16 May 2012

'It's been an honour' - Kenny Dalglish statement on his departure from LFC...

Kenny Dalgish's departure from Liverpool FC is now a reality, and a few moments ago, the main himself made the following statement.

"It has been an honour and a privilege to have had the chance to come back to Liverpool Football Club as Manager.

"I greatly appreciate the work that Steve, Kevin, the players and all of the staff put in during my time and feel proud that we delivered the Club's first trophy in six years winning the Carling Cup and came close to a second trophy in the FA Cup Final.

"Of course I am disappointed with results in the league, but I would not have swapped the Carling Cup win for anything as I know how much it meant to our fans and the Club to be back winning trophies.

"Whilst I am obviously disappointed to be leaving the football club, I can say that the matter has been handled by the owners and all concerned in an honourable, respectful and dignified way and reflects on the quality of the people involved and their continued desire to move the football club forward in the same way as when they arrived here.

"I would like to thank all of the staff at the Club for their effort and loyalty. I said when first approached about coming back as Manager that I would always be of help if I can at any time and that offer remains the same.

"Finally, I want to put on record my heartfelt gratitude to Liverpool's fans, who have always given me and the Club their unwavering support. Without them neither the Club nor I would have achieved anything."

In light of what's happened today, surely Dalglish would've swapped the Carling Cup for a top 4 finish, as that would mean he'd still be the manager now...?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Who, with out a doubt, would bring back Championship football to Liverpool . Martinez: no.  Klopp: no.  Bredan Rodgers: no.   Rafa:  Yes.

  2. He said what he said .. What part of 'I wouldn't swap it for anything' did you not understand ??

    He obviously, and understandably, wants to leave his beloved club being remembered as the man who ended a trophy drought,regardless of what value people place on it. Let him have that at the very least Jaimie.

    The man was, is and always will be THE Liverpool Legend..

    Kenny Dalgish King of the Kop




  5. Neo - lfc ynwa7:57 pm, May 16, 2012

    Devastated with the King gone..to think if only we had scored half our shots that hit the woodwork and half the penalties we missed the king would still be manager and liverpool would have collected an extra 10-15 pts meaning challenging for the top 4 if not gettin back in there...ynwa king kenny..as for our next manager i think we should look at Joachim Low or Carlo Ancelotti..i think either would be good for the club instead of some the names already being linked..my fellow fans thoughts on these candidates???

  6. The League Cup used to be valued highly - remember the 1978 League Cup final between Forest and Liverpool. Clough and Paisley really wanted that trophy. But that's a long time ago - the League Cup is rated just a bit above the Community Shield now. The only time League Cup matches matter now is when there's a tie between the bigger clubs, like Liverpool and Man City in semi-finals this year (in fact that was a more important win than the actual final). Same for United back in 2010, beating City in the semi-final was better than beating Villa in the final.

    The thing is it was clubs like Liverpool and Leeds back in the 60s and 70s that made winning the League the most important thing - prior to that, believe it or not, it was the FA Cup! It was Shankly and Revie that made the League the priority, and that's why the League has to be Liverpool's aim every season. If you're almost 40 points off then that's a disaster.

  7. You're right Mitch - I wasn't suggesting he shouldn't have said, I just find it hard to believe he'd rather have the Carling Cup and the sack rather than 4th place and the Liverpool job.

  8. Dalglish had a lot more support from the players than Hodgson had but very few fans criticised the players when Hodgson was fired because they wanted Hodgson out - they mustn't have minded LFC near the bottom of the table provided it got rid of Hodgson.

    Can't understand though why Hodgson has gone for so many LFC players in his England squad although Carroll, Downing and Henderson (on standby) weren't there when he was manager. Just as well Adams is scottish :)

  9. A blue midget has spoken. Nice one.

  10. I think we both know that the word disaster should not be bandied about about the result of a football match.

    It was disappointing, no more.

  11. He said he wouldn't swap it for anything. I tend to believe him. A cup win, a day out at Wembley, memories that last a lifetime.....

    All 4th place does is make a bit of money and a CHANCE of Champions League football, which we probably weren't ready for.

  12. And the problem we have now is that we all recognised the importance of getting players in before the Euros. How do we do that when we have no Manager? 

  13. Agreed - I've been reading too many tabloids recently.

  14. used to be and now is two different things in my country (Trinidad) a mint used to be 15 cents now its 50 cents times change and so do standards

  15. Dalglish is a very stubborn man - and that can be a good thing and a bad thing. There's a few things that Dalglish could have done in the last few months that would have changed the atmosphere completely and allowed for a smooth transition to new management:

     - defuse the Suarez/Evra thing (statement from Suarez the next day saying 'sorry, cultural differences, take full responsibility, won't do it again').

