11 Apr 2012

Agent confirms: £14m LFC target will 'certainly' leave Italy. Replace Kuyt?

Juventus winger Milo Krasic has been on Liverpool FC's radar regularly over the last few months, and yesterday, his Agent made it clear once again that the Serbian star will be available in the summer.

In January, Krasic's Agent Vlado Borozan confirmed that his client 'wants to change teams', but only for 'a top club, possibly in England'.

A few weeks ago, Borozan bemoaned the fact that Krasic had become 'an unrecognisable player' at Juventus because of a 'tactical problem'.

Yesterday, Borozan confirmed yet again that Krasic would 'certainly leave at the end of the season'.

To be honest, It's easy to see why £14m-rated Krasic has been frozen out at Juve. Like so many of Liverpool's current players, he's not consistent enough. For example, last season, he got six goals and six assists in 37 starts, which is creditable, but at one point, he scored only two goals in 24 games.

On the plus side, Krasic is undoubtedly talented, and at 27, he's entering what should be the prime of his career, so a team that uses him properly could reap the rewards.

Worth a look in the summer? With Dirk Kuyt probably leaving, Liverpool need at least two right-sided players IMO: A top class right midfielder/winger, and a quality back-up. Krasic could fill the 'back-up' role, but based on performance, he could make the right-wing spot his own.

The Serbian can also play on the left, and I would take him over Stewart Downing any day of the week.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. i'd like to see us spend big on adam johnson.
    i reckon there'll be a clearout at man city but knowing the way we've been we'll prob end up with milner.
    i've seen krasic a few times,nothing to get excited about.

  2. I also watched this guy... not very impressed. Don't think he is what we need at LFC. But maybe Comolli & his 'moneyball' ideas see will see it differently?

  3. I agree we should pick up some of man city's unwanted players some of which are not to bad nigel de jong adam johnson maybe even adeybayor 

  4. We had Jovanovic and Voronin for free. I don't see why we should fork out anything more for such a similar player.

  5. Im really looking forward to the summer tbh, i think Kuyt needs to be replaced, this guy looks decent enough and i've commented on him before, hard to judge properly by watching the vid, the squad needs a good shake up IMO, we've been seing the same old same old for too long now and it isn't working....

    A right winger has to be on the short list of priority new signings along with another striker....

  6. As long as Krasic has no problem being used as a sub, then I wouldn't mind him on the bench. At this point, Liverpool really need to spend wisely and this is a player thats more risk than reward. 100% agree with going for a player like Adam Johnson because he'd be able to fill a spot which Liverpool have been lacking in over the years. Either way, how and where we finish in the league will depend on how easy it will be to attract players. YNWA!!!!!

  7. Krasic is 2 much hit and miss 4 my liking, mabye bring him in as a squas player but 4 14 million i think we could get Adam Jhonson who is twice d player!!!

  8. Agree with everyone who says we should see who Man City, Real Madrid, etc, are looking to sell. Wouldn't take many signings from Serie A, I think a lot of them take longer to settle in than from other leagues and the Italian clubs always strike a hard bargain. Can't remember many bargains coming from Italy recently. At the cost, i think he is too risky.

  9. I agree completely bout Adam Johnson, if he's available and I think he will be its got to be a priority to get him. I think there will be a clear out this summer with Kuyt, Aerelio, Doni, Aqualani, Cole and possibly Maxi on the way out, so hopefully the money raised from those sales will pay for Johnson. Hopefully FSG will give us enough for another striker, my choice would be Soldado. As for Krasic, don't think he's good enough.

  10. Why risk it?! at 27 he could be another Downing whereby there is no sell on value if he fails. I would prefer to but the money into someone young with great potential i.e that 22yrd old Italian, Muinian, Mertens, Tadic or Adam Johnson.

  11. I am not very impressed with this guy, i don't think he'll do very well in any of the English clubs,I agree with some of you here we should go for some of the Man city players like Milner to make the midfield more solid and he is a hard working player too,Adam Johnson, would also like to see  Hoilett who is very quick and skill full can come good in wide areas and counter attack and a very good striker or may be even two strikers Adebayor and Cavani/Soldado and lastly a CB .

