6 Mar 2012

'Worried' Steve Nicol blasts: How can Comolli 'justify' saying that...?

If one thing is obvious from Liverpool's overall performance this season it's this: Many players in the first team squad are just not good enough, and better quality is needed to really push on in the future. Anyone objective can see this, but Damien Comolli believes that Liverpool only need to make small 'adjustments' in the summer, a view that has enraged Anfield legend Steve Nicol.

A few days ago, Comolli warned Liverpool fans not to expect any big signings over the summer, and suggested that he and Dalglish were generally happy with the overall quality of the squad. He told The Mirror:

"We will probably make some adjustments in the summer but nothing that we've done before. We signed nine players since Kenny came back so there will be a few adjustments but nothing massive.

"We have done the hard work and now it is a question of making some adjustments in certain positions. We have a very competitive squad and all positions are covered by two or three players, quality players, and we have a lot of young players coming through as well."

If Comolli seriously thinks all the hard work has been done, then with all due respect, he must be suffering from some kind of amnesia-induced delusion.

Nicol certainly doesn't think everything is hunky-dory, and as he told ESPN last night, he was shocked to hear Comolli's comments:

"There was something I read from Damien Comolli that worries me as a Liverpool fan; he said they really weren't looking to strengthen hugely, they were loking to tinker. How can you justify saying something like that?

"To finish 4th, the team is going to have to go on the most incredible run, that they haven't done all season, and he's saying they just need to tinker? I'm not liking what I'm hearing there".

I totally agree with Nicol here; the fact is, big money has been wasted on the wrong players, and Dalglish needs to rectify that as soon as possible.

Overall, Nicol insists that Kenny has taken club a 'step forward' but he accepts that to progress further, Liverpool 'need money'.

If the club doesn't finish in the top four, will that money be available though, and if it is, are Comolli and Dalglish the right people to spend it?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Totally in agreement with Nichols here.

    KD and Comolli need to wake up, to the fact that, they are never going to justify the total waste of money, they spent on the likes of Adam, Carroll Henderson and Downing. By playing these players, in every game,  it HAS and will CONTINUE to cost LFC much needed points!!!

  2. I dont think were a million miles away but cant say that i trust Kenny to go out and get what we need. If we had a clinical CF to play along side Suarez i feel champions leuage qualfication would be all but sealed by now!

    Andy Carrol needs to be sold regardless of how much we will loose. Although he has improved over the last month or so it is clear for all to see he isnt the qulaity LFC needs to challenge on all fronts.

    A clinical CF is needed and a top quality RW also. The likes of Krasic, Higuain, Huntelaar spring to mind!??

    By next year i would like to see Raheem, Suso and Jonjo to be given more of a chance in the team, they are qulaity players who need need games to further devlop the promise already shown. The amount of youngsters careers we have hinderd over the last few years is nothinh short of a joke! Why go out and by Jordan Henderson when you have Jonjo Shelvey there???

    Your guess is as good as mine!

  3. Only a few players ARE needed - the problem is that they will likely cost big money as the club has little margin for error due to the last two wasted years, and so can't afford to take hopeful punts with rough diamonds that will take 2-3 years to come good.

    Add 3 or 4 legitimate matchwinners to the current squad (or last years squad too for that matter) and you automatically have a team capable of challenging at the top end of the Premiership. That is the formula that has carried Man U all these years and what Liverpool should've been focusing on also.

    Unfortunately Benitez focused on quantity over quality, and Dalglish decided to just splurge outrageous amounts on players incapable of performing anywhere close to their price tags.

    With the additions of a legitimate quality winger, a legitimate pacey striker, a dominant powerful central midfielder and another quality wide option, we'd have easily been on a par - player by player wise - with Man U. £80m definitely should've been enough to fill those holes. Somehow Dalglish identified these areas of weakness and came up with Downing, Carroll, Adam & Henderson for the money though...

  4. Tornike Khomeriki3:35 pm, March 06, 2012

    The coming Summer will be very interesting. What I think is that if we don't finish fourth, Dalglish will simply have to go, so in that case the matter of trusting the manager with funds (if there are any) should not concern him.

