24 Apr 2012

Savage: These two LFC midfield flops are just 'not good enough'. Agree?

On Radio 5 live recently, Robbie Savage described the current Liverpool team as the 'worst ever', and after the West Brom debacle on Sunday, the former Blackburn and Leicester star laid into the club's current set of midfielders, accusing them of being 'not good enough'.

Speaking on Match of the Day 2, Savage - who described the current Liverpool team as 'the worst ever' during a recent Radio 5 live show - urged Reds fans to 'get real' and start accepting the club is only a 'top 8 cup side' now, adding:

"You've got to be honest, and look at the midfield three years ago and compare it to the midfield they've got now. They had Alonso and Mascherano, two players now playing for the two best clubs in Europe.

"If you're looking at the future, you could say that the likes of Henderson and Shelvey could come good, but for the present, they're simply not good enough".

Whilst I'm not the greatest fan of Mascherano, he was arguably more effective than 's the likes of Spearing and Henderson. Alonso is a no-brainer; superior to any of the club's current midfielders, but to be fair, he didn't score a lot of goals either.

Shelvey aside, I agree with Savage about the club's current midfielders: just not good enough. Downing, in particular has to be one of the biggest transfer flops in the club's history; 20m for what, exactly?

There are only four league games left this season and Downing *still* hasn't scored or created a goal. It's ridiculous, and Dalglish has to take full responsibility for wasting a big chunk of the summer's transfer budget on such an ineffective player.

Henderson has shown flashes of potential this season, but despite having more minutes on the pitch than anyone else (bar Enrique and Skrtel), his creative return is terrible.

How much time does Henderson need to play himself into form? Yes, he's young, but the shelf-life of that excuse expired weeks ago. Like Downing, Henderson's first season at Liverpool has to go down as a failure.

I disagree with Savage about Shelvey though; he is (IMO) definitely good enough, but with only 368 minutes of pitch-time all season (compared to 2300 for Henderson) he's hardly had any time to show it.

If I was FSG, one of the serious questions I would be asking Dalglish is this: Why did you splurge 20m on Henderson when you already had Shelvey? Henderson was an unnecessary purchase, and if Shelvey had played the same number of minutes this season, I have no doubt his impact would've been significantly better.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i dont really agree, Shelvey and Hendo is our back up player....dont forget we have Lucas/Gerrard/adam as our midfielder. 

  2. You can add Adam to the back up list.. also not good enough (IMO).

  3. No doubt about Henderson, he's just not good enough for a team that wants to compete for top 4. Not sure about Shelvey.

  4. I´m totally on you´re side, Dalglish is crap!!!

  5. downing= rubbish, adam= too slow, henderson= too young, shelvey= see henderson, kuyt= doesnt score enough, gerrard= too injury prone, lucas= see garrard, maxi= rubbish... out of the current liverpool midfield only gerard would get into man utd, city, spurs, chelsea or arsenals midfield. Says it all really

  6. Don´t buy english players, over rated and are not good enough. Look at the national team, they are not good enough, way so buy english players that are not even in the english squad. Liverpool must bay players from outside england, like Benitez did with Alonso - Sissoko - Agger - Skertl - Torres - Little Luis - Pepe Reina - Lucas........... Please Dalglish wake up, and look out side the kontinent!!!!

  7. The Anfield Faithfull11:01 am, April 24, 2012

    absolute rubbish..!

  8. Adam is simply NOT good enough... one paced who cannot tackle, and cant even put in a decent set piece, despite him supposedly being an expert.

    Downing has flattered to deceive, and I feel a bit sorry for him because he is in and out of the team, and when he is played he is continually swapping flanks. Also when he does play Carroll seems not to, and vice versa. But overall defo not good enough this season.

    Shelvey may be one for the future, but he is not quite there yet. A season on loan at a lower Prem club, like Wilshere at Bolton would do him the world of good.

    Maxi is quality but does not get the playing time he deserves, especially given his goal return.

