27 Mar 2012

Hamann tells Kenny: Sign this brilliant £2m Argentine striker. Worth a bid?

Much to the chagrin of Reds fans, Wigan Athletic put in a great performance at Anfield on Saturday to condemn Liverpool to their fifth Premier League defeat in six games. After watching the game, club legend Dietmar Hamann praised the contribution of Latics striker Franco Di Santo, and suggested he could potentially be a good signing for Liverpool.

Analysing the game for LFC TV, Hamann admitted that Wigan were 'excellent' and 'passed the ball well', but specifically highlighted DeSanto. He enthused:

"DeSanto is a hell of a player. He gave Liverpool a hard time all afternoon playing up on his own. He's certainly a player I would love to see in a red shirt next year".

If he's a 'hell of a player' it probably means Dalglish will sign him as that seems to be the criterion for buying new players at Anfield these days.

I don't think we can take too much notice of what Hamann says about the Wigan game though; he also argued that the weather may have had something to do with Liverpool's poor performance (!)

Does the Kaiser have a point though? Is DeSanto a player Liverpool should be looking at for next season?

I personally don't think so. As I always argue, end product is all that matters for creative players, and DeSanto is not a prolific goalscorer:

* Games: 24
* Goals: 4
* Assists: 0
* Hasn't scored for 14 games now

I don't doubt his potential, but Liverpool already have one non-goalscoring striker, and the club doesn't need any more.


Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Awful recommendation from Hamann. Di Santo is abject medicority. no wonder he didn't last long at Stockport with an eye for talent like that.  Embarrassing recommendation. Shall we continue to shop at Tesco's?

  2. Liverpool should have signed Nikica Jelavic in January. With a big number of chances we create, he could have converted a good percentage of them in goals.

    Any way, Liverpool scouts are bunch idiots. I won't be surprised if they again throw big money in summer for some more hopeless players like we bought last year.

  3. No you people are all wrong here are 3 players liverpool might sign in the summer and bet my bottom dollar one of them will come to Liverpool
    1)De jong

    The first 2 are the most realistic targets
    you heard it first from me 

  4. The second two are highly unrealistic without CL

  5. He is cack. Once in a while he puts in a decent performance but he is generally as tame and lacklustre for a big front man. 

  6. Its a complicated deal, the Bojan one as it wasn't a straight forward transfer between Barca and Roma, possibly more complicated than the Romeu-Chelsea one. 

    I think their director recently said that he will be given more time, i.e., next season, but that could be hot air.Bojan hasn't done well and Borini has been better. Serves Chelsea right that Borini (used to play for Chelsea) has done well, as they are paying the price for neglecting youth.

  7. none of them will join us-you heard it first from me.

  8. de santo isn't good enough for us but then again either is carroll and at least de santo is mobile.
    if january is anything to go by and fsg haven't tightened the purse strings then we prob will be buying at that level.
    i can't believe we didn't make aa move for jelavic in january.

  9. Garbage player made for league 2 football. I know Liverpool may have touble attracting big names without Champions League, but seriously? This is plain idiotic. There are far better players who'll make an impact up front that Liverpool have the capability of signing. Dietmar Hamann is a muppet for even suggesting a clown like DiSanto is worthy of wearing the red shirt. YNWA!!

  10. Give Adam Morgan a go and save the money to waste on another mediocre British player. 

  11. Bojan is not the sort of quality we need to be looking at for next season.....

  12. theycallmemrburt3:41 pm, March 27, 2012

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why former Liverpool players make such rubbish managers.  "Hell of a player" lol

  13. Chi Bai lu, there's no room for experiments !

  14. Let's be honest guys, Liverpool failed in the transfer market since the nineties, execpt for a few signings by Benitez.

    That's the reason why we struggle so badly to even put up a fight for the league since then, except the 08/09 season ....

    We constantly describe the scums standard of players as mediocre and wonder how they get to european finals and winning league title after league title or at least are challenging and the reason for that is, that our standard of players is inferior to theirs and that's the truth, sadly !!

  15. We need someone quick, who can cause mayhem in defences

    Torres, Aguero etc

    Cardozo, although not quick, would be useful for us also

  16. Jaimie,

    Saw some stats on another website which I thought you would find interesting, aparently we average a significantly higher points per game return in games where Carroll has started compared to when he hasn't. Maybe you could look at this as I know you love the facts. Maybe we shouldn't underestimate the effect Carroll has at occupying opposition defenders that allows other players more freedom.

  17. Makes me laugh to see people saying that players are not good enough for us, as if our current players are. He played better than our players when he played against us, plays in a team that scores even less than we do, usually, apart from when they play us, of course. Wigan will probably still go down and he'll probably available for peanuts. He's not worth a go from the bench? Better than Ngog, how long did we persevere with him?

    As for the Carroll stats, probably why Kenny has said he will drop the 'lovely football'. No more pretty stuff, route one from now on. Another deluded comment by the manager of one of the league's lowest goalscorers.

  18. I was watching the game online, while also logged into LFC TV and Hamann clearly said on numerous occasions during the match that Wigan were the poorest side he'd seen at Anfield in recent times

    They passed a little when Watson came on alright

    Wigan were woeful

    I think that the Liverpool players are over coached, if they were give some freedom like the fluid football this time last year with Maxi and Meireles popping up everywhere we'd do ok