  5. i agree with this, however even if the money is available then i don't think dalglish/commoli will buy the players that we need with the quality.
    they will buy mediocre players like we have done before, we need 2 get it right because if we continue the way we are then we won't be in the top 4 again for a long time let alone winning the title, 
    also if we don't get in to the top 4, will we really be able to compete with  the likes of united, city, spurs etc to attract the top players in the world???
    as a liverpool fan it's not looking good

  6. well just reading the DC comments has me thinking they dont want to alert to the media hype that we will spend .... sources said we were linked with downing and it inflated his price well beyond what he is worth, same with adam, if we keep the media out of these deals and surprise people with the signings we could pull of some major deals for cheap ... or even free :  Junior Hoilett, Riccardo Montolivo are both free agents in the summer and tbh a freebie is a freebie

  7. I'm beginning to agree with what others have said about Carroll. Over twelve months now and he's shown only brief glimpses of the kind of striker we need. KD will no doubt plod on regardless with Carroll and continue heaping praise on the guy. The transfer fee is the biggest stumbling block. If he'd only cost 10 million, which is a more accurate estimation of his worth, then it would have been easier to say sorry but it's not working out. Still, he could prove us all wrong and start raining the goals in. I'd love to see that happen but, realistically...............

  8. what a pathetic bunch you are. The future is looking great.

  9. What...... the Europa leuage or another over celebarted carling cup win?

    Not good enough!

  10. Well, lets hope that Swansea, West Brom, Norwich, Everton, Sunderland and Stoke don't improve in the next year or so, because they are currently breathing down our neck, if that makes you think the future is looking great you must be a believer in the mayan calender and 2012. Because if being just ahead of these teams, having spent what we have, means the future is looking great, I wouldn't like to see a bleak future.

  11.  A world class striker, right winger and a box to box midfielder who can score goals are badly needed

  12. I think it is too easy for people to keep picking up on what Comolli says and does and try to blame him. And, although i agree with Nicol, I find his comments then saying that KD is got the team moving in the right direction the typical ar$e kissing that you see at this club. Some people can do no right while others are always blameless. KD, Suarez, Gerrard, fall into the blameless group, while Johnson, Comolli and most of the new signings fall into the people who can do no right. Dalglish has to be ultimately responsible here and seeing ex teammates of his picking up on the head scout, basically, just suggests to me that there will be a campaign to blame Comolli for all the bad signings and KD and his coaches will be in the clear. That's not the way forward, we need to be honest as to where the blame lies here, regardless of it is falls at the door of one of our idols.

  13. Couldn't agree more with Nicol.

    Unless KK, Comolli and the club in general want to become a mid-table side that are content to go for the domestic cups, the first XI simply isn't good enough.

  14. Adam's was noway a waste of a signing, henderson has been though but I think he will need time, remember what rafa said, we have signed him for 5 years, so give the guy a chance, funny enough suarez hasn't been great, he was a goal machine in ajax, what happened at liverpool, 10 goals in 38 appearances? he needs to score, enough chances are created for him. downing is showing promise. we need torres back as a supportive striker to bury them goals, he was only meant for liverpool. 15 mil for him as a third striker is not bad, remember suarez is a supportive striker, torres and carrol can play together especially when there is gerrard not performing.

  15. if you're a spurs supporter

  16. right now henderson,downing and commoli are every bit as bad as diao,diouf and cheyrou.those signings were nails in houlliers coffin.
    hodgson was slaughtered for signing poulsen and konchesky but at least he copped on and took them out of the side when he could-kenny keeps persisting with henderson as if constantly playing him is going to somehow improve his performances.
    kenny has spent badly and it will cost us a champs league spot.

  17. for who exactly?? yeah the stadiums coming on leaps and bounds!!
    face facts, were a cup team this season and probably next.
    id rather see downing adams etc dumped for small fees and young brave players wearing the shirt, because half our team our a bunch of gutless pussys

  18. agree, but were they not needed last season and the season before that and the season before that and the season before that..............................................................