    Gerrard is still fantastic when allowed to maraud; defo still top draw.

    Spearing is neat, tidy, sees the pass and reads the game well, but is perhaps a little slow, but is defo a good enough reserve for Lucas, who we so badly miss.

    Bringing me on to Henderson:
    Still young dont forget!; on the few occasions when this lad is played attacking centre mid, and not the holding role or out wide, you can see why we paid £16m (not £20m) for him. He has pace, a great engine, has great shot, despite his goal return, and has vision. He gets dumped out wide, and fans (doesnt happen at the game) take a pop. Well, remember when he was bossing games for Sunderland last year, when he had Cattermole sitting behind him.
    For him to blossom we need to say Jordan that is your position, now play there, and if that means sticking Gerrard out wide, or as 2nd striker, then so be it.
    We need to think/plan for the future. Hendo was bought for the long term, so we need to be patient, not like a lot of fans were with Lucas! (and how wrong they were!)

  9. All of the above people - what exactly qualifies you to think that you know better than Kenny! WISE UP

  10. Henderson has been played out of position and is young he will be ok
    Shelvey looks promising Downing Adam Kuyt and Maxi can all pack their bags.

  11. Henderson will never be the 'quality' Liverpool expect nor is downing,carroll,adams time to stand up to KK and tell him it's not on to waste so much money on so poor and ineffective players. 

  12. midfield haslet us down this year, all average players. except sg  strikers too now it looks like aqualani is on his way back, as milan wont buy him but hes better than hendo spearing and shelvey. i still think next season we will all see a better liverpool...

  13. We had Lucas, Gerrard, 
    Aquilani, Shelvey,  Meireles at one point so I did think it was strange when Kenny was buying more central midfielders like Adam and Henderson. Looking at it now we needed attacking players.

  14. spearing is the one that i don't understand.
    he's clearly not good enough for a starting place,he didn't get a kick til lucas got injured,why people think he's a direct replacement baffles me.he has very poor distribution,dreadful finisher and prone to rash challenges,he'd have spent the season on the bench if lucas had stayed fit.
    shelvey should have got more game time this season,he's definitely a talent.

  15. Here we go again with another washed up has been. Hansen, Lawrenson, RUsh, Aldridge and any other Liverpool player with a championship winning medal in their cupboard at home can say what they like about the current team; they've earned that right.
    Savage, on the other hand, hasn't and, correct me if I'm wrong, has no winners medals of any sort. He was never good enough to play for Liverpool so I think it's time he stopped slating those who are doing it now. Yes, we've had a poor season in the league and, for want of a clinical finisher, we've lost & drawn games where we've battered the opposition. Our midfield can't be that 'crap' is we've made all those chances (how many chances at goal have Liverpool had this season, Jaimie?) all you nay sayers are seeing is the score at the end and, yes, I know, that's what matters in the league but the team has been playing some tasty football this season and THAT is something we can build upon. 

  16. I still think Mireless should not have been sold. Aquilani would have been an asset if not loaned out. He would be the perfect link with Suarez with his tricky passes. They would compliment each other.  KD is stuck with this mediocre current midfield with no backup. Shelvey is almost there but insufficient game time given. The engine room is lacking in terms of goals. Skrtle has scored more than Hendo and Downo put together. That says it all. 

  17. They're all good enough, but Kenny doesn't know how to get the best out of them. They would look different altogether if they were managed by Jose Mourinho, Brendan Rodgers, or even Roy Hodgson.

  18. err, looking at the table, perforamnces, results???
    I don't need to be qualifed to see and know that we have regressed under Kenny and are now firmly established as mid table also-rans. All the teams above us, and a couple below us are better than us now. Oh dear, KD apologists - can't see the wood for the trees

  19. Savage said that our midfield is the worst he's seen  - you don't have to have had a Championship medal to see that; I have never won a medal but I can see that KD has destroyed our midfield - his insistence of getting rid of the Benitez buys and replacing them with his shocking xhoices says it all really. So for me Savage is spot on ... another KD apologist, yawn

  20. I don't think Downing would personally. I've got to say i never rated him; always had the feeling i now know is true - despite getting behind him to prove me wrong. He is one of those players who just dribbles into the spaces that won't hurt teams; so if you are not looking closely at what is happening he manages to appear  like there is substance; but closer analysis proves otherwise - and in the end the statistics bear it out.

