5 Apr 2012

Confirmed: €15m goalscoring LFC target is 'flirting' with UK clubs. Bid?

Liverpool have been linked with Borussia Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa several times over the last year, and according to Dortmund's Sporting Director, the Japanese international favours a move to the Premier League.

Kagawa - who confirmed recently that he was in negotiations to extend his contract - can leave the Bundesliga club for free in 2013, and the club's hierarchy is understandably keen to tie him down to a new deal.

It may not be that easy though; Sporting Director Michael Zorc told Bild earlier in the week that the 23-year-old is in contact with clubs from Spain and England, which could scupper any new Dortmund deal. He said:

"We would like to extend with him. The ball is in [Kagawa's] box - Shinji must now decide. We know that he is flirting with clubs in England and Spain."

A couple of weeks ago, Kagawa admitted that he knew that foreign clubs had 'asked about' him but insisted that he didn't think it was 'the right time' to leave Germany'.

The €15m-rated attacking midfielder - dubiously dubbed the 'Asian Messi' by some - has grabbed 15 goals and giving 7 assists for Dortmund this season, improving on his tally of 12 goals last season.

What do yo think? Should Liverpool be looking at Kagawa? Would he settle into the Premier League?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Kagawa would be a great move marketing wise and would certainly make the sponsors happy.
    To be fair he is a good player and i believe he would be handy but not the match winning forward  they  badly need.

  2. Yes he would be is quoted as saying "I think my future is with Dortmund but if Manchester United cam calling it would be impossible to turn them down..."

    He is a great number 10 which is exactly what we need, however without Champions League players like him which have no particular admiration for LFC will be difficult to convince to join the "project" UNLESS other impressive signings are made at the same time.

    By impressive a mean real coup players not second rate pretenders or players with potential future ability. I mean yes by all means by young talent but only bid for the best i.e. Hazard, Moura, Damiao, Suarez etc

  3. Good player, but not sure he would choose us and not sure why he would leave Dortmund for many teams at the moment, the league over there seems to be improving and their clubs are starting to become a force again. Of course, the pay in spain might be an attraction.

    We need to scout better, without a doubt, we also need to accept that many players will join the top 5 teams, not sure about Tottenham, though, before us. After that, I suppose we can forget anyone that Madrid or Barca are going for. Could possibly add PSG to that also. But, after that, there are still a number of great players, who are great now and/or have potential, who would choose us over pretty much any other side in Europe, Champions League or not. There must be a list of 5 or so players who will not go to any of the above teams who will still make us challengers to those teams. It's the job of the management to find them. Looking at the way the premier league standard seems to have dipped this season, I reckon that the best option at the moment is to look abroad, Germany, France or Holland at the moment.

  4. It would be absoulutely fantastic, if we could get him. He is exactly the kind of player we need to get the best out of Suarez and playing "pass & move" football.

    Kagawa can either play as a offensive midfielder or out wide in a 4-3-3 like Silva does for City. He is a great dribbler, has vision, can play fantastic through balls and has also good shooting skills and very rarely looses the ball, just perfect for this position.

    Plus, the increase of revenue through the asian market .... can't even think about how much that would be ....

    But sadly, I doubt that we have any chance to sign him.

  5. Would definitely earn a fair chunk of the fee back, in terms of commercial pulling power in Japan

  6. dont know enough about the player but i think there will be alot of forien players coming into england espeicially from spain as their 'beckham tax law'(nickname) has been scuppered so they will have to pay around 54% instead of 23%. you might see some movement to the prem as ours has gone down to 45% and with all the austerity and problems with the euro, having to pay a lower tax rate in a stronger currency of the pound may attract players as the ones who are on 200'000 grand will see a massive difference.

  7. Kagawa's contract expires THIS summer, (2012) not next year so if we want him we can get him for free, he hasn't extended his contract yet either.

  8. Let's not talk in terms of commercial pulling power in Asia etc. Pathetic

    If he's any use we should sign him. I've no idea if he is or not

    Would have to watch him play regularly

  9. well said,fans talking about commercial markets etc is irritating

  10. Knowing KK will be the fall-guy, we can only expect Comolli to waste the transfer kitty again on mediocre players. Comolli is an over rated scout, who likes to take credit when buying players, and then disappear when those players do not appear to match his "statistics". We need to get a better director of football who can complement KK, not one trying to burden him with expensive mediocre players.

  11. It sounds that way but the truth is fair play rules make it that if u couldnt split two players ones ability to attract commercial dollars is going to be a vital element get used to it.

  12. Had some injury problems but looks very interesting as a player and could end up paying for himself through marketing.

  13. Kagawa isnt a forward he's a goal scoring midfielder!!!

  14. You mean English clubs.

  15. Wrong..... 2013  Dortmund aren't stupid.