  19. i dont totally blame kenny, these players just dont have the balls, they played better at other clubs, noone could of guessed they would be this bad. they are half decent subs thats all, they have had more than enough time. more than carroll who i would stick with

  20.  kenny bought henderson when he had lucas,shelvey,gerrard,spearing,aquilani,meireles and then adam came in.
    absolutely no need to buy him.he has not added one thing to our team.
    that is 20million that could have bought us a proper finisher or a decent wide man.
    i watched henderson play for sunderland and like most lfc fans i was full of trpidation when we were being linked with him at such a mental price.

  21. First of all I know Kenny has final say on all transfers but Comoli only Job is to go out and find the best players available for Liverpool at this time.
    If these are the kind of players he is suggesting then what the hell are we paying this guy for.
    I think if they are giving the money to spend they should at least be told no more british players unless its adam johnson.

  22. Henderson never played well for Sunderland and by the end of last season Adam was playing rubbish for Blackpool. I think Blind Freddy could have told Kenny that they would be terrible signings.

  23. Why do liverpool always sign shit players?? Reasonable question after the 80 or so players we've signed in the past 5 years. Here we are with an average squad after shelling out 100 million.

  24. The idea last summer was to improve the squad, which I think they did, maybe only marginally though. And to reduce the wage bill, which they definitely did.

    You can't progress as a team if you keep changing large quantities of players. The progression now needs to come from a smaller number of higher quality signings each year to gradually improve the team. If we'd had a goalscorer this season we'd be several places higher, so that to me has to be the priority. If only Fowler was a few years younger!!

  25. It needs to be sorted who is buying the players, Comoli finds them Dalglish suppose to have final say. Lets not forget Comoli has been sacked twice thats how good he is. Got his name from finding Bale and Wallcot. No mention of the other 12/ 15 average / bad players he found. As for Carrol he was a tax dodge. Torres left last minute left the club with 50 mil.
    If lfc didn`t spend the money before the end of there tax year, they would have paid 25mil in tax. I take it they must be paying 50% tax due there profits. So Carrol cost LFC 17.5 mil and the tax 17.5mil. Sell Carrol for 20mil and LFC make 2.5 mil profit and have the money to spend in the next tax year. I dont believe Kenny would buy Carrol. Did the board buy him ??

  26. I actually agree with Nicol, yes and Jamie there is no denying that, yes we have improved but is everyone forgetting that this (5th,6th,7th) is not LFC we expect better and if we are just going to settle than i for one think that this is bullshit

  27. Can someone help me please? I am looking for the positive LFC thinking section for the true, loyal and supporting fans. All i can find is the disgustingly negative and immature section. YNWA.

  28. Comolli's comments show who is pulling the strings in terms of players - bottom line is we bought shite.

    Our best players are still the ones that benitez bought. Agger has been superb all season. Suarez cannot do everything him self there is little class alongside him.

    henderson downing and carrol need to be sold we have better quality in the reserves. Suarez should be brought slightly back and played as an attacking midfielder. We need a creative midfielder and if we cant afford hazard or the likes of him at least bring aqua back .

    And sack comolli and bring in benitez to highlight talent.

  29. once again.....negativity. is that all you do? Push negativity? Yes they paid over the odds for Carroll, Henderson & Downing but so what. Henderson is just a kid, Downing is getting better now. Carroll I concede was a huge sum of money but again....so what.

  30. How is finishing 6th..spending 65m.. then finishing 7th (maybe 8th if they keep up the pathetic play) going forward.. Dalglish has taken the club backwards and tied up its finances is pathetic crap talent for the next few years!... FIRE DALGLISH NOW! 