    - once the champions league was out of reach play as many of the young players as possible to give them experience as already qualified for Europa Cup. LFC fans, more than most, appreciate players coming up through the ranks.

    - announce intention to resign after the FA Cup Final as he'd essentially achieved his goals of steadying the ship, got the team to Wembley and won a trophy, and got the club into Europe.

    But he's too stubborn to see it coming though, and its been coming ever since FSG got him and Suarez to apologise the day after the Evra handshake snub.

  16. WOW, so many  disrespectful people on here. Are you really a Liverpool fans? It's on the owners now. If they do not get a manager that will deliver a 1 cup and at least in the top 4 next season then they will need to sell the club!!! You do not let a guy like Kenny go and not deliver!!! Believe me AVB will not do it! Martinez will not do it even though he has the class, integrity and loyal as hell. Which is the foundation of Liverpool Football club. They have to get Pep or Dortmund manager. Brendan Rodgers and Rafa before anything else. Right now i do not like those Americans!

  17. Change needed to b made but I'm sad that he wasn't offered a new role at the club.

  18. KD remains a legend for LFC and nothing changes that.

    Right now the most important thing is to look for a new manager. Who is good, available and willing to come to LFC now? 

  19. Are you serious with this Brendan Rodgers crap have a read of the names you posted and you put him in that category. Thats like putting Henderson in the category as Messi please. 

  20. They play attacking beautiful football! He has an eye for a talent.... like Sigurdsson. But hey, i want Kenny for next 3 years! I don't want anybody else. But he is gone....

  21. Yes, Kenny will remain a legend of the club. His statement exhibits sheer class and indeed a gentleman's words. 

  22. Of course your right Jaimie.. I know that ,you know that and KK knows that.. it just didn't need to be said.

    I've genuinely been saddend by Liverpool fans (not just on this website, but in general) reaction and comments about KK . Alot of them say it's sentimental ol bull.. time to move on and all that .. but if sentiment and loyality aren't the very fabric of support then what is ??

    I'm not saying I've been blind to his shortcomings or not been downright dejected after some of the games this season.. or indeed the season as a whole..  but .. if any man, Bill Shankly included, deserved a bit of slack, paitence.. or at the very least a bit of decorium in comments then its KK.

    Tonight is not the time to say 'I was right bla bla bla' .. it's not the time to talk about who's succeding the King.. tonight is a night for remembering the King...

    "When I was growing up my hero was Di Stefano. Kenny for me was on a par
    with Di Stefano. That is the best compliment I can pay him."

    George Best

     "He is one of the best players I have ever seen and one of the best players in the history of football."

    Franz Beckenbauer

    "Kenny Dalglish, he's probably one of the nicest men you'll ever meet Robbie Fowler

    "Kenny Dalglish is probably the most modest man who has ever been handed the nickname 'King' but King Kenny he will always be." Billy Bremner

    "Kenny is the best player to have ever worn the red shirt and is the undisputed king of Liverpool Football Club."

    Phil Neal
    "I never saw anyone in this country to touch him. I can think of only
    two players who could go ahead of him – Pele and possibly Cruyff. He was
    He was better than Maradona, Rummenigge or Platini. I would say that on
    his day he was, without any shadow of a doubt, the best player in the

    Graeme Souness

    People often forget that the one quality great players need is courage.
    Kenny is as brave as a lion. He would take a kick from anyone and come
    back for more. Kenny is a man I shall always respect."

    Sir Alex Ferguson

    When Kenny put on that red shirt he was playing for it and the other 10
    players in the team. He is the best player I have ever seen at this
    football club and he was a genius."

    Brian Hall

    "Kenny was a genius of a player and he is a credit to the game on and
    off the pitch. He always played for the team rather than himself."Tommy Docherty

    I had the privillage of watching him play in his prime.. kicked the ball on my streets pretending to be the King.. was there anybody else !!

    But so many people forget or are too young to remember what really cemented KD to the Liverpool faithful.. Hillsborough.

    A young man that stood on the terraces during the Ibrox disaster, played on the pitch during the Hysel disaster and was in the dug out during the Hillsborough disaster knows a thing or two about life and Football .

