding of football, and are only here to make a profit. Now we are royally screwed. It will take us years to recover from this mess... And you call me an idiot because i can stand up and say what you don't have the balls to say.

    Change your name to Wayne Kerr.....

  23. Antix, you have two options according to The King Live Son.  Love the King and denounce all others, or HATE THE KING!

  24. this is a genuine question. the second most successful manager of all time? how do you come to that conclusion? if i have mis-read i apologise.

  25. if the lad was anything to write home about, then he would be pushing for a first team squad place, regularly. he has been at the club a good while now and been loaned out enough times. he isn't going anywhere with us,sell him on as he has proved with the likes of norwich and the spanish sides, he ain't all that!

  26. How did he do that? I am puzzled.

  27. Grow up Kenny is gone and you are basically off-topic and clutching at straws, its the owners that kicked Kenny out, not Rafa, but the very players he bought and did not drop week in-week out.  You want to worship an individual? well that your choice....go to church.  Some of us love LFC more, when Shankley, Paisley and Rafa it was sad but we moved on.  Move on or you will mess your brains up.

  28. If it makes you better go get yourself a life-size cutout of Kenny, light as many candles as you want, and leave the rest of us to discuss important issue concerning Pacheco

  29. He is on something, just say what you need to about the topic, some of us are reading this

  30. If you invest you expect returns, remember THEY BOUGHT THE CLUB. Need l remind you of Ashley Newcastle, push them to a corner they will come out fighting and will deny us of the opportunity to have close contact wonder why I am going to buy into pple like kingliveson playing up the Kenny card with every topic that JK has posted.  
    Anyway Pacheco could play some brilliant football with Maxi, Suarez, Gerro and I would add Aquaman, we need these boys back in the fold, I would send Hendo out on loan, and give a chance to Pach, Morgan[lad is natural], Suso and Sterling would be great addition to the first team

  31. Do you know what you talking about? please rank all LFC managers, maybe you know something we don't.  We are discussing Pacheco, stop acting like a kid, at least put something up about the topic 

  32. What wrong with pple like you, give us the reason why he is full of crap and you are not based on his contribution.

  33. In my honest opinion of Pacheco isn't suited to our league, hes a great player but I find it hard to see him claim a regular place in our 11. I do think though, we do need to clear out deadwood and bring through our youth, talk nabout Sterling, Suso, Coady and maybe give Dani a season. Our league at the moment doesn't compliment Sterling, Suso or Paceco. This is unfortunate but maybe whoever we bring in will change the style of LFC and give some balance to the midfield so these smaller, quicker players can show their true attributes. City did this with Silva, Aguero and Tevez by using De Jong, Barry and Milner as the balance.

  34. Your Attack on the Owners is totally unfounded and out of order.

    Firstly the owners gave the fans what they wanted in hiring KD and they then sacked him(after most fans realised we made a mistake in hiring him) which was also what most fans wanted.

    Also they gave him over 120 Million pounds to spend so all in all I don't know why you keep banging on about them here to make a profit,

    Let me explain something to you Antix as you come across embarrassingly ignorant about Football as a Business,

    the sole aim of any business (especially football) is to make profit it is the lifeblood and without it they would suffer cash flow problems and possibly go into Liquidation, it's a very fine line balancing what is coming in and what is going out.

    I am trying find the politically correct word  in describing your comments of our new owners....yes that's it..shite

    Anyway there is nothing wrong with the word profit even God had Prophet's

    Oh baby baby how was I supposed to know

  35. I should think he would refuse any compensation out of embarrassment for buying Downing and Henderson for 37 Mill.

    The king is dead long live the king.

    Bring back Raffa

  36. The stupidest statement I have heard in years.

  37. Conspiracy theories, eh? You couldn't make this stuff up!!

  38. cos he is drunk, i think. That's why caps lock is stuck.

  39. Not seen any link on this. If it is true, would like to see it confirmed. But, so far, no good.