  31. yet again mr Kanwar is critical of Kenny,Liverpool,commoli basically anything or anyone connected with Liverpool. I read your site a lot and find it interesting but you criticise the current set up far more than you ever criticised hicks and gillete and I think that says it all. I for one am delighted by what is happening at Liverpool with kenny in charge. An "objective" person can see the improvements made. NGOG,POULSEN,JOVANOVIC have been replaced by younger players like henderson,carroll,shelvey,spearing,kelly,suarez and the core of our team is around the 22yrs old bracket. What is being built at liverpool is a team that will not be a flash in the pan but one which will improve over the coming yrs. I am happy with the fact that european football has been achieved (unlike last year) and it may not be th champions league but it is an improvement. We have won a trophy albeit the Carling cup and if you would rather a 4th place finish then thats fine but I would take a trophy every time. My question to all those who question the management at liverpool. would you sack a manager who has won 1 trophy in 1 yr in charge? would you like mercenary footballers at the club or young hungry footballers who can improve?
    Patience is a virtue. Be patient and judge lfc at the end of every season.
    Year 1 = 1 trophy =successful year. in my opinion.
    And the race for the top four is not over.... 3 weeks ago Arsenal were completley out of it and now they are in the top 4.
    Be paitient and dont listen to doom merchants like Mr Kanwar ( who if he is married I really pity his wife because he is gloomier than most) ha ha
    Jon Husband

  32. Commolli is correct we are not far away. We just need a few match winners. Jordan Henderson is the England U21 captain and is a young player who were are developing at the club, i remember many people especially on this site saying we should get rid of a young brazilian by the name of the Lucas. He was given the backing by the management and was player of the year last campaign and has be missed massivley this season.

    We are out playing sides, playing well just not finishing the chances are are creating. These are not trades of a bad team just one lacking a bit of confidence and a poacher. We need a striker would is in the right place at the right time in the Hernandez mould.

    We have drawn 8 games at home all of which could of easily been wins, this would have given us an extra 16 points which would put us in third place, with this side people are slating. We are not as far away as some people think. We need a quick right winger, a goal poacher and another goal scoring midfielder and we will look like a different animal.

    We are improving, we dont need to bring in many players and i trust KD and comolli to do this. We also have some great young players coming though so i would not want to see the squad saturated with any more players unless they top draw.

  33. Why is it that all the other clubs seem to be able to get players that are great value for money yet this bunch just dont get it.
    I do blame Dalglish mainly but god what are these scouts doing where is the 1 or 2 gems in the rough that they are paid to discover.
    The signing of Henderson was a little perplexing i think though he will be a star but Carroll is a joke as was paying the money they did for Downing.
    I  am hearing rumours PSG  want Suarez if the club can double their initial  outlay they should sell and buy 2 more strikers who are more clinical finishers.

  34. Everybody keeps mentioning we need a goalscorer yes?  So in jan we should have bought one, didn't have to be 20mil player, could have even been a free just to get us throught the second half of the season.  Now don't ask me to name a player as that's comollis job but there had to be sombody that could have come in and done a job for us.  Sure even spurs picked up a freebie and they were in 3rd place at the time.
    So for me that's were comolli and kd let the club down and will cost us champions league - they took the wrong gamble.

  35. KD and DC have to pretend that the work they have done is positive ,
    they have no choice. what amazes me is that no one is saying anything.
    had it been hodgson or rafa who had spent that amount of money on such
    rubbish, the knives would be out, but once again, the blind faith in
    'the king' shines through.

    KD has no tactical nous, and has worsened average players. rafa generally improved players with meticulous management.

    As things stand, LFC need 3/4 more players, just to be in with a chance
    of 4th. i hope someone see's sense and puts and end to the current
    management teams embarrassing project. pretty sure sunderland would take
    downing and henderson for around 20m, however, kenny may just swap them
    for more average championship trundlers like cattermole. 

  36. Agreed,




  37. GM23, I agree but there are still lots of deluded backward looking fans can't bring themselves to admit so you will be attacked like me for saying it

  38. If you remember that Dalglish stated at the beginning of the Jan window that he had money to spend if the right player became available.
    Then at the end Dalglish then said that he was happy with the squad and no players would be coming in.

    I'm convinced that the OWNERS SAID NO MORE MONEY.
    As I think John Henry and Tom Werner believe that Kenny wasted the money he was given.

  39. In previous season's we had the likes of Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard (at his best), Torres (at his best) so i wouldnt say we needed the same players.

    The problem back then was no quality on the wings. Seems to be a never ending circle!

  40. I have long stated on this board that it was a mistake to give KD a contract beyond the end of last season.
    Kenny did a good job steadying the ship last season.