    “The saddest and most beautiful sight I have ever seen”. (scarfs at Anfield post Hillsborough) KD

    Liverpool fans will never forget. "King Kenny" brought them such
    joy: the dinked winner in the 1978 European Cup final at Wembley, the volley
    at Stamford Bridge to set up the 1986 Double.

    Anfield also reveres him as the last manager to bring the league title, back
    in 1990. Yet Dalglish's response to the Hillsborough disaster, to
    Liverpool's darkest hour, stands as his greatest achievement. 

    I for one shall never forget..

    And I shall leave the last word to the GREAT man himself

    "I owe the football club a lot more than they owe me. I will always feel
    that. Because it's Liverpool Football Club and because of the
    opportunities they have given me. The football club is always more
    important than any one individual and I'm no different."

    Thankyou for everything you have ever done for LFC Kenny..


  23. You are a really smurf turt

  24. I like that! That guy does not know anything about respect.....

  25. Way past it? He won 1 cup. Man u 0 cup. He was not a manager for 20 years but still comes in and gets a cup almost 2. And he won all the biggest teams to get there. He would have gotten more next year. If anybody on the planet should get a chance its Kenny. He has done more for this club then anybody on this planet. F- The yanks....its all on them now and if the next manager does not win a cup and gets 4th or above then the owners need to go!!!!!! Its all on those disrespectful pigs

  26. And now we have nobody there that can do the right thing. Totally agree with you!

  27. Kanwar you better back it up if the new manager does not win anything next year. I hope you will be hunted by all real supporters for years!

  28. Well, I'm sure you can hold a vigil outside Kenny's house and support him instead.

  29. What, he comes on with a moniker of lfc and says he is not a supporter anymore because a manager who got us to 8th place, with relegation form for the 2nd half of the season has been replaced because he would not take another job at the club?

    The Kenny vigil grows all the time. If people want to support individuals, fair play to them, but remember Torres.

  30. No, he's still supporting Kenny. Now he is convinced that Kenny's garden will have lawn mowed perfectly before sunday.

  31. Wish he'd walked and taken the job offered in the board room but think now was the right time for a change.

  32. So, can you. As, without you, the club would have still achieved whatever it has.

  33. Has someone died? I keep hearing people say 'show some respect'?

    No, a football manager has been fired, probably with a decent pay off. Stop acting like such a peasant. The wailing and gnashing of teeth, considering how the season went, is completely over the top.

  34. You cannot be serious, to coin a phrase. You'd rather have the carling cup than lose the title on goal difference? That is a bit deluded. We did not even have European football to contend with.

  35. Well, as Liverpool supporters, we don't tolerate people being belittled do we?

  36. Has any manager started at 7th place, which got previous managers sacked, bought the 8th most expensive player of all time, got into a storm over a t shirt and then had the team playing relegation form for half a season before finishing 8th? And then told people who were not happy with that they needed their heads tested?

    Premature? The team looked to be in freefall.

  37. Which is why he had to stand down.

    Not convinced that the owners are putting that much into the team, to be honest, but if they say they want 4th and then the manager delivers 8th and says they should be happy with a cup that the top 6 don't even contest with their best teams, then he is fortunate if, after telling people they are mad if they are not satisfied, he is offered a board room post. He did not accept it and tried to force the owners into keeping him. And used all the loyalist, blind faith supporters to hold the board to ransom. It did not work.

  38. Which shows how much the manager had failed to move on from the past. The owners made it clear what they expected. He did not deliver it. Not only that, the results were getting worse. It wasn't relegation form for 2 months, it was relegation form for 5 months. Nowhere near good enough.

  39. Funny, i was thinking the same about Adam as well. No Ferdinand? No Micah Richards when Walker is injured? Is the Johnson he picked the same one that he criticised at Liverpool? The same one who has been injured half the season? Downing, 33 caps, no goals, a bit like his season with us. Very odd. But it is still a decent squad. Wonder if people will be talking about impatient LFC supporters once they've had Hodgson as England manager for about 6 months.

  40. Anyone say that he was a top manager, though? Cos that is what we need!

    Of course, he is the best player ever to play for the club. And probably always will be.

    But, maybe he thought his legend status gave him more bargaining power than he thought he had. He should have moved upstairs.

  41. Agreed.

    He didn't realise that in the modern world, stubborness and pigheadness is not as admired as it used to be in the 70s.

  42. Why does the next manager have to win a cup if he makes top 4?

    And what makes you say that AVB will not deliver? Or Martinez?

