7 Mar 2012

Ex-Liverpool boss insists: Fernando Torres will 'come good' for Chelsea

When Roy Hodgson arrived at Liverpool, Fernando Torres was already demotivated and losing form, and from August 2010 until his departure in January 2011, things just got worse for the Spaniard. Torres' horrible form as continued at Chelsea, where he's only scored a paltry six goals in over a year of football. Despite this, Hodgson is confident that 'El Nino' will come good.

Hodgson's West Brom team are flying in the Premier League at the moment, and with only four points separating the Baggies from Liverpool, the former Fulham manager will have his eyes firmly set on catching his old club.

Speaking to The Mirror yesterday, Hodgson admitted that Torres' form issues had 'gone on too long' but praised his character, and insisted that the struggling striker would turn things around at Chelsea. He said:

"When I had my brief spell at Liverpool, as a person I always thought he was professional and tried hard. He wasn’t having a successful time there when he got sold and ­unfortunately that has continued – but it will come back again.

"Chelsea knew what they were signing and the character of the man. I can only hope they are ­satisfied with him but I’m also pretty convinced he won’t let them down.

"He will come good and coming good for Chelsea means he will be scoring the goals to get that Champions League berth"

There was nothing Hodgson could've done to 'fix' Torres when he arrived, and the fact that Carlo Ancelotti and Andre Villas-Boas could not get him to perform is (arguably) proof of that.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Roy Says it it must be true ....Or Alternatively If Roy says it, it must be the complete opposite.

  2. Yes, I think that Hodgson is probably where Torres' disillusionment with football began!

  3. If he didn't have the name, "Torres", he would've been dumped onto the scrapheap a long time ago. A talented youngster from the reserves, without the history, would never be given the same opportunity to play his way into form

  4. I think Hodgson is a garbage manager who should have never been let near Liverpool... but he has his team 4 pts from us and didn't have to waste 85m on Brit crap to do it... so what does that say about how big of a waste Dalglish is??? ..how sad we are...

  5. Yes, it could be that Kenny is a garbage manager living on past glories when football was a different game to what it is now.

  6. Sounds a bit like our manager as well. If he didn't have the surname he would be on his way out at the end of the season.

  7. Hodgson is an "ok" manager - but because he wasn't a big name and Dalglish was the alternative the fans never gave him a chance from day one. Players know if the manager hasn't the fans backing and that's how they played. Dalglish is an "ok" manager too but he has the fan's backing and the player's know that they will get the blame from the fans for poor results.

  8. Hasn't improved their performances too much, though, has it?

    Bilbao look a pretty decent side. If they can keep that squad together, they are going to be serious over the next 2 or 3 years. Watching our best two teams struggle in the Europa League suggests that our league is very poor this season and, yet, we are 7th and miles off the pace.

  9. Only sounds like it, but the reality of it is completely different. Torres was the missing link in our machinery. He was bought to succeed for Rafa. Chelsea bought him as a brand, hence it was all about the name.

    Dalglish has earned his right to his status as a Liverpool legend not only through his playing career but his love for the club, which is one of the things almost no other manager except maybe Rafa will match or maybe even come close. As a manager in his first spell he won trophies for the club as he has already done this time around in his first full season back. Even if we don't make the Champions League, players will be able to see Kenny's project is one they can trust and will be worth their time. City signed big names who believed even before they made the top 4, e.g. Barry, Silva, Y. Toure - and Toure and Silva are now key to their title challenge.(I'm discounting Bellars who was Hughes' protege and the money grubbers like Adebayor, Lescott and Tevez.)

  10. You've just repeated what i said. If he wasn't the legend of old, he'd be out the door by now. No one earns the right to squander 100 million and have you 5 points ahead of Everton and Sunderland. Ever. I love Natalie Portman, Gemma Arterton and Lucy Liu, doesn't give me any special rights, unfortunately. Love of a club is a bonus, not something that entitles a player or manager to anything.

    Not sure why you label Lescott a money grabber, City was clearly a better option than Everton, more so than being a better option than Valencia or Barcelona.