    I BLAME THE FANS who lobbied WRONGLY to give the JOB ...WHAT WAS THAT BASED ON ?
    His record of 20+ years ago?


    Before anyone suggests that Kenny should keep his job based on the fact we don't want to be like CHELSEA as an excuse then you are again refusing to face up to where we REALLY ARE.

    What I fear now more than anything is a concerted attempt by the NOSTALGIA BRIGADE  & MEDIA to blame Commolli for these TURKEY BUYS.


    The expectations are being lowered in accepting Carling Cups and FA Cups while remaining a DISTANCE from Champions League.
    We are being MUGGED OFF.

    Kenny Dalglish wont leave the job like he did last time and will have to be removed.
    Despite his love for the club's success he's allowing his demons from the previous time to cloud his judgement.
    He should do the decent thing and leave the position to new person.
    This could be done in a way which allows him to leave with some dignity and managed in a way which shows respect for the club.

    I believe that the Owners should sound out Jurgen Klopp who has stated he will leave the post and Munich this summer.
    Give him a 5 year contract and allow him the time to build success.
    He is young and has drive.

    Alternatively we can struggle on all summer with some poor signings with Kenny in charge until Xmas when it will dawn on EVERYONE that he doesn't have the ability to take us back to Champions League Football or put us in a position to challenge for the title.

    Something we are a very very long way from at the moment


  41. I agree but dont see how you can trust Comoli and Daglish to do this when you look at what they bought in.. anyone could have told you we need a goalscorer in the Jan transfer window to stand any chance of CL qualification. From the outset it looks like both are to proud to admit they got it wrong with previous signings (Andy Carrol)!

    I suppose all you can do is get behind the team but i dread to think what 'stats' Comoli has been looking at to identify possible targets!

  42. KK has failed woefully, i suggest he falls back to his ambassadorial duties while we urgently reinstate Rapha before chelski takes him   

  43. Guys either Kenny correct our wasted buys or we get rid of him . I feel its time we at Liverpool stop depending on a one player  and assemble a team that that have five or more  game changing players.All the other teams in the world that have money are doing it and we missing the boat with a old thinking Manager .It seems we re playing friends in management of this great club.

  44. I think KD has been forced to by british. The owners are scared of the new rule for having so many home players. 
    What I also don't understand is why we haven't seen many youth players this season getting a chance in the first team. Have of them are better than what we have in the main team.

    KD must be pressured into playing these flops cause I'm sure he's not falling that far from grace to think that these players are good, and if he is being forced then what a fantastic job he is doing with the garbage.
    (why would he be forced, cause of the money been spent on them, the owners wouldnt be happy spending 100m for bench warmers.)

    Also again we've had bad luck with long term injuries, a ridiculous ban.

    Next year there will be NO excuses.

  45. Jamesaqwerty.....Are you seriously suggesting that KD was 'forced' to buy  British? Was 'forced' to play dross?Why are you defending a manager who spent POORLY and insists on rewarding players who play badly with game time?
    Benching Maxi?


    We are closer to Fulham and Stoke in the Premier League than we are Arsenal who are 4th.
    This after spending 100 Million pounds.


  46.  We've won our first trophy in 6 years, still in with a chance of winning another. 
    His fault Lucas and Gerrard have been injury all season?
    6 penalties missed this season is crazy, thats not KD fault hitting the post 21 times. Its not that were not getting chances.
    Other managers have said recently how great our performances have been, but we have just lacked the goals. Thats not KD fault the players bought for goals haven't been scoring, even Kuyt's record this season is rubbish.
    Out goals to corners ratio is awful, and our crossing is awful, again the players in the team.
    Do you really believe KD really wants to play them? I don't believe he does.  If we can see it, so can he, his family members would of told him.
    KD is not going to come out and say he is pressured (better word than forced) into playing them, as it would cause unrest and make the players feel worse.
     If KD got permission to sell them I think he would, and we will see what happens in the summer. Like I said next season there will be no excuses.

