2 Mar 2012

DRC Coach insists: Star who snubbed Liverpool is one of the 'best in the world'...

Over the last month, Congolese hitman Dieumerci Mbokani has been strongly linked with a move to Liverpool, and his Agent has been talking up a move to the Premier League at every opportunity. Just how good is Mbokani though? According to the manager of the DR Congo national team, the striker is very special indeed.

Whether Liverpool are actually interested in Mbokani is unconfirmed at this stage, but two things are confirmed: Liverpool tried to sign him once before, and his Agent is currently talking up a move the Premier League.

Back in 2010 - whilst Rafa Benitez was still at Anfield - Mbokani revealed to TalkSport that he could've signed for Liverpool:

"Liverpool gave me a good offer but I had already given the 'OK' to Monaco and I could not turn back on them."

Clearly, the man has principles, and didn't want to break his word, which is an admirable trait to have in the cynical, self-serving world of football.

Mbokani's Agent Fabio Bagio recently highlighted the Premier League as a probable destination for the striker. He told SudPresse:

"His [Mbokani's] performances in recent weeks have boosted the interest of big English clubs.

"When Dieumerci is ready, he will leave abroad, but we will no longer make the error of opting for a second-class club. This will be the top because he was born to play for the elite"

After missing an African Cup of National qualifying match in 2011, previous coach Robert Nouzaret banned Mbokani from playing for the national team. The new manager Claude Le Roy recently reversed that policy, and as he told Reporters this week, it's clear that he thinks very highly of the striker's talents:

"I'll continue to select him [Mbokani]. I need him and I will come to Brussels to convince him. I see him as one of the best strikers in the world"

Mbokani has scored 7 goals in 15 appearances for Anderlecht this season, but is he really one of the 'best in the world', and should he be a serious option for Liverpool FC?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Its ok, we have Andy Carroll and Suarez....goals galore(!)

    Anyhoo, on a separate not, not had it easy this Mbokani fella in recent times. His 5/6 months old child died late last year. Talking of child death, what is Brad Jones up to these days???

  2. If he is "Best in the world" then I am the Queen of England!

  3. No, we don't need another negrito scandal.

  4. the guy at CSKA Moscow is the African striker to go for - can't remember his name atm for some reason...

  5. Africans are tremendously talented..