28 Apr 2012

Line-Up vs. Norwich: Skrtel and Carroll out; Carra and Bellamy start...


Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Shelvey, Henderson, Gerrard, Downing, Bellamy, Suarez

SUBS: Doni, Maxi, Coates, Kuyt, Spearing, Kelly, Skrtel.


Speaking to the BBC ahead of today's game, Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson conceded that Liverpool's run will be 'sending Kenny Dalglish crazy', and he expects his old club to struggle again today:

"Norwich got a draw at Anfield in October because of Liverpool's wastefulness and, as in so many other games at Anfield this season, the Reds could quite easily have won.

"The Canaries come into this game on the back of a couple of defeats, at Blackburn and before that a pasting at home to Manchester City, and you would expect a response from Paul Lambert's men, which is why I am going for a draw here".


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I really like the look of the midfield in the line up, though don't like Carra at defence.

  2. Carra's talk about players competing ( in next couple of games) to play in the FA cup final , him starting today and including him in the Semi-final against Everton and the Carling cup final - all for no apparent reasons , does this suggest that Kenny is considering playing Carra in the FA cup final ?!

  3. Nice to see the kids getting a chance again!!!!

  4. liverpool liverpool youll never walk anlone we will win norich 0-5 to us bet you any money

  5. Come on Shelvey, give us a performance. No Sterling yet again. Me sad. I really want to see Suso, Silva or Krisztian Adorjan. Buhu, Buhu :( 

    I mean, Adorjan is 19, why can't he start?

  6. wanted carroll to start

  7. No don't worry :L It means he's giving Skrtel a rest ahead of the final! 

    Best attacking line-up we currently have imo, and our best, bar skrtel. (Obviously would much prefer Lucas ahead of Shelvey or Henderson)

  8. Carrol should start every match IMO! Carragher is a liability at the back and King Kenny must also give Raheem Sterlingm Morgan, Silva and Suso a chance!!

  9. forget kenny sack suarez jk?

  10. comments closed? u r looking like a scared kitten now lol

  11. 'Comments' playing up. Must be because HE was brilliant today?

    That was great to watch.


    Anyone not willing Luis to score his
    hat-trick after the sheep worriers started to boo him (and their oh so
    hilarious chants of "It's never your Fault") really don't deserve to
    be entertained.


    The kind of people who seriously want
    him gone are the kind of people who grimly munch a nut cutlet whilst everyone
    else enjoys their Christmas Dinner. 


    Team selection spot on, and finally a
    few shots went in.


    A good day.


  12.  Team played 4-2-3-1 with Gerrard in behind Suarez... it looked dangerous.

    Must say a 3 man midfield suits us, hope 4-4-2 isn't always our default formation.

    Team also pressed more urgently today, meant we didn't really miss Spearing and still managed to controlled the game.

    Played a mostly counter-attacking strategy, hitting them with speed down the flanks... it worked pretty well.

    Obvious question is, how does one fit Carroll into that system?

  13. Brilliant third goal. Move over Xabi ;)

    I echo DavidK's implied doubt over Carroll's ability to fit in with such a style.

    Nice to see Bellers in and not subbed too!

    Surprised to see Norwich not play big man Holt.

  14. Seeing as the other thread is closed I will state my opinion here,TOLD ALL YOU DOUBTERS A COUPLE OF DAY'S AGO SUAREZ IS WORLD-CLASS, do you agree now or was he just lucky?????

  15. This game just goes to prove a point i have been trying to make on here i.e. that Suarez has been serially underperforming this season......

    Suarez might well be world class as a footballer, he has the talent for sure and i think we all knew that already BUT it does beg the question where has this world class talent been hiding all season......and why???

    Why is it that he turns it on for this game.....at this stage in the season....when we have feck all but pride left to play for...???

    Don't get me wrong, im happy to see him at last looking like he actually wants to score.....but jeez.....its taken him a while hasn't it?

    Just the other day i said that IF Suarez had played like i knew he could...and had scored say 30 goals or thereabouts which i believe he could have done......and Reina had not let in so many goals.....we would be in the top 4 comfortably.....

    Todays game is proof in point of that.....the argument has been about the crappy brits and all the negativity has been on them.....but IMO they were not as much to blame for our seasons woes as Suarez and Reina & Co are.......

    My p.o.v. remains as it was, im happy that we won this game and kept a clean sheet but im unhappy still about how our season has panned out, Suarez will be lauded and idol worshipped even more after this hatrick and it seriously gets the heat off his back....for a while at least....and brings the fans back on HIS side.....

    I knew this would happen and thats why i think he's a trouble maker, play crap for a prolonged period if time while others take the heat.....then put in 1 or 2 good performances once the season is effectively over....get the fans back.....and remain a problem for the owners who MUST want to get rid of him by now....


  16. I have to say I'm not too happy about our league form either,but all in all if we win the FA Cup the season will not have been all bad.True fans do idol- worship Suarez and are on and alway's have been on his side. A single player cannot carry a whole team in terms of providing all the goal's a team score's!,and to suggest that he has played "crap" for a prolonged period and is a trouble- maker is in my opinion CRAP- TALK by you.I hope Suarez stick's In 2 or3 more next weekend!!!!, what are you going to say then, probably the same CRAP as this.

  17. The thing is, Suarez is a player that needs the ball put through to him so he can score. His chances of scoring goes up. Most of the time he has to either run through 2 players, or take optimistic toshots. Look at how Gerrard dished it out to Suarez for the first goal, he had so much time for the second goal, and his third was just class. Vs Wigan Gerrard put it in on a dish for Suarez which he made the finish look like routine,  and Rodriguez set him up perfectly vs Stoke. These are the kind of plays Suarez thrives in. Although he does miss some chances, most of the time blame can't be put on him because he creates most of those chances himself. 

    His style of play is very much like Messi's, he needs the players to look for him after he passes the ball, because 9 times out of 10 he is making a potent run. You can't do that with Carroll in the team, I will say this once and I will say this again, Carroll is just a distraction. 

  18. I think the majority of fans have always been on HIS side. He is a Liverpool player, after all..........

    Suarez had time for his first 2 goals.  Most of the season Luis has been trying to create his own chances and the way teams blanket-defend at Anfield, he has been snatching at any half-chances coming his way, and getting more and more frustrated. A bit like the rest of us.

    Yesterday, after the first 2, he could start showboating to try and complete the hat-trick. The lobbed miss still sums up how frustrating he can be, but that's the point surely? To be entertained?

  19. Yes, now he is suddenly 'world class'(!)

    Thrown around like confetti, that term.

  20. Theycallmemrburt6:30 pm, April 29, 2012

    Well done pool.  its a Criticism roll over.........

    Great goals from Suarez proving once again that he is a scorer of great goals.

    Does anyone else think Ruddy pulls his hand away for the third goal? He could have reached it easily but, I guess, expected it to sail over.....WRONG!  LFC online has a 15 angle vid of the goal which clearly shows Ruddy withdraw his hand.

    Ahhh well.......

  21. Keyword suddenly dosn't apply, has been world-class for a good while!

  22. Pfft. He is a very good player but a season and a half of mixed form in a top league is hardly worthy of a 'world class' tag. He was hardly playing in a top league before he came to us.