    We still have a game in hand and winning that puts us 7 points off 4th, quarter finals of the FA cup, and done with players we all think are bad buys so he can't be that bad of a manager and deserve the sack.  Yes we should be further up the league table but its been a cause of fine lines and weird results.

  47. you are kenny dalglish is not like sir alex.he already past his prime.he does not has motivation for success as he has been successful as a player.should get mourinho..

  48. Sack Kenny,bring Villas Boas to Liverpool.Kenny's spent money that didnt need to have been spent.why buy Adam and Henderson when we have Aquilani and Meireles???the squad looks so average that we need signings at summer.another winger,a striker and a center midfielder.defence is good but the attack s*cks.

    Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique
    Gerrard Lucas Moutinho
    Lavezzi Falcao Suarez

    These are players worth of playing for a club like LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB,no Hendersons and no Adams in the starting lineup.Sack Kenny at the end of the season and bring Villas Boas.YNWA

  49. I fully expect us to only tinker with the squad, and i completely agree and support that approach.  We spent a huge amount of money last summer, and cannot keep doing that every year, especially in an attempt to get in the CL.  Clearly, we spent over the odds on a number of players.  I am in no way defending that and i personally would not have spent the money we did on the players we did.

    But the bottom line is we did.  We should be keeping the current squad together, and helping them improve.  Henderson will get better and be a decent player over his career for us.  Not spectacular, but a good asset.  carroll will never jsutify his price tag, but he must surely improve over the next couple of years.  Downing like-wise.  I woulkd like to see Dalglish stay for next season, adding only a couple of players and moving 1 or 2 on.  This squad as it is should be good enough to get a top 4 place either this season or next season.  If we can add another cup or 2 on the way, then i will be happy.

    I dont think Dalglish will be Liverpool manager for years to come.  But when he came in, i would have gladly accepetd 2 1/2 years or gradual improvement, a trophy or 2, and CL qualificiation at the end of it.  Then perhaps a new manager with some significant investment can come in and take the team from top 4, to a title challenger.

    We all want instant success, and we could possibly have had it had we spent the money last summer better.  But the fact is we cannot expect that sort of outlay again, simply in an attempt to get the top 4.  You can't tell me that this squad is a million miles off top 4, considering our level of performances theoughout the season and how close we have come to winning a lot more games.  And thats where the tinkering comes in. 

  50. instead of buying adam,henderson,downing and carroll.they should have signed javi martinez,lavezzi,hamsik and llorente...what a big miss...:(

  51.  Its easy picking that team, but what do you do when Lucas, gerrard, Johnson, Agger all get injuried for the season, add in a length match bans for Suarez and then what? just like this season.

  52. I love how people are ready to judge and move people on after 1 season, if this was the case at other clubs Bale would no longer be at Spurs, Evra no longer at united (i wish), RVP only scored 5 goals in 26 games in his first season at Arsenal and have we not learnt the benefits of supporting our players with Lucas. I agree with DC, all we need is another striker and a right winger. £50m should do it and thats what we earn from kit deal and Standard Charter deal. no major investment needed. 

  53. Henderson was man of the match for me in the Game against Arsenal and will prove to be a great asset for years to come. He was quick, inventive and all over the pitch which made Adam look like a Sunday league footballer. Adam isn't a first team player and I think he's been brought in to fill a gap while the reshaping takes place to be honest.

  54. There is no gurantee we will win that game in hand, especially a Merseyside derby at that! Even if we win to be 7 POINTS off 4TH PLACE at the start of March is a laughable, even more so when you consider how bad Chelsea and Arsenal have been this season!

    Its ludacris to suggest he is being forced to play those players, who would be forcing him to do so? American owners who have no no great idea about English football? Were not dealing with Roman Abromovich here!

    It can be no one else's fault apart from managment that the team isnt scoring. From the 1st game of the season you could see that it was going to be a problem. This should have been resloved on the training ground by now, if not a goal scorer should have been signed to rectify this.

    I agree performances have been better than last season (couldnt be much worse under that Dran football Hodgson played) but at some point a goodperfromance is just not good enough.

    Points on the board is what is needed!