  12. Looks like a carbon copy of Downing to me. Trying to run with the ball anyway a part from where it actually matters. Flaky

  13. Yeah lets go for Johnson, Milner FFS what are we still going to be in trouble with the new FA rule about English players, seriously LFC with the right person to represent us can still attract very talented players with more flare,speed and skill we need the right manager and he will attract the players enough with the English players it 's time to get serious.

  14. I hope we'll pick up Adam Johnson from City, Khedira from Real, Ramirez from Bologna, and Vargas from Fiorentina

  15. Chi Bai lu, there you go again, NATO ( NO Action Talk Only )

  16. Kuyt - not much talent, but a loyal and committed player who always works hard. Being dropped by KD because he needs to accommodate Henderson, et al.

    Krasic - quite a good player, technically, but is lazy and has poor attitude. That is why he is being dropped by Juve. Plus injuries.

    Does anyone remember when was the last time Kuyt had an injury? *knocks wood*

    I would never replace Kuyt for this 'underestimated prima donna'.

  17. Your own words betray the potential futility of going for a player like this: he "is entering what SHOULD be the prime of his career" and would be a good player if "used PROPERLY". At 27, you don't buy a player on potential and speculation about his form if he's always played in the perfect role for him. That's what's gotten us into trouble in the past. He's not lighting the world on fire in Italy and would have a period of natural adjustment to English football. Suddenly we'd have a 28 years old who's only just gotten used to the pace of the game only to potentially show us that he still isn't quite good enough to make an impact. 
    Downing came to Liverpool on the back of a pretty good season, his stats from Villa in 10/11 are better than what Krasic is producing now, he truly WAS in the prime of his career and it's just a shame he hasn't continued to improve. Henderson and Carroll are still very young players and were truly bought with the idea that they would get better and learn the game. Disappointing as their seasons have been, there is also no need to write them off yet. Even Suarez is still a relatively young player. So I don't see FSG spending more big money on players in their late 20s (Downing) who are not more obviously going to make an impact. Krasic would need to display more than talent and potential to get a spot at our club and rightfully so. Kuyt is still very fit and I don't believe he's in decline, not quite yet. He never relied on pace to be effective in the game and although he's been through a very lean patch I don't see why anyone would conclude he's past it and can't produce another couple of 10 goal seasons for Liverpool before returning to his home club. The guy has scored a ton of goals through his career and we know he's capable. 
    I hate to jump on the bandwagon but I don't think the players are the problem, I think it's almost beyond a doubt that it's the manager that is letting us down. I expect him to live up to his promises, put his ego aside and step down at the end of the season, even staying on at the club as an advisor to help find his own replacement. If he truly loves LFC as much as he says then none of that should be a problem. I really believe that a new manager can work with this same team without needing too many changes.

  18. so its ok to spend 14m on a sub aged 27, but kenny/comolli buys henderson or carroll 22yr who should improve why not buy 1st team players 1st like adam johnson or javi martinez and a top forward and put some of the kids like sterling or suso on the bench or better still leave it to kenny a man with 4 league titles to his name and you lot get back on footy manager 

  19. As much as I would like to have the discussion about new players coming in .
    I don't trust Dalglish to make the right decision on players purchases given his previous buys in the four horsemen of the apocalypse=CHAD.

    Neither do FSG, hence why KD was not given any money during the Jan transfer window, despite KD he had money then saying he was't going to buy some weeks later.

    I said a long time on here that even if KD hangs on past this summer he wont have a significant transfer budget.
    KD is more likely to struggle on through the summer to be dismissed around Xmas 2012 after a poor league campaign, nor improvement in the League.

    I stand by what I say in that KD will NOT resign and will have to be removed from his post given that he walked away from LFC last time and will be dammed if he will do it again.

    FSG have a choice to make this summer and I for one hope that it will be to sack KD based on the poor performances,and league position.

    When you run the numbers (which John W Henry will) there is more money in qualifying for the champions league, than there is in a carling trophy win and fa cup win.

    Remember football is a sports business.