3 Apr 2012

Agent confirms: 'Big clubs' are watching LFC winger target . Should Kenny bid?

I think most fans would agree that Liverpool desperately need to start prioritising the development of wingers at Anfield. Left-winger Raheem Sterling recently made his league debut for the club and did really well, but apart from him, I can't think of any other promising wingers in Liverpool's youth set-up.

Danish starlet Lucas Andersen is on the club's radar at the moment, and his Agent confirmed last week that the youngster is being watched by lots of big clubs across Europe.

The U-17 winger has been heavily linked with Liverpool over the last few weeks, and in an interview with Danish website Sporten.dk last week, Andersen's Agent, Anders Wallsten hailed the youngster as a 'truly great talent', adding:

"I'm not talking about specific clubs, but I can say that there are many other big clubs interested [in Andersen]. We'll decide in the summer if he should stay and develop further with AaB, or go elsewhere."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Looks like an incredible talent. Liverpool should sign him.

  2. The club needs to keep looking at young talent that it can pick up on the cheap. If one in five or six come off it will be the investment. We can't afford these 20 million signings all the time.

  3. You're forgetting Toni Silva, Jaimie. He looks a good prospect.

    This guy obviously looks mighty impressive but then again, the rumours are there for a reason. We've got to keep picking off these youngsters. I think this is where Comolli's lasting legacy (when he inevitably gets scapegoated sooner or later) will lie.

  4. Beat me to it!

  5. We need 3 first team wingers (Downing hopefully being 3rd choice amongst those), not a new set of reserves. There's no point in focusing on the long term while allowing the first team to continue falling away in the short term. Talented young players wouldn't want to stick around in the long term in a midtable team anyway

  6. jordan ibe has brought in recently aswell.