22 Apr 2012

Agent: £22m LFC striker target is wanted by 'several clubs'. Replace Carroll?

At any one time, there are probably about fifty strikers 'linked' to Liverpool, and that will inevitably increase during the madness of the summer transfer window. With the club's regression in the league this season and no Champions League next season, realistic targets should be the order of the day at Anfield, and Sporting Lisbon striker Ricky Van Wolfswinkel arguably falls into the bracket.

The £22m-rated Dutch striker moved to Portugal last summer, and he's continued the excellent form he showed at Utrecht, and this has reportedly attracted the interest of clubs like Man United, Lazio and Liverpool.

Will Van Wolfswinkel be available this summer? According to his Agent, Louis Laros, that is 'negotiable' at this stage:

"Ricky is very much appreciated in Portugal, but he is being followed by several clubs. No transfer is in motion at the moment though. Sporting now wants to review his contract and that is negotiable for us"

Sporting obviously want to tie Van Wolfswinkel down to stop him being poached by other clubs, but the lure of the Premier League could prove to be too much, and the player himself recently admitted that a move to England would be a 'step up':

"I know that a lot of Dutch players play in England. It's a really good competition and I do see it as a step to take maybe in the future, but we will see about that when it happens".

Van Wolfswinkel has scored 14 goals in 25 starts for Sporting this season, and in my view, he would be ideal replacement for Andy Carroll. Of course, that's wishful thinking as I can't see Liverpool embarrassing themselves by taking a huge loss on Carroll so early, but you never know.

Worth a bid to test Sporting's resolve?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Why replace Carroll? I'd much rather have him here than the racist biter, regardless of the difference in talent. Why sell someone who's value is low and will more than likely increase over the following 12 months (Carroll), or sell the striker who's value is much higher and will more than likely lower with his next ban (Suarez)

  2. Average Joe Public2:11 pm, April 22, 2012

    Can't see Wolfswinkle coming to LFC nor do i want another dutch striker who'll end up playing on the wing. Kingaling why would we get rid of our best player aka Suarez??

  3. I don't understand the clamour to get rid of a player who is starting to show signs of promise. Lucas had a terrible start to his Anfield career and is now (several years later) in my humble opinion the first name on the team sheet. We've certainly missed his composure and intelligent positional play in the middle of the park. He(Carroll) never will set the league alight with technical ability. But, he gives us something different up front. Give him time. In my humble opinion i think Dalglish should have him doing over time in the gym bulking up. For a big lad he doesn't appear to have the physique yet to really trouble defenders. Once he does, he could be unplayable. 

    I understand peoples frustrations. I've watched him all season and been in the same boat as most of his critics. I never understood the logic behind 35 million for an unproven player. But, we paid it and he's here for the near future. So lets get behind the players. Hopefully, there's been a lot learnt this season. Onwards and hopefully upwards to next season.  

  4. we were interested in him before he went to sporting but theres too much cpmetition for him now rather go for someone more accomplished in the premier league i wouldnt mined gyan from sunderland

  5. hahahah replace carroll your a tool, and your articles are shit

  6. I agree with Mijfh Just go away Jamie you annoying person

  7. badly need a proven goalscorer.
    watching jelavic score two today against utd makes me wonder how we don't go for him in january.

  8. i think we should grab yakubu, proven goals. and could only help in carrols learning.

  9. Think that u only want british players in this liverpool team.And don't think you are a die hard liverpool lol.I'm a die hard lfc for 44 years.

  10. Van Wolfswinkel was available during the summer from Utrecht for a much lower price. His salary demands would have been lower as well. I desperately wanted us to sign him at that point as he wouldn't have necessarily been an Andy Carrol replacement, but another option. Who knows, he may have cemented a starting spot due to Carrol's form. We must do a better job of cutting out the middle man and start getting talent from the not so well known clubs. This will save us loads of money in fees and salarys

  11.  van wolfswinkel isnt worth 22 mil and if man united are in the race then i think he would prefer the champions league at man u to the mediocre europa league at lfc. I personally think we should look at these strikers
    Keisuke honda-12m
    Shane long-7m
    Demba ba- 11m
    Daniel Sturridge(long shot but is unhappy at chelsea)- 25m
    Fernando Llorente-28m
    Iker Munian-20m
    Roberto Soldado-20m
    Alessandro Del Piero(He is old but i think at the moment his goalscoring could be vital)-3m
    Qaugliarella- 17m
    Leandro Damiao- 24m
    Cristian Tello- Free transfer
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar- 7m
    Lucas Barrios-16m
    Kevin Grobskrutz(Plays for Dortmund not sure i spelled his name right)-13m
    Ivica Olic- 9m
    Emanuel Adebayor-18m
    Patrick helmes- 8m
    Honorato nilmar- 14m
    Salamon kalou- 12m
    Didier Drogba(Just throwing him in Not expecting him to come)-10m
    Robbie Fowler-1m
    Vincenzo Iaquinta-5m
    Jermaine Defoe-15m
    Vagner love-7m

  12. over half of them players there i wouldnt even hand them the shirt

  13. Every player on that list have more quality that our whole squad put together!

  14. Kingaling, get rid of suarez and keep carroll?? are you for real? you are obviously not a lfc fan lol, nice try though, idiot

  15. Saw Van Wolfswinkle miss chances in Europa league against Bilbao on thurs ..would fit right into this Liverpool side..