  21. The results qualify people to question KD's judgement and give their opinions on the players he is selecting. If we could see even a slow progression with those players, and the results, then we would all have to agree that patience is needed. I don't know about you, but I've seen a regression in form over the course of this season. I'm not going to criticise the team or manager myself (at least not now anyway) but I'd say that's fair reason enough for anyone to question KD.

  22. Have to agree with Savage on this occasion , when you compare todays midfield against the one mentioned of Masch , Xabi and Stevie G there's no comparrison. You say washed up hasbeen , give them credit , they were Pro footballers and probably have a far better idea than any of us!!!! Its just an honest appraisal , which midfiled would you prefer??????

  23. What a load of rubbsih you talk. Lucas injury prone?... Injured... erm once!
    Lucas having the best tackling AND passing completion ratio in the entire premiership last year wouldn't get into those teams you mention then?
    Maxi is Rubbish as well huh?... apart from being our best goal scorer per minutes on the pitch.
    Go and support a netball team!

  24. Henderson is just a central midfielder of version of Park Ji Sung. Neither really do anything on their own and rely on the attacking impetus/creativity of others to get them involved in the game. The difference is we aren't exactly rolling in players who have attacking impetus, which is makes Hendo looked very very very very ordinary.

  25. Post-'Invincibles' era, Arsenal have been building on 'tasty football' for how long now...

    Without the strong steely mentality (which has been Arsenal's downfall in terms moving from evolving 'tasty football' to 'winning football', but at least they are regular like clockwork in the top 4), it means bugger all. We are mid-table mediocrity and for a club of our stature, that says something about the weak and half-arsed mentality that has been apparent at this club.

    Midfield has a considerable amount of 'crap'-ness to it, if it can't chip in with goals or defensively look weak in terms of seeing out games (QPR, etc) or doing the basic thing of tracking runners (Bolton, etc) 

  26. People blame our strikers but how many goals from midfield?

  27. i just read ac milan are to send aquliania back in the summer this is only a good thing he may not be brilliant but at least he is of european and international class ,and see passes that the midfield players at present cant,henderson adam downing  selvey are not in the same class as a fit aquiliania fingers crossed he stays and stays fit,,,,,

  28. Will be interesting to see whether KK makes room for Aquaman.

    Rumoured Milan will bring in Montolivo on a free transfer in the summer, so that possibly explains why Aquilani is no longer wanted, even though they aren't exactly the same kind of central midfielders

    His career has been riddled with injuries and no different at Milan. That is the potential downside with having Aquilani back in the squad as it calls into question his reliability.

    Even though I think his time at our club has been hyped up as he only started like 9/10 league games yet some think he was this attacking midfielder extraordinaire for us, I would like to see him back in the squad as he has some ability that is for sure. Although I don't have high expectancy of him.

    So Juve declined to buy him and now seems like Milan will do so too. Yet most want him back at Liverpool. Hmm

  29. "Downing has flattered to deceive"

    Can you please explain what this sentence means?  flatters to deceive.  I have looked up the meaning and no-one can explain what it means.  It has no logical meaning in proper English and if you think of the meaning of the words does not make any sense.