  43. That's what Kenny did. And it cost him his job.

  44. what ?we"re fascists now eh?we dont allow any dissenting voice son here...he said what he had to say on the sackin and clearly doesnt agree with it and hes mad enough to stop following us for a while.let him be,and for the record,hes not pissed off cos we sacked a man who finished 8th in league,hes pissed off cos we sacked a legend whos heart and soul went into lfc and knobs like u should be ashamed to be glad hes gone[!!!

  45. u mean bowwed down and kept his counsel and let them put him in makin the tea and ,meetin/greetin celebs and investors...naw,fuck that,with kenny it was always goin to end in glory or misery ...and as morrissey sang ...lord knows im miserable now!!!!

  46. god ur some langer gabweb,ur the worse kind of fan...the citeh/chavs type who wants instant success,are u follicilly challenged?small penis perhaps,?were u bullied at school because u always wanted things ur way? u see,real lfc fans know that kenny was/is and always will be a class act,he loves the club,is tied to it spiritually and thru the fans almost physically.whats completely over the top is ur hard nosed reaction to the fans who are genuinely upset at his sacking.

  47. yes money talks and all the shite but class will always shine brighter.weve lost what we used to hold dear,yeah im probably deluded but surely u would rather keep ur dignity and not win much than sell ur soul to the new shiny sheik!!!!

  48. jesus gabweb ur really gettin on my tits now mate...i tell u 1 thing ,the next guy walks in tp lfc dressing room to pick the team better be the best thing we ever saw,he better be sweet as pie to the media and play barca like footie,and ...finish top 4...

  49. absolutely superb post mate...ynwa...

  50. Unlike you to be patronising, Gab.

    Funny how you dismiss out of hand one of the Club's greatest ever servants, but were rabid in your defence of a dubious character who doesn't even play for Liverpool.

  51. Read it again. It had the caveat "a great guy" at the end........

  52. I'm not glad he's gone. I'm sorry he did not take the job he was offered.

    And for someone who dislikes fascists or dissenting voices, you seem to be a bit hypocritical. Take a lie down and chill. And stop acting like a knob yourself. And do you know Billy the Cat? Or are you a mind reader?

    Some of you people are nutcases, you talk about dignity and respect and people being ashamed. And then act like headcases.

  53. What does playing for the club have to do with it when people are being treated as sub human? And if someone has a dubious character, what difference does it make who they play for? Our ex manager was party to that little beautiful display of humanity from our club and its supporters also. didn't show a lot of respect in that instance, as he labelled others and an entire mob then joined in.

    Before you posted this, I'd said, oh at least 100 times, I wish Kenny had taken the job upstairs. Did not want to see him sacked! But if not covering myself in ashes and wailing is not showing enough respect or is considered to dismissing people out of hand, well, sorry.

    But, eventually, the main thing is that i support the club and believe that this individuals management was holding the club back. Not sure why i should be mourning the fact he has left the job. Life goes on for him, better than it does for 99% of people on this earth. And maybe our club will come out stronger once the dust has settled. There's a lot more people i am going to feel sympathy for before a rich football manager who got a good pay off for not doing a particularly great job.

  54. Yeah, we really kept our dignity this season, didn't we?

  55. Well, there's no bias there, is there? But i hear there is no bias in this club. Well, that's what i heard. Luckily, i support the club, not individuals, or other supporters of the club.

  56. I'm glad to hear it.

    As for anything else you have said, why does the next guy have to be that good? Cos we've been nowhere near that for some time now and it didn't seem to bother you. So, be prepared to suck it up if the next manager is rank average as well. Then you won't look like a hypocrite!

  57. Well, then he should be happy now then.

  58. Well, if they are going to pay shedloads for Downing, Henderson and Adam, maybe that is a good thing. And our signings would probably have all been British in any case. Doubt we'd have had anyone looking at the Euros.

    Besides, it may not take long for us to replace The King and most top managers now continue to scout, even when they are not in employment. Not sure that was the case with our ex manager, though, looking at the signings.

  59. I think the Club has every chance of coming out of this a lot stronger. What I object to is the sly digs from the likes of yourself and Kanwar towards people who are genuinely gutted at how things have panned out.

    I remember how sick I felt the first time he left, as I was informed by an Evertonian who was in the process of selling me a satellite dish whilst barely trying to hide his glee. This time was no easier.

    I also think you are on a sticky wicket to question the humanity of Kenny Dalglish, the club and it's supporters, for having an opinion on a vexatious complaint. Sub-human??? Get over yourself.


  60. I never claimed that I wasn't biased. 

    I also openly admit to hating Evra, Ferdinand, Dwight Yorke, and 'Andrew' Cole.