18 Mar 2012

Barnes and Keegan 'shocked' by Fabrice Muamba incident...

After yesterday's tragic heart attack incident at White Hart Lane, Bolton Wanderers star Fabrice Muamba remains in 'critical condition' in a London hospital. Liverpool legends John Barnes and Kevin Keegan were in London commentating on the game for ESPN at the time of the incident, and both were were clearly shocked by what they witnessed.

A statement issued jointly by Bolton and the London Chest Hospital read:

"Fabrice Muamba remains in a critical condition in intensive care in the Heart Attack Centre at the London Chest Hospital. As is normal practice, Fabrice remains anaesthetised in intensive care and will be for at least 24 hours. His condition continues to be closely monitored by cardiac specialists at the hospital."

Keegan and Dalglish were full of praise for the respectful fan-reaction to the incident, and both were clearly shaken by Muamba's plight. Keegan said:

"I've never see anything like that, and it has shocked me, I've got to be honest with you; it has hit me".

Barnes added:

"In situations like this football is meaningless. Life is much more important, and we're human beings before we're footballers or fans.

"As much as Bill Shankly was a great man, the idea that football is more important than life or death, even he would agree that's not true".

Here is selection of Twitter reaction from other Liverpool players (and Ex-players):

Dirk Kuyt:

"Unbelievable what happened today!! Fabrice Muamba my thoughts are with you and your family. I will keep praying and hope you will be ok!!!"

Lucas Leiva:

"Good news about Muamba [being stable] . Keep fighting Muamba".

Yossi Benayoun:

"I hope Farbrice Muamba will be ok, thoughts are with him and his family"

Djibril Cisse

"Please let's all pray for fabrice muamba .be strong and fight my brother"

Stan Collymore

"The thoughts of everyone at talkSPORT are with Fabrice Muamba,his family and friends at this time. Come on Fabrice!! Come on!!"

Martin Kelly

"Hoping and praying for fabrice please please please be ok mate"

Charlie Adam

"Thoughts r with fabrice maumba and his family"

Let's all hope Muamba pulls through...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. When a heart stops beating you have 3min to get oxygenated blood, going to the brain. Getting oxygen into a person keeps the brain alive, without it you are dead!!!!!!......................the medics are absolute legends for what they did so quickly.......................fingers crossed but it looks a lot better today.................!!!!

  2. Hope Muamba pulls through and will be ok. Thoughts are for his family and friends

  3. Hang in there Muamba.

  4. Chi Bai lu, would the same treatment be given if he were a Liverpool player!

  5. Let's hope that the guy can get through this and make as good a recovery as possible.

  6. Very sad and quite shocking, was watching that game when it happened, poor fella, really felt for his family and close friends what with it being live on TV an all. I thought the crowd were great the treatment he got etc surely saved his life, but i fear he might well struggle to recover from this, hopefully not though.

    Fingers crossed he pulls through.