  30. From what I have read about Aquilani his deal was automatic tiggered by number of appearances made this season. I understand he has reached the target and therefore milan have no choice other than to sign him. I hope i am right. If not and he can return then maybe this is the reason Comolli has gone failing to ensure we see the back of him. And....... just to join in the debate I think Henderson and Shelvey will be fine but we should cut our losses on Adams (very disappointing) and Downing (truly woeful).
    our creativity without these 2 players has been good and imo we just need to sign 1 class striker and 1 midfield player. Maxi might not be there next season neither might Kuyt. Bellemy will though and hopefully he will share playing time with Sterling (I live in hope)

  31. Theycallmemrburt2:41 pm, April 24, 2012

    Neither Henderson or Shelvey will ever be world class.

    A team that has a blend of English 'steady' tactical aware players and overseas flair works best.  Technically There are three English players who are really comfortable with a technical one-two, pass and move philosophy: Wilshire, Rooney and Josh McEachran.  English players on the whole are still all about power and pace with a good shot thrown in for good measure, but technical ability and tactical awareness is lacking.  Gerrard, Lampard, Downing, Lennon, wellbeck, Sturridge and Young = one or more of either pace, power or finishing.  They would all compliment most sides in the world but you can't have a team full of this type of player.

    We have filled our side to the brim with players who force the play when what we needed was three dimensional wide men and strikers.

    Our blueprint team 'Team England' will be 'performing' at a summer tournament near you.....I can guarantee more disjointed England performances based on the very same reasons that Liverpool are so sub standard.

  32. People will still be asking what give people the right to question the manager when the team is relegated. I think their ancestors worked on the Titanic.

  33. Tasty football that has us neck and neck with Fulham.

  34. That shows how bad our midfield is.

    I also don't think that either Juventus or Milan were ever convinced they would buy him and simply saw the chance to get a decent player on the cheap for a season.

    In my opinion, our terrible midfield signings is where it has gone wrong and, however average Carroll and Suarez have been in front of goal, if the midfield had, both, created and scored as many as the combined 45 million fee that Adam, Downing and Henderson cost, then a lot of the other problems, lack of home wins, low goal scoring record, would have been fixed this season. Selling Meireles only compounded those poor signings and showed the lack of nous from the manager.

  35. Definitely. The club needs a luxury player. What I'd give to see the club splurge the summer transfer budget on the Real Madrid bench warmer, Kaka. Of course, he would be looking for Champions League, but Europa, and Liverpool, compared to the Madrid bench, might appeal. And he'd have something to prove and is the kind of character the club could rely on. Of course, it is highly unlikely, but if he wanted to come to England, wanted to be at a big club, a place where he'd be guaranteed to play and get European, if not Champions League, football next season. Then the chance to become the newest legend at Liverpool might appeal. Pay the guy what he wants. Having that type of craft, whether from a star like him, or finding the new version of him, which our scouts never do, would make a huge difference to the team and would probably improve the team more than one player could normally be expected to.

  36. if you gave shelvey as much time as henderson he would have improved far more,Adam(useless),Kuyt,Downing(waste of space),spearing,henderson,carra are not good enough and with kenny tactics it has been a disaster.

  37. Before they were bought I cried that we did NOT need Adam Downing or Henderson. They were mediocre and for the most part talentless players who glories in a "flash in a pan" way. Of course I was mistaken and we are a glorious 8th! I am hoping for better things next year ( don't I always) but doubts temain when I keep hearing KD telling us that he needs no additions as the squad he has in almost perfect. He must have been the only man on the planet who in January did not know that we were floundering ignominiously for want of a couple of strikers. I am happy to hear the rumour that Aquilani might return and also pray Lucas will be back.

  38. I'm excited to see Shelvey play more next season. I don't know why we continue to chase 7th place. That's not an achievement. Even if it is ahead of Everton. The club needs to swallow its pride, accept that we will finish somewhere between 7th and 14th seeing as 5 points separate us all, and play the Shelvey's and Sterling's and get them integrated to a better level with the first-team players. Can anyone see these 3 years of moving backwards ending?

  39. the reason Aquilani was loaned was because we had Meireles and then he put in a transfer request on deadline day.

    As for Adam he has 2 goals and 8 assists this season compared with Aquilani 0 goals 8 assists and i still don't think either of them are what we need.

