31 Mar 2012

'Kick him out!' - Lawro launches scathing attack on 'bad news' striker...

A few months ago, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson argued that Man City should forgive Carlos Tevez, and warned that it would do them no good to 'cut off their nose to spite their face'. Now, Lawro seems to have completely changed his tune, and he's urging City to 'use and abuse' the Argentinian, and then kick him out of the club in the summer.

The Tevez saga has been dragging on for months now, and speaking to ESPN recently, Nicol labelled the striker a 'mercenary', which is probably the view of many non-Man City fans.

Be that as it may, Tevez returned to City's team against Chelsea the other week, and created the vital winning goal for Samir Nasri, and could yet play a part in preventing his old team - Man United - from snatching the title.

Even if that happens, Lawro who insists that the Liverpool team of the 1980s would've 'sorted Carlos Tevez out within 20 seconds of him refusing to warm-up' still believes City should be ruthless in the summer. He told The Mirror:

"What Tevez has done rankles with most professionals, sickens them.

"He’s bad news, but if the dressing room accepts him back and they go on to win the title, then you’d accept it for a few months, even if deep down everyone knows it shows football has descended to crazy depths.

"Manchester City must use and abuse him now, to get something out of the situation...then kick him out in the summer as soon as they possibly can.

If Tevez goes on to help City win the league then I have no doubt that everything he's done so far will be forgotten. And let's be honest, footballers don't really give a damn about their team-mates indiscretions; we've seen that at Liverpool with Luis Suarez; they're willing to forget anything and everything as long as the team gains an advantage.

The same goes for fans; they'll condone/forget any bad behaviour if they think a player can help the team. Despite Tevez's behaviour throughout his career, Liverpool fans would *still* take him at Anfield. I conducted a survey asking the question a few months ago; 2000 fans took part, and 60% voted in favour of Liverpool signing Tevez.

Says it all, really.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Worst lfc writer ever!

  2. Nicol!? hmmm what a load of Toshack! Give it up!

  3. Who cares what lawro thinks, he's a bear of little brain and much mouth!

  4. Septimus_severus11:29 am, March 31, 2012

    I'm still waiting for an answer from Jaimie as to why my post are being moderated out 

  5. Septimus_severus11:33 am, March 31, 2012

    This is a very poor article and I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why my article on your ' prepared to be shocked' post.
    I've said nothing  offensive and you continue to ignore my request even though I know you've read them.

    Your losing credibility fast Jaimie 

  6. Septimus - I already replied to your previous post *yesterday* and explained that your comment was not moderated and that it just got caught by the word filter:


    Your post went live ages ago. If you can't be bothered to check back that's not my problem. Turning to personal insults as a response is ridiculous and childish, and if that's what you really think about the site then perhaps you should just leave.

  7. I for one don't actually care what that man says. Even less what happens at other clubs. We have enough to woory about our club. I would have loved to b in City's position and the same problem they have with CT.

  8. just a question off topic jamie, but if you're against KD and Rafa, who would you sign if you were J.Henry?

  9. pretty sure he answered you. Something to do with the word filter  in place.

  10. Kanwar teri ma ki kuss. Madar chod

  11. Septimus you are one fickle fan! You support Jaimie's views then when your post doesn't go up you turn on him!

  12. Lawrenson, give it a rest! Is he working for Ferguson now?

    If Tevez helps Man City to win the league, and he is as likely to do it as any of their players, the rest he has had will probably have, strangely, played a big part in that.

    And if he can manage that, and stop Man Utd,  I would be eternally grateful.

  13. I'll swap Carroll with Tevez any day coz Tevez is 10 times better than Carroll.

  14. Septimus_severus3:51 pm, March 31, 2012

    I don't support Jaimie's view on many things such as Martin O Neil as a valid choice as manager.
    If you bothered to check my posts you'd see that I'm consistent in my views.Jaimie, something is wring then because I checked several times and saw nothing.I hold to the view that this particular article from you is not up to your usual standard,it's not personalised in any way

  15. Whether it's 'up to my usual standard' is irrelevant; if you disagree with something in the article then state your case; don't Just snipe. Your post went live 5 minutes after it was held by the wird filter.

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  16. Mancini probably wasn't serious about winning the league. If he bought back Tevez, then he should have played his best player from the start. Not start him on the bench and put him in the last 30-40 minutes. To win the Premier league you must give 100%, any less is just not enough.

  17. Mercenary, simple as that and club is full of them, hence 'its all good now'.

    Not surprised to see them faltering now as they barely rotated Silva this season. Now they are paying the price for it as he has been poor of late and getting subbed a fair bit. He makes their plan A work, along with Yaya.

  18. a self selecting sample of 2000 from a global fanbase of millions is not indicative of anything so please do not cite this as evidence to support your opinion. I'm not sure that Lawrenson's opinions are contradictory in the instances you cite. He believes that Tevez is a disgrace and should be sold, but pragmatically states that if City intend to play him they should derive as much worth in what remains of the season before then moving him on. His point about Tevez being 'sorted out' by the Liverpool team of the 80's is an interesting one. Great squads become so effective as a functioning unit that they do not tolerate divisive influences and become almost self managing, hence the emergence of great footballing dynasties like Leeds, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester Utd. The Chelsea, Man City collections of talented individulas by contrast, shows no sign of coalescing into a self sustaining football movement.

  19. 2000 is aplenty and a valid poll to use as a 'indicator'

  20. You're a poopy pants Jaimie. A Class A, Double-Turd, bona fide, 'as I live and breathe', stonewall poopy pants.

  21. For years, I thought that Mark Lawrenson was part of some 'equal opportunities' scheme. I was sure he was on Football Focus because it reflected well on the BBC to find employment for the alcoholic homeless.

    Then I read up about it and it turns out that Lawrenson used to actually be a footballer! He even played for a very successful Liverpool side back in the early 1980s!

    It's typical of the BBC to adopt a PR strategy first laid down by our club nearly 30 years ago and not give us any credit for it.

  22. I really don't care about Lawrenson and Man City or Tevez i just want to know why Jamie you clown, have to bring up Suarez every time someone talks about a troubled footballer. Do you dislike him that much, he has paid for what he has done so how about leaving him out of your stories when people are talking about other clubs and their players. 

  23. Blackwog - please drop the derogatory comments from your posts, or I'll have to delete them.

  24. Lawro's opinion counts for nothing.
    He doesn't really want CITY to succeed...that is obvious.
    He was a very average player by any ones standard, but to hear him shoot his mouth off you'd think he was Pele!