  55. The problem all started when KK and DC believed that this British recruitment strategy was the way forward. This was ostensibly because they would be ready adapted to the league and give us a chance of getting 4th - they couldn't have got this further wrong if they tried.

    We all know the limitations of British players and the stupid prices you have to pay for them. When i heard us linked with Henderson, i was astounded, he never put in a top quality performance for Sunderland, not noted for any one ability, to me, he is/has always been mediocre at doing everything. So to justify swooping for him when we had Meireles, who had a very good first season and Aquilani: seemed ludicrous! We basically made a massive downgrade all for the sake of buying British! 8 months later Henderson has one solitary goal to his name!

    Downing was opted for at 20m ahead of players like Turan, Witzel, Marin, Shaqiri etc all would have cost less, have more ability and are younger. Downing is still yet to score or supply an assist in the league.

    The less said about Carroll the better. KK's obsession with Adam was upsetting as well, he is too limited a player to play for LFC, one great pass out of every 4 attempts, can't tackle, poor fitness and has no positional awareness. Only saving grace was that he cost 7m, but still not better than the midfielders we shipped out.

    LFC find themselves in a position where they have to replace the players they brought in last year because they are not up to it! Will KK and DC admit or accept this? I doubt very much because they would be signing their exit letters out the club.

    They have both blown stupid amounts of money on average players, Liverpool will struggle to recoup those fees, who could blame Henry from refusing to sanction spending when these two are running the shop. Their needs to be accountability and i believe buck stops with KK, if we can't trust him to buy quality players then he has to be moved on. LFC need to move forward, league performance after the outlay has been abysmal, Carling Cup won't hide that. I wouldn't say his tactical approach to matches is beyond reproach either!

  56. The thing  the qualities with those players is/ was clear to see.

    No one can justify signing a £35 mil player because he is is good in the air! I would say sell them all but Andy Carrol has to go!

  57. you say poor fitness for Adam but he has covered more miles than any other premier league player..!

  58. I agree Henderson was man of the match and feel he will probaly come good at some point.... He has no business on the RW though so hoepfully Dalish has finally seen this!  I still feel it was a waste of  money when you look at the youth we have aroud a similar age..... Jonjo, Coady, Jack Dunn, etc

  59. KD has said that Liverpool learn a lesson against Arsenal, and thats we are going to have to not worry about good perfomances and start winning ugly. So I reckon we will start seeing that.

    Stuff needs to be improved in the training ground and thats are set pieces.  If we can start getting better balls in the box then are problems will be solved. Thats the only thing that leaves me frustrated at the moment.

    When these new players came in, it was all about planning for the future that was the plan, but everyone wants it to be instant success.  No one seems bothered that we could have 2 out of the 3 trophies available in England by the end of the year, and it is a really possibablity we can win the FA cup. Its 3 games and too be honestly I dont see why we can't win it. I know getting 4th spot is very immportant, but also winning trophies is cause it gives a winning mentality. So fans wanting KD to be sacked after bring back trophy/trophies is ludacris. I'm still living in hope, unlike last last few season where there was nothing to hope for.  Every match we play I believe we can win comfortable except Spurs for some reason lol

    There's the saying if you keep creating chances you will eventually get your rewards just our luck has been out and things have got to chance, hench KD comments about were going to have to start winning ugly.

    I said pressured would be a better word than forced in regard to fielding the new players. I think the high price paid for them is part of the problem.

    Do I think we will get 4th? hmm with a bit of luck yes, but it depends if we get it. Do I think we will win the FA cup? Yes!

    So as I think like that at the moment, you can see why I think its crazy to even thinking about sacking KD a manager who is bring us trophies.  Would you's all be happy getting 4th and not winning trophies and be like Arsenal? no trophies is 7 years? Only cause we are in the CL doesn't mean we are going to win it. Being in the CL just means extra money.  We will still be in the Europa League next season, and next year I would be confindent in claiming 4th WITH KD in charge, as well as more trophies.

  60. Why are my comments not being shown Jaime??? 

  61. Anyway, as i was saying, Can someone help me please? I am looking for the positive LFC thinking section for the true, loyal and supporting fans. All i can find is the disgustingly negative and immature section. YNWA

  62. why are comments being deleted? 