    Spearing his distribution is getting better and he is a good back up.

    Henderson still young but the only time I've actually liked him playing is when he is being defensive.

    Downing I still like him he was starting to show a bit of form recently as well, before Dalglish started benching him again. I know he doesn't have an assist in the league but he has created a lot of chances which is his job.

    Maxi I think is good for a bit-part role when we use him sparingly he normally scores but not when he gets a couple of games.

    Shelvey I like him because he puts a lot of energy in and shows he will be better with more experience could of probably done with staying out on loan to Blackpool.

  40. I think he is 4 games short of the target.

  41. Hendo has more talent in his bell end that Adam does in his entire body

  42. i hear what ur saying m8 the thing with ac is if he starts more than 25  games for them theres a clause that ac pay over the odds not just on his  salary but on the possible transfer,and as for juventus he played out of his skin for them but the to be new manager conte made to clear aquil wasnt part of his plans,,maybe the price tag was the real reason who knows,,,in two seasons in italy he has played 70+ times 39 times this year for ac and 35 for juv, compare that to gerrards 50, i know what ur saying is true its just i think the injury he had at liverpool gives people a false belief about him concerning that he,s always injured which isn,t the case,,

  43. u are right mate the italians have been using him for two seasons and paying peanuts while we foot the bill and when it comes to business they wont shot of him

  44. One of the biggest problems this year has been our midfield. Henderson is not a right winger and is one of the main reason he hasn't performed well this season.
    Gerrard was missing at the start of the season and was recovering from a bad injury which is why he hasn't looked the player we all know he is.
    Adam for me started the season well with a few goals and couple of assist. I don't see why people hate him so much but I agree before his injury he wasn't playing that well but for me that was down to playing alongside an unfit Gerrard. Adam is not full of energy and that is one thing he really needs to improve on, therefore resulting in a very slow and not so hard working centre midfield partnership.
    Spearing as much as he has improved and I love the effort and commitment he puts in when playing, he is just not Liverpool FC standard, I won't say anymore because it would be harsh.
    Downing is a good player and in a good midfield I think he would do well and with more players busting a gut to get in the box I think he would have got he assist he usually gets.
    It wouldn't be fair to comment on Kuyt as he hasn't played that often and hasn't had a decent run in the team but I agree it's time to let him go as he isn't the answer to the right wing problem.
    Maxi as we all know should have started on the right wing every game. He scores goals, he creates chances and has a brilliant footballing brain. KK why??? but I'd let him go in the summer as he isn't the answer to the right wing problem either. He has played in centre midfield all of his career until he came to Liverpool but that's what we do, we play players out of position ha.
    Lucas has been a big miss that is fact. I was one of his biggest haters and I for one am very happy he proved me wrong because every team needs a player like him.
    All the above for me is one of the main reason that we haven't picked up so many points.
    Obviously it's not the only reason but it really hasn't helped.

  45. When was the last time a club paid 16 million for "back up" player?

  46. None of our current midfielders and strikers are good enough to challenge for the CL spot bar Gerrard and Suarez.The rest are just average or mediocre.Just look at Swansea or Everton first team midfielders and strikers, the likes of Downing,Henderson,Carrol,Shelvey,Spearing could only warm the bench at best.And I don't want to even mention Newcastle first team midfielders and strikers.

  47. Just the midfield ! lol...The sign "This is Anfield" used to put fear into teams..now its funny....West brom were laughing a lot at the poor finishing and then thought lets score get the three points, dont let Liverpool have the ball for the last 15 minutes and go home...job done.

  48. He has only started 13 league games for Milan. He started plenty for Juve last season but a swallow here or there does not make a summer, i.e., one season isn't enough to banish his reputation of being injury prone. Yep, Gerrard doesn't have a great record of late but we are talking about Aquilani.

    I tell you what the case is: Aquilani has only started 20 or more league games in a season TWICE in his career. I think that says it all about his fitness/injury-free reliability. I think people are justified to call into question his fitness/injury record, don't you?