  16. You can stick him were the sun dont shine he is useless if you ask me we are not a phisical side by any stretch yet he looked so lightweight when he played against us in Europe before going off injured they would eat him up for breckie
    we need another two strikers united can use Wellbeck Rooney Berbetov and Chickadoodelldo when they need two we have just the two we need to be adding two what we have not selling Kuyt and Maxi will be gone in the summer the Pair from Napolli would be a good start and the french lad for the wing plus another quality CM player and Andy Johnson from City Maxi Cole Kuyt Doni and maybe even Johnson could be let go but whatever way you look at it its another massive spending summer if you want to compete with the best. will they be willing to spend that money i think so if we win the FA Cup as we would have met 3 key targets out of 4 in the first season the 2 Cups and European Football so next season will be a Target of CL football and maybe one of the three Cups if they can do that its money well spent the best thing that can happen is that Newcastle get CL football they wont last long in that and it will stop Spurs in there tracks who would have to sell to buy and with Arsenal or Chelsea missing out also that will put preasure on another team with RVP looking for a way out it could be impossible for Arsenal next season to get CL depending who they bring in with the cash

  17.  In today's game, Suarez was involved with every move of class that came out of Liverpool. Why don't you support Wolves, they have the sort of players you would approve of. 

  18. Tell me about it, people are so biased. I hate the commentating for EPL games, you would hear remarks left, right and center if a foreign player did something wrong, but the British ones are ignored. These commentators would also go out of their way to compliment British players for a NORMAL performance, or AVERAGE piece of play. Pet peeves of mine. 

  19. I see names bandied around as if they would make a difference. The sad truth is they probably won't. We already have players who are good enough, but watching the manure game and our game back to back, it is very obvious where the problem is, and it is not the ability of our players. If we can't fix the problem, no proven scorer will be able to walk into the team and change anything.

    And the problem? We don't stretch defences. We squeeze them. We hem teams in very fast and keep the pressure on which gives them the opportunity to park the bus comfortably. We are too impatient trying to score. The evidence? No team wins more corners than we do. If and when we ever get enough players into the box, they are static and too close to goal. Consequently, we have 3-4 attackers surrounded by roughly 7-8 players in defence. Opponent goalkeepers never have much goal to defend and we are always hitting shots into defenders.

    The scum hardly zip the ball into the opponent's third as efficiently or as beautifully as we do, but once they do so, they move it around to open their opponents up. They create the lines to play within. Scholes and Carrick are hardly the fastest players around, but the way they park themselves a sensible distance from goal to distribute the ball from flank to flank forces the opponent to come at them and shift focus between flanks. We almost always do it all down one flank without anyone orchestrating the play. They seriously have their least talented team in years, but their game plan is just so good and doesn't need geniuses to execute. By contrast, our players are so focused on working so hard that their spatial awareness disappears. As a team, we have no collective guile.

    Honestly, by the ability of each individual in our squad, except maybe for Carra who's getting a little slow, we have a squad that ought to be doing a far lot better; but as a team, our boys just aren't doing the correct things with the ball. That manure is going neck to neck with Shitteh says it all. Shitteh has far superior players who do their specialised jobs well - the continental way, Mancini/Mourinho/Rafa's way. However, for the league, Fergie has it all figured out. He deserves credit for that. Only other team that plays like that is Swansea, with the kind of passing our boys seem best at - so you can't say it won't fit our footballing philosophy. Is that a confidence vote for Brendan Rogers? You decide.

  20. I'm not sure why the, ahem, 'racist biter' as you call him will be getting another ban. Unless of course the FA has a new ruling on being profligate in front of goal.
    Would love to tell you to fnck off, but the comments policy ensures that I can't.

    The point on who would command the bigger fee is valid, but your hatred of the man belies what could have been a good post.

  21. Good post, Pastor. 

    Any match-goer will agree we played well (again!) but are just extraordinarily wasteful in front of goal. The key to winning these games is to be clinical with an early chance, and consequently put the opposition on the back foot. Any team with a shred of ambition will have to push for an equaliser and leave themselves open for a killer second goal on the counter.

    Dirk Kuyt is seriously getting on my tits now. He has been a great servant for this club, but recently he has publicly sulked when he has been omitted from the team only to be re-instated and produce some frighteningly bad misses.
    The same goes for Downing - dropped for yesterday's match, any player worth their salt would come on and try and prove the Manager wrong. Cue one gutless, anonymous cameo.

    Although we are creating chances the most worrying thing about yesterday was that there was 15 minutes to salvage something from the game, but heads suddenly went down, the shape of the team suddenly went, and any guile we had shown in the previous 75 minutes went out the window in favour of a few aimless hoofs.

    Our players are better than that.

  22. If Liverpool were really interested as was reported last season would they not have paid half the price is valued at now and got him then.

  23. Carroll will never be a striker who can score 20 or so goals a season... ditch him.... Liverpool really need to push on world class players for once... Cavani or Llorente....

  24. Don't see any value in buying this guy for 20 million or so. May have been worth a go from Utrecht, but the value has gone now. We've got Carroll now so we should stick with him and try to get the best out of the guy.