  63. He was alright, at best but I suppose with the many below par games he has put in, a half-decent game gets people overly excited. Understandable. 

  64. I agree, I think it would have been an interesting move to see Villas Boas at Anfield. Couldn't happen before the end of the season, though, and, by then, he will have a new club lined up. Good shout, though.

  65. Fine lines, weird results, we have them every season. We've not been good enough. You could argue that we've had all the luck going in the cups and have been rubbish in the league, only won 4 home games, have average teams breathing down our neck and Blackburn have scored more goals than us. If Kenny doesn't want to play certain players, he should blame the silly money he spent as the reason why our team still contains so much dross. Most of which he bought himself.

  66. spot on. I actually think he could have got more from the players we have, which makes the poor buys even worse.

  67. MOTM!? Really?? The guy should've definitely scored, but was too scared to even take a proper shot and so just passed the ball into the keepers hands, just so he could say that he had a shot on target.

    I keep saying, the guy has talent, but that's no use if he's too timid to use it.

    His manager has unshakeable faith in him so undoubtedly Henderson will eventually come good though. Henderson would be on the scrap heap already if he got the Babel treatment. It would've been nice if Babel had been shown similar faith by his manager. 

  68. I rated Henderson as a good prospect at Sunderland. That opinion hasn't changed. I liked him more than Meireles and less than Aquilani, so thought the purchase was totally unnecessary though. Especially when the fees were taken into account. That opinion hasn't changed either.

    Henderson will no doubt come good eventually, especially seeing as his manager is a devoted fan. Unfortunately, Liverpool desperately needed players ready to deliver straightaway though.

  69. Cant argue with most of that apart from CL.

    I would rather qualify for the Champions Leuage than win both domestic cups. Although we are Liverpool you have players stating they would rather play for Arsenal, PSG or even SPURS!!! Without CL we will regress even further and end up like Aston Villa, Everton, Forest etc! Just a club with history and a bleak looking future. We cant accept domestic cups as sucsess, a club like LFC should be getting to cup finals on a regular basis anway (ie most of Benitez time here)!

    CL qualification will allow us to go for the big names thus making us more competteive on all fronts. LFC is synonyms with Europes top club competition and it hurts more an more each season when I hear that music before a game!

    CL qualification is a must!

    P.S..... You would have thought they had 'learnt there lesson' a long long before the Arsenal loss.

  70. Lets hope Spurs get knocked out before we meet them!

  71. lol I know :o)

    Also I'm not talking about being out of the CL forever to just win domestic cups, just this season if we don't get CL qualification its not going to be the end of the world, and KD deserving to be sack. 
    Next season we are guaranteed europe lol

    I'm hoping we make CL qualification this season, and next season I don't think it will be a problem getting 4th or higher.

  72. Bloody Stevie Nicol again!!!!!!!!!

    Can't be arsed with the debating of the signings we made last year, Dalglish and Comolli have a strategy they are following and 3 year plan given length of Dalglish contract.

    Players we have signed are mostly in a young category, the Owners have said what their intentions are to sign young players who can stay for years and move the club forward each year and progress as players each year.
    LFC squad left by Hodgson / Benitez was the worst I have seen for nearly 20 years when Souness ravaged Dalglish early 90's team.
    Some players we have signed will act as a stop gap including the likes of Charlie Adam and players within the squad already such as Spearing.
    I personally don't feel we have been as bad as may fans have moaned about this season and can see all the positives and fully expect us to turn Anfield into a fortress again sometime soon.
    Keep the squad together and add a couple of 20m World Class players here and there. Chopping and changing will achieve nothing, Chelsea have proved that with their Manager situation and allowing their playing squad to age and not replace with young players with potential to progress.

  73. Fair enough...... But the longer were out, the harder it is to get back in. Teams around will only keep on improving!

    Hopefully we can get 6 points from the next 2 games and see were it takes us!

  74. I think Comolli is being misread here. He has said there won't be massive movements, but that doesn't mean there won't be huge spending. I believe he meant we won't be signing alot of players but just a few to address what we're missing.