    To be fair on Juve, Pirlo has been really good for them this season and Vidal looks a great buy. Marchisio-Pirlo-Vidal, Juve got a lovely central midfield. They haven't missed Aqua at all, even though he was solid for them.

  49. From what I have read, there seems to be confusion over the criteria for the  transfer clause, in the public domain, but that could be just pure waffle.

  50. Are we having English lessons now mate. For fucks sake were talking football. Stop picking the bones out of someone's post.

  51. Wilson Michaelpaul8:24 pm, April 24, 2012

    Dont you know jaime ?  Downing has played far better than kenny expected him to :-(

    I agree with robbie " fergie dumped me and I never got over it " savage regarding our midfield  - but I am not happy that its come down to talking heads like him pointing it out .

  52. Wilson Michaelpaul8:39 pm, April 24, 2012

    So are we now acknowledging that almost £ 42 million worth of our summer signings just in midfield alone are not good enough and at best are squad level players ? if thats what we are saying here then that in its self is a crushing indictment of the direction the management are taking us in .

    also I am tired of being wound up at work by toon fans  - bloody toon fans of all people mocking us , times are tough indeed.

  53. Think both Hendo and Shelvey are going to be better with time which is why they were bought, same goes with Adam,you don't go fom playing the way he was for Blackpool and turn into a crap player!,Downing--- um!, don't know, think he has the game but somehow it just hasn't happened yet , maybe it will next season?, Spearing I think has done reasonably well, again he is a young guy! I say with a few good additions and KD in charge next season will be a whole lot better than this season in EPL.

  54. In the infamous words of my man J mac .. You can not be serious !!

    Mascherano was 'arguably' more effective than Speraring and Henderson ???

    Arguably jaimie ??

    I doubt even Spearing or Hendersons ol' fellas would argue that one down the local after a skin full on a saturday night .. LOL

  55. No we're not, so lets just all say shit that doesn't make sense.  

    Downing has failed to count all his chickens when in Rome. 

    Adam looks like he needs to roll up his socks and eat it too.

    You can lead Stevie G to water, but he'll take it one game at a time.

    Dalglish needs to stop putting all of his eggs in the early bird.  

    There you go, i'm talking football, and making no sense as well.

  56. This is very frustrating because i can see what Kenny is trying to build within the squad, IMO he wants a strong british core with foreign flair players (which i agree with), thats my opinion, i could be wrong but thats how i see it.

    This season has seen that vision go down the pan somewhat, because virtually all our players have underperformed for whatever reasons, some because of a lack of confidence being young etc playing in a side struggling to convert chances......and therefore struggling with a lack of winning momentum........others because of their own agenda's IMO.

    Yes we can criticise Hendo, but as has been said he's been employed largely as a RW which he's not good enough for....i can see Jamie's point about Shelvey in this respect but im not so sure that having Shelvey would have made that much difference, tbh i think our squad has some very grey area's and large holes in it which need filling......

    Im not sure if Hendo is good enough but we did give Lucas plenty of time to work on his game.....and i see Hendo as a Lucas type player so im not sure if its been a waste of money buying him. Certainly hasn't had a great season, but i reckon he will improve depending on where he is played.....

    Downing, has not hit the heights either, clearly he has struggled, but again he's NOT the only one.....i agree he did cost a pretty penny (over the odd's IMO) granted and has to do better if we keep him to warrant that type of cash being spent but i do think he is better than he's shown thus far.

    Its not black and white IMO re this team this season, it has been a very frustrating, what with us playing some fine football at times and creating many chances but with very few goals and consequently win's to show for it....

    Winning breeds confidence, in defence of the brit buy's i will say that had Suarez netted like 30 goals already...... and had Reina not been so dodgy...........we would have have had more confidence flowing through the team because of more wins and more points etc...... which would of helped the new signings a lot more to settle in when played......

  57. How true. Mireless is now stuck  without AVB. Spearing looks solid. Shelvey's movement is fantastic. There is always urgency. Downing is starting to show that. Hendo still lacks in urgency. 
    But Aqua would make an ideal link with Suarez. Sometimes good players cant perform to their best of their ability because of the players around them just cant click together. Aqua has great one touch skills. I still think he would have made a great contribution to the team if not loaned out.

  58. i suggest you google alberto aquilani stats 

  59. he started 20 and was used as sub 15 being brought on with 35 + mins left 

  60. Erm I already did when for my point but thanks for the advice.

    I looked at espn stats of Aquilani, which are usually reliable in terms of starts and subs as they give game by game view as well. I got no problems with the credibility of the starts/subs stats of ESPN, as its quite well known. So I suggest you query yours.

    13 Serie A starts, 3 CL starts and 1 domestic cup start.

  61. Also Aquilani profile stats on SkySports has the same starts in the league and CL as I got from ESPN.

  62. The trouble started when we sold we sold Meireles and loaned out Aqualani, both superior players to Adam and Henderson, we loaned out Shelvey and Pacheco who are both superior to Adam and Henderson and it could be argued that we could have saved best part of £20m and played Pacheco in Downing's position.

    Whoever was responsible for the transfers in and out during last summer has made some huge mistakes, I think this summer we need to cut our losses on the likes of Henderson, Downing and Adam and look at bringing Suso and Sterling into the first team squad properly ie minutes on the pitch, Sterling showed more promise in about 10 minutes than those three collectively over a season.
    Suso and Sterling are the sort of players we are missing, they have that ability to unlock a defense, we have been far too predictable this season.

    I honestly believe we had a far superior squad at the end of last season which had the second best points tally in the second half of the season only Chelsea bettering us, having said that I'd have to say that some of the team selections have been dubious, for a team that is a bit goal shy I struggle to understand why we would leave Maxi out when over the last year he's averaged nearly a goal per game but this is just one of many.
    How many bad games do Adam, Henderson and Downing have to play in before Suso, Sterling and Shelvey get some game time?

    Fact - We sold better players than we bought!! 

  63. have a wee look at career stats smart arse 22 starts 17 sub,,ac milan italy or whoever thats the games he,s played this year 

  64. Funny how you include international starts now. 

    You weren't talking about international starts before.
    Talk about moving the goal posts eh! You said 'thing with AC is if he starts more than 25 games for THEM'No mention of international football in that at all.Nothing 'smart arse' about making clearly my answer to the quoted remark of yours. It was quite easy. I'll say it again: 13 Serie A starts, 3 CL starts and 1 domestic cup start.Buh-bye. 

  65. Erm... Yeah ok mate you make perfect sense now!

  66. Theycallmemrburt2:20 pm, April 25, 2012

    I agree, but it shouldn't stop there.  We should have at least three of this type of player in the side at any one time which means we would need to make 5-6 flair signings in the summer to ensure we ALWAYS have two of this type of player for each crucial attacking position being out wide and off the main striker.

    We already have Suarez, Pacheco and Suso.  I'd be be more than happy to see Kaka and two others join.  Man Utd consistently win the league based primarily against how they do against teams out side the top 4. Our problem for 20 years has been breaking teams down that defend the 18 yard box, it is crazy that this has gone unaddressed for so long.

  67. Yes, the best teams in our league, bar Arsenal who probably only have two, have four or five players who can pop up and win any game for them. It seems pretty simple, fill your attacking players with players who have a decent scoring and assist record and you will win more games than you lose. When Gerrard and Suarez are playing, we have a couple of match winners. Lately, Carroll has become one but if these guys are not doing it, we don't have anyone. Particularly as Maxi and Bellamy don't play often. 

  68. And we sold them for less money.

  69. i detect a wee bit of a humfy pumfy ok i moved the goal posts but heres the thing LISTEN CAREFULLY ,i dont get a fuck